Mar 30

What the Hell Happened to Heather?

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Goddamn it, the airport was crowded. Thank God Heather’s flight was due to arrive any minute now. It was crazy to think I hadn’t seen her…or kissed her…or been inside her for over three months!

She had spent the summer abroad in Europe on an all-expenses-paid trip, courtesy of her rich parents.

Meanwhile, I’d been stuck here in Massachusetts, taking summer classes at the same boring college we’d attended during our Freshman Year.

But finally the summer had passed, and here I was at the airport…ready to greet Heather and take her back to campus. I prayed to God she felt as sex-starved as me and would let me devour her once we got back to my frat house.

But I wasn’t counting on it.

Unfortunately for me, Heather’s extremely rich parents were also extremely religious and they’d raised her to be a “good little girl”. Having sex before marriage was considered a major sin, and so…I barely ever got any from her. When I did, it was only because I’d slipped a roofie into her drink at one of my frat parties. The next morning she’d feel so guilty about what we’d done that she’d spend the next few days in church…praying to save our souls from eternal damnation!

So why did I stay with her? When I – a healthy, horny, 19-year-old male – was barely getting any sex from her? The answer was simple: She had the tightest pussy I’d ever had the pleasure of fucking.

The first time I had tricked her into sex, I really enjoyed stealing her virginity. Her cunt gripped my cock so sensually that I couldn’t help but fall in love with her. I remember that even though she was pretty out of it (thanks to the roofie), I had to keep assuring her that I was wearing a rubber. But honestly I’d slipped it off…right before I slid my dick inside her tight, tender, virgin pussy. God, it was so good feeling her warm hymen break all over my bare cock…

Suddenly they announced overhead that Heather’s flight was deboarding. I took in a deep breath as the passengers began to walk through the gate.

I watched a few haggard-looking people coming down the long corridor. I kept looking for Heather, but she was nowhere to be found.

And then…out of nowhere…came this incredible-looking hottie…

I knew Heather would be coming down the corridor soon, but goddamn, I couldn’t take my eyes off this other girl! The way she was dressed…her hair…her make-up…and the way she walked. She looked like some sort of depraved porn-star…

But then, as this gorgeous creature came closer, I realized something…

“Holy fucking shit!” I gasped. “Heather?!?”

I felt my dick jump in my pants.

“It couldn’t be her,” I thought. “She doesn’t dress like THAT…”

But I was wrong. It was Heather alright. Silky blonde hair…sultry ocean-blue eyes…the cutest little button nose you’d ever seen…and a 19-year-old body that was pure perfection.

Heather had always been beautiful. But I’d never seen her look this slutty before!

Apparently these past few months in Europe had been really good to her. Her body had become totally trim…but she still had those big beautiful tits…and that sexy little round ass.

She wore a super-snug baby-doll T-shirt that didn’t go all the way down to her waist. You could see a good three inches of her sleek tan tummy, which looked incredibly taut. And the baby-doll tee was so tight, it looked like her buxom breasts were ready to rip right through the fabric and expose themselves in public.

As she came closer, you could see her nipples were rock-hard for some reason.

“Goddamn,” I whispered to myself, “she’s not even wearing a bra!”

She seemed to be oblivious that every man and woman who passed her was doing a double-take of her hot body. The women scowled in jealousy, finding Heather’s attire inappropriate no doubt. Meanwhile the men stared in awe, some of them unable to hide the lust in their eyes.

Watching all of this, I felt my cock slowly growing in my pants.

Barely covering her lower half were a pair of low-cut Daisy Duke shorts that looked like bikini bottoms. They exposed her slender thighs in all their glory. The flesh of her lustrous gams pulsated with each step, thanks to the Fuck-Me pumps she wore on her perfectly pedicured feet.

She walked with a sense of self-confidence that I’d never seen in her before. But there she was, coming closer and closer. A fucking teenage goddess. Breasts heaving. Glossy pink lips shimmering. Smooth golden-tan skin glistening. Her deep-blue eyes revealing a sexual hunger. I stood there unable to move, staring at her with my mouth wide open.

Could this really be my Heather? My sweet little Heather, who had been so prim and proper before she’d left for Europe?

Who at 19 years old still loved wearing pajamas with cartoon ponies and kittens on them?

Who went to church on Sundays and Bible Study every Tuesday?

Who was raised to think sex out of wedlock was an evil, evil sin?

