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Welcome Home

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***Special thanks to NickJBella for editing this story for me and being awesome!***



I hear the unforgettable voice of my best high school friend calling my name from across the room. I quickly find her sitting at a table in the corner of the restaurant as she wildly waves her arms in the air. Her looks haven’t changed much at all over the years. She still has her athletic figure; her hair is still the same dirty blonde color I remembered it being but she now wears it shoulder length instead of long. Her bright blue eyes and joyous smile appear to be full of happiness.

“Allison!” I squeal as I hurry my way over to her.

Due to her attending an out-of-state university right after high school and meeting a controlling, emotionally abusive man during that time whom she eventually married, she and I lost touch but not because either of us wanted to. We were able to stay close until just before her junior year at the university and then it all went downhill after she married Dan. I used to visit her a few times throughout the school year and she would always come home during holiday breaks but that eventually came to an end. Dan was a charming, good-looking guy at first and I could see right away why Allison had fallen for him. It was almost like a switch had been flipped on their wedding day that turned him into a possessive, controlling asshole. She and I lost contact shortly after they both said, “I do.”

Two weeks ago she found me online through social media. I learned that she had finally divorced Dan and moved back to our hometown. After high school, I attended a local community college but never left. She and I couldn’t wait to get together to catch up on everything that has happened over the past seven years.

She quickly jumps to her feet and gives me a huge hug as soon as I approach her. When she pulls away, I see tears have welled in her eyes and she looks like she has just won a $1 million dollar jackpot.

“I am so happy to see you!” She wails as she wipes the fallen tears from her cheeks. “I can’t believe that I gave up my entire life for that asshole and after all of that I realized that he was just a pathetic, insecure coward who needed someone to bully in order to feel better about himself.”

“Don’t blame yourself. Just be thankful you were able to walk away and start over,” I say as we sit down in our chairs. The server approaches us and we order a couple of drinks.

“So, tell me all about what you have been doing all these years,” she wonders.

“Well, all throughout college I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do but I eventually got a science degree just to say I accomplished something. I met my husband, Brent, about a year after you and I lost contact. We dated for a couple of years before we decided to get married. No kids for us, though.”

“Sounds wonderful, I’m happy to hear you found someone who treats you well. I may have wasted seven years of my life that I will never get back but I hope to start back up where I left off with everyone. I just hope no one hates me and thinks I walked away from them on purpose,” she says as she looks nervously down at her hands.

“No one ever thought that of you,” I reassure her as I reach out and grab one of her hands. She raises her eyes to mine, squeezes my hand, and smiles.

“Thank you,” she whispers just as the server brings us our drinks.

We spend over an hour reliving old memories; laughing, crying, reminiscing. It feels like our friendship hasn’t skipped a single day even though my heart was broken for many years. I feel the hurt and shame emanating from her, though. She has expressed how stupid she has felt and she can’t fathom how she not only fell for his charm but he persuaded her to stay for so long. She has felt completely alone for far too long.

“Why don’t you come over some night for supper?” I ask. “I’d like to introduce you to Brent.”

“I’d really like that,” she says with a warm smile.

We part ways and I can’t wait to hurry home and set a date for her to come to the house. I have mentioned her here and there over the years to Brent and I know the two of them will get along just fine. I’m so glad that he will finally be able to meet her. She and I were like sisters; known as “the two Ally’s” since we had the same nickname growing up.

Within a week, I find myself busy in my kitchen putting together a simple meal as I’m anxiously awaiting Allison’s arrival. Brent is outside manning the grill and I’m mixing a salad. The doorbell rings and I excitedly welcome her in.

“Here, I brought this even though you said not to worry about it,” Allison says as she pushes a bottle of wine towards me acting as though I’ll reject it because I told her she didn’t have to bring anything.

“This’ll definitely be a nice touch to dinner, for sure,” I say as I lead her inside. She looks around the large open foyer and ankara escort takes in her surroundings.

“You have a beautiful home,” she says with awe as she studies the intricately detailed staircase.

