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Wife At Prom

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Wife At PromProm night arrived quickly and I was actually excited to see what Nick had planned for us. I decided to be the mystery woman for the evening. I wanted to avoid my students figuring out I was a teacher. The prom was Carnival themed that year so I found a dress that reminded me of a jazz singer ensemble and a mask to match. I needed higher heels to lift my ass and keep me from stepping on my trains. I went with a garter set because I was enjoying teasing James as I got ready. He loved the outfit! “You should stay and we’ll have our own prom night!” he whispered as I felt him wrap his arms around my waist. I feel him teasing the lace of my stockings. I tilt my head back and purr in his ear. “Trying to send me off all horny to the teenager baby?”He laughed and started kissing, licking my neck and collar, “Never Love! I want you to be horny and stay here!”I reach my arm up and wrap it around his neck and grind my ass into the front of him. I feel very pleased with myself when he moves to meet me. “Do I need to take care of you before I go or do you want me after I come home all drunk and horny?”He dips a hand down my corset and finds my nipple to tweak. I hiss and press his hand down. I feel his chest rumble at my response. “I think I’ll take advantage when you get home.” he draws away from me a little before kissing my temple. “You are going to make that boy cream his pants, you look amazing baby!” I giggle at the thought, check my makeup and pack my clutch purse. “I’ll keep you posted Baby!” I hum into his mouth before I go to meet Nick.I walk out to my car only to hear my name being called “Hey Ceras!”I look over and am surprised to see Nick getting out of his car. “I thought we could ride together!” he says smiling at me. I can feel his eyes tracking me from head to toe. I giggle a little and do a slow turn. “It’s all for your sugar!” He grins as he takes me by the arm and moves me to his passenger door. I feel his nose trace up my neck before breathing out next to my ear. “I am going to have fun playing with you tonight!” he whispers, before getting me into his car. When we got to the venue I was getting a little nervous about one of the students recognizing me. Nick just kept propelling me through the crowd, his hand constantly drifting up and down my back making me shiver. He leads me to a table and I sit.”I’ll go and get us some drinks, be right back!” he tells me before he walks off toward I assume a drink station. I look around at the k**s that have started to gather on the dance floor. Some of the girls have gone all out, I am surprised they made it past the chaperones. Though I am surprised that no one stopped me. I spend my time watching people. I start to notice couples sneaking off periodically and not come back. Not too surprised, the school booked the venue at a ballroom in a hotel. I start looking around for Nick but it is hard to pick one black suit out of a sea of dozens so I wait. “How about we have a dance?” güvenilir bahis I hear off to the side. I giggle thinking that someone has a smooth sounding date. I wait to hear the girl’s response but there is no answer. I turn to see who is ignoring this k** and find that I am apparently the one being asked to dance. “You asking me Sugar?” I say with a smile. “That I am!” he laughs. “Flattered but I should dance with my date first, might want to try again later, you may have better luck!” I tell him. It is then that I notice Nick heading my way. “Finally!” I say as I smile at him. “Sorry I got held up with a friend,” he apologizes. Nick sees the guy next to me and smiles again. “Hey Brad! you got here sooner than I thought you would!” They clasp hands. “This is my friend Brad, he was one of the guys who didn’t think I’d be bringing a girl this evening.” he explains to me. “Ah, well I’m glad we can straighten him out!” I say with a wink. Nick passes me a glass of soda and I take a sip. “Not a fan of root beer, for future reference,” I say as I make a face before I finish the cup. The guys both chuckle as they watch me drink up. “Noted,” Nick tells me. “Let’s dance!” he takes me by the hand and walks me to the floor. “I got next!” I hear from Brad as I follow him. I dance a few songs with Nick and he lets Brad handle me for a few more. I last about 20 minutes before I ask to stop. I am feeling really warm and want a drink. Nick takes me by the arm and Brad follows next to me and tells me he is taking me to get a drink. I am feeling so fuzzy and happy right now that the idea of a walk and something cold sounds amazing. I easily comply. It feels like we are walking forever before I realize that they are walking me onto an elevator. “Where are we going Nick?” I ask. “You look like you need a rest so we are taking you to lie down Ceras. It’ll make you feel good!” he explains. Something should seem wrong about that but he sounds so reasonable. Lying down sounds great. I am getting hot, there is a fine sheet of sweat on my skin and I notice that my clothes feel kind of uncomfortable. I walk past a mirror and notice the reflection in it.”Oh wow!” I exclaim. “She looks amazing!”I see this very pretty girl in the mirror. She looks as excited as I feel about whatever it is she is seeing. I start looking around me to make sure that Nick and Brad see the pretty girl. I notice they are laughing a little as they nod at me. “She is very pretty looking, come on now, weren’t you thirsty?” Brad asks me with a chuckle.”Oh my god I want some water please!” I moan. I reach out and start to touch Nick’s hair. “I love your hair!” I start tugging and running my fingers through it. “God it feels so good in my hands!” Nick scoops me up like I am a c***d and holds me up by my ass. “Come on pretty girl! You can see what else feels good in the room.” he tells me. “Dude she lit up fast! How much did you give her?” Brad asked in a light tone. “Not a lot, just enough güvenilir bahis siteleri to make sure she says yes and