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Whiskey , A smoke – Megan settles in next door

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I came home from my most recent business trip and noticed the neighbors had put a For Sale Sign in their front yard. I knew they had been talking about moving, but I didn’t think they would leave so soon. In fact, it looked as though they had moved out completely in the three days that I had been away.“Honey, did the Smiths’ move out?” I yelled as I came into the garage door.My wife, Betty, greeted me with a kiss, “Mmm, glad you are home. Yes, the Smiths’ moved out yesterday.”“Does this mean we can jump the fence and use the hot tub tonight?” I said squeezing her firm ass.“That was my plan, I already went over and plugged it back in and turned up the heat. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes,” she said squeezing my crotch.“Horny little muffin aren’t you?” I said whispering in her ear.“What gave it away?  Three days without you has me craving your attention.”“Attention you will get my dear. Let me go change and maybe I will have you for dinner,” I said running my hand up her loose blouse and cupping her tiny bare breast.She stopped me as I began to tweak her nipple. “We better stop or your dinner will be overcooked. There will be plenty of time tonight for you to get your fill of me.”After dinner, we threw the dishes in the sink and undressed.  Putting on our robes and grabbing some towels, we headed over to the neighbor’s hot tub for a bit of relaxation.  I grabbed some beers and put them in a cooler for the short walk. Within a few minutes, we were soaking in the hot tub and sipping on our drinks.“How was the trip?” My wife asked snuggling up to me, her hand resting on my crotch.“Uneventful.  Same old stuff.  Business meetings, dinners, sales pitches, nothing accomplished,” I said leaning my head back and enjoying the slow motions of Betty’s hand rubbing my cock.“Care to do anything eventful tonight?” Betty asked stroking me faster.“Eventful? You mean ravaging you in this hot tub and waking the neighbors as I make sweet love to you,” I said pulling her onto my lap.“Frankly my husband, making love to me was not what I had in mind tonight,” Betty said kissing me hard and deep. “I want you to fuck me like a rag doll tonight.  It has been a while since you just fucked me.”“You went out with the girls didn’t you?” I said squeezing her breasts.  “You saw a young stud and wanted to take him home and have your way with him.”Betty looked away and bit her lip as I started tugging hard on her nipples.  My cock began to get harder as she began to moan.“Tell me the truth, Betty.  You wanted to be his cum slut, didn’t you?  You wanted him to pull up your dress on the dance floor and let him fuck you right there.  You teased him until he tried didn’t you?  He got your dress up and felt how wet you were,” I said poking my hard cock at her entrance. Betty bit my ear lobe and panted in my ear, I could tell she was already ready to cum.  She always got off quickly when I talked dirty to her about her fucking someone else.  She told me her fantasies, but she claimed she never went through with it.  But, I knew she fucked other men when I was away.  “You loved it when he bent you over the barstool and pulled your head back.  His black cock buried deep inside of you,” I said bending her over the side of the hot tub, my cock poised to enter her as I pulled her head back.“Fuck me damn it.  Fuck me like the whore I am,” Betty gasped as I pulled her head back farther and harder.  Her back arched and her pointed nipples stared straight ahead.  I teased her by poking my bulbous cock head just inside of her.Betty rocked back and tried to push herself onto me, but I held her back.  “How many this time my slut?” I growled pushing my cock deep inside her.  “How many?”“Three, I mean four.  Four cocks fucked me,” she panted as I drove another long thrust into her.“Three, four, you sure it wasn’t five or six my sexy cum slut,” as I began to thrust into her from behind.“Six, six cocks fucked me,” Betty panted as my balls slapped against her ass.“Spread your legs and rub your clit.  Cum for me,” I said pinching her right nipple as I pulled her hair back even more.  “Tell me what they did to you.”“Linda held me down, they ripped my dress off me…fucked me with their black cocks in every hole…let them….just the way I like it…swallowed their cum…gonna cum baby…gonna cum for you…Oh baby, your cock feels so good deep inside me…fuck me baaa….” Betty let out a loud moan as her body shook and her first orgasm hit her.  Then I heard them.I saw lights turn into the driveway and heard car doors shutting. Then there were voices and lights came on in the house. “I thought you said the Smith’s were gone,” I said thrusting into my wife.“They are gone, left in a hurry,” she said panting.  “They came over and said goodbye and then drove off in a rush.  I have no idea who this could be,” she said standing up and grabbing her towel.