May 30

What a Guy Won’t Do Ch. 08

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My son Mark is the Internet sensation The Naked Swimmer. I’m sure by now you already know of his story and of his past . . . um . . . exposures—I guess we’re calling them.

I say Mark’s a sensation because his nude photos, which are on a perfectly respectable photographer’s website, have received an unbelievable amount of views.

Amy, the photographer that took the photos, has seen her website crash several times due to too much traffic and she has had to overhaul her site in order to handle the extra viewers! My daughter and I have sort of chided Mark relentlessly about his public displays of nudity. It isn’t fair to him, and as his mother I should be ashamed of myself, but we just can’t help it. He is so adorable when he is embarrassed and he looks better naked than I could ever have imagined!

Over the past summer Mark has been publicly naked on several occasions, sometimes on purpose sometimes by accident. But once Amy photographed him in the raw and posted the images on her site it seems his nude experiences have come to a halt.

I have to say I am relieved and a little disappointed. I’m relieved that my son hasn’t been put through anymore humiliating encounters, but I also have to admit seeing him bare his nakedness in front of a bunch of women has been something that I have been secretly aroused by. Not that I am attracted to my son, but that I imagine what a thrill it must be for him. I know boys are horny all the time and to see him standing up naked and erect revealing his entire bare body in front of so many sexually aggressive ladies like that . . . wow—I’m flushing!

As for Mark he has been doing nothing but working lately, it seems like that’s all he does anymore is work and try to save money. My daughter has moved in with her friend—a girl, and I have a feeling they are more than just friends, but that’s her business. So it’s just been Mark and me in the house and he has been helping to pay the mortgage. I hate taking money from him, but we need every penny we can get. I want him to save his money for college, but he insists on paying his fair share.

He is a wonderful son.

Anyway, here is where this story really picks up. One day the phone rang and a woman asked if this was Mark’s number and I said yes, she asked if he was the Naked Swimmer and I hesitated. We have had a few calls from weirdos and I wasn’t sure if I should hang up or not, but for some reason I didn’t. I called Mark and told him what she was asking—his face immediately turned red. He picked up the phone and began talking. I tried to listen in while telling myself I wasn’t being nosy—just motherly. I couldn’t really understand what was being said, but Mark talked to her for a long time. When he hung up I was hoping he would come right over and tell me what she said, but in typical teenager fashion, he told me he was off to work and would be home for dinner.

It was driving me crazy to know what the story was but I had to wait all day, and all through dinner before he told me.

“So I got that call earlier and I was wanting your input,” he said.


“That woman said she was from some Women’s magazine and she wanted to interview me about all the stuff that happened over the summer.”

“What stuff?” I couldn’t resist the chance to tease him.

“About the photos . . . on Amy’s site. And all the other stuff.”

I smiled and just replied, “Oh.”

He sat there thinking—about what I have no idea, but he seemed nervous.

“What does she want to know exactly?”

“I guess she heard about all the reasons I did it—the swim meet, and all that and she wants to just have an interview with, you know . . . The Naked Swimmer.”

He blushed a little but there was the hint of a smile.

“She offered me $500 for the interview. I’m thinking of doing it.”

My “Mom alarm” went off at that. “Well, what exactly is this magazine? It’s not pornographic or anything, is it?”

“No, she said it wasn’t. It’s “VFM”, I think Cindy reads it, you know, it’s just one of those magazines about women issues and stuff. The way she explained it, it sounds like the kind of stories you read in the grocery store line. You know all that crap they write, lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes, how to know if he’s really interested . . . “

“How to be better in bed?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess that too. It’s kind of like Maxim, of FHM for women. She said what they all say, that my sacrifice for Jill is what women want to read about because they like that I did it for a girl, and all that.”

We remained quiet for a moment.

“I would tell her to take a hike, but 500 dollars is a lot and I could really use it.”