“Thanks; it’s one of the perks of marrying a carpenter. We did most of the work ourselves,” I say with pride. I place the bottle on the kitchen island and gather a few glasses from our wine rack. I hand her a full glass and fill one for myself. She and I both take a drink the same time Bent walks through the patio door. I can see her eyes go wide as she takes in the sight of him and I smile to myself. Being a carpenter has its perks when it comes to creating a strikingly sexy body on my husband. He’s fit and muscular without having to spend hours in a gym. The shorts and tight t-shirt he’s wearing don’t hide much of his physique beneath. His calves are strong and his chest flexes beneath the straining fabric.

“So, you must be the famous Allison I have been hearing so much about,” he says as he approaches her. “I’m Brent.” He smiles and holds his hand out to her. She reaches out for it but, surprisingly to her, he pulls her hand to his lips and gives it a light kiss on her knuckles. She instantly blushes and looks like she wants to melt into a puddle. I giggle at her reaction.

“Wow!” she says as she pulls her hand back, places it high on her chest, and smiles. He returns her smile which shows his deep dimples.

“The steaks are almost done,” he says to me. “I’ll be bringing them in here in a few minutes.”

“Here, Ally brought us a little something to add to dinner,” I say as I hand him his glass of wine. He takes a drink, savors the taste, and thanks her for it before walking back out to the grill.

“Oh my God!” She sighs as soon as the door closes. “You’ve got not only a looker for a hubby but a complete gentleman thrown into the package.” Yes, I can’t help but agree with her. He’s tall with dark, shaggy hair and ice blue eyes.

“Yeah, he’s something special alright,” I say with a hint of sarcasm. “But, he’s correct; I have been filling him in on old memories ever since you and I started talking again.”

“You haven’t told him about…you know,” she wonders with intense curiosity.

“No,” I say just as he walks through the doors with a plate full of steaks.

“Those look delicious!” She lights up when she sees the masterpiece he has created with his grilling skills. “Please tell me you cook, clean, and find time to satisfy the wife all outside of your busy work schedule, too,” she jokes.

“You bet I do,” he says. I gasp with disbelief as he leans in and gives me a deep kiss in front of her. “Ok, ok…she does do the laundry once in a while. Right, babe?” He winks at me.

“You asshole,” I whisper loud enough for both of them to hear and they both break out into laughter.

Dinner is filled with lots of questions and catching up. The two of them seem to hit it off just as I had hoped. I really wanted them to get along so she and I could patch up our lost friendship without any conflict like she had to deal with. He never really has had a problem with any of my friends, though. I am very grateful for that. Jealousy is something that Brent and I have never had an issue with. While he’s very attractive and many women admire him, I trust him and have never had a reason to worry whether or not he would stray. He and I have the type of marriage where we jokingly insult one another, we tease each other, and we don’t take everything so serious all the time. We have a lot of fun and keep the fire alive with lots of flirting and being naughty with each other.

Two hours pass before any of us realize it. Sadly, she has to cut her visit shorter than any of us would like. She has an important appointment really early in the morning that she can’t be late for.

“We are certainly going to have to make a habit of this. I’ve had a great time having you here,” I say to her as I walk her to the door.

“I agree. I’ve missed you,” she says as we embrace in a hug. It’s been far too long since I’ve had her in my arms. It feels good to have her back in my life.

“I’d come over and say goodbye,” Brent hollers from the kitchen, “but, being the little house bitch that I am, I have chores to do.” He glances around the corner to see our reaction.

“You’ll be compensated later for all your hard work,” I yell back over my shoulder. The three of us laugh as she waves in his direction.

“Bye, Brent. It was very nice to meet you,” she says and he returns her wave.

As soon as the door closes, I make my way to the kitchen to help clean up. The one thing I like about cooking on the grill is that it cuts down on the mess. I make my way to the sink and start filling it with hot water. Brent is sitting down at the table taking a break.

“You’ve been a feisty little firecracker tonight,” I say with a grin over my shoulder at him.

“I couldn’t help it; she’s hot!” He glees. I roll my eyes at him and tend to the dishes I’m escort ankara washing. “I’m sorry, babe. Did that make you jealous?” He asks as he makes his way over to me. He stands behind me and brings his hands around my midsection.

