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Whitewash High Ch.15

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Whitewash High Ch.15A week passed by without incident. Life almost felt too simple for Nik and the girls because of the small amount of peace that reigned. Nik and Michelle focused on their athletics programs, Valerie tried to keep Amanda in check, and Gale secretly trained Suzy at her gym. The week became an easy routine.“She is a dirty tease,” Michelle commented, looking at the photo on Nik’s phone.“She definitely is but she learned quickly how to push the right buttons,” he replied, closing the picture of Dr. Rai.“Tonight is your date night with her, Massa?”Nik adjusted his tie in the mirror, nodding with a smile.“You certainly know how to tease us, Massa. Valerie gets so jealous when you dip your pen in other women.”“I just need to make sure I leave her passed out in bliss. No problems. How do I look?”Michelle bit her lip from lust, running her hands over his body. The suit looked good on him. Tall, broad, powerful, any girl would get weak in the knees to just be near him.“Rai better not break your cock,” Michelle said, pushing her hand against the bulge.“You said the same about Gale and she took care of the goods without a hitch.”“If the good doctor doesn’t empty your balls, I’m sure the sight of me and Val in bed together will finish the job.”“Now who is the tease?” Nik joked.Gently, he gave Michelle a soft kiss. Their tongue met and wrapped together slowly, hands on the other’s cheeks. A moment of tenderness.“When all this nonsense is over with, I’m going to take you out on the town. Just you and me, Michelle.”“Don’t tease me like that, Massa,” she said, blushing. “I’m looking forward to that. I’ll be your naughty arm candy. Everyone will be jealous you get to fill my booty full with your fat cock.”He gave the collar ring a fun tug, eliciting a naughty purr from the Amazon teacher.“Enjoy eating out Valerie tonight. With all the lawyer stuff, she needs your tongue in her pussy. Get some oil too and rub her down.”“Already ahead of you on that,” she commented, trying to control her lust.XNik waited outside the hospital, leaning against his car. The cool, autumn air blew by. It was quiet outside. No ambulances zooming inside or out. Rai walked through the doors looking like hell sent a meteor through the building. Hair in a mess, no makeup, and dressed casual. Suddenly, he felt a little silly being dressed to the elevens for the date.“I think you have the wrong date,” Rai joked. “Miss India is in another castle. You’ll have to settle for her ugly, tired, irritable sister tonight, stud.”Even through the slog of emergency surgeries, Rai kept her sense of humor and charm. She leaned in to kiss Nik, stopping a centimeter away from his waiting lips, before completing the action.“Even on a date you’ve got to play the power games?” he asked.“Got to keep you on your toes, Rajah. You don’t want another yes-woman, do you?” she winked, slipping into the car. “If I’m going to hitch my wagon to a man, he better have the self-esteem to not feel belittled that a skirt wants to do more than bend over a take it.”Nik shrugged his shoulders before driving off out of the hospital parking lot.“Considering what the other three look like, I think I fit that bill,” Nik commented.“It’s funny seeing you look respectable. I’m so used to stitching you up, shirt off, looking like a billboard model. I can see why the other girls have a hard time controlling themselves.”“I thought it was my large cock. Good to know I’ve got more than that going for me,” he joked.The car came to a stop at a set of lights. Rain began to drip from the skies as the clouds cried. It fit Rai’s dishevelled look. Eyes had bags, no makeup, and if not for damp hair showing signs of a shower, she’d smell as well.“So where are you taking me?” Rai asked, staring at the cars turning off to another street.“Nothing too fancy. A joint I saw when driving around the city. Considering you look like death, we wouldn’t get through the doors of a fancy restaurant.”“That’s fine. Something simple is good. I’m too tired anyways for the candlelight treatment.”“How many?” Nik asked.“How many what?”“You know, surgeries. How many did you have to perform today?”“Five…six…eight…a lot. It was a tough shift. Two doctors were out sick. I had to go back-to-back cause of a car accident, and then a gang shooting. Cops are still at the hospital over that one. It is like a war zone. I fix up one person and shortly after another comes through the door. I get a little sleep and then it all begins again the next day. Sometimes I wish for a boring day. Nothing happens. Just some stupid k** sticking Lego up his nose.”Nik listened to Rai intently, driving towards the diner. He didn’t ask any questions or make any comments. He just sat and listened.