Mar 30

Who Would’ve Thought?

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Marie ran onto the train, quickly pulling her luggage into the carriage before the doors closed with a hiss.

Looking around, she became slightly disappointed as she saw that there were no empty seats. It was a 6 hour train ride, and she didn’t want to have to stand the entire time. Hopefully, someone would lend their seat to her.

Feeling a pair of eyes on her back, Marie quickly turned around to see a man eying her body and smirking. She shot a quick glare at him, making him smirk even wider.

Frustrated, Marie turned back around. It wasn’t that she didn’t like people staring at her body, she just preferred to know their name first.

Wherever she went, Marie would get attention for her body. She had the perfect figure: slim, with breasts slightly on the larger side, and a perky butt. But besides just being hot, she was beautiful as well, with sparkling blue eyes and black hair that offset her ivory complexion.

Suddenly, Marie felt something heavy on her buttock, snapping her out of her vain thoughts. She spun around to see the man esenyurt ucuz escort who had been staring at her before, with a hand on her butt.

A light bulb suddenly burned in Marie’s brain, with an idea that would certainly get her a seat. If people saw two people having sex on a train, they would certainly clear out.

And it wasn’t as if the man wasn’t attractive, either. He was tall and tanned, with sandy blonde hair and greenish hazel eyes.

“Hey there,” Marie uttered seductively, biting her lip. “Might I know your name before you go ahead molesting me on public transport?”

“Evan. Evan Jacobson.” He chuckled, and moved his hand off of her buttock, trailing it around her hip before going into the front of her pencil skirt. He then massaged her vagina through the material of her panties and fishnet stockings.

Marie took off his tie and then moved onto unbuttoning his shirt as quickly as she could, revealing rock-solid abs.

She was pleased to see that her plan had worked, and more than esenyurt üniversiteli escort half of the people in the carriage had left.

Evan then pushed her down onto a seat, and ripped her pencil skirt down the side, taking it off and throwing it away. He then took off her shirt, revealing her large breasts, and fondled her nipples through her lacy bra.

Marie was hard at work as well. After throwing Evan’s shirt to the side, she unbuttoned his pants, and pushed them-as well as his boxers-down.

Evan’s dick sprung straight up, and Marie gasped. It had to be at least 11 inches, and about an inch and a half in diameter. He lay down in the seat, and she straddled him, bouncing up and down on his large cock as he moaned in pleasure.

She suddenly felt someone staring at her. Looking around, Marie saw that the carriage was empty but for a group of men in their twenties, staring at her and Evan’s intercourse.

“Hey, sweetheart,” one of them called out. “Mind if we join in?”

“Absolutely etiler escort no-” Evan began to say, but Marie cut him off.



Marie felt exhilarated. She had never taken these many dicks at one time.

She was laid down on a few seats, with the men around her. One dick was in her pussy, another in her asshole. Another was in her mouth, and one was in each of her hands. Another man was using her feet to rub up and down his dick, and another man trying to see how many fingers he could fit into her vagina with another cock already in there. So far, he was at 4.

The man with his cock in her asshole suddenly took it out, and began fingering her anus. He slid one finger in, then another, and another, until he had four fingers in. He then grinned, and balled his hand into a fist.

Marie knew what he was going to do. “No!” she gasped.

The man leered at her, before sticking his fist up her anus.

Suddenly, Evan whispered something to the other men, who grinned. They all took their penises out of her.

Then they all came.

Right on her body, until every part of her was covered in their sticky white cum. Much of it was in her hair as well, and Marie groaned, knowing that it would take a lot of time to wash out.

One man, however, the one with his cock in her vagina, did not take it out.

He grinned, and then came, right in her vagina.

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