enjoys.” Nick says back happily. Brad opens a door and I am carried into a room and I am settled on a bed. The comforter was so soft and pretty looking I immediately started stretching out and rubbing myself on it. “This feels amazing, I want to feel it more!” I moan out. “Ceras you know what else would feel really good?” I hear Brad ask me. “What?””Kissing, kissing feels really really good. Especially how I kiss. Do you want to feel it?” he asks me. “I like kissing! Sure!” I kneel up on the bed and face him as he steps closer to me. Brad doesn’t leave me waiting and his lips quickly land on mine. It is a hot wet kiss with lots of tongue and hands roaming around. I immediately respond and try to wrap a leg on his hip to grind into him. Brad pulls back a little to look at me. “See! I told you it is good!” he says proudly. “I don’t know man, I think it feels better when I do it.” I hear Nick say. He takes me by my hand and tugs me toward him as he sits on the bed. He has me straddle his lap. “I’ll kiss you like he did and you tell us which you like more, ok?” he tells me seriously.I nod solemnly. This is important. I better do a good job so I can figure this out. I feel Nick’s hands on my ass as he leans up and starts showing me why he is better than Brad. He travels around my neck, ears and mouth and before I know it I have dropped into his lap and started grinding. Nick stops and looks at me. “So who does it better?” he asks me. I feel really lost at the moment. “I don’t know, you were both really good!”Brad sighs and says “Maybe we should do it at the same time? That way you don’t have to choose.””Nice idea man!” Nick agrees. He stands me up and starts losing my dress in places. “Why are you doing that?” I ask. “So that Brad and I can get to you mouth and you can feel more of that blanket that you like.” he explains as he works my bust off and my skirt slips to the floor. “Holy shit! you look hot!” Brad says. “Lets keep her in this!””Hang on, one adjustment,” Nick tells him. I feel my panties sliding down my leg and I shiver from the tickling sensation. “Shit! That’s perfect!” Brad agrees. “Ok, Ceras,” Nick tells me as he helps me settle on the bed. I start squirming again because the blanket on my skin feels amazing! I moan a little. I watch Brad pull a coin from his pocket as Nick is taking his jacket and tie off. “Ok, man,” Brad tells him. “Call in the air, heads her top, tails her tail.” I hear a ting as he flips it and Nick says tails. The room is quiet and then Brad curses to himself before he settles up by my head. Nick lands between my legs. Nick starts removing pieces of his suit. “Ok Ceras, we are going to try again.” Nick explains. We are going to kiss you at the same time. You just say top or bottom depending which part of you feels the best.”That sounds like a weird game but I liked what they did iddaa siteleri before so I am willing to try. I nod again. Brad leans over me and starts working at my mouth. He uses his tongue like a cock damn near fucking me with it. I do my best to keep pace, until I feel my legs being spread and a tongue delves into my folds and finds my hard little clit. I arch up and cry out “Bottom!” as I try to grind into the feeling. Brad looks put out for a moment but decides to up his game. My breast are pulled out of my bra cups and he starts sucking, squeezing and playing them. It feels amazing and I start running my hands through his hair and Oh my god! that feels crazy good too! My nerves are on fire and I just want to feel more. “Oh good! More! Please more!” I yell out. I feel my pussy suddenly filling up and its amazing. “Hey no fair!” I hear Brad say. I want my dick wet too!””Give her mouth a try, man, then we can switch!” I am too busy thrusting myself on whatever is making me feel so amazing. I hear a zip and then there is a dick sliding into my mouth. God so good! I feel them start to ride me and I try to keep up. It isn’t long before I start tensing and squeezing. “Shit man she’s about to go!” Nick says. “Are you almost there?” ‘Yeah man let a rip!”I feel more pressure on my clit and the thrusts go deeper. I start screaming from the overload and my throat is stuffed full. I hear someone cuss and a loud grunt as two cocks get shoved deep inside of me. “Come on Baby! suck me clean so I can go fill your pussy!” I am coasting along from cumming and I start licking and sucking, feeling him get hard under my tongue. “Fuck! such a good girl!” Brad says as he slips out. “Give me a minute with her to harden up man!” Nick says. I feel them switch places and Brad is between my legs teasing and kissing. causing little twitches here and there. Nick turns me and eases my face toward him and he slides his semi into my mouth. “Suck our cum up baby and get me hard again.”His cock tastes sweet and salty and can taste his cum and mine. I moan on him as he works his way deeper as he starts to get harder. “Hey I’m gonna flip her. I want to pound it!” I feel a tug on my hips as I am moved to my hands and knees. Hands are in my hair and Nick slides himself back into my mouth and starts a nice easy pace, waiting for Brad to start. I feel hands on my hips and his head tracing my entrance. “Here it comes, brace yourself!”Brad thrusts into me and I scream out, giving Nick room to push deeper. “Fuck she feels good!” It is harder to deal with their rhythm like this but I love the feel of them. It doesn’t take long to work me to my next climax. “Shit man she is tightening again! You ready?” Brad grunts.”Good to go man, just say when!” Brad picks up his pace and presses on my clit more. “Get ready!” He goes deep and grinds hard. “Ahhh!!! RIGHT THERE! DONT STOP!!!” I scream out. Brad fucks me hard and Nick slams into my throat. It doesn’t take long before I feel them hot and twitching inside of me. “SO do we take this used pussy home or make a night of it?” Brad asked.”Stupid question man! We see how long it takes to wear her ass out.””Hmm if I am gonna be out all night I need to phone home.” I think dazedly.

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