Mar 30

What’s a Little Sex Among Friends?

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Me and Jordan were best friends, and we did almost everything together and have done a lot of other things together, but save that for another time.

When the upcoming events happened, at that time me and him both had very good looking girlfriends and loved being with them and talking about things we had did with them to the point where we wanted to have sex with the other’s girlfriend, but we just never had the chance to have that opportunity…until a June weekend when Jordan’s parents went out of town.

So we made a plan that on the Friday night of when they were gone that we would have a couples night were the four of us would just eat, drink, relax, and hopefully have sex with each other.

The big night had finally arrived and Jordan called me around 8:30 to say everything was ready. I then went and picked up my girlfriend Gina, who was looking beautiful in long sleeve brown v-neck shirt and tight pair of blue jeans that showed off her great ass. She gave me a kiss as she hopped in my car and we drove a few blocks down to Jordans where him and his girlfriend Lindsey where there and waiting. Lindsey was in a pink sweater that made here huge DD breast look nice and juicy and a skirt that went down to her knees. We treated them to a nice Steak dinner served with some white wine as we hoped a little alcohol would help fuel the mood.

Everything was going right to plan as they loved the meal and where starting to get a bit tipsy from the wine as we kept serving them glass after glass. After the meal we went down stairs to his family room with wine glasses and the bottle in hand having a great conversation about things while finishing the bottle and having everyone a nice buzz, we decided to do what else but pop another bottle..after pouring a new glass Gina stated…

Gina: I’m bored baby lets have some fun

Me: Well I guess we could hop in the hot tub?

Jordan bursted out That’s a great idea pal as he looked out back to his fairly nice size Jacuzzi hot tub.

Lindsey: Well I don’t have a bathing suit and I doubt Gina does either.

Me: Well I mean since it’s just us four and we’re so close I think we can handle just going in naked? What do you say babe?

As I asked my GF Gina I rubbed her stomach around her belly button hoping to god she agreed.

Gina: Well I’m fine with that if you two are?

Jordan and Lindsey looked at each other and nodded as all four off us would soon be naked and in the hot tub. The girls decided they would change up in his room and that we should be in the hot tub by the time they got back.

Me and Jordan then went out back and put the Wine Glasses and the bottle on a little table by the hot tub and looked towards his room as their shadows outlined them undressing as me and him started getting excited

Jordan:{while undressing} Great thinking out there man we’ll be fucking them in no time.

Me while also getting nude: I know this is gonna be the best sex we’ll ever have

As we both got nude at the same time I checked out his naked frame that I’d seen before, I was tall and slender and he was a bit shorter but more built. We both had pretty nice cocks and not just from our own regards. Mine was an inch or two longer but no big difference as we both shaved our balls and trimmed our pubes. We smiled as we climbed in the hot tub and sat at opposite ends waiting for them to come outside.

A couple minuted later the finally did in matching white beach towel the covered them from their cleavage to their shins. They smiled when they saw we weren’t bluffing as our clothes where scattered on the ground. The approached the Jacuzzi and Lindsey took off her towel first as Gina quickly followed.

Lindsey had long blonde hair and blue eyes that went great with her smooth peach skin. She had very large Double D breast with silver dollar sized pink nipples that looked great. I wanted to squeeze them right then and there. With a small but tight ass and a little troff of blonde pubic hair above her vagina I knew I’d have fun with her tonight.

My lovely Gina always looked stunning naked, as she removed her towel Jordan couldn’t take his eyes off her. She had Hazelnut hair and deep green eyes on her nice tan body. With not as big breast, 34B’s, they were much perkier. Her ass though could never be out done. It was curvy and round but not too big like out of some rap videos, but it was soft and great and I was tappin it With a semi-thick landing strip the led to her sweet tight pussy I knew I couldn’t do much better then her.

As they entered esenyurt otele gelen escort the hot tub and got next to their own lovers me and Jordan had gotten major hard-ons from the peep show and both of our girlfriends knew it but it was alright as they were drunk and becoming turned on themselves. We put our arms around them and relaxed as the jet streams hit us and we chatted and began our attempts to finish this bottle of wine. While the hot tub was pretty big it got a little cozier in the middle as everyone’s legs where rubbing together but no one really minded it.

Every so often me and Gina would share a soft kiss as would the other couple but I knew I needed to start taking things further. So I went at it and me and Gina started making out heavily in passion as I felt her soft breast I could tell she was as horny as me as her nipples where as hard as diamonds. I peered over to Jordan and Lindsey to see they had followed suit and where engaged in passing second base as he caressed her large breast which had harden nipples as well.

While me and Gina continued to make out her hand made its way down to may stiff cock as she rubbed it ever so slightly in the water she whispered “Let go make love hunny” I kissed and whispered back we will soon baby. As I continued to kiss her I started to rub her thigh and I whispered in her ear Don’t you think Lindsey looks good? She mouthed a soft what to me as I repeated my statement she says in my ear…

Gina: I guess so but where is this coming from?

Me: Well I mean all of us are having a great time together why should we separate now?

Gina: What do you mean like they should join us?

