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Subject: “where ravens roost part 1” Gay Adult Youth Nifty is a wonderful resource and needs to be funded to continue. I ask that you please donate if you fty/donate.html Contact me at jravencroft@protonmail This story used to be posted under a different name. I decided I wanted to go back to the beginning and do things better this time. So whether you are a old reader or a new one, I hope you enjoy it. I welcome any feedback and would love to hear if you are enjoying this story. . There is a lot more to come, so stay Tuned ! There is a website created for this story! The aim is simply to give readers a more dynamic ess/ Please give it a look! On this fateful day in 1988 John Ravencroft opened his eyes, he didn’t know this day would forever shape his destiny. He was five years old with dishwater blonde hair and hazel eyes. His parents, Mike and Cheryl, were divorced. During their marriage Mike became an alcoholic, he began being physically and verbally abusive to his wife and son, which led to being thrown out. John was left with trauma from what he experienced but received therapy and managed best he could. Cheryl, now a single mom, worked hard to provide for her son, with help from her parents Bill and Ruth. John would meet his first real friend this day. It’s this friendship that would set both boys on a journey of a lifetime. John and his mom were out for a walk, on the next street over he spotted a boy that he had never seen before. He had brown hair and big brown eyes, a little on the pale side and chubby. John got excited and jumped for joy “Mom look ! Can I go meet him please ? ” he asked excitedly. Before Cheryl could give permission, John let go of her hand and ran over to him, “Hi I’m John ! What’s your name ?” he said. The boy gave him a smile and said “My name is Henry”, “Would you like to be friends ? John asked nervously, “Yes let’s be friends!” Henry said with a smile. When John looked upon Henry’s smile, he felt an odd sensation, one that he had never experienced before.. As John studied Henry he was surprised when the boy threw his arms around him and embraced him in a hug. This intensified how John felt, and he became so warm he thought he might melt. As the boys hugged Henry whispered in John’s ear “You’re cute”, which made John blush, noticed by his mom. Cheryl came over happy to see the boys being affectionate, “Mom this is Henry” John said as he introduced his friend. “Hi Henry, how old are you?” Cheryl asked, “Hi, I’m 5” Henry replied as he held up five little fingers. “Same age as me!” John exclaimed, which made Henry smile. Henry’s mom came out and wondered what was going on, “Hi i’m Katherine, we just moved in” the lady introduced herself to Cheryl. “Mom, this is my new friend, John” Henry said proudly, “Hi John,” Katherine said. All of them talked for a while and it was decided that the boys could play together. When it was time to go home, John and Henry hugged each other again, their moms found this adorable. John and Henry played with each other whenever they could, their friendship grew stronger with every passing day. Their favorite activity was to run around in their underwear with towels as capes and pretend to be super heroes. One time Henry decided to remove his underwear and the sight of Henry naked excited John, he removed his underwear too The boys began to run around naked, their little 2 inch peckers on display. This became the normal for them, naked little super heroes. It was a mutual thing and neither really pushed the other into it. There wasn’t a sexual component to this play, it just felt better to be naked. The boys naked play ran afoul of the neighbors, and their moms put a stop to it. Both boys found it hard to accept, but eventually they adapted. John knew he wasn’t like other boys, and he would come to learn neither was Henry. John’s favorite cartoons were Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, She-Ra, and Popples. He still liked GI Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Voltron, and He-Man. John felt embarrassed about his love for the girl oriented shows and kept it a secret. He was surprised one day when he went to Henry’s house to play and walked in on him with a Barbie. “Is that a Barbie doll ?” John asked him. He smiled and said “Yeah my mom got it for me for Christmas! Isn’t it cool ? he was as he beamed with pride. They sat in Henry’s room and played Barbie for hours, John would come to learn that Henry also liked the same girl oriented cartoons. From that point forward when they were