I wasn’t sure I liked this. I am very concerned that at some point Mark will wind up using his body to make money and casino oyna become some pervert or porn star or something. I do not want that life for my son. Catching him naked in the pool or on Youtube is one thing, but exploiting himself for money is different. In a way I suppose he already has, but that was to raise money for a good cause and then again for college.

“I told her I would think about it, and if I agree she can’t give out my real name or personal information—including where we live.”

That was smart, I thought. He really is an intelligent person.

“So what do you think?” he asked.

I hesitated a long time, “Well if you think this is a good idea, I trust your judgement.”

What a cop-out answer, I thought, but that’s how parenting is sometimes.

“I think I’m going to call her and say yes. I need the money and how bad could it really be?” he said.

And that was that.

And that was that. I told my Mom what my plan was, that I would do the interview and I’d be 500 dollars richer. That’s a lot of money for an interview—at least I think it is.

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about all this and some stuff has happened that I haven’t told you about. I think the last time we left off I was jumping out of Jill’s room naked and running through the neighborhood back to my house without a stitch of clothing on. I couldn’t believe I was stupid enough to do that, but I panicked and if Jill’s dad saw what I was doing to his daughter I wouldn’t have to worry about anyone seeing my dick again, because I wouldn’t have one!

Surprisingly I made it through the patch of woods between Jill’s house and mine. While I was running I am embarrassed to admit I blew my wad. Come on, give me a break, I was all backed up when her parents came home and I’ve been hard as a rock since. I guess the stress and running sealed the deal and I unloaded into the condom. Without thinking I whipped it off and dropped it on the ground. I know, I polluted in the forest. I feel bad about that, but I wasn’t thinking straight. I used to wonder how people’s condoms ended up in the woods and the side of the street—now I know!

So I came to the edge of the woods (after cumming in the woods!) and I ran down the street and into my own backyard without being seen. I figured my luck had really changed and I was relieved beyond belief. All I could picture was some old lady in the neighborhood calling the cops and I’d end up in the pokey with Jethro-the-Horse-Raping-Hillbilly and I . . . I don’t even want to think about that.

Anyway, like I said, I made it all the way back to my home and I snuck around into the backyard only to find my sister lying out in the sun. She was on her back wearing sunglasses, but from what I could tell she was asleep from the way her mouth hung slightly open. I slowly opened the gate, making sure not make any noise. I kept a close eye on her to see if she reacted in any way. With the sunglasses on she may very well be looking right at my throbbing cock for all I knew. She didn’t move. I have to say I am ashamed to admit I glanced at her bikini-clad body and . . . WOW! . . . she is going to make some girl very happy!

As I passed her I could see she really was asleep and I was in the clear. I quietly made my way to the kitchen door and entered the house. Just then the front doorknob started to turn and open—my Mom was home! And my Aunt was with her! I ran faster than I ever have in my life to close the distance to the stairs before they got all the way into the room. I made it, I ran up the stairs and into my room without being seen by a soul! I couldn’t believe my luck.

For the first time in a long time nobody had caught me in a nude situation and I was ecstatic!

Or was I?

As I fell onto my bed, completely bare ass, staring up at the ceiling I felt a strange sensation of relief mixed with disappointment.

Could it be possible that I wanted to get caught? Why would that be? How could that be?

It made no sense. It had to be just some strange feelings being released by all the horniness and panic that was flowing through me. My dick, on the other hand, couldn’t be harder if it was petrified. I looked down at it and watched the head looking back at me and pulsing with the thoughts of women looking at me naked and possibly touching me. Thoughts of Jill’s soft naked tender flesh, her breasts in my hands, my own naked dick swinging around in the sunlight as I ran through the neighborhood, Cindy lying half nude by the pool—all of it! It was too much for me. I grabbed my crank and stroked it harder than I ever have before. My bedroom door was slightly open and I just wanted my sexy young Aunt—my Mom’s Brother’s wife—in case you were wondering, to walk by and see me rubbing my convulsing cock slot oyna and covering my gut in my own hot cum!