“Well, we better get out of here before we get caught naked and fucking in the hot tub,” I said grabbing my towel and stepping out onto the deck.  As I was grabbing the cooler, the back porch light came on.  We both looked at each other and bolted for the corner of the house and into the shadows.  Luckily we were able to grab our robes and make it to safety, except we were on the opposite side of our house.  So much for sneaking back into our house unseen.As we stood on the side of the house, we heard an older man, a woman, and three kids talking to each other.  Then another voice popped in, “I thought I turned off the hot tub and unplugged it.  And the cover is off.  I wonder if the neighbor kids snuck in here and were using this thing.”Then we heard the hot tub go off and the cover being put back on.  “Sorry about that folks, I will talk to the neighbors and see if they can keep an eye on the place. How about we go back inside and I show you the finished basement and the rest of the house.  If you like it, we can schedule a time for you to come over tomorrow and see the back yard during the day.”My wife and I looked at each other and couldn’t help from laughing lightly as the sliding glass door shut and the back porch light went out.  We waited a few minutes and made our way back across the porch to our house, Betty pulling me along güvenilir bahis by my still rock hard cock.  But, on the way past the sliding glass door, I caught a glimpse of a woman with blond hair in a ponytail and the faces of the three kids.  There was something familiar about them.()()()Once Megan left after our first encounter, I hired a private investigator to check her out.  She was intriguing and very captivating.  But, there were some things she said and did during our time together that made me wonder about her. And, as I had thought, she had a background that someone had tried to cover up.  But, my private investigator, Snake, kept digging and digging until he found out everything about her.  Her past was a mixed bag.Megan grew up in a wealthy household and had everything she could ever want.  Her father was a successful businessman and a past state senator. She was a valedictorian in High School and accepted to an Ivy League school.  But, during her sophomore year of college she decided to venture out on her own and got a job as an escort.  In a short time, she was making a lot of money and was one of the top ladies for the organization she worked for.Most of the gentlemen she was escorting were senators, governors, and other top business officials in the community.  Then it all came crashing down, as the organization she worked for was busted by the FBI and her father had to bail her out.  Thus, the cover-up. Eventually, after all the charges were dropped, her father wrote her out of his life and she was on her own.Not having her degree and her reputation tarnished, she moved away and began her wicked ways again.  This time with lower-level clients and not much money.  She fell deeper into trouble by getting involved with a notorious thug and then marrying him.  After a few years, she realized that her life was not what she had planned.  All the partying, men, drugs, and late nights were starting to wear her down.Reality set in and she divorced her husband and moved to a small town in Nebraska where no one knew her.  She took a job as a secretary and began cleaning up her life.  Within a few years she married her boss and moved into his house and began a normal life. After pleading and begging, she eventually was accepted back into her father’s life.  But, with the caveat that if, and only if she had children, would she be given an inheritance and be fully accepted back into his world.  So, she and her husband began trying to have kids.  That is where I came into the picture. ()()()()It had been eight years since I had heard from or seen Megan.  Our four-year tryst had suddenly come to an end after our third child was born.  My calls and emails went unheeded and finally she changed her phone number and shut down her email address.  Letters were returned and the private investigator I hired said he couldn’t find her.So, I gave up hope and began to live my life without her, and soon I had mostly forgotten about her and the kids.  My wife and I lead a healthy and prosperous life both during and after my tryst.  I think she had an inkling that I had a mistress, but she never said a word.  She made hints that she knew I played with other women but never left me.  I don’t know why, but she stayed tried and true to me.And, I knew she had her fun with other men and women when I was away on business.  Lexi kept me up to speed on their events when we would meet for our lunchtime fuck sessions.  Lexi had won her bet with Betty and my wife had to live up to her end of the bargain especially after that bike ride up into the mountains when Lexi seduced me as we skinny-dipped in a mountain lake.  Lexi told Betty all about it.Betty never wavered in her love for me, but I could tell she had changed a bit.  