“I’m just a mess right now for our date. Look at me. I look like a dirty peasant, someone common. I must look like a street urchin. I timed everything perfectly and then another fucking hoodrat gets himself shot in some stupid gang war, and has to wind up on my emergency table. I really need a drink. If I keep talking like this, I’m going to ruin the entire evening.”Rai immediately went silent, unbuckling her seatbelt and leaning over onto Nik’s lap. No foreplay or rubbing, she just unzipped his fly and fished out his beefy cock. Nik couldn’t react lest he cause an accident as the lane piled up with traffic.Hungry lips sealed themselves airtight on the massive meat stick. Thick, blood filled veins pulsated against her brown lips. A wet, slimy tongue helped slick the cock up as she bobbed her head up and down like a machine piston set to eleven. She gave Nik no reason to protest, trying to deepthroat every inch. Hard gagging overcame the sound of raindrops on the car, as the doctor pushed her cocksucking skills to maximum.It was a complete one-eighty from her usual power bottoming, dominatrix-like seduction. She acted more like Gale, just going wild without a care to her own well-being. Nik remained silent, understanding why she switched things up. He accepted it, and enjoyed it, even though some people would call it sick to take advantage of a mentally fatigued individual. But then again, this was the minor leagues in comparison to running a harem full of women with raceplay kinks.“I need this so bad right now,” Rai commented between slurps.Glug…Glug…Slurp…Glug…Nik could feel a lot of saliva run down his girth, and no doubt his pants were stained. He also thanked that the car wasn’t his. Michelle was adamant he drove her car for the date. Fancy car, leather seats, she thought it’d help put the good doctor into a sluttier mood.Rai’s hands gripped his quad muscles, not even bothering to use her fingers to stroke off the manmeat. She focused her lips entirely to the task. They ran down the length to the zipper hole, and then back up before nevşehir escort engulfing the head. Lather, rinse, repeat.Without a word, she could feel her throat sear in pain from being stabbed. Air cut off. Eyes rolling in the back of her head. Hands desperately pushed against Nik’s body.“Stay still.”It was all she heard. Rai wasn’t a masochist so the painful throatjob didn’t do anything to add any dampness between her legs. When the powerful hand finally let go, fluids gushed out of her throat onto Nik’s pants.“Fuck…what did you do that for!?” she half-screamed, panting for air.“Cops parked next to us at the stop light. Didn’t want them peering into the window to see you servicing me.”“Let them watch. Show them what their missing,” she replied, noticing the giant mess she left in his lap and on her top.“I don’t need to be the defendant in a criminal case. I already have enough to worry about just testifying in a trial.”Rai stroked off his cock with both hands. Fingers delicately ran along the blood engorged veins, and tantalized sensitive skin. It surprised her that he didn’t pop quickly this time compared to the hospital handjob.In a few minutes they arrived at the diner. It was quiet, quaint, and deserted. Their car was the only one in the parking lot.“Grab any seat you want,” the haggard waitress said, pouring a fresh cup of coffee to the only person at the counter.The couple grabbed a corner seat. Car lights flashed by as the restaurant was near an intersection.“Get what you want,” Nik said, picking up the menu.“Aren’t you charitable tonight? No Dutch treatment?”“Not really. Got Michelle’s platinum card. She told me to go wild.”Rai laughed, pushing errant hair from her tired face.“Easy to spend other people’s money, isn’t it?”“I’m not going to complain. I could have brought us to a fancy, expensive, French restaurant, but that isn’t me.”“Oh, and what is you?” Rai asked, her eyebrow perking up.“Well, I’m…”Nik stopped, stunned for a moment. He could feel Rai’s soft foot rubbing up against the crotch of his pants. The booth’s table was large enough, and shaped perfectly to hide the foreplay from the approaching waitress.“What can I get you two?” she asked, pen and paper at the ready.“Ummm, let’s see…” Nik stammered, trying to remain composed from Rai’s teasing foot.