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when he lost his gf

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when he lost his gfI never saw his bbc i didnt know my neighbor was packing suck a big thing in therebut covid got us closer until that night of no returndrinking beer late night i got drunk and watching the news Mike was smoking weed getting hard watching me , i could see his sweat pants bulge ”do you have a little cock Alex?””whatt>???””i want to know , do you have a small cock?””sice my gf left ive been thinking of asking you, i ….what if i tell you when i was in college i had a special friend, i could help in my bed at night to get sucked””Mike….””let me see”he was so big in there i was nervous looking at him and this huge cock under his sweat pants wanting out”dude ….””your are very small, dot hide it ”i coudnt believe it he was humilating me calling me a little white cock boy getting his huge one out he rub it on my face”Mikkkee.’….””see the difference, take a good look ”i was ashame i was half his hard bbc he kept rubbing on my face”dude…..””i like little white cock boy””you ever wear panty?””your little cock hiding perfectly in cute girl panty?””…….”fuck i did wear my sister panty when younger, i was drunk and Mike determine to make me see the difference”im sure you did, wait here i want to put you in panty ””Mike….””shhhhhh stay here little cock boy ”i saw him leave and get back with a white dress and a pink panty ”mike….””dont be shy i want to see what happens if i dress you up””im sure you want to suck me dress in this ””let me dress you and you can suck my bbc””Mike….””shhhhhh cock sucker , dont resist you want my bigger cock in your mouth ””im not sure Mike….”he turn me and enter my mouth ”there have a taste”and he release me”hands up ”i put my hand up and i was in a dress putting the panty myself on and there i was, a little cock sucker for my neighbor bbche made me crawl to his side on the couch and made me suck his bbc telling me he like being the favorite candy of small cock sissy white boy”you are very pretty Alex””than you””you can suck me whenever you want if you put on my ex stuff like that ””i did this before in college no one will know you are my sissy gf”its hard to argue with a guy bbc pumping in your mouthwhen he admit he would fuck your white ass in secret just for fun and make me come back for his bitter cock like his white friend in college years ago”we were young and just currious ””it became a fantasy we both explore in secret and in the end he was taking me in his pretty ass like a champ ””just like you will to , dont you alex?””im not….sure about this ””it will happen give it time”god he made me horny just thinking of it, sucking him earing how he endup loving his white friend buble buttand he stood up after a while getting back from his room with a toy and lubei didnt say a word he took his place back but this this i was lay to his side my ass getting lube and i actually was looking foward to feel this toy buzz in mei moan when he rub it on my wet holepanty down getting pussy played by my neighbor his bbc in my mouth i realised how slutty he was making me be and i was loving itthe toy pop my ass and i moan on his bbc , mouth wet he push me back on itand i lost it , i loce the feeling of having zero controli got weal and the toy went deep it goy it i and out until it culd rest in me sliding out slowly and he played , watching it vibrate out , and helping it back in”keep it in sexy girl”my panty put back on he dress me up and told me they we were going to get more beeri coudnt belive him walking me out dress like a btch under my boy cloth a toy in me we got to the depanner and inside the store he made me buy 2 golden pouch him petting my head infront of the white boy cashier looking at me smiling giving me the condom”you dont need these little cock boy give it to daddy”i was feeling so weak and coudnt look the cashier now , feeling stupid ”we will wait 5min he wil join you, you white boy are all the same”i was help on my knees infront of the backalley cam sucking mikein the back alley for only 3min we sure saw him get out and walk to ushe kneel down when Mike güvenilir bahis wave at him and we were sucking his huge bbc looking up at Mike calling us good white boys”ive been coming here to get bh from time to time””hoe many load you swallowed so far bitch?””12”he said sucking”thats a good white boy”he cum in his mouth thanking him and we left”see, all the same””lets go home i want to fuck you ”the toy had prepare me we;;. mike fuck me like i had been taking cocks for a whileass up in my own bed thew divorced daddy showing me why he left his wife ass up moaning he is my daddy i felt him remove the condom and i yell my ass fuck bare and full o his cumhe filled me and wasnt done fucking melegs up on the kitchen table i saw a real man take what he wantsmy white cunt , he owned me after being my normal neighbor for 2 years , now nothing was keeping him from telling me he wanted my young ass i was his new boy and i accepted it with all the pounding he gave to me, there was no going back to normali learned to welcome him in panty and a beer when he was done workingi ve been shaving and becoming fem for him more and moretoday when daddy got home he looked angryhe had a bad day and i was bend over right away and fucked harddaddy upset and i moan taking his anger away , his bbc pumping with feriociouss power”daddy yyyy”daddy didnt carei got fuck daddy angry letting it go in mehe diodnt say muchonly fucked me