“You know me better than that,” I say as I lean my head back against him. He places a kiss on my neck. “I’m not jealous of her at all.”

“So you wouldn’t be upset if I told you that I had naughty thoughts of her once or twice during dinner?”

I giggle and shake my head. “No. I don’t want to make you jealous but…” I begin to say as I turn around in his arms and whisper in his ear, “her pussy tastes amazing.”

“What??” He says as he seems taken aback. His eyes widen and he raises an eyebrow at me.

“You heard me,” I say with my lips nearly pressed against his.

“Well, well, well; it appears my wife has been keeping a naughty little secret from me, now doesn’t it?” He runs the tip of his tongue along my lips. I part mine and let his wandering tongue inside.

“Where would the fun be in our marriage if I didn’t save a random kinky detail about myself here and there? I need to keep you interested over the years.” He leans slightly away from me with his eyes squinted.

“I don’t believe you. Prove it; let me watch the two of you go at it,” he says with excitement.

“Yeah right; she probably isn’t into that anymore. That was a long time ago and she’s the only woman I’ve ever been with.” She and I didn’t become sexually interested in one another until after she left for the university. I think that move made something click in us that caused us to realize how close we really were to each other. So, when Dan came into the picture, I not only lost my best friend but my lover as well.

“Well, that sucks. I was really hoping to finally watch you eat another woman’s pussy,” he grins.

“You mean you want me to relive the times I’ve buried my face between her legs and came up with my lips and chin sopping wet after I’d made her scream?”

He lets out a loud gasp and his mouth falls open. “You’re such a tease.”

“I need to finish these dishes so I can go take a shower and get ready for bed,” I say as I turn back around to face the sink. I don’t think he really believes me; he probably thinks I’m making everything up just to get a rise out of him.

When I get out of the shower, Brent is already in bed. He’s sitting on top of the covers with just a pair of flannel pajama pants on while reading a book. I walk into the bedroom with just a towel wrapped around me. My hair is wet and hanging around my face. I sit on my side of the bed and grab the bottle of lotion from my nightstand. I rub some on my arms but when I reach to rub my shoulder and look behind me, I notice him staring at me over the rim of his reading glasses.

“What?” I ask. He has a look on his face that tells me he’s studying me.

“Were you serious earlier?”

“Yes, I was,” I say as I finish rubbing my lotion into my skin. He places his book on his nightstand and takes his glasses off. I feel the mattress move as he crawls over to me. He kneels behind me, reaches over to fetch the bottle, and pulls the towel free from around me. It falls onto the bed and he squeezes some lotion into his hand. He begins to rub my shoulders and back.

“Will you tell me about the first time you two slept together?”

“What do you want to know?” I ask.

“Everything you can remember.”

“She and I were sitting in her dorm room sometime during freshman year. Her roommate had left for the night. I can’t remember where she went but we knew she wasn’t coming back until the next day. We started asking really personal questions about each other,” I say as my body starts to tingle with all the intense memories that are coming back to me.

“What kinds of questions?” He asks as he climbs off the bed and moves around to kneel on the floor between my legs. He raises one of my feet and places it on his thigh as he makes long strokes on my leg with more lotion.

“She was a virgin when she went away to the university. I wasn’t and, being my best friend, she obviously knew that already. She had a lot of questions about how she should handle certain things when she finally encountered them with a guy.” I feel my pussy getting wet just at the thought of what she and I did that first night. His hands wander farther and farther up my thigh and my breathing quickens.

“What kinds of things did she think she would encounter?” He asks as he sets my foot back down on the floor and starts working on the other leg.

“She wanted to know what it was like to ride a guy during sex. I told her to lie down so I could climb on top of her to show her; innocent enough, or so I thought. I straddled her hips, held her hands down above her head, and started grinding myself against her. Even though we had our clothes on, I was incredibly turned on by it all and I managed to get one off just by rubbing myself on her. I know it sounds made up but it’s true,” ankara escort bayan I say as I feel my nipples start to tingle. I look down at them and they are as hard as little pebbles.

“I believe it; you cum at the drop of a hat,” he giggles. “Then what?”