What the fuck is wrong with me! I guess I’m just 18 and I’m just inexplicably and unapologetically horny!

That was the last of my nude experience. At least for awhile.

Since then I have had some serious sexual fantasies about being stripped and deprived of all clothing by women as they touch and fondle every part of my naked body—pleasuring me and making me pleasure them.

Jill and I have kind of cooled off sexually. After we almost got caught in her room she kind of panicked and said she wanted to ease off the sexual stuff. I think she freaked herself out that day because she opened some door in herself she wasn’t ready to deal with. But I love her more than any girl I have ever known and I will wait till the end of time for her.

Let’s face it—I’ve been spanking it for years and I’m pretty great at it.

Anytime I can spend with Jill is pure magic and as far as my dick goes, my hand gets the job done!

I called the interview woman, her name is Kelly, and told her I would do the interview under the provisions that my name and location wouldn’t be used—even though it wouldn’t take any effort to figure that information out, I figure why advertise it? She said she would come to my house and do the interview here and she sounded really hot over the phone, but in a nice way, if that makes any sense.

That night I was in bed staring into the darkness as usual and thinking about starting up all this naked business again, I wasn’t really into it, I am still very uncomfortable with the whole thing, but I agreed and there was no turning back now.

I thought about Jill, about how she looked that first time I accidentally saw her naked. I thought back to how I had reached my decision to expose myself to the world right here in this very bed—whether I knew it at the time or not.

I don’t remember falling asleep, but who ever does? I had the absolute most bizarre dream of all time that night. I think Freud would have gone into early retirement over this one—anyway, you be the judge:

I dreamt that I was walking through forest; I felt like I was heading toward something very important, but I wasn’t sure what it was—although in the dream I feel like I did know. I walked past a totally hot girl who was leaning up against a tree, her clothes torn and disheveled, she looked like she had either been beaten badly, or just had the single most awesome experience in her life. As I continued walking I passed more and more women in the same state of . . . euphoria?

By the way, many of these girls were completely nude—and totally hot—this was MY dream after all!

I came to a clearing and found Jill. Her clothes were torn and she was holding her top with her arm across her breasts keeping them covered just barely. I looked down and saw her cleavage glistening in the sun and I became totally aroused—but in the dream I also seemed angry. I grabbed her and asked what happened. She didn’t answer me, but she had a look of exhaustion (ecstasy?) on her face. I held her to me and I was very upset, I just didn’t know why.

I should point out that this was one of those dreams where you can feel everything. I felt her barely covered breasts pressing against me, I felt how soft and warm her skin was and I felt the kiss I planted on her. I could actually feel her tongue in my mouth! I love those kind of dreams.

I always wondered what I was actually doing in real life while having a dream like this. As I’m sucking her tongue in my dream, am I really putting my pillow in my mouth while lying in bed? Anyway, back to the dream.

I knew there was something I had to do. I sat Jill down and told her to rest. I continued on and ran into my Mom and Sister who were in the same state as the others. This really pissed me off in the dream and I began running. I heard all these women suddenly yelling for me to stay, not to into the bog, but I didn’t listen. I suddenly had the feeling that I was a knight going to slay the dragon that had ravished these women that I loved!

I ran into the bog, the muddy water going up to my knees. I looked around. After struggling through the muck I realized I was in the lake that I used to go to as a kid, but in the dream I was Sir Mark-a-lot, protector of women and beast-slayer forging through the enchanted bogs of . . . whatever!

For some reason I felt that because I was a man I was immune to whatever had gotten to these women—that as a man it wouldn’t affect me the same way.

I’m stupid!

I stood motionless, waiting, watching. I looked back and saw all the women gathering on the shore looking at me. They seemed to have returned to their normal selves—clothed and contemporary—and canlı casino siteleri they were watching me as if I was about to receive a great gift—or maybe I was the gift!

