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Weekend for Four – Fantasy Friday

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Weekend for Four – Fantasy FridayI started awake, looking at the clock for a moment, barely registering that it was nearly six-thirty, and almost bolted out of bed before I remembered I had today off, and then why. Claire and I had fallen asleep almost the moment our heads had hit our pillows, worn out from our four-way games the night before. The blinds were mercifully closed, and I could just make out Claire bundled up in our comforter, facing the other wall. Still bone tired, I closed my eyes and settled back the other direction, dreaming of sleeping in until at least eight, a luxury during the week.A soft noise from down the hall, a quiet, joyful exhalation, told me our guests hadn’t been quite as tired as us. Our door was ajar, too, and I didn’t remember through my mental fog whether we had even bothered to close it. The sounds were distinct, and I surmised the guest room door was open, or maybe they were going at it in the living room. It was very tempting to walk in on them, maybe join in, but I wasn’t ready for the day, and wanted to have a nice shower first to rinse cum and pussy juices off, then shave and brush my teeth. Later, I decided, and nestled into the pillow.“Oh, Bill…” Rita’s voice was husky with need, not quite as high as last night, but the morning does funny things to the voice, and the rest of our bodies. My dick started to awaken as I heard the rhythm of the two of them fucking, definitely on the couch since I didn’t hear bedsprings, and also more distinct than it would have been coming from upstairs. I strained my ears to hear more, and heard Bill pick up speed, his groin slapping against Rita’s treasures, which I had sampled for the first time last night. That memory woke me, or at least my cock, further, and I turned back to Claire, trailing my fingertips from her knees up to her spine, verifying she was also still naked. I burrowed under the covers, and kissed her from her waist up to her neck.Claire mumbled something indistinct, not quite dismissing me, but I gathered she wanted a little more sleep. For a moment, I stopped, but the determined pussy pounding in the living room grew louder, and Rita gave a throaty moan in answer to the slapping of his hips against hers. Bill was puffing like a race horse on the final stretch, racing for the finish line. Unable to stand it much longer, I cupped Claire’s naked bottom, and slid a finger between her thighs, questing for the opening to her pussy, wanting to finger-fuck her to consciousness before doing some pussy pounding of my own.She was wet, almost dripping with pussy juices, and I slipped two fingers between her labia, just outside her waiting box, stroking her pussy lips and almost, but not quite, entering her. Claire wasn’t asleep after all. She murmured something that sounded very lusty, turned onto her tummy, and spread her legs for me to properly finger fuck her. I worked them slowly inside her, all the way to my last knuckle, and then moved them in and out, building speed as her breathing became more rapid, almost ragged with sheer horniness. Claire moaned and clutched the bed, and whispered, “God that’s good. Keep fingering me, baby…” At that moment, Bill and Rita’s moans hit a mutual crescendo, and I pictured them arching their backs, Bill’s hard-on all the way in, Rita’s pussy taking it all, legs wrapped around his back. They came together, and I heard them kissing and laughing, still passionate even after the race was over, and gradually they quieted down a bit.Their joyful post-coital sounds sent tremors of desire all the way down to my stiffening cock, and I was more than ready to experience the same with Claire. I remembered Bill’s joy at watching us fuck online just for him, and my shaft trembled in anticipation of making love to Claire and coaxing an orgasm or two from her before I came. “Turn over baby! I want you now…” Claire turned over, and I moved my fingers around her hips to her front, pushing them inside her, spreading the velvety and moist lips, infiltrating the warmth there…Except it wasn’t Claire. My fingers were all the way in Rita’s pussy, stroking the wetness and warmth, and she smiled with a lazy, familiar seductiveness. She tossed the covers down to her waist, revealing her tanlines. “Claire and I traded places around five, honey. I wondered when you were going to wake up…”“So…wait. Bill and Claire? In the living room?” I kept my voice low, too, stunned by Rita’s presence in my bed as much as the realization my wife had been fucking another man while I slept. Even more amazing, I didn’t mind either one.Rita nodded, smirking at my apparent shock, and I wondered how I could have mistaken her for my wife. It was dark, and she was naked. What more proof did you need? “I’ve been listening to them for nearly an hour, waiting for you, baby. Now, you could go out there and watch them, or you and I can start the day right.” She caressed the underside of my cock, which bobbed at her touch. “Loved last night, and I want you again. This time you get to be on top.” Her smile was devilish and angelic, impossible to resist. “Fuck the hell out of me. Please?”Second thoughts be damned. Her charms were irresistible, and all I thought of was getting my cock wet in our houseguest’s pussy. All through our marriage I had never bedded anyone else, and I was sure Claire hadn’t either before this morning, but I felt no resistance to the sexy woman surprising me, sharing my bed. My wife had just fucked our other guest, and another trip inside Rita was too inviting to pass up. She laid back in the middle of the bed and spread her legs to take me inside her, and I rolled over. Rita grabbed my cock, and guided the head expertly just inside of her pussy, and let me push the rest of the way, sighing as our hips met.This time, she let me do most of the work, which I was happy to do. In about a minute, I found myself going about as fast as Bill had done just a little while ago, barely controlling my passion and need to fill her pussy again. Rita arched her neck back, cooing her pleasure each time she felt me move inside her. She was gloriously wet, and every thrust was both agony and ecstasy. I wanted to last a long time, but the sexy redhead taking me was too lovely to keep waiting, and I was ready to blow my load.