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Who needs a plumber service??

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Who needs a plumber service??That long weekend I was home alone and then I had accepted to share a girl`s night out with my friends Laura, Camilla and Helena.We had booked double rooms at a comfortable hotel on the other side of the city; so we could spend the night there after having a party at the nightclub close to the lobby.It was a very nice night for everybody and we had all got too many drinks; especially Helena, who I was supposed to be sharing a room with. But my slutty girlfriend had pulled some well-endowed black guy and she had spent the night bonking away in his room…When I got to my room I knew I was in trouble. I had ignored a warning signal on my car`s dashboard and now the engine was making some strange noises. Then I decided to drive back home that same night; despite having too many cocktails inside my stomach. It was not the best decision I had ever made. But I wanted my car back at our garage, before my güvenilir bahis loving Victor would come from his business trip and would found that my poor car had been abandoned at the parking lot of a nice hotel in the other side of town.I was still five miles away from home when my nice car just died…So there I was standing at the edge of the road shivering in my flimsy dress, with my very fashionable silk jacket and a pair of sexy stiletto heels.After at least an hour passed, finally a plumber’s van pulled out.The guy was smiling at me. He was heavy and muscular. He was in his mid-forties. He came down and introduced himself as Butch.He offered me a ride. I told him I would love a ride, flirting a bit with him, so I could get home.He asked what direction I was going and went I told him, he started moving away telling me he was not going near there.I shouted at him; because I had not even money enough for a taxi ride. I leaned türkçe bahis over while I was talking and he stared at my cleavage.I finally convinced him to give me a ride and then he made me climb up. I got in my dress crept up and Butch said it was a nice view.Then I answered that he seemed to like more my shaven pussy lips than my tits; I noticed a huge bulge in his trousers…He laughed and went out to hook my broken car to his van. Then he finally drove off to my house.Soon I felt his heavy hand on my bare thigh. Then it moved up. Butch looked into my eyes. He said nothing but put his hand behind my head and pulled my lips to his. He kissed me deeply and then I felt his hand squeeze my tits. I groaned, as I felt my nipples getting hard.Soon his other hand found my shaven wet pussy and he started to finger fuck me. The bastard quickly brought me to orgasm. I wiggled on to his lap, rubbing myself on his hard cock.He grabbed güvenilir bahis siteleri my bare buttocks and squeezed them.Then he slid his jeans to his ankles and soon he was inside of me.I knew his cock was wider than Victor’s as soon as he entered me.I lowered myself down; my soaking wet pussy sliding effortlessly.He was big; really very big. It slid down and down.I gasped at how big he was and the bastard smiled knowing it…He fucked me hard, as he pulled my dress down and sucked my tits.He tried to bite the flesh of my round boobs; but I asked him not to leave marks. But he was horny enough to care about it.After a long while fucking me, Butch grabbed my hair as he shot his load inside me. He cried out as he came. I stayed on his cock; it was not quite as hard as before, but I rubbed my clit until I came again.We had a smoke and then he finally dropped me home. I stood there close by my car at our driveway; feeling the sticky cum dripping out from my sore and well fucked cunt. I looked at his van as he drove away and took a quick picture with my cell phone. His phone number was there…Then I recalled Victor had told me we needed a plumber’s service…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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