Who knelt at the edge of her bed every night and prayed to “The Lord Jesus” esenyurt anal yapan escort to forgive her for all her transgressions?

As she came closer, I could see she still wore her gold cross around her neck. It had always been the ultimate symbol of her religious pride. But now, that cross was dipping deep into her coco-buttered cleavage, making her look like a completely sacrilegious slut.

My dick was now swelling to its full size within the confines of my underwear.

She came closer, walking with such a sassy strut that heads were turning left and right. And then…when she was only a few yards away…I could see something else that made my insides turn to mush…

…she’d gotten her belly button pierced…

Although I once thought this was a tacky thing for college girls to do, I couldn’t deny that the jewel dangling from Heather’s navel was making my fully erect dick start to pulsate.

I was so horny now that I wanted to grab Heather…rip her clothes off…and fuck her right here on the dirty floor! Right in front of EVERYONE!

And then finally…she noticed me. She’d caught me staring at her, completely mesmerized…and probably drooling. She giggled because I was so dumbstruck.

“Hey you!” she sang in her sweet little voice, putting her bag down. “I almost didn’t recognize you.”

Her blue eyes burned with desire as she stared at me. She stepped up close. I could feel the velvety-smooth skin of her arms and then the nape of her neck as we embraced. I felt her breasts mash up against my chest. Our mouths met for a long, deep French kiss.

It was so good to taste her tongue with my tongue again. My hands automatically slid down to her rump, feeling how full and firm her ass cheeks were. God, I couldn’t wait to see that ass naked. And maybe, just maybe, she’d finally let me fuck it this weekend!

While our tongues played with each other, I inhaled an aphrodisiacal scent wafting from her silky hair. It was some sultry new perfume she’d never worn before. “God, she even SMELLS like sex,” I thought.

I felt her tongue reach deeper into my mouth. It was as if my once-innocent, mild-mannered girlfriend had been transformed into some little porno-slut. And I was loving it!!

I opened my eyes and spied on her as we made-out. Her eyelids were painted a sexy shade of sapphire. I loved watching her, with her eyes still sealed shut as she enjoyed my tongue. I couldn’t wait to use it all over her body.

Where would I start licking?…her fingertips?…her toes?…the small of her back? And where would I finish licking?…her pussy?…her ASSHOLE?! God, would she let me?! Would she finally let me?!? The possibilities were endless. I felt my aching cock leaking pre-cum as I thrust my crotch hard against Heather’s.

Suddenly her eyes popped open and she broke the kiss.

“Woah,” she gasped. “Down, boy.”

“God, I’m sorry,” I said, holding her warm, tender body against mine. “It’s just that you look so…?”


“Yeah different…and hot!”

“Thanks, baby. I got my hair styled a little differently. You like it?”

I answered affirmatively by grinding my pelvis into her, hoping she could feel my cock throbbing through my jeans.

“Oh, and like I’ve been telling you in my emails, I started working out too.” She took a step back from me, rested her hands on her hips, and then tilted her head to the side as a way of showing off her sexy, lean stomach.

“And you pierced your belly button,” I said, unable to take my eyes off it.

She smiled wickedly and teased, “Umm-hmmm. You like it?”

I couldn’t wait to get her back to my frat house and tug on that belly button ring while I ate her out.

“Oh, I like it,” I said. “I just can’t believe you didn’t tell me about all of this.”

“Well, you know,” she played coy, “I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“So how about we head back to campus?” I said. “All of my frat brothers went on a road-trip this weekend. I lied and said I was sick. So you know what that means?”

I hesitated for a moment. “Please God,” I thought, “I’m so fucking horny…don’t let her deny me.”

“What’s it mean, Carl?” Heather asked.

“It means we have the entire house to ourselves for the next 48 hours…”

I smiled at her weakly, waiting for her to call me a pervert…or worse.

“Mmmm, that sounds nice,” she purred, stepping up to embrace me once again. “I hope we can use most of those 48 hours to fuck each other’s brains out.”

“Woah, Heather!” I choked, completely taken aback. “In the entire time we’ve dated, I’ve never even heard you say that word before! You used to always say ‘making love’ instead.”

“Well, get used to it, buster,” she said nuzzling my ear. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!”

She nibbled on my earlobe with playful little bites.

“Goddamn, Heather,” I hissed. “I’ve got a raging hard-on right now, and I need you to do something about it.”

She looked right at me and esenyurt escort her eyes shimmered with pure lust.