“I’ll have the nightly special,” Rai interjected.“Sure, that sounds good too,” Nik said as well.“Two specials. Coffee, soda, tea?”“Coffee,” both of them said in unison.“It’ll be about fifteen minutes. I’ll get your coffee right away,” the waitress said, walking off.“So, Rajah, how does it feel to get a public footjob? Naughty enough for you?” Rai asked, licking her lips.“It definitely wasn’t what I planned for a date night. But you’ve seemed to catch a second wind.”“That precum I slurped up from you earlier gave me extra pep in my step. I think I’ve got the energy for a good railing or two after dinner.”A single brown finger ran across her naked bottom lip, slowly, teasing out a reaction from her date. Toes palmed the thickening cock, on a mission to make the white python cream itself in its confines. The pantyhose stockings rubbed all along the bulge, back and forth, stroking over each nook and cranny to push Nik over the edge.He didn’t tell her to stop, even when the waitress brought them their coffee.“Cream?” she asked.“Definitely,” Rai replied, licking her lips at Nik.The waitress left the creamers and sugar packets, going back to her station at the counter.“I’m going to milk you dry tonight. I don’t know why I feel so whorish, Rajah, but I just need a good fucking, bad.”“Don’t worry. I left the others high and dry today. They have to lez out for relief so I’d be at peak condition for tonight. Besides, I think you owe me after those tease jobs before.”“Did I now? How many nights did you spend jerking off to dreaming of fucking me senseless, Rajah? How many times did you imagine it was me instead of one of your other girls?”“You’re unique, I’ll give you credit for that, Rai.”“Of course. It’d be boring if I was passive girl number twenty-nine in your pleasure harem. A girl needs to stand out of the crowd, and push the right buttons for the Rajah, the White Rajah, to take notice. I’m not a physical marvel like your other three beauties. I’m just a brain with a drop-dead, fuckable body that patients jizz themselves over when I walk into the room.”“Not very humble either. But I like that. Go ahead, take charge, be aggressive. It’ll just make it sweeter when I hear you moaning when I finally plunge deep into your pussy. It is wet now, isn’t it?” If I got beneath the table and rubbed a finger along there, is my finger going to come back soaked from a rainstorm?”The pair whispered to each other, smiling, flirting, getting each other’s blood pumping.Tired of the teasing, Nik pushed aside Rai’s foot and got up. A sly wink gave a subtle hint of what he had in mind.“How long before the food is ready?” he asked the waitress.“About twenty minutes, sorry. Cook was on his break so it’ll be longer than I thought.”He got up and headed off in the direction of the toilet. Rai remained seated, taking a gander at Nik’s muscular butt as he walked away. She diverted her gaze outside for a few minutes before following, trying to not make it too obvious what was about to happen. A slight rapping at the door gave Nik the signal to let her inside the small, cramped, bathroom. There was barely enough room for a toilet and sink, let alone two people about to fuck.Rai immediately got to her knees, squatted down on the balls of her sneakers, and released the large cock from its confines.“Fuck, I still need this. The carjob wasn’t enough for me.”“Five minutes,” Nik told her, stroking her hair, and making a pony tail.Rai’s lips glossed over the long shaft. She could still see some glistening from earlier, as well as smell her own spitjob. A long, vivacious tongue extended outward, curling around the head like a snake. Time was of the essence but she was going to use the five minutes her way, or no way. Both hands on his firm ass, she leaned forward to engulf as many inches as possible in the first gulp.Hands free, the sweet mouth made Nik groan audibly. The location was lewd, and the sounds of slurping and gagging made it lewder. It wasn’t a back alley washroom, but the small diner definitely didn’t clean their toilet room once a day, or even once a week.“That’s it, baby, suck me down to the hilt. No one has ever done it, but give it a try.”Rai took on the challenge, her eyes locked on target. Each inch, each centimeter was slow going. Tears welled up in eye sockets, quickly evacuating themselves down the cheek line. Rai gave it a college try before coming back up for air. A long spider web of saliva connected her lips and the head niğde escort of the cock.