hard and cum before leavingi just got **** and dont even realised iti thought more of what could have happen, carring more for daddy than melater after donner when i walk to my door ge was looking betteri felt proud i was of any help he sat and drank his beerpetting my head like i love him doing as i gobble his bbc down my throat”im sorry for earlier daddy had a ruff day””its ok daddy”looking up and really meaning it”i was happy i could help””your a good girl””i love you cindy ””me too daddy”its charismas i am waking up and daddy got me a presenta big big box, i have been curious all weekbut this morning when i woke up i was swinging down in my bed a loud motor sound daddy looking at me i was legs up in a cage oh made gling gling sound a cock pounding in me very very nicely and wet”merry xmass baby girl”daddy set a VR kit on my head and i was looking at a bbc bouncing me i was a girl , my tots bouncing i coudnt move except my head and in the room there was only black guy looking at me sending me kiss stroking monster bbci was fuck until i cum it was a ”sissy orgasm program”the perfect gift for daddy sissy pet traininghe drank his cofee his girl moaning getting fuck by the machine synched with the vr video he carress my body and i was fuck non stop so many guy smiling at me calling me a white wore until i cum fucked too much in the vids i saw my girly body shake my tits pointing up legs shaking guys getting closer calling me a good girli cum men looking at me like i was a girlmen calling me a good girl looking at someone to my left he felt real his bbc help in my mouth, i had daddy i my mouth i knew it was himi sucked man fucking me after cumming so good , i only moaned and sucked himi was a beautifull blond hot gurl with nice titsi love it i could spend hours in the vr world i like it to much”you like it dont you?””it has made you cum like a girl””your like your mom”he snal his finger and i was in mommy room on my knees i look at the mirror , i was …mom, sucking the bbc , naked mommy tits dangling , i touch em sucking Mike bbc”good mom , you suck great””just like that yes take your time sexy milf ”i was going crazy i keep looking at mom in the mirror sucking , i was her , i was so hot and crazy watching my cute mom , i had to see it i turn and i saw my ass and cute pussy”you are a cute mom , wanna get doggy little slut?”he push me doggy ass up”oh that mm ass look tasty”i was fuck in the ass , moaning , mommy ass fuck like a wore by Mike bbci coudnt stop , i love being my mom, ass up taking it”you are cute ””like a princess”he snap his finger and i look around not understanding what i saw , a wall of stone of some sorti had no light türkçe bahis but that cartoonish moon on a poster on the walli gtot closer but it was no poster but a window and the moon, i lift my hand and i was a cartoonish little girl in a white satin dressmy door knock and i saw a soldier get in , on the bed he sat opening his zipper and a cartoonish bbc got out ”quick princess i cant wait ”i got closer and i started locking on my knees in the midle of the night infront the open window in the stone wall only the moon light , my eyes got better and i saw how little and sexy i was in my princess dress , my little jewel crown on my head blowing this bbc he exploded and leftanother soldier taking his place i sucked again i had fun and Mike was having fun too his own Vr own he saw the little princess i was, sucking him impersonating each guy getting in every time i went down, on a new soldier bbc, Mike watch me take my role seriously, i was her sucking every guy uphe let me there sucking guy after guy until he came for real and i drank cum making the happiess little sound ever like i drank elixir , on my knees , a little princess drinking elixir all night it was the best xmass ever i was still swallowing him when he remove my vr seti was the best thing ever i lost myself into it we ate breakfast and i wanted to do it more the fuck machine on my bed was waiting for mecalling me from inside medaddy smile and said i could go back on it playing with the vr when im done showering and shavingi got out al; clean and girly 20 min later eager to get back on my xmass giftdaddy left me in my room all day , checking from time to timehow cute i was moaning ass up the machine pounding in me he sat and watch for a while the bever ending setup of scenario the vr had in its viewing patternin the room the tv on the wall broacasting the show, daddy ligt up a cigarette , it was a nice setupthis time his sissy was waiting for the bus station and a big tall black guy came to wait he was a brunette in some school girl outfitand just like that she got down on her knees the daddy spread his legs and watch the teen open his zipper”get it out beautifull ,give me a nice head , you deserve a nice hard cock you are so sexy”Mike got hard and stood up sitting on the bed help himself in the sissy immitating a bj she moan and suck with passionMike look at his sissy go crazyhe got out wanting to make it last and he sit back watching his sissy , mouth open , looking for him sucking in the air on the guy in her scenehe wanted to do it now but told himself it better to let her like it a bit longer before the night scenedaddy had to stop me from playing with my new gifti spent the day with him watching tv sucking him but i wasnt allowed to make him cumwe had dinner and it was finally time to get back playing with my giftthis time daddy locked me to bend bench saying to me good nightthe vr scene started it was dark i coudnt see much