“I’m going to cum…” Just saying it got me closer to the event, and I started to pound her more quickly, the wonderful wetness and friction driving me mad with lust. Rita’s hands were on my ass, gripping them, refusing to turn me loose, as if I wanted to pull out. Her next moan was louder, unbound bliss as I kept speeding up.“Yes, baby… Cum inside me, cum baby cum baby cum…,” she chanted in time to my thrusts. I couldn’t stop, wouldn’t, I wanted her here fucking me. Oh my God she is so fucking gorgeous and she’s so wet and I’m ready to explode and now her legs are crossed over my back don’t want to escape her and so is she so fucking hot she’s so loud so fucking loud her moans are like music and I…We came at the same time, or near enough, and I pushed myself inside Rita, feeling my cock pulse over and over. She put her arms around my neck and drew me down to her. Gripping me tightly, she panted in my ear, telling me how good it felt, and thanking me for the early morning screw. The sheets and comforter had wandered down around our calves, and my dick was still nestled inside her, quivering to a rest, when I heard a slow clap, and a chuckle. Oh God she caught us!But it dawned on me she hadn’t caught us; Claire had watched us, standing naked and leaning against the doorway, vicariously enjoying our quick roll in the hay, even after hers. I could only see her dimly, but she looked very…satisfied.She came over to my side of the bed and sat, her skin still flushed from Bill’s fucking her, and gloriously fragrant with the musky scent of sex and sweat. Smiling happily, she ran her hands over my back and buttocks, then leaned in and kissed me. “Rita thought you and Bill might like swapping partners for the morning. I know we did.” Then she gave me a cheeky wink and patted my ass. “You must really like fucking her. You haven’t even pulled out, babe.”Embarrassed, I started to pull back, but Rita was having none of it, keeping her grip around my neck and her ankles locked around the small of my back, and Claire laughed. “Don’t pull out on my account! I’m glad you’re both comfortable, sweetheart. Stay in bed awhile if you like. Bill and I have been at it since five, but he’s a much lighter sleeper than you are, babe. I love you.” She kissed me again, and wandered out of the room, humming happily.When I did pull out, I moved my hips slowly, letting the moment stretch as I dragged my shaft and head past her pussy lips, eliciting a low squeal of delight from her, and, freed, flopped back over on my side of the bed. Rita reluctantly released me, then rolled into my arms before kissing me much less chastely than Claire had just done. “They started in the guest room. I watched Bill eating her pussy again, and then joined you. They came downstairs a little after six. You really are a deep sleeper.”We dozed for a while, holding each other, then the aroma of sizzling bacon revived both of us. I disentangled myself from the fiery little Titian-haired sex goddess, and stood, heading for the bathroom. “You rest, and I’ll let you know when I’m out of the shower.” She smiled as I closed the door to the master bath.Claire and I had decided on many things before buying this home for ourselves. The view was a big factor, and the location. One of the many boxes it checked off was the oversized bathroom, and a shower comfortably big enough for three or four, not that either of us had ever anticipated that many joining us to bathe. There was plenty of hot water, probably because Claire and Bill hadn’t cleaned up just yet. Or had cleaned up a while ago; I hadn’t bothered to check the clock.After brushing my teeth, I stepped into the shower, and turned it to fairly hot. After soaking for a couple of minutes, I soaped up and started scrubbing away the remnants of last night’s wonderful game and this morning’s unexpected but delightful wake-up call. Closing my eyes, I started to shampoo my hair, and felt a momentary cool draft, and a footfall inside the shower.“Hey sexy.” It was Rita. “I decided to take the first shower too. Do my back?” After rinsing the soap from my hair and eyes, I grabbed a fresh washcloth and started soaping her back, then moved to her front. Washing and rinsing her arms and legs, I soaped her lovely breasts, and saw her nipples perk up when I used the spray to rinse them, then I lingered a little between her legs, stroking her bush and producing a shy and faint lust-filled smile. Once I finished and rinsed her off, she sat on the tile shelf, more of a bench, and looked up at me. “Ask me what I’m going to do.”Seated, her mouth was at the perfect height. “Are you going to give me a blowjob?”“Outlook good.” Somehow, another Magic 8-Ball quote wasn’t out of place, not that she gave me much time to consider it. She put my whole dick, barely stirring, into her mouth, and I felt it growing as her lips and tongue coaxed it back to life. Slowly at first, she started to suck it, her rhythm speeding up with each little bit that my erection recovered.I knew I couldn’t cum again so soon, not after last night and our magnificent fuck this morning, but Rita’s lips and tongue wouldn’t take no for an answer. She had me moaning and humping her face soon after, and I shot my load, which she gleefully swallowed while looking up into my eyes. Rita stood up and put her arms around me, kissing me for a long time.Rita was a sexual dynamo, a finely-tuned engine running on pure erotic fuel, and as irresistible as Claire. We kissed and fondled each other as we stood on the bath rug, alternately drying each other and working ourselves up, but I wasn’t ready, just yet, for a third climax.Sex-weary, I pulled on shorts and a Hawaiian shirt as Rita wandered out of the room bare-assed, wearing all she had worn in my bed and our shower. She greeted Claire and Bill, and her quick footfalls on the stairs told me she was grabbing some clothes, too. I dragged myself into the kitchen for some breakfast.I was a little relieved to see Bill and Claire had gotten some clothes on. Bill wore blue jeans and a white shirt, the same thing he’d worn that morning weeks ago, and Claire had slipped on a sundress. I imagined her white bra and perfectly matched güvenilir bahis panties beneath it. There were omelets on a warmer, along with more cut fruit, and of course the bacon that had prodded me awake the second time. Rita scampered down the stairs wearing a thick woolen sweater, a green that complemented her eyes well, and a pair of well-worn Levi’s.Claire put her arms around me and kissed me good morning, ignoring our guests for the moment. She smelled like the citrus body wash we kept for guests in the upstairs bathroom, and I wondered if Bill had the same smell, and whether they’d showered together. “You two can take as much as you like. Bill and I already ate.”