at Henry’s house they played Barbie, konyaaltı sınırsız escort and when they were at John’s they played with action figures. When they could, they would sneak their toys outside so they could mix the two, Barbie made a great robeast for Voltron to have to defeat. When Kindergarten started John and Henry were put in the same class, unfortunately both boys stood out for different reason and became the target of bullies. One day The boys were out at recess and Mrs. Trammell, their teacher, had gone inside for a minute. The class bully Eric took the opportune moment to pounce, him and his two cronies surrounded Henry and pushed him against a wall. John screamed out “Stop !” But this got him restrained by the cronies. They held John’s arms and he couldn’t move despite how much he struggled. “Ok sissy, let’s see if you are really a boy !” Eric said loudly which drew the attention of the whole class. Everyone gathered around, and watched this all play out. Eric yanked Henry’s shirt off forcibly, threw it to the ground and busted out in laughter “You have boobs!” he exclaimed. Eric reached out, grabbed them, moved them up and down, and bounced them in front of everyone. The whole class busted out in laughter as tears formed in Henry’s eyes and rolled down his cheeks. John struggled to get free, but his captors held him tight. “Now let’s see what we have down here” Eric said, as he went for Henry’s pants. “No please!” Henry exclaimed, as Eric ripped his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. This caused Henry to go into full hysterics, his hands were balled up and covered his eyes. The sight of this angered John past his limits, and he finally broke free. He lunged at Eric, knocked him to the ground, proceeded to pound the boy’s face, and left his nose busted and bloody. The boys that had restrained John ran when Mrs. Trammell reappeared. She had to physically pull John off Eric, while John proceeded to kick and punch as she pried him away. While Mrs. Trammell tended to Eric, John helped Henry with his clothes, hugged him, and both boys broke out in tears, overwhelmed by the experience. They held each other as they cried and sobbed, until Mrs. Trammell grabbed John by the shirt and he was forcibly yanked away. Mrs. Trammel summoned her most trusted student, and sent them to the office to alert the staff there what had transpired. John knew he was in a lot of trouble , even more so when the school principal, Mrs. Arant appeared. Mrs. Arant grabbed John and Eric by the hand, led them away as Henry continued to cry out for John until he was out of sight. As they walked Mrs. Arant tried to talk to John, but he was far too gone in a mixture of anger and sadness. When they arrived at the office, Eric was sent to the nurse, while John was ordered to sit on the bench and wait for his mother to be called. As he sat there Henry came in still visibly upset, took a seat next to him, and squeaked out a “Thank you” as he looked at the ground. “Please look at me” John said but still Henry wouldn’t. John leaned in closer and grabbed Henry’s little hand and clasped it. “Are you mad at me ? please talk to me” John said as he leaned in closer to try to meet his friends eyes, “Please don’t hate me” he added as he began to cry. Henry swung his head around quickly, his lips met John’s cheek, and a warmness washed over both boys. When Henry pulled his lips off John’s cheek, he smiled, and both boys blushed. “I don’t hate you, you are my best friend” Henry said after an awkward few minutes. They embraced in a hug and held each other, neither of them wanted to let the other go. They stayed like that until their moms arrived, and the boys explained to them what had happened. They marched into Mrs.Arant’s office, furious over what had happened. A mixture of loud voices could be heard as the boys sat on the bench and listened, unsure of their fate. When their moms emerged, Katherine looked at John, “Thank you for what you did for Henry, you are a good boy, you will be welcome in our home anytime” she said warmly. She took Henry by the hand, they left, and Henry gave a small wave back to John as he exited. Cheryl and John had a long talk, and while she wasn’t happy that he had got in a fight, she commended him for defending his friend. Things changed afterwards, Eric and his goons avoided the boys, which led to more peaceful days in school. Things were peaceful until the age of seven and they were in first grade. John’s trauma konyaaltı türbanlı escort started to manifest in different ways, mood swings and the inability to sleep some nights. Cheryl