May 30

Wet Heat

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We’re out walking and enjoying the day, talking, playing around … and suddenly the few clouds that are up above decide to have fun of their own. The rain starts, and we turn back toward home.

By the time we get to the front door, the clouds have opened up and we’re dripping wet. I fumble with the keys and a moment later, we’re inside. The water keeps dripping onto the floor and because the temperature dropped as the rain got worse, we’re both a little chilled. A glance at one another and we decide that the best thing to fight off the wet cold is wet heat, so you tell me to go start a shower.

I move into the bathroom, peeling the wet clothes off and setting them on the sink so that some of the water will drip down the drain. I find a towel and set it someplace convenient and then I turn to start the shower. I hear you letting your clothes, heavy with the weight of the water, smack onto the floor as you walk around your room.

I grin because of the visual that is in my head as I step into the shower. A moment of playing with the faucets and the water gets comfortably hot. I step up into the spray, closing my eyes and letting the water splash over my face and run down my body. I hear the shower curtain rustle and then you step in as well. Your hands move to my back, sliding down, then around in front of me as you move closer. The hot water starts to warm you up — but as you press up against me, my body heat starts to warm you up as well. You gently kiss the top of my shoulder as your hands drop down. You smile as you feel your cheeks start to get warm.

I sense the hesitation as your hands drift over my hardening shaft and I grin, turning around to you. You look up into my eyes, smiling, blushing and you raise your hands up to my shoulders. Our eyes watch each other for a moment, and we start to kiss as my hands move to your sides.

We shift around and you step in under the showerhead, letting the hot water spray all over you. We separate and I can see you smile. I know that you’re smiling at and because of me, but you take a moment and look up at the showerhead, letting the water run over your face and hair. You run your hand through your hair once and then turn back to me. Your smile gets bigger as you take the half-step back and lean against the wall, out of the spray. Your hands move to my side and I can feel the slight pressure as you pull me forward.

Stepping into and through the water, I shake my head to clear my eyes and then move close to you. My lips brush against yours, then I pull away before leaning back in and kissing you hard. Making sure that I keep my balance, I move my hands up and rest them on the wall on either side of you. As we kiss, I can feel your lips melt against mine and suddenly it’s no longer just playful or teasing. Our mouths move against each other and we kiss each other hard, moving back and forth, our tongues touching, then pulling away — your teeth biting down on my lips and pulling back …

You feel one of my hands move to your chest and I rest it between your breasts. I hold it steady as we kiss, before moving it up and cupping one of them. I move canlı bahis my fingers over it, feeling you, then squeezing it softly. As I pinch your nipple slightly, I feel you moan into me. Letting go, I slide my hand down your body, over your stomach, past your hips then down to your ass, pulling you against me. As we make contact, I grind against you and you can feel me rub against you, making you gasp.

You can feel how hard I have gotten as my dick rests against you, tantalizingly near to you – but before I do anything more than rub it against you, you feel my hand move down to your pussy. My fingers slide over your lips, playing, sliding between them, pushing just into you before pulling back. I spread them and tease your clit, pressing against you and just letting the vibration of my hand start to distract you. The entire time, my eyes watch yours as you get even more turned on, hungrier, wetter …

You decide that you can’t focus anymore, and so you close your eyes and rest your head against the wall. Your back arches, and I lower my head to your chest, kissing the bare skin, licking between your breasts before kissing, licking you … then biting on your nipple and hearing you gasp again. The heat of the shower keeps pushing us onward as we get more turned on.

My fingers keep playing and teasing but because I never keep one action long enough to let you finish, you react. When you decide that you can’t take it anymore, you grab my wrist and squeeze. I look up again and meet your glance and I can see that you want more.

I step back and you forcefully push me through the stream of water, moving me against the far side of the shower. Almost immediately after slamming up against the tile, you’re rubbing against me — your breasts against my skin, your legs against mine, your hands roaming all over my body. You’ve decided to take charge and now it’s my turn to react. Moving steadily against me, you look up to see the smile on my face and after a few moments, your hands come together on my chest, then slide down. You move with them as they move over my stomach and down to my groin … you finish by kneeling in front of me.

I lean back against the cold shower wall, knowing how good you are, and even before your fingers wrap around me, I’m already getting more excited at what’s in store. My fingers flex against the wall as you kiss the tip … and then they close into fists as you open your lips and suck my cock into your mouth.

You start gently, moving your lips up and down my shaft, but I can’t keep quit and I begin to gasp as you lick along my length, then keep your lips tight around me as you suck me in deeper.

I keep one hand on the wall and tense as my body gets more excited. The other hand I put in your hair, pulling it back, out of the way, keeping the shower from splashing directly onto you as you turn me a little and move directly in front.

Each movement, each stroke, you can feel how I am getting more excited — my body tensing, my hands clenching. Each lick, each taste, as you take me in, you feel it get harder, you can feel the blood pumping into it … you can hear bahis siteleri as I’m gasping and moaning. Licking, playing with your fingers, stroking … sucking … licking under, around … faster.