“So Rita said, starting around five.”Claire’s cheeks colored slightly, and she kissed me again. “Should have asked if you wanted to trade, but we thought you would appreciate it, babe.”I kissed her back, fighting the urge to strip her naked and take her on the table, but my body was too worn out, and I silently promised myself we would do that later. Bill and Rita could watch us, of course, or join in. “I did appreciate it. Helluva surprise. Thank you.”“The pleasure wasn’t all mine, baby.”I kissed her deeply, and she kissed me back, passionate, loving…and satisfied. “I love you, baby,” then she unclasped her arms and grabbed some coffee for Rita and me.Rita grabbed four slices of thick peppered bacon and one of the omelets. The rest of the bacon and last omelet hit my plate next, along with an English muffin and a heaping helping of fruit. I saw it again included mango and lots of citrus fruit, and no strawberries or other tart items.Claire sat opposite me, Bill and Rita between us on opposite sides, and she nodded to acknowledge my unspoken question. “Mango and citrus make pussy juices taste sweeter. Cum too. Berries usually do the reverse, and there is no way any of us are eating asparagus this weekend.” She sipped her coffee again, gazing sagely over the rim of her cup, daring anyone to say anything.We chatted like old friends, which the others really were to Claire. Bill had flown in, as before, from Chicago. Rita drove up from Spokane, but Claire had cautioned her about leaving the obvious clue of a mystery car in the driveway when I came home, so she parked in our garage at Claire’s suggestion. And I parked in her garage, too, came the wicked and unbidden thought.“So, Rita, what do you do? For a living, I mean.”“I meant what I said about majoring in Phys Ed. I teach at a private high school just outside Spokane, an all-girls academy.”“Must be nice…”“You mean seeing all that hot young pussy in the showers?” I stared and she laughed. “Sorry, none of that for me. My husband left three years ago, and I’m seeing one of the math professors, he’s teaching me different strategies for multiplication.” She eyed me impishly, a sexy little leprechaun who had shared her pot of gold with me. “If you know what I mean. Divorce has been fucking great for my sex life!”Claire piped up, “Babe, we’re the only married people here, and you know what they say.” At my cocked eyebrow she also laughed. “It’s not cheating if your spouse gets to watch.”I had to admit that was true.Instead of the four of us spending the whole day naked and rutting on any and every available surface, we decided to take them into downtown Seattle. We had coffee, lunch, visited three or four bookstores, and one four-story antique place, where we spent three hours traipsing up and down the stairs, taking in the sights and scents of old wood and glass. It was only Friday and the store wasn’t busy mid-afternoon, so Rita and Bill found a secluded nook where he could nibble at her breasts while she jacked him off. Claire and I kept watch, and watched, while they were as quiet as possible. Rita caught my eye, and smiled even as her hands worked on his very obvious erection, a very lustful and private promise of later delights. When Bill came, Rita dropped to her knees and cleaned him up, swallowing every drop, winking at me.I suggested to Claire she and I do much the same thing, but she demurred, pointing out that we still lived nearby, and didn’t really want that reputation in our home town. It was around five o’clock when we made our way back to the house. On the way, we dropped into one of our favorite pizza spots and took home two larges and a family-sized salad.After dinner, we sat and chatted for a couple of hours. Rita was friendly, offering opinions and anecdotes on every subject. She grinned happily at everyone, and it was clear that, as the newcomer to our little group, she was very at ease with all of us, and was eager to continue getting laid, by anyone here.For my part, I had enjoyed all three of them, but not Claire since Tuesday night. She was very, very comfortable with both of our guests, and I’d never had a threesome before, although it was clear I was the only one who hadn’t before Thursday night.Claire and Bill, obviously, had a connection going back to college, and were very relaxed with each other, even before the early morning sex on our couch. Even so, she didn’t hold his hand in front of me or Rita, and reached out to touch mine.“So, honey, what do we do tonight?”Rita jumped in right away. “The dice worked out pretty well!”Claire smiled coolly. “I have another idea. We’ll save the dice for later; I’m pretty sure we all liked them. Rita?” She inclined her head toward the living room.Rita shot up from her chair, and grabbed my hand. “Living room, now.” It wasn’t so much an order as a lure, and I was eager to bite. Claire touched Bill on the shoulder, nodding her head to invite him to follow. He stood and preceded her, then stood in front of where Rita had positioned me.Rita said, “Kick your shoes off, Bill.” She then held my hips, encouraging me to stay put in the middle of the room. Bill was facing me, looking me up and down, practically fucking me with his eyes, and my pants started to become uncomfortably tight. We were maybe six feet apart, and my heart was thudding in my chest.Claire stood behind Bill, and he didn’t move a muscle. I saw her hands slip around his front, and she unbuttoned his shirt, drawing the shirt tails out from his pants. He wore no undershirt, and I felt my pulse quicken at the sight of his chest and abs being revealed to me. She loosened the cuffs, and slid it off his shoulders; the whisper of the fabric was the only sound in the room, then I heard soft kisses, and saw my wife’s head moving lower and lower, from his neck to his waist. Bill sighed with pleasure when she got to the small of his back and the very top of his pants.Squatting behind him, she ran her palms forward across his hips, at last reaching his buckle, a bas-relief of a great eagle in flight, and she spent a couple of moments opening it, letting either end of the leather belt flop loosely to the side. With sure fingers, she unbuttoned the top of his jeans, then moved downward, button by button, and I sipped in air, barely breathing. Bill’s cock was straining, tight against his fly, eager to escape.Rita’s whisper was hot on my ear. “You know what’s going to happen?”