“It took us both by surprise. I was really embarrassed and quickly climbed off from her. She, on the other hand, was getting excited by it. After she was able to convince me that I didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about, I asked her if there was anything else she wanted to know. She said she was scared to let a guy eat her out. I told her I wasn’t sure how to help her with that one; that was something she was just going to have to figure out on her own when a guy finally did it to her.”

“How did she eventually get you to do it?” He asks as he starts kissing the inside of my thighs. I shiver as I feel his lips and tongue tasting my sensitive skin.

“She just slid her pants off before I could say anything more. She told me she wanted me to help her know what it feels like to have someone’s face down there. I remember her lying on her bed with no pants or underwear on. I got between her thighs and I can still remember what she looked like back then. She was shaved all but a small patch at the top. Even though she hadn’t been with anyone, grooming was just the cool thing for us girls to do back then. And her scent…” I trail off as I close my eyes and breathe in deep. I lean my head back and feel my heart pounding as I remember what her sweet pussy smelled like.

“Nothing smells better than a woman’s pussy,” Brent says as he leans in towards mine. He rubs his nose over my perky clit and I hear him take in a deep sniff. My body jolts when he makes contact with my sensitive skin.

“I remember sliding my finger inside her. She was so tight and wet. I pulled it out and licked it off so I’d get an idea of what to expect before putting my tongue in there,” I say as I feel Brent mimic what I’m telling him. His finger slides in deep, circles around to gather my wetness, and he brings it up to my lips. I look him in the eyes as I wrap my lips around his finger and suck it in my mouth. He slowly pulls it out all nice and clean. Holy fuck; I miss eating pussy.

“You taste so good, baby. Tell me more,” he begs.

“I spread her pussy lips wide so I could see everything. Her tiny pink lips were wet and slippery. I could see her clit and watched each time her pussy clenched. I looked up at her and she begged me to lick her. I remember sticking my tongue deep inside her. The taste…oh, God; I can still taste her if I think about it hard enough.”

His fingers spread me open and I feel his tongue circling my pussy before pushing it inside. I can still hear her moans in my head as I ran my tongue through every little fold and crevice that I could find. She ran her fingers through my hair as I tasted every bit of her.

“Did you make her cum?”

“Yes! I made her scream,” I squeal as my body starts to quiver. “I started licking her clit and knew I was doing something right just by the way she started getting louder. Her body started shaking and she got really tense. I sucked her clit into my mouth and it felt like her whole body shattered into a million pieces. She screamed and I thought she was going to jump off the bed.”

Brent pushes his finger into me once again as he starts rolling my clit around with his tongue. I can’t talk anymore; I find myself moaning uncontrollably as he starts on his mission of making me reach my peak. I lift my thighs and rest them on his shoulders as I lean back on my hands. I look down and watch as he tongue fucks my pussy with great skill. My back arches and I fight the urge to not squeeze his head between my legs as my body convulses and I scream. I can feel beads of sweat popping out all over my body.

As soon as I’m done quivering, he kisses his way up my stomach to my breasts where he takes a nipple into his mouth. He teases it for a moment before moving on. His lips taste their way up my neck and finally to my lips. I can taste my juices on his tongue and lips and it’s making me want more.

“Something tells me that orgasm was brought on more by thoughts of her rather than what I was doing. Thinking about going down on her make you that horny?” He asks with his lips against mine.

“I love eating pussy!” I admit. And he’s right; I thought about teasing her with my tongue the entire time he was tasting me.

“That was very naughty to keep a secret like that from me. What should we do about that?”

“Punish me,” I beg. “Fuck me hard and tell me how bad of a girl I’ve been for not telling you.”

“Oh, I’ll punish you all right. What happened next?” He asks as he stands up and motions for me to lie on the bed. He slides his pants off as I position myself in the middle of the mattress.

“We undressed each other and got back on the bed,” I say as I watch him reach above my head. He pulls out the restraints we have tucked in there. He leads one of my hands up and tightly fastens it. “We laid there caressing and tasting each other’s bodies for most of the night. She went down on me and I came. I came so hard that I think I scared her,” I continue as he fastens my other hand.

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