May 30

Welcome Home

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You get home from working overtime on a Saturday and I meet you at the door. I kiss you softly on the lips as I pull you in and I close the door behind you. I wrap my arms slowly around you giving you a big bear hug knowing that you have had a bad day at work. I bring my lips to yours. I kiss you hard this time crushing your lips to mine. I slide my tongue past your lips as I run my hands up your back to your l silky hair. I pull your head to me pulling you onto my mouth. Our tongues dance caressing each other in a slow and sensual way.

I break away, take you by the hand, and I walk you to the bathroom our footsteps echoing in the hall. I go in first pulling you in behind me. I close the door and pull you close to me crushing my lips once again to yours. My hands begin to caress your back up and down a gentle ballet on the skin. My hands slowly come to a rest on your ass cheeks. I pull you to me so you can feel my hardness through our clothes you push back so I can feel your heat. Our mouths still on each other I push away and kiss your neck as I unbutton your blouse. I kiss your neck once for each button relishing in the feel of your skin on my lips. When the last button is undone I push the blouse off your arms. I kiss you hard and long as my hands begin a slow journey form your ass cheeks, to your hips, till my hands find the hook of your dress. I unclip the hook and pull your dress gently off your hips. We hear it as they fall to the floor. My hand caress you’re the gentle curves of your ass cheeks. I squeeze them in my hands and they form themselves to my palms. I kiss my way down your neck. Kissing a long and slow trail downward to your nipple. My mouth opens and I lick your nipple through the fabric of your bra. The nipple hardens under this treatment and I continue to lick it up and down. Once the bra is soaked from the presence of my tongue I gently bite the nipple. Then lick it again my tongue slowly making its way round and round the nipple. Reluctantly I pull away only to put my mouth to you’re other breast. My mouth opens and I try and take as much of your breast in it. I press my mouth firmly to your breast and my tongue begins to swirl. My tongue and lips trying to cover your entire breast and nipple. The lacing of your bra just is getting soaked from my mouth.

I reach up and around you to unhook your bra. I take the material in my teeth and pull your bra off you with my mouth all the time smiling up at you. You see me as I drop it to the floor and then you feel me cupping both your breasts in my hands. I begin rubbing the nipples with my thumbs just caressing them softly around and round. I then take a firm grip of each one of your lovely orbs and push them together and release them. Repeating it as I look into your eyes of fire, push and release, all the time looking at you. I let them fall from my grasp and I take each nipple in each hand. I rub the nipples between fingers and thumbs as I hear your moans. I look deep into canlı bahis your eyes to see how the fires are burning within you’ I cup each breast in the palms of my hands and reach my mouth to your nipple to suck it slowly past my lips. I massage the nipple with my tongue and lick around it. Around and round your nipple my tongue goes ever so slow. I let it go and take the other nipple slowly past my lips and into my mouth. I begin to swirl my tongue round and round it. I press your breast together and my mouth and lips hop from one nipple to the other and I hear your moan. I look up at you and see a stronger fire in your eyes and you see me smile form around your nipple.

I release your nipple from my mouth and lick down from your breast. As I kneel down my tongue trails down over the smooth silky skin of your belly. It takes a slow sojourn down past your belly button. You feel my tongue caressing it way to your panties. You shiver slightly anticipating my next move and you spreading your legs for me. I blow gently over your panty-clad mound and kiss the lips before me. I take my hands and rub them slowly up the back of your legs as I kiss your cunt lips through the fabric before me. I marvel at the aroma of such a beautiful woman with such a marvelous mound. My tongue presses to your mound and licks up. I repeat this again and again. My tongue pressing against you the fabric moistens from my tongue and from your own internal juice. I lick again pressing my tongue hard against your lips and begin to taste your juices. I hear you moan and lick harder in response. My hands firmly grasp your ass cheeks and pull you to my mouth. My mouth covers your panty-clad mound and I lick up against your lips tasting you with each lick. I pull away from you and I take my hands from their firm grasp of your ass cheeks and place my fingers to your waistband and I tug gently down. You bring you legs together so I pull your panties down past you’re your thighs. I pull then past your knees and then finally to the floor and you step out of them.