“No…” To be honest, I had an idea, and wondered if Rita was going to wait to undress me until Claire was done.“I might know something.” She kissed my earlobe and caressed my ass.If my wife or Bill heard any bit of it, they gave no sign. Undone, his jeans were easily moved down past his hips, his muscled thighs, his knees, and his calves, and he stepped out of them, staying in place otherwise, kicking the pants to the side where they lay in an untidy heap. His boxers concealed almost nothing, and I wondered which of my holes it would be buried in. Either was fine.Claire slipped her hands beneath his waistband, and drew his boxers down, revealing inch by inch the only cock I’d ever had. My breath grew ragged, but still Rita did nothing about my clothes; I was still fully dressed. Bill stepped out of his boxers, and drew off his socks.Then he crossed the short distance between us, put his arms around me and kissed me long and hungrily. I couldn’t help but respond, and I moaned into his mouth, feeling his tongue play across mine, one hand greedily clutching and squeezing my ass, pressing our cocks against each other, his unbound and mine still caged by my pants.I grabbed for my belt, eager to strip off everything and fuck my wife’s old boyfriend right there in front of the two women, but I felt gentle, feminine hands on top of mine, silently urging me to hold off. Rita spoke again. “I lied, baby. I do know what comes next. Keep your pants on…” She giggled, a sound I was rapidly learning to love.Bill dropped to his knees, and expertly opened my pants, unzipping them and pulling them down to mid-thigh before stopping. Eager fingers reached through the fly in my boxers, and drew my cock through the opening, then my balls. Bill looked up at me. “You know when we fucked the first time, and you were naked, and I stayed dressed? I called it a fetish?”All I could do was nod.“I love to have only one naked, and I wanted you to see how it feels to have a guy sucking your cock, making you be dressed the whole time.”“Oh…” Claire and Rita had moved from behind us and kneeled on either side, excited to watch the event unfolding before their eyes.Bill dragged his tongue exquisitely slowly along the underside of my shaft, and I couldn’t tear my gaze away. His knees were spread, and I panted at the sight of his buttocks, tight and strained, as he started to suck my cock. He was very good at it, and I knew Claire had been an excellent teacher.He had his thumb and forefinger at the junction of my hard-on with my sac, not squeezing, but guiding, as he took my cock all the way into his mouth. I watched his lips slid all the way down to my sac, and felt the head almost against his tonsils, or so it seemed. His tongue worked all over my shaft, then he pulled back, agonizingly slowly, until I watched my swollen, purple head pass his lips, sodden with spit, and then he licked around the head lazily, slowly. As good as Claire, I thought, and meant it. I resisted the urge to push it back inside and start fucking his mouth with abandon.Opening his mouth wide again, Bill started licking each side of my cock, avoiding taking me back inside for the moment. It felt incredible, and I fought back the errant thought that I would love to see him eating corn on the cob. This was also part of my wife’s incredible blowjob routine. As if she’d read my mind, I heard Claire to my right, a husky not-quite-whisper. “That’s right Bill, just how I showed you. Don’t let him cum yet.”The sound of her voice and the revelation she had shown him, taught him how nearly drove me over the top. I realized I’d already known, but the confirmation was something more. I gritted my teeth, damming up the flood of semen I wanted to pump into his mouth.He turned my cock upward, and I felt it against my navel, then felt Bill kissing and licking my balls, taking first one, then the other, gently into his mouth. His hand started squeezing and slowly jacking me off, not fast enough for me to cum, but a reminder of what he was doing. His tongue was velvety and slick on my testicles, and I moaned much more loudly than I thought I would.“You like that, don’t you?” I moaned a prolonged yesss before I realized it was Rita. “Another man fucking your dick with his face, gobbling your cock and making you fill his mouth. Don’t cum yet, baby. I want to watch, we want to watch, you fucking his face. We want to see your balls clench and hot, thick cum plaster his face…”Rita leaned in, her face inches from Bill’s incredible cock sucking, and looked up into my eyes. “But not yet, baby. Make him earn it…”I glanced down, and saw Claire’s hand on his ass, stroking it while Bill continue to lick my balls. Almost blinded by sheer, atavistic lust, I knew it wouldn’t be long.I didn’t remember closing my eyes, but knew everything happening without them. My cock was once again in Bill’s mouth, his tongue expertly working my straining shaft, rhythmically taking me in and out. When I looked down, his whole body was in motion, swaying back and forth like a cobra, his ass tightening each stroke he pulled back on, relaxing slightly to take my dick in again. I was almost hypnotized by the rocking. I realized he was blowing me, sucking me with his whole body, and each thrust of his hips was like he was fucking me at the same time.