Our lovemaking and sexual activity became more frequent and sometimes down-right rough.  Our two or three a week sessions became two and three times a day.  She went out more with Lexi, even during the week, coming home sloppy drunk and sexually aroused.One afternoon, I happened to come across her video camera hidden in the back of one of the office drawers.  A strange place for a video camera, so, I turned it on to see why it was hidden.  I counted about thirty videos on the camera with various titles.  But, the one that intrigued me the most was the one dated around the time my wife came back from her parents about eight years ago.  This was about the time Lexi seduced me and Megan was first in town.The video opened with loud music blaring and a barrage of bodies on the dance floor.  The video panned the dance floor and zeroed in on Lexi, she was dancing with two young men who were groping her and grinding on her.  After a few moments, the video showed Lexi waving someone onto the dance floor, I assumed Lexi was waving at Betty.  The video went dark and then returned with the camera directly on Betty’s sitting at a table.”What do you think Betty?  Are you going to live up to your end of the bargain?”Betty looked into the camera in a drunken state, “Yes Lexi, a bet is a bet.” The camera wiggled and I could tell that it was handed to someone else.  Lexi slid into the booth next to her, “Are you worried about Jay finding out?”  Lexi asked as she slid Betty’s sundress off of her shoulders exposing her breasts to the camera.Betty took a deep breath and closed her eyes as Lexi cupped her bare breasts and began circling her nipples. “No, I am not worried.  He already, in not so many words, gave me the green light.”  She opened her eyes and took a drink of her cocktail.  “I am all yours boys.”The video turned off. As it came back on, the familiar sights of our entertainment room in the basement came into view.   Betty was sitting on the leather couch naked with three young black men next to her.  I could tell she was nervous, but her eyes told a different story.  I had seen that look in her eyes before, these guys had no idea what was in store for them.Betty stood up and grabbed the closest guy and buried his head between her legs.  The camera wiggled a bit and then Lexi came into view along with two other young men.  Lexi stood them all in a line and undressed each and every one of them, stroking their cocks güvenilir bahis siteleri to life as she did so.A circle soon formed around Lexi as she was pushed to her knees.  Her mouth devoured each cock as she moved around the circle. The guys were spanking her, pinching her nipples, and pushing their fingers in every hole.  In the background, I saw Betty being picked up.  Within a few moments she was kneeling beside Lexi with a cock in her mouth and fingers being put in every hole.  A few minutes later, three more young studs showed up and joined the foray.I leaned back in my chair as Betty wiggled through the circle and went to the back of the room and I lost sight of her.  As Betty strolled back into the picture she showed the camera two pairs of handcuffs.  She put the keys on the bar and wiggled back into the circle. Gruffly, one of the guys said, “Hands behind your backs.”  The circle opened a bit and I could see both women with their hands cuffed behind them.  The spankings got louder and harder as the men manhandled the girls. I had seen enough and really didn’t want to see anymore, so I turned off the video camera and put it back in the drawer where it was originally hidden.  It was tit for tat now.  Betty was doing the same thing I was doing.  I couldn’t judge nor was I there to do so.      To complicate things a bit more, Lexi knew about my mistresses and even helped to cover up some of my trips with Megan.  Lexi even helped me through the times shortly after Megan stopped communicating with me.  But, Lexi soon left her husband, who was my boss and moved out on her own to raise her newborn daughter.  We still kept in touch and met to fulfill her sexual desires. After Lexi left, my boss became a total nightmare of a man.  The business was faltering and was on the verge of going under due to his mismanagement.  I never knew week to week if the company would close, or if he was going to fire me. ()()()The house next door sold shortly after it went up for sale.  But, no one moved in.  The only activity that I saw was repairmen and remodelling companies coming and going for about four months.Shortly into December, we were snowed in by a big storm.  The wind howled as the snow came down sideways.  All roads were closed and the city was pretty much shut down.  My wife and I made good use of our time together and spent most of our time in front of our blazing fireplace sipping cocoa, reading, watching porn, and fucking like newlyweds.As the storm subsided the next morning, I put on my jacket, gloves, hat, and boots and headed out to shovel the driveway and sidewalk.  