stayed up with John those nights, comforted him, and did what she could, but it was only Henry that could make John truly feel better when things got bad. Only Henry’s smile which was like the sun could dry up his tears, his touch warmed and his kindness calmed. It was for this reason that even if he were in trouble which was a rarity, his mom allowed him to visit John. He even spent the night on many occasions and the boys fell asleep cuddled up to one another. It would be these sleepovers that led to discoveries about themselves. John would sleep naked the nights he was alone, but when Henry would stay over they slept in their underwear with a long shirt that covered them. It was during one night in bed when things changed for them and would never be the same again. Neither could sleep, as they laid there they looked into each other’s eyes, embraced in a snuggle. It became apparent that both of them were hard, they felt each other’s pecker poking into them. John jumped out of bed, shut his door, and locked it which was strictly forbidden. A night light illuminated the room just enough for them to see. John returned to the bed, crawled in, stood on his knees in the middle of the bed, and flashed Henry a naughty grin. “Can we play a game of I show you mine if you show me yours ?”John asked, “Ok” Henry replied with a giggle. John and Henry had seen each other naked many times but this was different, this time they wanted to see each other naked. Henry nodded his head and joined John on his knees, “Here” John said as he went for Henry’s shirt, Henry raised his arms and allowed John to pull the shirt off him. “Lay back down” John said, in response Henry laid on his back with his head on the pillows. John had his sights set on Henry’s boy boobs, a byproduct of a chubby body. Unlike Eric, John enjoyed them and wanted them to be his first point of touch. John fondled Henry’s boy boobs, and admired how warm and squishy they felt. John looked into Henry’s sweet face, into those big brown eyes, as he rubbed the nipples, “That feels nice ” Henry said. John continued to rub them for a few minutes and felt them get hard, before he stopped and ran his hand down Henry’s tummy. When John arrived at the waistband of Henry’s underwear he looked up at his friend asking “can I ?”, Henry flashed a big smile and nodded his head. John began to work Henry’s underwear down, whom lifted his butt up to help in the process. Soon they were all the way down and thrown in the floor, “I knew your pecker was hard” John said with a giggle. “My what ?” asked Henry, in response John took his finger and poked his friends small but very hard appendage, “Your pecker silly” John said. “That’s my dick, I’ve never heard it called a pecker” Henry said frankly. The boys broke out in giggles as John gave it another poke, pushed it back, let it go, and watched it bounce back in place, “Ok dick it is then” John said. Henry opened his legs wide to give unrestricted access. The sight of Henry’s balls fascinated John, they were large for his age. John cupped and rolled them around which made Henry’s little dick bounce much to the delight of both boys. “Now I want to look at your butt” John said to Henry, whose face got a shocked expression. “My butt ?” Henry asked, “Please” John begged as he looked into his friends eyes. “Ok” Henry said with a giggle as he turned over on his knees with his butt stuck up in the air. John’s heart beat a little faster as he reached out both hands, placed one on each of Henry’s butt cheeks, and rubbed the ample bottom of his friend. Henry jumped a little when he felt John’s hands begin to pull his cheeks apart, Hey” Henry said hesitantly, “Please” John begged as cute as he could, which made Henry giggle and relax. John wanted to see a butthole up close for the first time, so he spread the cheeks wide as possible and found his target, a little wrinkled pink starfish. John leaned in to look at it and sniffed it, “Are you going to kiss it ?” Henry asked with a giggle, “No Silly” John replied with a giggle, “I just sniffed it” John added. “You sniffed my butt?” Henry asked curiously, “Yeah” John replied, which in turn made Henry rise up, “Ok shows over, now it’s my turn” Henry said. John was disappointed, he didn’t want the exploration of his friend konyaaltı ucuz escort to be over. Henry helped John get out of his shirt, gave him a cheek kiss, and the same warm feeling from the bench washed over both boys. John laid down as he grinned wildly at Henry, excited for his friend to touch him. John was surprised when Henry touched his closed lips