“Oh, fuck, Bill. Suck my cock, Bill… So good…”He türkçe bahis glanced up, still sucking, and I saw his eyes smiling in acknowledgment. He closed his eyes, and started to sway faster. Now my hips started to move, thrusting into his waiting mouth on each forward motion. I felt a preliminary quiver in my loins, and was ready to cum.Claire leaned over, and I heard his whisper. “Let him cum in your mouth, Billy.”My stomach tensed, and my orgasm tore a sigh from my throat with the first pulse of my shaft, feeling the semen erupting out of my cock, the tingle of feeling it charging out the whole length of my shaft. I felt my balls contract, pumping every drop into the waiting receptacle, filling Bill’s mouth, and still squeezing out stream after stream.His mouth disengaged, and I looked down again. Bill’s head was turned towards Claire, and my wife had her mouth sealed against his, sharing the thick semen I’d just ejaculated. She had her hand between his legs, and was jacking him off furiously. In seconds, Bill moaned into her mouth, and thick ropy strands of his cum jetted out, further than I had expected, going past me, nearly a foot-and-a-half, followed by several others, an impressive number of them, although none went as far as the first.Still somewhat hard, turned on by my wife sharing my cum with another man, and masturbating him between my legs, I felt Rita jacking me off. Her touch was fast and light, as she coaxed more cum out of me. She leaned forward, popped my recovering erection into her mouth, and bobbed her head quickly, with absolutely no subtlety, willing me to fill her mouth as I’d just filled Bill’s.A fresh wash of cum spurted out, though I wasn’t sure if it was a new orgasm, or echoes of the first one, but I groaned again, and a couple more spurts of cum hurled themselves forward onto her tongue and face.Spent, it was all I could do to keep standing, and I tottered back a couple of steps to the chair and sank down into it, exhausted. Rita followed on her knees, a predatory leer on her lips. Without a word, she placed her mouth around my cock again, tenderly cleaning off the last of my semen from my flagging erection, and, for good measure, a couple of drops that had dribbled onto my slacks were scooped up by her tongue before disappearing down her throat.Behind her, Bill and Claire were lying back on the floor. Her sundress was up past her beautiful tits, and her panties were completely absent. She held Bill’s chest against hers, and her legs were spread wide, accommodating a pair of fingers rapidly fucking her pussy. Claire’s cunt was sopping wet, and the sloshing sounds of Bill’s fingers penetrating her over and over made the vision of her getting finger-fucked in front of me even more alluring.“Oh, Bill!” They were the same two words she’d spoken this morning while Bill fucked her on the couch, and the same low moan, which became a passionate, orgasmic cry. She humped his fingers frantically, and he kept going even when she slowed down, eliciting another climax from her. When he pulled his fingers out, they were slick up to his wrist, and she brought them to her mouth, sucking her juices off of them.I settled my head on the back of the chair, gulping in air and letting my heart slow from its breakneck pace to merely a rhythmic roar in my ears. I assumed it was Rita who straddled me on the wide cushion, not quite grinding her pussy on my still exposed cock. That was confirmed when she whispered, “So much for dessert, right?”All of us were spent but Rita, who looked obscenely pleased with how our second evening had gone so far. Claire reclined on the couch, her sundress still hiked up above her tits, and her head in Bill’s lap, utterly worn out. Bill looked totally down for the count, and his head lolled sleepily while one hand absently cupped and stroked my wife’s breast.Rita and I were still more or less fully clothed, and it was only eight-thirty. Keeping my voice as soft as Rita’s lips, I whispered over to Claire, “Baby, you want us to let you sleep? You and Bill?”“Mmmm. Sure. Have fun!” She gave us a wan smile, and closed her eyes. Bill answered with a soft snore.Rita grinned at me. “And what shall we do, sexy?”“Hot tub.”She didn’t say anything, but beamed at me as she stood and started pulling her clothes off, starting with the lush green sweater, stripping down quickly before I had even gotten out of the chair. Helping me take mine off took her scarcely longer, and we went out to the deck through the sliding glass door, which I shut behind us. It was cold out there, and I started having second thoughts.With no hesitation, she strode over to the cover and pulled it back. I admired her muscular frame, sleek and deceptively petite, and I wondered how much she could bench press. The faint patches of untanned skin on her backside and breasts were more pronounced in the dim light from the living room, beautiful beacons to the delights she had let me sample last night, and again this morning.She noticed over her shoulder my admiring, lustful gaze. “Hey, remember, Phys Ed major. I’ve got the muscles to handle this all by myself.” Chuckling, “I was able to handle you just fine…” The cover slid to the deck, and she climbed the two stairs and over the rim, disappearing into the tendrils of steam and on into the water with a soft splash.I joined her, sighing as the water encircled me with its protective warmth. The sky was open above us, spattered with streams of stars, a gibbous moon above the horizon, lending a soft glow to the night. Rita slid onto my lap, straddling me, which seemed to be her favorite sitting position. “Thanks for having us over.” She kissed me, very chastely, a genuinely grateful gesture, and not, at least for the immediate present, a prelude to more wild humping.“Claire’s idea, but I’m all for it.”“She told me about Bill a few weeks ago. Had her very hot, and she fingered her snatch while she told me.”“It was hot, Rita.”“Makes me wish the two of you had fucked on camera for me. I would have thanked you the same way. Although, no butt-fucking, since I’m not equipped for that…” She giggled, a very endearing and sexy sound, and I pulled her in a little bit closer. “Although, you could have butt-fucked me…”“Would have been harder for me to let another woman fuck me.” It was true; having another man give me a blowjob hadn’t, quite, felt like cheating on Claire, and I had had the impression, which Claire later verified, that she would have eagerly watched him suck my cock, and then fuck my mouth and my ass.Rita kissed me again, more sensually. “Why? Someone else getting you off, whether your wife is watching or not?”