I decided the creature wasn’t going to show itself, so I turned back toward the women when I realized I couldn’t move. I tried to pull my feet out of the water, but I couldn’t. Something had wrapped around my ankles. I reached down and felt something slimy and smooth. I knew immediately that I was in big trouble. I looked back at the women and suddenly I felt like I was a little kid again, crying for Mommy! My mom, however, just smiled back at me with . . . pride?

Slimy tentacles slid their way out of the water and wrapped tighter around my legs. I tried to run, to pull away, but there was no escape! I was lifted out of the water and held about 10 feet in the air by giant tentacles. More of them shot out of the water and wrapped around my wrists, pulling my arms out to the sides. All I could think of was that old commercial for Stretch Armstrong, or whatever that thing was, I thought it was going to pull me apart like a turkey’s wishbone.

Then I realized it was a different kind of bone that was about to be pulled!

More tentacles began sliding their way up under the cuffs of my pants, ripping them open as they went. Other tentacles pulled my shirt away from my body then tore my jeans off.

I was now hanging in mid air in front of about 100 women, most of them hot supermodel types, but also Jill, my Mom, my Sister, a few Aunts, even some teachers from the past, and I was only wearing my underwear—which I knew wasn’t going to last. The tentacles rubbed themselves all over my body leaving a trail of slime, or possibly lube? I was covered in the stuff. They extended far from the water right at the shoreline lowering me in front of all the female spectators. Their eyes examining every square inch of me!

I looked down and saw my penis tenting up from my underwear, the shape of it very clear through the wet fabric. Every time a tentacle glided over my wiener I throbbed even harder!

“Help me, please” I said to my Mom and she leaned forward as if to grab my hand. Instead she grabbed my underwear and tore them away from my body!

I was left nude, wet, and slimed with a raging hard-on. I looked down at my own nakedness and watched as a tentacle wrapped around the head of my dick and started sucking. My legs were pulled apart and two more tentacles slid up between my legs and sucked onto my balls. I can’t even explain the sensation of being sucked off by these things while 100 women watched. I was brought to the brink of the greatest orgasm any human has ever experienced and I let go.

Now, this being a dream, I literally ejaculated about four gallons of sperm out of my penis! I just kept blowing it out like a fire hose! The ladies all viewed this with incredible arousal!

The orgasm seized my entire body and I went into a spasmodic convulsion of mind-blowing ecstasy!

I was exhausted. I was spent. The tentacles let me go and I dropped into the shallow water. A large number of female hands washed my body clean and I was lifted by the women and carried to a place of honor.

They gently lay me onto a picnic table and all 100 of them walked by me and looked at my nude, endorphin-enriched body. Many of them took the time to grab my flaccid penis and play with it, some kneaded my balls, some tickled my abs, and simply touched my cheek with gentle kindness.

Finally, Jill came to me. She smiled and the sight of her beauty, her smile that would put the greatest sunset to shame, gave me a feeling of warmth I have never felt before.

She kissed me.

Her lips were so soft, so smooth. She placed her hand on my chest and I heard the other women applaud. At first I thought they were applauding out admiration for our love, then I realized they were applauding because my erection had returned. The beast was unable to rob me of my love and horniness for one woman on the Earth—Jill Bergman. Her kiss had “awoken me” just like in a fairy tale.

My energy had returned and I proudly stood up in front of everyone with my dick sticking straight up in defiance! I proudly pointed it toward the bog / lake and the tentacled beast from underneath screamed and died. The women cheered me.

My wiener had conquered the day!

When I woke up I had blown my wad into my underwear and they had practically glued themselves to my leg!

There’s nothing like being 18!

Like I said, I can’t imagine what that dream could possibly have meant—other than the obvious, but it was both disturbing and totally hot.

I had three more days before I was going to meet Kelly and be interviewed about my nudity. I was apprehensive (which I think is what the dream was all about) but I also felt confident that as long as I have these women in my life—my Mom, my Sister, and my beloved Jill, then there was nothing I couldn’t conquer.

And as usual, I had no idea what was in store for me . . .

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