“Well, we better get going then,” she whispered into my ear, “because my pussy is so wet, it’s dripping down my thighs. And I need some good hard dick before I lose my mind.”

“Jesus!” I exclaimed. “Listen to the mouth on you. I’ve NEVER heard you say ‘pussy’ or ‘dick’ before!”

“Well,” she said snidely, “things are a lot more liberated over in Europe. I guess it just rubbed off on me.”

Leaving the airport, Heather began telling me about her trip. But I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying. I was too busy watching random men check out Heather’s body as we walked by. Their gazes were either fixed on her bejeweled belly button or her plump tits that rhythmically bounced as she walked.

Sometimes I would even turn around and see guys with their eyes locked on her sweet succulent ass. Their facial expressions said it was taking all their might not to attack her…and rip those Daisy Dukes right off her cute bubble-butt…and then fuck the living shit out of her right here in public.

At one point, we passed two black guys who stared Heather down as if she were a piece of pure fuck meat. I swear I heard one say to the other, “Check out the rockin’ body on White-Girl. That bitch needs to get FUUUUCKED…”

But, strangely, none of this made me jealous. If anything, it was turning me on. Who could blame these strange men for desiring my girlfriend’s gorgeous body? She radiated pure sex…it was that simple.

God, what would these men do to Heather’s body if they had the chance to ravage her? I almost came in my pants at the mere thought of it.

I kept giving Heather sideways glances to see if she was aware these men were watching her. The confident smirk on her face told me she knew it…and she loved it.

“I guess you forgot how cold it gets here in Massachusetts this time of year,” I said to her as we neared the exit. “Didn’t you bring a coat?”

“Do I look like I’m cold?” she retorted.

I couldn’t help looking directly at the stiff nipples poking out from under her T-shirt.

“No,” I said. “Not at all.”


Back at my frat house, everything was going just as I’d hoped. All the brothers had left for their road-trip as planned.

At 19, I was their youngest and newest member. This basically meant I was their gopher, designated driver, and general all-around whipping boy. Although they usually treated me like shit, I did feel bad about lying to get out of the road-trip. But then again, I’d have to be crazy to pass up the opportunity to have the house all to myself. Especially now that Heather had shed her former mousy self and had been born again as some devilish little minx. Maybe she’d even like the idea that had just popped into my head…

…to fuck each other in every one of my frat brothers’ beds throughout the house!

But for right now I was in my own bed, buck-naked under the covers, waiting for Heather to come out of the bathroom.

Under the sheets, my cock was pulsing like a heart-beat. I prayed for her to hurry up and get out here.

Suddenly, the bathroom door creaked open and there stood Heather. I could not believe what she was wearing. A cherry-red latex bra with matching latex panties.

Every inch of her exposed flesh looked as if she’d rubbed baby-oil all over it.

“You like?” she whispered.

She walked closer to the bed. Right away, I could smell the potent scent of her horny pussy emanating from between her legs. God, she’d never smelt so strong before!

She climbed onto the bed, crawling around on all fours, looking over her shoulder at me.

Her perfect little bubble-butt was sticking right in my face.

“Do you like this ass?” she purred.

“Oh God, yes…”

She placed a hand between her legs and rubbed her latex-covered crotch.

“Do you like this pussy?”

“Oh fuckin’ A, Heather, yes!”

“Good…because I want you to eat this ass and this pussy while I tell you a story.”

“God, I’ll do anything you want, Heather.”

I got behind her and was about to peel the latex panties off of her juicy ass. But then I realized…she’d accidentally left her gold cross on. I reached toward the nape of her neck to unclasp the chain.

“No don’t,” she scolded. “Leave it on. It’s better that way.”

I was completely shocked. In the past, even under the influence of a roofie, she’d ALWAYS demanded I remove her cross before we had sex.

“Since when do you leave this on during sex?” I teased.

And then…it happened…

“Since I got fucked by a roomful of guys in Prague,” she answered quite matter-of-factly.

Her words hung in the air for a moment.

What did she just say? Fucked?…By Guys?…In Prague?

“Pfff,” I laughed, “very funny, Heather.”

“No seriously,” she said without even blinking, “they made me keep my cross on while they fucked the shit out of esenyurt eve gelen escort me.”

I felt my stomach tighten with a strange sense of fear and anticipation of where this conversation was headed.

“Heather, what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about sex, Carl.”