“And those other girls get fucked by this daily?” she asked to herself. “How does it stay so hard?”Rai went back to sucking down on the Ivory Tower of white cock. She heard Nik mention a time, but ignored it, focusing entirely on gagging on the meat. Her pussy was drenched beyond normal repair. It’d require a hard rooting from the python to fix it. A piece of her a****l brain wanted there to not be any food coming so he could bend her over and rail her out good against the wall.Nik was on the verge of cumming. He let down the barrier, choosing to cum quickly. Years of experience and training taught him the trick of cumming quickly or slowly. One video he had to perform in required creampieing an entire Japanese cheerleader squad, no breaks. So he had a couple dedicated training partners to teach him the tricks of the trade for maximum effect.“Open up wide, Rai. Time to give the doctor her medicine. I think you need it after your rough day at work,” he said.Rai slapped his hand away, choosing to jerkoff the meat herself. Mouth open, tongue out, and cockhead aimed right in the middle, a blast of creamy, white goo splattered the insides of her throat. It oozed down slowly, as she let the liquid slide down her throat without the aid of swallowing. It teased her, tormented her, but made her pussy clench from the erotic, depraved feeling. Nik had to react quickly, stuffing her mouth with his cock to stifle her lustful, orgasmic scream.Reaching down to feel her own cunt, Rai exhaled in relief and pleasure onto Nik’s cock. It was both lewd and hilarious how she just leaned forward on the throbbing meatshaft, like it were a shoulder to lean on.“That was needed so badly, Nik. Thanks.”Standing up on wobbly feet, opening the door, she walked out in a cum haze. Nik had to pull her back in quickly to make sure she washed herself up, lest the others in the restaurant clue in to their sexual, washroom adventure. Cum still drooled from her face, like a vampire who freshly fed on prey.Nik zipped up and left Rai to clean up. Sitting back down, the waitress brought over more coffee.“More for her?” she asked.“Sure, why not. Leave a couple more creamers. She is addicted to cream.”“Take as many as you want. I don’t pay for them,” she commented, tossing a few more onto the table.A few minutes later, Rai sat back down. Nik pointed to her chin, and she hurriedly wiped off the last bit of cum that she failed to catch.“You know, you never told me your name,” Nik asked, sipping some of the coffee.“Sure, I did. Rai.”“Your first name.”“Didn’t anyone tell you? I never gave you a business card?”“Nope,” Nik replied, shaking his head no, just as the waitress brought their food to them.“Maya.”“Maya.”“Yeah, don’t wear it out,” she joked, biting into her sandwich.“Maybe I’ll call you Maya, maybe I’ll keep calling you Rai. I don’t know.”“Or Dr. Rai. I am a professional, Rajah. Doesn’t it make it hotter to call me doctor when we’re together?”“I’ll let you know when we’ve been together. So far, we’ve only gotten to the foreplay stage.”“Yes, a shame, really. By the way, where did you meet the psycho?”“Gale?”“Don’t you find it crazy…odd, how crazy she is?”“Yes, her craziness does make it crazy sometimes,” he laughed.“I’m being serious. My brain is fried right now, and I’m tired. Don’t make fun of me. I work in a ghetto hospital. I’ve seen all kinds of gangbangers and groupies and guards taking care of someone. The hospital is neutral ground. At least that is what we try to make it. But never have I seen a woman happily curl up on a chair like a cat to guard a man. Guys outside the door, girls sitting by someone’s side, but never someone so ninja.”“Ninja?” Nik asked, curious.“Yeah, any time anyone entered the room, she’d wake up at the snap of a finger as if she weren’t actually asleep. Me, a different nurse, even the janitor. Just awake, like she is a vampire. Creepy is what I call it. I don’t know how you can stand fucking her.”“Gale and I have a…complicated relationship. I’ll just leave it at that. But I’m lucky to have her.”“Better watch you don’t end up with a knife in the spine because she gets too jealous you’re bending over other women than her. I’ve seen it happen. I see a lot of crazy in my operating room.”XThe pair wined and dined in the small diner for the next hour before departing. As they drove on the way to Rai’s apartment, they noticed a park.“Drive over there. Let’s go for a stroll,” Rai said, pointing towards it.