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What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

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Airports. Possibly the most boring places on earth. Hundreds of people milling around, waiting to be loaded into cramped spaces and whizzed across the globe. Places where the only connection to fellow travellers is a few words exchanged, but nothing lasing. So, for picking up strangers for sex, it is perfect! No strings attached. Only a distraction to help pass the time.

Virgin Atlantic flight to Las Vegas from London Heathrow. Two strangers seated next to each other. Bored. Tired. Horny…

Nine hours is a very long time to sit in close proximity with someone. And if that someone is hot, available and interested it can turn into a few hours of exciting exploration… This is the tale of one such chance encounter.

Todd was an executive travelling to Vegas for business, Mary an exchange student from Oxford hoping to spend her last vacation week exploring the strip. They noticed each other in the departures lounge – an electric mixture of lusty desire, mingled with intense curiosity as their eyes met across the room. So it was to their great surprise to be seated next to one another. The air was charged with their lust, but neither knew how to broach the subject foremost in their minds. So they did what everyone else does – talk about the weather, work and their intended travels while systematically working their way through the inedible supper. They went their separate ways, watching some in-flight entertainment until the lights dimmed and the alcohol lulled ostim escort them into sleep.

After a few hours, their sleep inevitably turned into uncomfortably shifting around trying to get comfortable, without imposing of the space of the person next door. Shy smiles and mumbled punctuated the first few hours, until Todd verbalised what they both have been thinking – “Would you like to rest your head on my shoulder?”

Breaking the unspoken “No touch” rule, they quickly managed to settle in, finding a comfortable position to continue their rest.

Todd awoke with a start! He could feel Mary caressing his leg but wasn’t sure. Was she doing it intentionally, or was it a mere reflex in sleep? The gentle strokes continued, brushing up against his hand, inviting him to consent. He could feel a stirring between his legs. The boundaries breaking down. His mind overtaken by lust. The reached out, squeezed her hand, indicating his agreement, giving her carte blanche to continue.

Mary was pleasantly surprised. Acting on impulse she made her intent known to Todd, never expecting him to consent. She had always enjoyed the risk of public places, the threat of humiliation of discovery. And with her offer accepted she could feel her body responding. The delicious trickle of warm moisture between her legs the expression of the electricity coursing through her body. The desire was fuelled when she reached further, brushing against his penis straining sıhhiye escort for release from his jeans. A release she was more than happy to facilitate.

Reaching down into her own panties, Mary acquired the lubrication needed for her exploration. Her fingers teased the folds of his hard on, spreading moisture into the folds of his foreskin. Each time her fingers brushed up against his emerging glans, she could feel his body responding with a shudder. Lifting her head from his shoulder, she whispered into his ear an urge that he should control his reaction, that he should not give away their game…

The feel of her hot breathe in his ear encouraged his to respond. Small beads of moisture escaped his tip, helping her lubrication effort. Periodically Mary would reach down into her panties, eager to share the moisture now liberally gushing forth from her. Too good to waste, she started to discover exactly what her responded to, and what she should avoid… All the while, her rubbing caused his breathe to become ragged, desire mounting in him.

Slowly she started to rhythmically move her hand up and down his expectant shaft, while her other explored the rest of his package. Cupping his scrotum in her hand, she gently massaged his testicles, the occasional finger brushing his anus.

This set Todd on fire. Only with extreme restraint was he able to not call out. He knew that if he made one sound, she would stop; unwilling to continue ankara escort her exploration if discovered. He could feel his desire growing, the warm tingling of liquid starting the ascend from his testicles, ready to shed the load. Oh, if she stopped now….

Mary was acutely aware of Todd’s mounting climax. His penis responding to her every touch, hungry for more vigorous movement, but restrained due to the location. In her mind, she imagined what it would feel like if he came all over her face. This fuelled her desire even more. She reached down with both hands, rhythmically massaging the length of his shaft, teasing the orgasm out of him.

Todd felt the orgasm rake through his body. Oh, if he doesn’t cum now, he was sure his balls would burst. The warm liquid sprayed out his penis, covering Mary’s eager hands in their stickiness. He leaned back, allowing the last of the spasm that permeated his body to dissipate, being replaced by a mellow bliss.

Mary glanced down at her hands, covered in his seed. The desire to taste him was overwhelming, so she could not stop herself from licking the stickiness off. The taste was more satisfying than she could ever imagine… She could feel herself gushing from the excitement, her clitoris swollen and begging for attention. Reaching down, she rubbed the pulsating knob, years of practice allowing her to easily reach her climax.

The rest of the flight was uneventful in comparison. The post-coital bliss compensating for the discomforts of the seats and the memory of his taste making up for the food.

On leaving the plane, Mary glanced back over her shoulder, winked at Todd and mumbled “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. With that, she was off without another backwards glance.

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