You want more, but you know that you won’t have to wait long. Moments later, you push me over the edge. I gasp, and you feel the first spasm just before I cum.

I lean back, resting more weight on the wall as you stand up, grinning at me. Teasing me, you slowly rub against my body another time, then you turn into the shower and let the water spray down hard over you.

With your eyes closed, you miss it at first as I reach up and take the showerhead off of the wall. When the spray changes, your eyes open and you turn to follow the water. I hold the end of the hose and I turn the end so it sprays harmlessly into the tub. You shift a little, watching me, and I smile as I shift back around in front of you. I spray the side of the shower quickly, then turn and using just my lips against yours, I press back and you rest against the wall.

I put a hand against your stomach, brushing the fingers up near your breasts, teasing, then down past your stomach. As I put my fingers to your lips again, I start to rub — then stop. I hold your lips apart and I pull the showerhead between us. I’ve changed it so that it’s on a massage setting with lower pressure, and I lift the showerhead up and focus it against you. The sudden pressure is a shock, and when it starts to work on your button, you start to shift, then gasp, finally relaxing and letting the water spray against you.

My hand keeps pressing against you with the fingers spread down, holding your lips apart as the water works on you and you can feel your body get more worked up. You feel the hint of an orgasm, and then the feeling builds as your body clenches up. As you get closer to the edge, you open your eyes, glancing down, then looking up into my eyes. You want to focus, and when my eyes make contact with yours, that’s all you need — watching me watching you is enough and suddenly you gasp, crying out as your body shakes.

I quickly reach up and put the showerhead back, before standing up next to you. I know that you’re going to want a minute before moving, and after a moment, you open your eyes and grin at me as I rest against the wall, close enough for you to touch me, but not close enough to press.

As you look back at me, I lift off the wall and suggest that we move someplace a bit more comfortable. You just grin more, and reach for the shower curtain.

Quickly regaining your strength, you giggle and grab a few towels out of the cabinet. I follow behind, grabbing a few of my own. When we get to your bed, we pull the blankets down and let them fall onto the floor. We use the towels to dry each other off, but it’s almost a losing battle as the water drips onto the sheets as much as it is picked up by the towel.

The silence builds and the drying off slowly goes from a fun ‘dry each other off’ to enjoying each other’s bodies. Rubbing over bare skin, letting the smooth towels slide up our arms, down our backs — all over.

As we realize bahis şirketleri that we’re both dry — and ready for more — we drop the towels somewhere blindly off the mattress and you sit down, your back to the headboard. I move between your legs and follow you up the mattress until your ass moves up against the pillows and you can’t go any further.

I kiss you again, my fingers move lightly over you … and before I realize it, you’ve wrapped a leg around me and have forced me over onto my back. Pulling yourself out, you rest a knee on either side of my body as now YOUR fingers brush over my skin.

You lean over and kiss me in random spots on my body, teasing some, biting more. As you feel me get hard between your legs again, you have the sudden urge to put your fingernails against my side and you run your nails down my skin, scratching — leaving your mark on me. I gasp, but neither one of us notices just how much blood you have drawn. Neither of us cares.

As your nails moved down my side, you decide against waiting any longer. You’re tired of teasing and you lift up farther off of me, leaning forward as your ass gets higher. In control, you kiss me as you take me in hand. You enjoy the quiet sigh you feel more than hear as you hold me straight and slowly lower yourself down onto me.

You take your hand away and lift your body back up, sitting up straight. Your eyes never leave mine as you lift off of me, then drop back down. Moving slowly at first, then faster, your hands go to my chest and I can feel you tightening your fingers again. Harder, faster, you lower your body all the way onto me and I fill you up. Harder. Again.

You lean forward again, lifting just your hips, squeezing me and sliding. All the way down. Faster. Up. Faster still. You can’t control it as you fuck me. Giving in to the feeling, your let your head fall down, your forehead resting on my shoulder and your hair falling all around as your hands slide out my arms and our fingers squeeze each other.

I squeeze back, then let go and wrap my arms around you, pulling you to me — holding your body against mine. As I tighten my arms around you, I push up into you again and the sudden movement surprises you … and just that motion almost pushes you over the edge again.

You cry out, gasping, and I let go — my hands sliding back down your arms. Our hands meet again, and although you’re moving slower now — both of us are close.

Up … then down … slowly, moving all the way up, then back down and resting on me … higher … then lower, farther into you … moving evenly, deeply … filling you up, fucking you … our fingers interlace … and you push my arms back down onto the mattress. You open your eyes and look down into mine, watching as my smile builds …

Your hips lift, drop … again, again … harder, faster, and you can see my sweat build as I push up against you. Breathing harder … deeper … moaning … you hear your own breath come in ragged spurts … your lungs fighting for air …

A moment longer … and you push down one last time … looking at me, watching my eyes follow yours… and you get even more turned on, more excited … and that pushes you over the edge and you cry out moments before I gasp in orgasm …

And then you relax, your body falling against mine as we come down off our high …

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