When I looked out of my garage door, I noticed that the house next door had two cars in the driveway.  They were not there yesterday before the storm started.About halfway through shovelling the driveway, I saw two young boys exit the house next door with shovels in their hands.  I waved to them and continued with my shovelling.  The boys headed off down the street.As I had completed my driveway, I noticed the boys shovelling the driveways for two of our elderly neighbors.  I smiled and thought to myself, what nice young boys, helping out the neighbors and maybe making money with a little effort on their own. Soon, I was done with my shovelling and was headed back into the house when I noticed an older gentleman approaching my driveway.“Hello, nice weather we are having today,” the man yelled as he walked towards me.“Yes, there is nothing like a good snow day every now and then,” I said back to him.He held out his hand, “Jessie Blair, pleasure to meet you,” he said as I shook his hand.“Good to meet you Jessie, welcome to the neighborhood.  Might I assume you bought the house next door?” I said releasing my handshake.“Yes, I bought it for my daughter and her three boys.  I am just visiting for a bit.  I just recently bought a house over in Willow Village myself.”My eyes widened a bit as he said Willow Village.  The homes in that neighborhood begin in the low millions and can be as high as the tens of millions.  Jessie had an air about him, confident and sure of himself.“So, what brings you to our city?” I asked.“Various reasons, mostly business, but my daughter has visited here quite a bit and seems to like it.  Wanted to raise her kids in a quiet neighborhood instead of a big city,” he said.“Yes, this is a quiet neighborhood.  Good parks nearby, great schools, and the folks around here watch out for each other.  I think the biggest excitement in the past year was seeing some elk walking up and down the street.  Other than that, you might get an occasional squirrel that terrorizes the neighborhood dog.”“Well, that is good.  When we looked at the house, the realtor was upset because someone got into the back yard and was using the hot tub after the previous owners had left.  I initially had second thoughts about buying the house,” Jessie said.“Oh, yes, I heard about that.  It must have been one of the neighbors coming in to use it.  The Smith’s were quite open with their hot tub.  They had an open invitation to any neighbor to use it.  I guess the people who used it didn’t know the house was up for sale,” I said trying not to smile.“Oh, they sound like some nice folks.  But, I hope the neighbors don’t think they can use it now,” he said in a matter of fact way.“Nah, your daughter won’t have any issues with that.  Everyone is respectful of everyone else around here,” I said waving my hand in the air.“I am sorry, I didn’t catch your name,” Jessie said.My wife Betty approached us with two cups of hot chocolate in her hand and wiggled in beside me.“Hi honey, this is our new neighbor, Jessie.  His daughter and three boys are the ones who moved in,” I said giving my wife a peck on the cheek.  “Thanks for the hot chocolate.”“Welcome to the neighborhood Jessie, I am Betty, and this here old man is Jay,” Betty said extending her hand and handing the other mug of hot cocoa to Jessie.“Pleasure to meet you, Betty.  Jay has been filling me in on the neighborhood a bit.  Thanks for the hot chocolate,” Jessie said with a smile.“Would you like to come in for a bit and warm up?” Betty inquired of Jessie.“Thanks for the offer, but I have to keep an iddaa siteleri eye on the boys.  Make sure they don’t overwork themselves.  Strapping young boys, hard workers, but sometimes they tend to wander and explore, leaving the work behind,” he said taking a sip of hot chocolate.“Sounds like someone I know,” Betty said bumping her hip into mine. “Come on now Betty, just because it takes me forever to finish house projects doesn’t mean I wander off,” I said bumping her back.Jessie chuckled, “Ah Jay, I know the feeling.  I get in trouble with my wife if I don’t finish my honey-do lists.”“Well, he is usually pretty good about finishing things, but his work schedule gets in the way,” Betty said looking at me with that look of, get inside and start looking for another job.“Come on honey, work pays the bills and lets us have some fun,” I said scuffling my feet.“What do you do Jay?” Jessie asked.“CFO/COO for a local manufacturing company.  Keeps me busy and on my toes. What about yourself?” I asked Jessie.“I buy and turn around companies that are not doing so well.  I am working on a deal next week. I had plans to take the grandkids and daughter up skiing this weekend, but I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow when the roads are clear.”“What does your daughter do, if I may ask?” I said.“She is my right-hand lady.  I do the buying, she does the running and turning things around at these companies I buy.  Does a damn fine job, better than I could do,” Jessie said beaming.“Sounds like a great partnership.  