of what was happeninguntil i started seeing a black guy holding my head down he is pumping hard another grl his getting mouth feed next to me we are in a car both sit next to each other guy fucking our head in panty only money getting out of it, lots of money i try to reach up but my hands are tied behind”goot white teen night we have here dont we””you damn right””so again , how much did i win?””yeah you do this week, seriously for a 100 this slut is cute, this one was 200 ””let mew try her’they switchthe other girl started speading telling loud she would call the cops”because you like sucking cock for money? good luck with that””open up ”i did bit the other had a tits pinched mouth tilt and fuck hard getting told she better listen better tonight2 teens mouth fuck in the middle of an industrial parking lot”like in college?””lets do it”2 cute slut panty full of cash pull by the hair outside , the door close quick the teen hair stuck in the car door both”haaa ouchhh”thew cute blonde teen head was hold agaisnt the car side”repeat after me””IM a stupid white bitch””nooooooo ”bang bang bang he fuck her face , head hitting the car door the teen screaming a bbc in her mouth ”ok güvenilir bahis siteleri lets try again””i a white bitch iam a white bitch”she looked so scarred and beg him to be gentleboth hair stuck in the door the 2 guys taking turn making us repeat we were teen white slut;;im a sluuuutttttt ””im a slutttt””shes getting better at it””yeah they all do , white sluts love this””im gonna fuck you up the ass now””what noooooo”both teens ass up on the car hood ”time to **** the white bitch”this is own Mike wanted ithe lift me doggy on the kitchen table and made me feel i was on the car hood”nooo nooo not my ass please please stop stop””ahhhhhhh ahhhh noooo stop its too big ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh””right there cry if yo uneed to , that pink ass neer gonna be tight again ””ahhhhhh nooooo not thissss please ””your a fucking slut””ahhhhhhhh””you are a fucking slut”’ahhhh stop””a fucking stupid white slut her ass full of cock now””ahhhhhhhh pleeeassweeee””gimme that ass, give it to me, white slut””ahahah you look so stupid panty full of cash ass fuck stupid slut””stoppppp i cant ””shut up , im fucking your ass little wore””you sold yourself for a 100 buck never forget how stupid you are””ploeaaaseeee ””stupid fucking wore ””say your a stupid white wore””stoppppp””say it slut ”slap slap slap”ahhhhhhh”he slap her face left right left right bioth hand slapping that teen girl face sending her crying yelling as he pump her as”immmm a white slut im a sluuuutttt ””louder””sniffff im a slut””yes a fucking great ass white slut””ahhhhh snifff ahhhhhh gnaaaahhh ahhhhhhhh pleassse stop i hurt”slap slap slap slap”ahhh stop hitting me ahhhhhh ”he slap her hard in her face againshe cry she shook , that teen was not having funMike kept fucking hard making me feel what i saw speechless ass fuck watching that teen **** he was making me live it , ass fuck little teen by a horny black alphas who wrecked us for funi watch the bbc pounding her tight ass to a gaping open holeshe crawl ass up weak trying to go away from him who kept shoving his bbc down in her ass making her cry and beg for mercy”you are way too cute not to be fuck , this will happen to you all the time,that ass gonna be taking cock now ””noooo i cant , i cant ”he slap her until she obey again she was done weak , crying lightlly face on the grass ass up ”this is a better slut, just give it, thats why you are so cute, ass up taking big cock , youll see thats all you will want now”she was done pass out kind ofMike came in my ass and i continue to make me watch 2 teen we were on the grass near the car legs up little teen owned by b**sti endup wondering all night was what all that about, i prefer my other vr scenewe watch a movie after he cum in meand i asked him”daddy….i didnt like that scene, it was ….weird””its not weird , look she was called Iza , at the prom we started joking i should pay her to suck me , she had no date and i was soon getting money in that teen panty””i was working at the golf they had their prom party” ”look how cute she is”i started watching with him i saw the little teens in a room tied together both mouth on a bbc”for years me and me buddy had fun comparing our white slut we bought””most of the school was inside having fun dancing, these 2 gobbling on bbc in the backroom””look at these 2 , arent they cute”Mike was a alpha stud i watch him with so many different teens mouth around him i lost track of his stroryall cute panty full of cash sucking on him , he liked to show the teen panty , pull on it for the cam, 20 bills inside the luttle head sucking him”you have a panty full of money sexy girl”she suck and smile at the cam, hungry little money slut”look at you , having fun ”she suck on him like a very cute slut in his car a random teen”picked up at the park , put her panty full of cash until she wants to say thanks you, feeling all that money made yo uwant to suck me isnt that right?””yes””you suck great be proud , yo deserve your panty to be filled with cash and show what you can do with that cute mouth baby””thats how daddy makes prom girl enjoy their night”i look mind blank at the vids he showed me, i was a gurl for him, it was complete, normaldaddy had made me his, i look at the vid and continued my confused journey into worshiping a dom black alpha men

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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