“He’d watched us fuck…”“And I’m saying that if she’d let me watch the two of you fuck, I would have thanked you for it, and shared you with her all night. I wouldn’t have left Saturday morning, either, and I would have been very happy to share a shower with both of you.”“Seriously?”“Yes. Look, she’s one of my oldest friends, and we’ve been a little more than friendly a few times. Not since you got married, of course, unless you count video sex, which I don’t, but Claire’s really good at a lot of things. Lots of things,” she repeated, her voice husky with the unspoken details.“Like what?”Rita considered for a moment before replying, then apparently decided to reveal all. “She’s eaten my pussy, a couple of times. She’s so good at everything oral, kissing, licking, sucking. It’s just an awesome talent, and you really feel loved and cherished, and I love when she uses her skills on me. It’s been nearly twenty years since she did that, and she told me…” She bit her lower lip and gave me a look that insisted I ask her.“Told you what?” I knew what she was going to say, but I wanted to hear it, hear her say it.Rita rubbed noses with me, and grinned broadly. “Claire, your wife,”—a dramatic pause for effect—“promised she would lay me back. Bury her face in my cunt. Then lick me to as many orgasms as I can stand.” She kissed me again, breathlessly, urgently, and starting to pant with excitement. “ As many as you want to watch.” She pulled back and turned her smoldering, needful gaze to me. “You want to watch her eat my pussy, don’t you, baby…”“Yes.” My answer wasted no time getting out. The thought of Claire delicately licking her friend until one or both came, the two of them maybe performing sixty-nine, quickened the thumping in my chest.“So, when she starts eating my snatch, you’ll watch? Promise me…”I nodded, and she looked satisfied. My hands wandered down to her firm buttocks, stroking and squeezing, and she looked happy, relaxed. “Hey, question.”“What?,” she murmured.“Whose idea was it to trade places this morning?”“Claire’s, but I wanted to do it even before she suggested it.”“Claire’s idea?”“Did she tell you it was mine?”She hadn’t exactly said that, I realized, just told me Rita liked the idea. “No, she said the two of you decided to swap.”“Is it any less sexier that she suggested it instead of me?”It wasn’t, and I told her so.Rita smiled. “When you came home last night and we were sitting naked on the couch, I saw the way you looked at Bill, then at me. I wanted you right away.”“Before I got home, did you guys…?” Claire and Rita in a threesome with Bill would have been both understandable and a wonderful way to walk in on them.Rita snorted. “No! Claire explained that this weekend was for all four of us, and wouldn’t start without you getting home. First,” she added.“So, how long were you sitting naked in the living room?”Leaning back a little bit, she looked into my eyes shyly. “About fifteen minutes. Claire wanted you to know the instant you walked in what kind of weekend she had planned.”I laughed quietly, eager not to disturb the easy, relaxed pace of our conversation. “And what if I’d been late? How long would the three of you have waited before partaking in each other?”She thought for a moment. “Probably would have been at least another hour before I sucked Bill off and let him cum in my mouth, while fingering Claire.” She laughed again. “No, honey. We were all waiting for you.”Very flattered, I stammered a thank you.“Thank Claire. Her scheme all along.”“Scheme,” I repeated. “You make it sound so wicked, Rita.”“Isn’t it just a little bit?” She locked lips with me, opening her mouth for another wonderful French kiss that seemed to last for hours. I let myself get lost in it, reveling in her tongue intertwined with mine, her breasts pressed against me, and her hips humping me, rubbing her pussy on my still recovering cock.I pulled back with sudden insight into her desire to join me, and her continued caresses and loving touches and kisses. “You didn’t cum yet!” I felt stupid for not considering that when I suggested the hot tub.“Not yet. You ready to fill my pussy the way you filled Bill’s mouth?”My cock was on life support for the moment, and I told her so. “But we can do something else.”She simpered half-seriously. “But I want your dick!” Rita tried to sound like a spoiled c***d being denied her favorite toy, and ruined the effect with a soft chuckle.“I haven’t gone down on you yet…”“So, you offer me your clever tongue when ‘tis your member I truly crave?” Shakespearean in tone and bearing, she stood haughtily. “But ‘twas your throbbing manhood I wouldst have in my lonely, aching hole.”Rising in the tub and to the lure, I put my arms around her before replying. “But surely thou recalls my valiant steed invading your castle gates repeatedly this morn just after cock’s crow?”She was clearly enjoying the byplay. “And, as I recall, before cockscomb.” I caught the pun. Cock’s cum. Desire for her rose in my loins, but not enough, sadly, to coax my weary dick to attention.“Milady, wouldst thou remind me, has mine tongue been at thine cunny?”She considered, and gave me a regal reply. “I supposeth not.”“Supposeth?” I felt very silly, and very aroused.Ignoring me, she stepped in closer, pressing herself against me in a wonderfully intimate way, and kissed me, lips barely parted. “Wouldst care to inspect my cunny? I would be grateful for your most tender observations, m’Lord.” She got up out of the water, sitting on the top step, her lovely ass in just an inch of steaming water.Momentarily out of Shakespeare, I knelt in the hot tub, her red pubic thatch nearly black in the moonlight. The bitter tang of chlorine mixed with her own scent, and I waited no more before leaning forward to kiss her pussy, extending my tongue to gently massage güvenilir bahis siteleri her gorgeous clit for a few moments.