Me: Yea we might enjoy it.

Gina: I don’t know..

Me: I’m not forcing you into anything but I think we’ll have a great time.

Gina: How do you know they want to?

Me: Let’s see…

I nudged Jordan with my foot and he looked at me out the corner of his eye. I winked at him and he gave me a nod as he slowed down his tempo with Lindsey he said “it’s gettin a bit chili I think we should get inside”

Me and Gina agreed as we all stepped out and started to dry off as Me and Jordan still had erections and the girls were still obviously aroused. Once we were all fully dried the girls wrapped towel around their bodies and we all went back into the living room while me and Jordan were still in the buff. I could see he Lindsey kept taking peeks at my cock I knew it was time to act. Before I said anything I whispered in Gina’s ear “Do you still wanna do this?” She gave me a trusting smile and nod with her wide eyes as I then asked…

Me: Lindsey you know you have a really great body.

Lindsey: Um thanks {she giggles afterwards as she is still drunk as with the rest of us}

Me: Would you mind if me and Gina had a feel?

Lindsey: I guess that alright

I took the open invitation as me and Gina inched towards her, she removed her towel and her curvy body was there in front of us me and Gina got on our knees in front of the couch we each massaged and rubbed a breast as they were big enough for two hands on just one of her large jugs. As we cupped and rubbed her large tits she let out soft moans, I could tell Gina was enjoying it and me and Jordan both knew the girls where ready so he stated…

Jordan: I think we all should try a little experimentation tonight, if you guys are down?

Gina: Sounds like fun.

Jordan: Great, how about you Lindsey?

{Me and Gina stop feeling her up as she comes out of her slight sexual coma}

Lindsey: Umm like what did you have in mind?

Jordan: We will just have to see where things go.

With that said Jordan bent down on the coach above Lindsey and started to kiss her as me and Gina scooted over and got on the couch next to them as we started to make out again I softly whispered an “I love you” to her as she kissed me some more. A few moments later Lindsey broke off from Jordan and went down on him as she started to jerk and massage his cock a little. Gina saw this and followed suit as she got on her knees and wrapped her soft hand around my cock and said in a sexy tone “how about some blowjobs boys?” We responded with smiles and nods as our respective girlfriends went down and began to suck lick and jerk our hard pricks. I would groan from pleasure ever so often as Gina was going at it like a pro and I could Lindsey had some expertise as I watched her suck on Jordans cock and play with his balls. I felt like I was going esenyurt rus escort to climax soon so I stopped Gina and lifted her up and had her prop her self up against the couch.

With her back to me and her bent over slightly I rubbed my hands down her chest feeling her breast a little as I lowered them down to her crotch and rubbed her pussy a Lil before getting on my knees and taking a few licks at her pussy to get it nice and wet. I then rose up and got behind her as I aligned my cock even with her vagina and slowly entered her wet snatch inching in a little bit more each time before getting a nice rhythm going I began to pump in and out of her dripping wet tight pussy as she moaned in ecstasy.

After the other two saw we had started to fuck the felt comfortable to do the same as Lindsey got up and got on Jordan’s lap and slowly as she mounted his erect cock slowly before she started to ride his dick like a bull as her tits bounced up and down against her chest she tried to hold them with one arm while holding on to the couch with the other as Jordan squeezed her ass as he was banging her pussy like a drum.

Watching each other fuck was only turning us all on more as I kept fucking Gina as hard as possible with my balls slapping up against her ass she moaned “Oh baby yes that’s it Im about to cum just keep fucking me, yes yes yes oh god Im cumming” she yelled as her body convulsed and an orgasm ripped through her body I felt my balls tighten up so I pumped in and out of her a few more times while she was cumming down from her first orgasm I pulled out just before I

shot my load and had her turn around so I could cum on her chest as I blew my load and groaned as I painted her tits and chin in my jizz.

While all of this was going on Lindsey never stopped moaning and panting as she rode her lover as he knew he couldn’t take this non stop ride anymore he told Lindsey to get up and sit on the couch. She followed his order and sat back as she played with her wet pussy got up and jerked off his load and her big sweaty breast and he streamed three lines of hot white jizz on her big tits, she then followed to lick the cum of her own tits as we all laid on the couch next to each other trying to catch our breaths we pondered what to do next.

Lindsey: So what can we do now?

Me: Well we could switch things up {I followed my statement by resting my head on Lindsey’s thigh and slightly touching her crotch}

Gina: That sounds good but we all need to kiss first

Gina got up and laid a sweet kiss on me as our lips and tongues met and Jordan and Lindsey did the same, then we switched as I kissed my friends girl friend and he did the same to mine. After I broke the kiss Lindsey and Gina’s eyes met and they wrapped their arms around each other and had a hot lesbians kiss as their tongues wrapped around each others and their tits mashed up against the others. After they broke their sensual connection they looked at us and said go ahead as they giggled and waited for us to finish the game. We reluctantly brought our manly bodies together and shared a kiss that was boring and very unsexy compared to the one before us but we carried on.