Looks like you are setting the boys up for a good future,” I said pointing at the boys as they made their way up the driveway with their shovels.“Hey gramps, you ready?  We want to go skiing.  Chores are done,” one of the boys said.“Be patient boys.  Meet your new neighbors, Jay and Betty,” Jessie said.Both Betty and I held out our hands, “Pleasure to meet you boys.  Hopefully, your grandfather is taking you somewhere fun to ski.”“Yes, we are going to Vista Mountain.  Cabin right on the slopes.  Gramps says we can ski-in and ski-out. Can’t wait!” The other boy said.“Just be patient will you.  Go back into the house and get warmed up.  Why don’t you introduce yourselves to Jay before you go,” Jessie said to the boys.“I am Jay,” the first boy said as he took off his gloves and scarf.“I am Jessie,” the second boy said taking off his gloves and scarf.I looked hard at both the boys.  They were twins and their facial features looked way too familiar. “Good to meet you boys.  I am sure you will have a great time skiing.  Just be safe out there,” I said looking directly into Jay’s eyes.“Oh we will.  Can’t wait,” Jay said.“Ok boys, get inside and tell your mother I will be inside in a few minutes,” Jessie said directing the boys to go.“Good looking grandkids you have there,” I said to Jessie as a knot began to form in my stomach.“Thank you.  They are the light of my life.  They have another brother, Jake, who is a bit under the weather today.  Well, I better get back inside and get warm.  Thank you for the hot chocolate Betty,” Jessie said handing the mug back to her.  “I am sure we will see each other soon.”“I am sure we will,” said Betty.  “We will stop by soon and introduce ourselves to your daughter when you get back from skiing.”My head began to spin as the knot in my stomach began to grow but I held my composure, “Good to meet you, Jessie, have fun skiing, and we will see you around.”Jessie waved as he walked away.  Betty looked at me, “You ok Jay? You look a little under the weather.”“Yeah, I am ok, I think I may have overdone it shoveling.  I guess it is time to get that snowblower I have always wanted,” I said putting my arm around Betty.“You always have an excuse for buying new toys,” Betty said as she hugged me. “Hmm, Vista Mountain. He must be loaded, private ski area where the rich and famous play.”“Yeah, hopefully the daughter won’t turn out to be an uppity person,” I said.“I am sure she will be fine Jay.  Don’t judge someone before you have met them.  Let’s get inside and get warmed up,” Betty said squeezing my arm.I thought to myself as we walked up the driveway, yes, let’s get inside, I have some research to do.()()()“What is the meeting for?” My secretary asked.“I have no idea Linda,” I said entering the board room.The rest of the managers and top executives all made their way to the board room with questioning looks.  There was a full spread of sandwiches and drinks on the side table along with a full bar.  This was very unusual as the company was on its last legs and we all had heard that the owner may be filing for bankruptcy.We all sat down at the large conference table and waited.  Soon, several people entered the room along with my boss.  They all took their seats at the head of the table.My boss stood, “As you all know, the business has been struggling.  I have had many sleepless nights these past few weeks and have struggled with my decision.   But, in the best interests of myself, the company, and my employees, I have decided to sell the business,” he paused and continued.“I know this doesn’t come as a shock to anyone here.  Unfortunately, I have made some bad decisions these past few years and it has caused the financial stability of this company to suffer.  An outside firm has made me an offer that will keep the business open and keep all of you working.  The deal has been done, and as of Monday, the individuals to my right and their owner will take over.You will all remain in your positions and don’t have to worry about leaving.  The new owner has done an extensive check on each and every one of you and this business.  He is very pleased with what you have accomplished here and has concluded that it is not what you have done in your work that has caused the business to decline.  I take full responsibility for this.” My boss slumped back down into his chair and took a drink of water.  His face showed only defeat and sorrow.  He was beaten down and looked frail. One of the gentlemen to his right stood. “Good afternoon folks, I am with the firm of Louis and Louis, we were hired to draw up the paperwork and transfer ownership to the new owners.  As of five o’clock this evening, the new owner will take over.  On Monday morning, we will meet in this conference room and discuss the particulars of the future operations of this company.  But, as your previous boss has said, you will not lose your jobs.  In fact, some will be promoted.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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