“That’s what I want, baby.” Rita spread her legs further, and reached down to use her fingers to spread the fleshy hood around her clitoris. I ran my tongue around it several times, and sucked on it, to her immense pleasure, if her low moans were any kind of sign.Her hands flew to the side of my head, gripping it passionately and firmly. Caged by her fingers, I continued working on her exposed clit, concentrating only upon that. With each suck, I felt her fingers tense, driving my face into her, then down to her waiting hole. She was wet and delicious. Her flavor overwhelmed the bitter taste of the pool chemicals, and I obeyed her silent but irresistible command, licking first around, then between her labia.A wonderful stream of filthy, sexy invective poured out of her, even as I felt rivulets of her juices on my tongue. “Lick my cunt, baby, lick it lick it lick it! I wanted your mouth on my pussy the minute we met, oh God, honey keep tongue-fucking me!” She kept her voice low, quavering with evident strain. She wanted to cut loose, scream her ecstasy to the valley, and was barely reining it in. Even without her fingers clenched in my hair, mashing my mouth into her exquisite fiery bush and the wonders beneath it, I would have kept going until she came, and I did.Now I made my tongue dart in and out of her snatch, and she pushed my head into her with each thrust, making me literally tongue-fuck her. She kept up a steady stream of passionate swearing, and another steady stream of her sweet juices splashed in my face. “Oh God baby oh god oh god oh god! Your tongue feels so fucking good on my twat and my clit. Please don’t stop, baby, don’t fucking stop. I swear if you keep going I’ll suck every drop of your cum down my throat and let you fuck me all day and night!” She moaned louder, loud enough that her voice probably carried to other backyards, if only faintly.One hand released my head, and gave me enough freedom of movement to glance up. Rita was pinching her nipple, rolling it between thumb and forefinger. Her head was back and her chest heaved with an onrushing orgasm, and, eager not to disappoint her, I closed my eyes and continued feeling my way around and in her pussy with my mouth and tongue and lips. The rivulets of pussy juice thickened to a brook, then a stream of sweet, fragrant juices, and she kept my face immobile in the rushing waters.She gave a strangled groan, a signal that she was nearly there. I move my index finger up and into the waiting warmth, and moved my lips back to her clit, sucking on it once more. Her hairy bush tickled my cheeks and under my nose, and I loved it, too. The stream became a river, then a dam bursting, and her pussy juices flowed and flooded my mouth, and I swallowed them, took them down my throat as she continued squirting, a glorious inundation I had never experienced with Claire.“Oh fuck baby fuck me fuck me keep licking, oh I’m going to cum, going to cum going to CUM!!” She screamed the last word out into the night air, and her hoarse cries kept on for a minute or two, only fading when the spasms accompanying the gushes from her pussy started to slow. She immediately let me go and slid down quickly into my lap, kissing me and licking her drying juices from my cheeks and chin, before burying her tongue in my mouth. Her kisses were passionate, lustful, and wonderful, and I kissed back with at least as much energy.She clutched me to her. “Thank you, oh thank you.” Then, tenderly, even shyly, “Where did all my pussy juices go…?”I told her I’d swallowed them, and she looked giddy. “I love that you did that! Most guys won’t swallow, just let it dribble down onto the sheets.” Rita kissed me again, very lovingly. “Thank you, baby. I meant what I said about letting you cum in my mouth and fucking me all day. It wasn’t just something to say in the heat of the moment.”Looking up at me, “Does Claire squirt?”“No, never.”“So, I’m your first squirter.” She sounded very pleased, even satisfied.“Yes.”“And you swallowed…” Her voice was filled with wonder, lust and appreciation, and I caught little glints of moonlight off her red mane.“I did, and I’m glad you liked it that much.”Rita kept holding me for a long time. Eventually we got out of the tub and covered it, and, the steam still rising from our skin, made our way inside.Claire and Bill were no longer on the couch, and everyone’s clothes lay strewn around the living room. We’d been outside for over an hour, and they had probably awakened at some point. Rita turned and threw her arms around me, kissing me long and hard, and I could still taste her juices from where she had licked them off me.Reaching down to my cock, she rubbed it for a moment, and felt it respond, awakening under her fingertips and palm. “Let’s get to bed. You and me.”“What about Claire and Bill?”“Sounds like they’re already in bed. I think Bill’s fucking her again. Wouldn’t you just love to watch…” Not waiting for me to reply, she took my hand, and led me towards the stairs, but turned instead down the hall to Claire’s and my bedroom. Approaching the door, I saw a pale cone of light spilling through the door. One of our bedside lamps was on, and I peered through the door at the bed.Claire was on top of Bill, straddling his hard-on, humping it deliberately. They were naked now, no sign of the remnants of clothing she wore when Bill finger-fucked her earlier tonight. I could see his cock penetrate her pussy, disappearing inside as she rode him, then the shaft being pulled almost all the way out before she settled back down on it. Her moans were soft, but I knew that was only the beginning.Rita was at my ear again. “Like what you see?” It was almost inaudible, like a spring breeze, and I nodded, not wanting to interrupt them, draw any attention from the great fucking Claire was having from her long-ago boyfriend.Rita winked at me, and dropped to her knees before taking my cock into her mouth. Her lips were gentle, loving and relentless as she started to blow me. Her eyes were closed, and I realized she was listening, taking my cock in time with the faint squeak of springs as my wife rode Bill’s dick. The sight of the tryst in front of me, along with Rita’s tender attentions, had me as hard as if I hadn’t cum today, or any time in the last year.