I look up at you and smile once more. I wonder how I got so lucky to have such a lovely woman. I see your eyes almost engulfed in passion. You look down at me and take your hands and place them on the back of my head you pull me to your mound. My tongue arrows for you clit as your run your fingers through my hair. I touch your clit with just the tip of my tongue and I flick my tongue up once. I do this again and again. I lick your clit up and down with a feather caress your clit hardening with each light lick. I press my mouth over and around your clit and then slowly suck it past my lips. You moan and your hands press my harder to your mound as I suck your clit slow past my lips. I take your clit slow into my mouth taking all I can in. I massage you clit with my tongue in my mouth by gently applying pressure with my tongue. I lick your clit hard in my mouth as my hands grab hold of your ass cheeks and pull you hard to me. I then bahis siteleri release you clit only to suck it slow in again. I massage you clit once more with my tongue swirling my tongue around it. I release you clit and take two of my fingers and begin tracing your pussy lips. I hear you moan once more. I respond by tracing the cleft between your lips as I lick your clit. I take two my fingers and place them at your cunt lips. I slowly push. I push past your outer lip and into a furnace of heat and wetness. I keep pushing my fingers in as I place my tongue to your clit and begin to lick once more. I just lick up and down slow as my fingers begin to slide in and out gently. I feel your hands at the back of my head urging me to be faster. I use the same rhythm of licking your clit to my fingers entering your cunt. A slow and gentle entrance and exit from your heated portal. My fingers slide in and out as my tongue goes up and down on you clit. I feel your desire heightening with each lick and probe.

I know how close you are by your heavy breathing and how tight your muscles are around my fingers. You grab the back of my head and force my tongue hard to your clit. I respond my licking hard and licking fast on your clit. My fingers speed up there probing to quicker and deeper. I hear you moan loudly as you grab my hair. I feel your body convulse under my tongue. I feel your muscles grab my fingers deep in you and I feel your hot juices surround them. You hands finally release their grip on me and I pull my face from you as my fingers leave your portal. I look up at you and smile.

You smile back your face relaxed but embers in your eyes. I take my tongue and lick deep into the folds of your cunt and swirl it around. I taste your juices and it further fans my desire for you. I pull my tongue back out slow trying to get all your moistness. I stand up and lick my way up as I do. My tongue follows a smooth trail to your mouth. I crush my lips, moist with your juice, to your lips. My tongue probes your mouth once and you push me away.

You take your hands to my T-shirt and pull it up and off my head. I feel your fingers caress their way through my chest hair and you lightly brush my nipples with your fingers. Your mouth kisses my neck and ear as you slowly stroke your fingers through the belly hair. Your fingers dancing on my skin till you get to the top of my shorts. You fingers keep trailing down over my shorts and you begin caressing my manhood. You take your hand and open it. You wrap your delicate fingers around my cock and you squeeze slow and firm to see how hard I really am. You release it and squeeze again as your kiss my neck. You let go and just caress my cock through the fabric. You rub my cock up and down it length slowly feeling me from my balls to the tip. It twitches under your hand.


You begin kissing your way down my chest. You pause but a moment on each of my nipples and you travel downward till you have to kneel. bahis şirketleri You are on your knees before me. You look up and I look down and our eyes meet. I wonder how I got to be so lucky to have such a beautiful woman before me. I can do nothing but smile and devour you with my eyes. You take your hands to my waistband of my shorts and pull them down and out being careful to pull them over my stiffness. You watch my cock as it pops out in front of your face and you lick your lips and look up at me. You pull my shorts to the floor and I step out of them for you. My cock twitches in you face and you smile and look at it closely. You take one of your soft hands and you cup my balls. You fondle my balls gently as you look at the head of my cock. You other hand reaches to the base of my shaft and your wrap you hand as much as you can around it. You begin to stroke my cock upwards. Your hand sliding the length of my cock to the head and back down again. You grip firm around my cock as it slides the entire length of it. Your hand travels up and down again, slow, as your other hand massages my balls. You stroke me firmly, up and down the length of my cock.

You bring your face close to my cock as you stroke it. I watch your lovely face come closer to my cock head and my hands reach to caress your silky hair. I watch as your tongue reaches from your lovely lips and touches the end of my cock. I moan at the moment your tongue comes in contact with my cock head. Your hand squeezes the base of my cock as your mouth opens wide and you start taking my cock in. You caress it with your tongue as you slowly take in its length. You look up at me, and your eyes sparkle, as you keep taking my cock in. You take in as much of my cock as you can. You begin to slowly pull you mouth off me and you let it pop out of your mouth. You then proceed to lick the side of my cock as you fondle my balls. You lick your way one more to the head of my cock. You swirl your tongue around it as I run my fingers through your hair. You once again take my cock in your mouth and just begin to bob your head slowly on it. You head travels back and forth on my cock. My hands grab both sides of your head and I guide you on an off my cock. They urge you to quicken the pace. I look down to see your sucking my cock with such abandon and know I can not take it much longer. You look up at me. Your eyes meet mine and you know how close I am to coming. You quickly pull you mouth off my cock and begin to stroke me fast and hard. You look into my eyes as your hand travels my cock. You feel my cock expand in your hands. You look into my eyes as the come escapes from my cock and sprays your breasts and neck. You keep stroking me till you know my cock is empty of come. You squeeze my cock hard to milk out that one last drop.

I watch the come fly from my cock and land on your breasts. My heart beating hard through each spasm. I groan as you milk it one last time. I look down at you covered in my come and wonder how one man can be so lucky. I give you my hand and you take it in your hand. I pull you up. I hold you close. I kiss you hard on your lips and ask you to join me in the shower…………

To be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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