“Sure. I like fresh air on a full stomach. Doesn’t look like too many people are here right now.”Nik parked the car in the lot and the two proceeded inside the area. It was spacious with lots of overhanging trees to darken an already dark area. Each path had a width of a dozen cars, side by side. Nik and Rai were not the only couple in the park, but it wasn’t the top activity for many. They saw one or two couples, leaving them quite alone as they explored the scenery.“So were you born in-country?” Nik asked, leaning against a park bench.“No, I’m off the boat from India. My accent didn’t give it away?”“Well, in my experience, people can put on a fake accent for dramatic effect. You could have been from New England for all I know, and you’re just a good actress.”“Flattery will get you everything, but nope, New Delhi girl.”“Never been there. Taj Mahal looks like a fun attraction though.”Nik looked up at the clear sky, seeing all the beautiful stars. A beam of light traced the night’s sky. A comet, blazing a trail across the galaxy.“I’m curious,” Rai asked, “How did a school teacher afford to get all that expensive laser surgery done on his back? That work isn’t cheap, and I know one of the few doctors who specialize in that particular procedure.”Nik sighed, rubbing his face. He shrugged his shoulders, signing again.“That is something I can’t get into right now. Too much back story. Maybe if I write a novel on my adventures I’ll give you a signed copy to learn firsthand.”“Aren’t we the mysterious drifter? I can make a guess or two. I only need one considering how much trouble seems to follow your way,” she commented, sitting on his lap on the park bench. “Trouble always follows a Rajah. Maybe one day he’ll come to rule a peaceful kingdom?”Rai stroked Nik’s face, gently, using delicate finger tips. She caressed the soft skin with the finesse of a surgeon, touching each curve along his cheek bones and granite jaw. “You know, Rajah, after the kinky fun in the diner washroom, I’m vulnerable enough to be kinky out here in the open.”“You, vulnerable? I doubt that will ever happen,” he said, leaning his head upwards to kiss her.Their lips touched softly. His hands melded into her large rack, molding it like escort bayan clay through the shirt. Rai shifted positions on his lap, allowing the cock bulge to press firmly against her sopping wet cunt. Her hips bucked and swivelled, teasing him but also teasing herself at dry humping her white Rajah.“I’m going to take you to Nirvana, Rajah. I’m going to tease your cock so much that you’ll cum in me with the first thrust.”He ignored the comment momentarily, choosing to suck on her neckline. The creamy, brown skin needed sweet attention from eager lips, and an exploratory tongue that held no shame in darkening her skin further.“You’re a naughty man, Rajah. I’ll have to give you the full service treatment next time and dress up nice for you. I don’t want the other girls to think they have an advantage over me.”Her hands pushed his face harder into the neckline, loving the feeling of being eaten out. It wasn’t her dripping cunt but a dirty mind sent erotic signals out that if his tongue was this good on her neck, then it would be heaven deep inside the confines of her pussy.“I can show you off on my arm, and make everyone else jealous. It makes your cunt clinch thinking of making the other girls jealous, doesn’t it?” he replied, hands on her hips to help lead the gyrations.“Nothing better than being the best and making everyone else know it. Then you’re stuck in their head, just like how I’m stuck in your head, Rajah. How many times did you imagine my face sucking you off when one of the other girls was servicing you?”“That’ll be my secret to torment you with, Maya.”He lifted Rai up and placed her face forward against the bench, easily positioning her like a toy. Ass out, he gave it a hard slap to test uncharted waters. Rai purred, licking her lips. She threw her head back, letting the long locks flow in the moonlight. Trees rustled in the background as the wind blew through hair, letting strands flutter beautifully.No one else was around, so Nik gave Rai another smack.“Do you want it soft or hard?” he asked, unbuttoning her pants.“Not very dominant of you to ask a girl what she wants instead of taking it, Rajah,” she teased.“I’m not an internet phony, Maya. You should know that by now. And when you focus on the power plays too much, you get the thousand yard stare and miss the other joys of life around,” he replied, pulling down her pants to the knees.All that remained between him and that subcontinent pussy was a tiny G-string. Wetness glossed over inner thighs and down long, milky legs.