After we where done Gina and Lindsey had another small chuckle as Gina pinched Lindsey’s ass as she walked to me and kissed me again as I felt her great tits again and sucked on them as Jordan went to Gina and kissed her and played with her tits and pussy as things started to heat up again.

I felt no reason to hold back as I slid my hard penis into Lindsey’s tight pink pussy as she moaned when my cock first entered her I picked her up and placed her on the carpet as She wrapped her legs around me and I fucked her in the missionary position. Her warm pussy felt better and better with he stroke in and out and back in as she rubbed her tits while being fucked and was loving every moment of it.

Not wanting to be outdone Gina led Jordan on the floor next to us as she propped herself up on all fours bent her backside out proudly as Jordan positioned himself behind her and they began to have a some doggy style sex as he moved his hips in back and forth hammering her pussy from behind as they almost moaned and groaned in sync. There was something oddly arousing seeing me friend fuck my girlfriend and rub her tits as she moaned in pleasure, and Im sure Jordan felt the same things as we would continually look at what me and Lindsey where doing and would smile.

I continued thrusting in and out of Lindsey sexy sweaty body as she stopped esenyurt türbanlı escort rubbing her tits and rubbed her clit as her body tensed up more and more she started to moan out “Oh fuck Im gonna cum oh oh ooh god Im CUMMING ” she yelled out as she lost control and grabbed on to me tight as she pulled me in for one last hard thrust as all nine inches of my cock rammed into her pussy and my balls slapped against her an orgasm ripped through her she let go and hardly moved as she panted for breath I knew I was ready to blow my load so I pulled out of her wet pussy and looked at her huge double D’s as she smiled and nodded I stuck my cock in between the large mounds of flesh and she squashed them together as I pumped my dick in between her tits a few times before warning her I was about to cum and I finally did getting jizz allover her chin chest and in between her tits as I pulled it out and she sucked my dick clean I then laid on the ground next to her as we spooned a little and I played with her tits and pussy as we watched the other two finish up.

Just about the time we came back down to Earth Gina was moaning heavily as her pussy was practicly dripping from the pleasure she was receiving as without warning she moan “Im gonna cum as her body about gave up and she laid on the ground after she came bas her knees couldn’t hold her up after wards Jordan pulled out of her and she turned around as he jerked himself off on Gina’s face and she licked and swallowed his semen.

As Gina gathered herself back up she rolled over near me and gave me and Lindsey a kiss as she said..

Gina: God this is so great

Lindsey: I know I’ve never been fucked so hard, I couldn’t take another fucking like that.

Gina: Yea I need some more tender and softer pleasure

Lindsey: Well how about we switch again..but this time me and Gina will group up.

Jordan: So were going same sex?

Gina: “I guess so” she said smiling as she got on top of Lindsey and they started to make out again while they let their hands search each others feminine bodies. Me and Jordan sat up on the couch and played with our dicks a little as they looked over at us.

Lindsey: Hey you two don’t need to be shy.

Me: Oh we wont be

After saying that I knew we had to fool around to see their sexy escapades so me and Jordan fondled each others cocks and balls. Something we had done before but didn’t enjoy it when their where pussy’s that could have done the job. Either way the girls got back at it as Lindsey’s fingers explored Gina’s pussy while they where kissing still as Gina would let soft moans out. To decide who would suck who first me and Jordan played rock paper scissors and…I lost. It had always seemed Jordan was into the bi stuff more since he had wanted to try anal a few times but I was never down with it. As a graceful loser I went down and began sucking his cock getting about half of it in but doing mostly jerking as I was more into watching the girls as was Jordan who sat back and would squeeze my as while watching the girls.

They would peer at what we where doing every now and then but where really getting into each other as Gina got up and moved her body around so the girls could 69. It was so sexy watching them fingered lick and eat each others pussies as both of them would stop licking only to moan it seemed. This aroused Jordan so much that he quickly came allover himself and my hand, as he licked the cum up himself.

I sat back and let Jordan begin to go down on me as he licked and sucked my hard cock as I focused on the girls lesbian action. They where still deep into their love making as they sucked on each other’s clits and fingered their hot wet snatches as they soon both moaned out they where cumming as they squirted their juices in each others mouth and face, this sexy scene made me instantly pop a load into Jordans warm mouth and he swallowed the jizz.

The girls turned around to each other and shared a soft passionate kiss as they laid and tried to catch their breaths, me and Jordan rubbed our cocks till they where hard again and positioned ourselfs around Lindsey as he began to slowly insert his cock in her ass while I started to fuck her pussy. While we where gang banging her, Gina positioned her pussy over her mouth with her ass to her fore head as Lindsey would eat her pussy while Gina rubbed and massaged her big firm tits. We all gave everything we have in this intense orgy as we all where pleasuring each other a final chain reaction started as first Gina came in Lindsey’s mouth and an orgasm ripped through Lindsey’s body due to her double stuffing. I quickly pulled my cock out before I came and shot my load on Lindsey’s tits and Jordan came in Lindsey’s ass as we both pulled out and laid next to our girlfriends as our multi hour sex romp was coming to an end. We all shared a nice kiss before going to his parents bed and passing out naked together.

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