“Oh, Bill, you feel so…good inside me, sweetheart.” It was a shock to hear her calling him that, even more than seeing her humping his rod, letting it fill her up with each thrust and hearing her soft coos of pleasure. At the same time, my cock was all the way into Rita’s mouth, deliciously warm and wet, and her lips brushed my bush before she pulled back, letting my hard-on travel along her tongue and past her lips.Stopping for a moment, Rita whispered to me over their growing moans, “And you feel so good, so fucking good, inside me, baby!”Claire leaned forward, bracing her hands on Bill’s shoulders, putting her weight on them as Bill’s hips started to thrust upwards into her hole with a greedy wet sucking sound. She started gyrating her hips, and a louder moan escaped her lips. “Fuck my pussy like he does, baby. Fill me up, cum inside me, Bill. I’ve wanted to fuck you again for years, for years…” She gasped when he thrust upwards, lifting her off the bed. “Oh, fuck me baby!” She collapsed onto him, still riding his cock for all it was worth, and I could see more clearly, his shaft pounding her married pussy, the slap-slap-slap of their groins meeting a hypnotic, erotic beat.“Cum for me, baby.” The words spilled quietly out of my mouth, and Rita smiled around my cock before returning to work on me. The two on the bed didn’t hear, or didn’t care, and Bill, still balls deep in my wife’s cunt, put his arms around her and turned over, reversing their positions so he was now on top. Claire’s legs were now in the air, and Bill spread his, pinning hers there, and started humping her in earnest. Each time he finished the downstroke, there was a thunderous clap as his groin and her pussy met, his cock buried deep inside her, and her moans became louder.“Fuck me Billy, fuck me!” She had always been loud with me, celebrating each orgasm with loud and grateful screams of passion and release, and my eyes were fixed on them, Bill’s tight ass flexing as he pounded my wife’s sopping pussy more urgently with every passing second. “Oh fuck, oh baby! God you’re so good fuck me hard my baby, cum inside my hot pussy, oh I want you Billy, fill me up!”Bill, silent until now, joined her. “I’m fucking you, my beautiful Claire. Waited so long, and I feel how wet and hot you are! Unnhh! I’m going to fill your pussy like I filled his mouth.”“That was so fucking hot, Billy. Loved you sucking his cock, his cum on your lips. Oh fuck I’m going to cum I’m going to cum! Fill me up, fill me all the way, baby!” She screamed and I saw her head go into the pillow, her back arching to meet him all the way, engulfing his dick wholly inside her.Bill went much faster now, and Rita sped up, keeping time with his thrusts, and only a thrust or two later he arched his back, heaving a ragged gasp with each slowing thrust, each spurt of cum burying itself in Claire’s beautiful slit.My orgasm followed immediately, and Rita sucked all there was out of me and more. Each pulse of my cock was accompanied by the amazing sensation of her swallowing around my dick, her throat muscles squeezing and sucking down all of my cum with each spasm of my balls. My moans were louder now, and Bill and Claire looked over at me, enjoying the show Rita and I were giving them. “Fuck…” I felt ready to collapse, both from my climax and watching them fucking in our bed, my bed. The feeling I had was…inexplicable.I’d watched my wife of nearly thirty years fucking another man, taking orgiastic pleasure from his cock pounding her married pussy. She’d called him sweetheart and begged him to fill her cunt with his seed, like she’d wanted for years. Years…“Baby, you’ve wanted to fuck him for years?” It was hard to believe, and yet…Claire smiled back at me. “Just like you and I have made love for years, baby. Bill is very, very good at it, just like you.”“So, you’re not…unsatisfied with me?” My own voice sounded uncomfortably plaintive, but I needed to know.“No! God, no! You and Bill are the best guys I’ve ever had! It’s just that sometimes you want to taste something familiar after years of one man.”Rita stood up, the cum all gone from her face and lips, and she kissed me in front of them, and turned to Claire. “Old boyfriends, right?” Claire nodded, caressing Bill’s back and ass. He was still on top of her, still inside her, and I noticed a thin trickle of white from her pussy.“Thank you, Claire. Thank you for letting me watch.” I meant it. “Why don’t you take our room tonight. And leave the door open in case we want to come down and watch. Or join you.”Bill rolled over onto Claire’s far side. “Hey, thank you for sharing her with me. Claire’s the best I’ve ever had, and I love that you’re letting me…be with her.” He meant fuck her, but I was fine with either. I closed the door slightly, and heard them shift in the bed, starting to kiss.Rita took my hand again as we started down the hall. “Let’s choose a fresh room upstairs. And, hey, it doesn’t matter he’s an old boyfriend. She’ll never leave you, never wants to be without you.” She turned to me at the foot of the stairs, and gently put her hands on either side of my face. They were warm and silky, the tang of the hot tub chlorine faint on her skin, and she looked deeply into my eyes.“She loves you, and loves that you’re letting her have Bill this weekend. She didn’t want to leave you out, but didn’t want to share him the whole weekend, either. That’s why she invited me, and I was happy to come.” Rita brushed her lips fleetingly against mine, and giggled mischievously. “And happy to cum. You are very, very good at fucking. Very loving. She’s not going anywhere, babe.”I followed her upstairs, realizing I hadn’t slept up here since we’d become empty nesters, and let her select one of the four rooms. One was open, bedspread on the floor, sheets rumpled, one pillow in the middle of the bed; she walked past it, pushing open the next one, which sported a queen bed, and it was warm and cozy, flannel sheets and russet bedspread, for the moment completely unruffled. Rita drew the covers back and lay on the bed, drawing me down next to her, then gazing at me with more than simple lust, or mere desire, cradling my wakening cock, resuscitating it for our pleasure.“Claire has her old boyfriend tonight. Let me be your new girlfriend.”

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