“No, I guess you’re not,” Rai whispered, biting her lip.Rai didn’t even notice Nik took his cock out until she felt it inside her needy, wanton pussy. It welcomed the invader inside eagerly, gripping the sexual organ tightly. He wasn’t teased enough to spunk inside her womb on the first thrust. Only professional experience prevented that though, as any other man would have jizzed all over the entrance.“I feel so full…” Rai swooned, upper body barely able to hold itself upright against the park bench.“You’re tighter than I thought, Maya. Your pussy is gripping me like a vice.”“Yes, yes, fuck me harder, Rajah. Push into me hard. Harder. Fuck, it feels so good to get that monster inside me.”Nik reached forward to grab a tuft of hair. He wrenched Rai back. One hand in the hair, and another around her throat, he forced the Punjabi doctor to twist and look at him from the side. Lewdly, he kissed her. Their lips barely met but it didn’t stop powerful hips from continuing their assault against a well-cushioned ass.“Kiss me, Rajah. I’ll be your love doctor if you play your cards right. I’m so wet right now, can’t you feel it?” “You’re soaked. I can feel it splash against my pelvis with each thrust, Maya,” he grunted, pulling on her hair harder.The hard pull elicited a sultry moan, and Rai massaged her own tits as she just let go. She allowed her body to be ravaged, held, choked, conquered by a foreign invader. Each powerful thrust beckoned an equally powered moan. Even if a wandering passerby caught them in the act of their illicit affair, they were too deeply gone to care. Each grunt sent shockwaves into Rai’s psyche, pushing her pleasure centers to maximum as she finally found a man with enough spine to not be afraid of a woman with a little bite to her personality.For ten minutes, Nik fucked Rai senseless. He didn’t switch up the position, or change his pacing. It was smooth and on cruise control. The Indian pussy allowed in every inch of white meat it could handle, but, like the other girls, it was not deep enough to handle every inch. There was more than enough left for an eager girl or two to share and slobber on, as long as they didn’t mind getting smacked with a heavy, swinging ball sack.Finally, Rai moaned louder. Her mouth never shut up the entire time, egging on her white Rajah. She stroked Nik’s ego, keeping his cock hard with words. It was only when a sudden orgasm hit her like a brick wall that she stopped. Fingers hooked her own mouth as the powerful orgasm caused a silent scream of pleasure. It coursed through her veins, causing the doctor to blackout. Nik felt her body ragdoll but he continued fucking her. Passed out or not, his cock thirst for pussy and wanted a few more strokes before shooting a gooey wad of cum deep inside her womb.The couple left the park a short time later. Rai had to hold onto Nik’s arm, legs bowlegged from the hard fucking she received and required. White goo leaked down orgasm drenched inner thighs. They sped toward Rai’s apartment, eager to continue the sexual tryst.X“You need to work on your endurance, Suzy. You tire too easily,” Gale berated.The crazed Chinawoman looked down over the bench press, far from impressed by Suzy’s ability and performance. Gale wore only a tight pair of shorts and matching sports bra.“I’m doing my best,” Suzy spat back, defiantly.“We need to make it better. You think the world is going to take it easy on you? It won’t, so I won’t. Keep going.”Suzy huffed, annoyed, but unracked the bar again to continue. The gym was empty except for a couple dedicated athletes burning the midnight oil. They didn’t disturb Gale’s training, or even attempt to.“There, see, you can do it.”“You’re a bitch, you know that, Chinagirl?” Suzy said, out of breath.“Born that way. Won’t change my approach one bit, if that is your plan. Get some water before we keep going. We’re not done yet, but I need to take care of something quick.”“Sure, sure, got nowhere else to be.”Suzy looked at Gale walk towards another Asian woman. It was the same woman seen before. Suzy couldn’t understand what they were discussing as they spoke in one of those chink languages, she assumed, not knowing which one. But despite the harsh sounding exchange of words, the two hugged before tattoo girl left towards the exit. Gale returned, clapping her hands together to signal Suzy to get back into position quickly.Suzy immediately assumed the position again, lifting up the bar. Tattoo woman stuck in her head, however, curious at just what exactly was going on between her and Gale.

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