to each nipple and rubbed his cheek on John’s chest. Henry gave little kisses down John’s tummy until he reached his friends underwear. John helped Henry get them off and they were quickly discarded on the floor. Henry leaned in, rubbed his cheek on the hard little dick, and made John squeal. Afterwards Henry reached his hand out, grabbed his friend’s dick with one hand, the other grabbed John’s balls, and he began to masturbate John. Whom moaned soon after which made Henry stop, concerned about the noise. “Now it’s my turn to see your butt” Henry said as he grinned, in response John turned over and pointed his butt skyward. Like the other parts of John’s body Henry rubbed his cheek on each of the butt cheeks, and made John giggle. Henry ran his hands all over John’s butt, up and down his crack, and wanted to explore and touch everywhere. Henry parted John’s butt cheeks and stared intently at the butthole before him, he carefully reached a finger out and poked it which made John shoot straight up. “I’m sorry” Henry said sheepishly as John turned around and hugged him tight. “This was fun, but let’s go to sleep now” John said as he laid down on his pillow, “Ok” Henry said as he giggled, laid down and snuggled up to John. The boys enjoyed being cuddled up together naked, and enjoyed the sensation of their erections rubbed together. They gave each other a cheek kiss, afterwards Henry’s face took on a naughty grin, “I think our dicks need a kiss too to help them go to sleep” he said. The boys rolled on their back while the other planted a kiss on their dick, snuggled up again, and fell asleep looking into each others eyes. The next morning John awoke to find Henry positioned next to his feet. Henry rubbed his cheek on John’s feet, travel up his body, and nuzzled into the very hard dick at full attention. Henry alternated cheeks and it made John’s dick bounce about, whom began to giggle wildly. Henry began to purr like a cat and nuzzled against John’s dick. “This is fun but I got to pee” John said with a sigh, “Me too” Henry said with a smile. John’s bedroom was the master so it had a bathroom with shower. The boys took position on each side of the bowl, angled their hard dicks down and began to pee. After they shook the last few drops, they washed their hands, returned to the bedroom and put their night clothes back on. Now dressed the boys were hungry, decided to go into the kitchen and fix some cereal. Henry fixed his first, took it into the living room, turned on cartoons and John followed behind thereafter. As John walked into the living room Henry was on his belly, his underwear clad bottom on full display. He couldn’t help but look at it and remember what they did last night, which made his little dick stir in response. John laid on his belly next to Henry, they watched an episode of Scooy Doo and ate their cereal. When the episode was over and their cereal finished, they decided to get dressed and ride their bikes. The neighborhood backed up into woods, as the development process was never fully completed. John and Henry had found an entrance to the woods at the end of a dead end street. It was overgrown but they could get through and they loved to explore in the woods. When they arrived at the entrance to the woods, they laid their bikes down, climbed through the entrance and went deeper until only trees surrounded them. “Hey let’s get naked” Henry said as a smile came across his face, “Out here ?” John asked. “Yes no one can see and when else can we have naked time ?” Henry said as he shrugged his shoulders. John thought about it for a minute, “Ok” he said. They each stripped naked except their socks and shoes, and sat their clothes on a nearby log. The boys enjoyed the feeling of the air on their skin and the sight of each other naked. They explored the woods, ran along the creek and had the best of time. It felt like their own private paradise where they could be themselves. The boys watched each other’s body bounce about and grabbed at one another, making them both shriek and giggle. John loved watching Henry’s bottom as he bounced about, and he gave it playful swats as he ran behind. The boys picked up speed and chased after one another, but they soon fell. As they laid next to each other, Henry leaned in and gave John a cheek kiss, which John promptly returned. As the boys laid there they continued to cheek kiss each other back and forth, and giggled as they did. They didn’t hear as someone approached until a man stood over them, “Hi boys” he said with a smile.

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