I stared at her adorable face, waiting for her to crack a smile and tell me this was all a joke.

But the look in her eyes said she was dead serious.

“I guess you could say that European men bring out the best — I mean, the worst — in me.”

Was she serious? European men?! Heather had been with European men?!!


“You see, Carl, the men in Europe have the most wonderful cocks. Very big, very thick. Much larger than yours, no offense. And once a girl starts sucking them and fucking them, she just can’t stop.”

Instantly my head started swimming with raunchy images of Heather trapped in some dirty youth hostel in Europe…

In a split-second I was envisioning sweaty naked male bodies surrounding her – my tiny, vulnerable, precious Heather – as her nude body lay spread out on a musty bed. The men slowly climbing onto the bed with her, and her eyes going wide at the sight of their enormous pricks. And then suddenly, without any hesitation, Heather is taking one of their huge horse cocks right into her mouth…and then slowly down her throat. She is literally drooling all over it as she’s overtaken by the power of this evil sin. The other men can barely wait to enjoy Heather’s lips and tongue. They’re tapping their cocks onto her dimpled cheeks…and her sweaty forehead…and her freckled shoulders. All of them are reveling in how their cock-heads feel on the flesh of this innocent 19-year-old American girl!!!

“God, I fucked so many men in Europe, Carl,” Heather said snapping me back into reality. “But don’t worry, I thought of you each time a new cock entered my pussy.”

In my mind, I pictured Heather’s lips slowly and lovingly sucking on the thick meat of some lucky Euro-trash bastard…while another man spreads her legs and sinks his huge cock into her “good girl” pussy.

“But you see, Carl, it was so impossible to KEEP thinking of you once those cocks really started pumping into me. I mean they were so big that I just lost all sense of reality after a few strokes. I just had to surrender to the pleasure that was taking over my body. You understand, don’t you?”

“I uhhh…uhm.”

In my mind’s eye, Heather was sucking another horse cock, and then another, and then another. Horse cocks attached to strange men with strong, chiseled bodies. Strange foreign men that don’t speak a word of English…but they’re grunting and groaning their approval. Suddenly, a 12-inch cock smacks Heather on the forehead and the bridge of her nose…demanding entrance into her mouth. And just like that, my girlfriend’s lips are making love to the full length of this never-ending shaft…as it magically disappears into her face…and deep down her throat. She sucks this giant cock until it’s dripping wet with saliva and pre-cum. Suddenly, he’s between her legs. Her body trembles as his monster cock forces its way inside her cooze…destroying its tightness…stealing that treasure from me.

Imagining all this, I felt my own rock-hard prick slowing throbbing between my legs. God, the thought of my girlfriend getting fucked by a roomful of strange European men was turning me on like nothing ever had before.

“Carl?” Heather asked, playfully biting her bottom lip. “You’re not mad at me, are you? I know you’ve always fantasized about watching me get fucked by other men.”

And suddenly, it hit me! She was role-playing! She was trying to see how horny she could get me by telling me this insane story!!

She probably remembered the one time I’d drunkenly told her it was a fantasy of mine to see her have sex with other guys. At the time, she’d thought it was totally disgusting and she refused to speak to me for days afterwards.

“I’m really sorry, Carl,” Heather sighed. “I didn’t do it to hurt you, I swear. I just…couldn’t help myself. And now I’m totally addicted. Totally addicted to cock.”

God, she was really playing the part of the slut in this whole role-playing fantasy thing. But I was ready to play along…

“J-j-just tell me more,” I stuttered. “I want to hear every graphic detail of what these men did to you!”

She batted her eyelashes at me.

“I will, but like you promised…you have to eat my asshole and my pussy while I tell you.”

I wasted no time peeling the latex panties off of her perfect teenage booty. The golden-tan cheeks of her ass were like magnificent globes, waiting for me to part them and discover what treasures lie inside.

I placed my hands on her ass cheeks and spread them apart. I leaned in close. The musky scent of her cunt hit me right in the face, making me feel drunk. I couldn’t remember her pussy EVER smelling this sinfully nasty before! I took in a long deep breath, inhaling her natural stink. That slutty stench was putting me under a spell…

“That shit smells good, doesn’t it?” Heather whispered.

“Uhm-hmm,” I groaned.

“Good…now it EAT it! Eat my holes!”

I stared mesmerized at the oversized labia dangling between her thighs. I couldn’t believe she was letting me look at it so closely…

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