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Wife before she met me.

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Wife before she met me.My wife certainly wasn’t a virgin when I met her as I was 23 and she was 24. She told me about how many men she had had previously, though she conceded that she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 20. She also at a later date started to tell me about her experiences which was always a big turn on for me. As many of you may have experienced, I felt a mixture of jealousy, envy, and sexual stimulation. It was always a massive turn on to hear her recount her experiences and had me emptying my balls with gusto into her wet cunt with a shattering orgasm in next to no time. Which brings me to the story of one such experience.Package tours in the early seventies were not as widely available as today but my wife (Anne) and her friend Sandy arranged to go to a Greek island as a last holiday together before Sandy got married. It was with a small company who arranged flights and transfers to the island and accommodation was basic and not a modern hotel. Instead there was a communal area where everyone ate with a bar and an area which could hold discos. Anne and Sandy shared a double room.The holiday went well, with the small party getting to know each other, and Sandy enjoying her last holiday as a single woman. Anne had only had one boyfriend fuck her up to this point and was certainly more shy than Sandy in getting to know the men in the group. However, she had been on the pill since deciding to lose her virginity and had stayed taking it after their breakup. Towards the end of the holiday, there was to be a disco. This was laid on in the communal area and it allowed the locals who were working there the opportunity to mingle with the guests. A Greek lad had been friendly towards Anne throughout her stay but he was only 17 and she was 23, so she didn’t flirt with him because of the age gap, which was probably more significant for her. Anne and Sandy went to the disco and they both enjoyed dancing with whoever they could drag on to the dance floor. Sandy then was asked to dance by one of the group leaving Anne on her own. As she sat on her own, the Greek lad approached her accompanied by his friend, who was only 16. He chatted to her in broken English and then dragged her to the middle for a slow dance. He seemed nice enough and she allowed him to put his hands on her hips as they danced slowly to the music. Anne had had a few drinks and the thought came into her head, “I could do with a good fucking rather than just my fingers, and you’re going to give it to me”. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. The music was still slow and her biggish firm tits were pressed against his chest. Soon she could feel that the lad was getting excited with his cock getting harder as she pushed bursa escort her leg between his. Soon they were kissing and there was only one thought in Anne’s mind.The latest song finished and she pulled the lad (Andros) off the floor and sat down at the table where they’d left his friend (Nik). She then whispered to Andros that they should leave for a while as she had a surprise for him, but Andros said that he couldn’t leave Nik. “Ok then, he can wait outside”, and then Anne led them over to the accommodation block and told Nik to wait outside as she and Andros entered her room. The door slammed shut as they kissed passionately and soon Anne had her hand on Andros’s hard cock. He seemed very eager and soon she was lying on the bed with her dress around her waist and Andros trying to get his cock up the side of her knickers after dropping his shorts. Anne was just dying to get fucked now but then disaster as Andros spurted his load all over her panties before he could get his cock inside her. He was very embarrassed and explained that this was his first time and was so sorry. Anne told him not to worry and asked about Nik. Andros said that he was shy and was also still a virgin. With this, Anne got off the bed, opened the door and dragged Nik in to join them. “Right, you are both going to satisfy me”, she ordered and told them both to get naked. She then stripped off herself, showing her nude body with hairy snatch and firm tits to the two youths. Andros was still flaccid after losing his erection, due to his premature ejaculation and embarrassment. But after stripping, she could see that Nik was getting excited with a semi erect cock pointing towards her and his mouth open in seeing a naked woman for the first time. “Now then boys, do as I say and your reward will be to fuck and please me”. Anne has got big nipples and with her excitement of having these two to herself, they were hard and standing out by an inch. “Right, I want one either side of me and you can feel my tits while I get to play with your cocks”. As instructed, the boys lay down on the bed next to Anne and started to caress her tits and play with her engorged nipples. “Mmmm, suck them if you want”, she said as each of her hands reached for a cock. Andros was still only semi erect but Nik now had a rock hard boner of about 6 inches. She wanked and kneaded the cocks as they sucked on her breasts and nibbled her nipples, heightening her already high libido. Andros was soon hard again and she could tell it was a thicker than Nik’s, but only about 5 inches. She told them to stop and got up from the bed telling them to stay put. She then looked down on them and asked if they had ever been sucked. They replied in the negative so Anne told them to lie back bursa escort bayan and enjoy. With a cock in each hand she lowered her face to Nik’s erection, sticking her tongue out and swirling it around his head. His cock jerked as she did it and then she did the same to Andros. She then went back to Nik and took the head into her mouth and slowly moved up and down his shaft. This was too much for Nik even at this early stage and he exploded his young semen into her mouth. Anne was taken by surprise for a second time that evening and was forced to swallow as the spunk hit the back of her throat. “Sorry”, he uttered apologetically, and after swallowing his cum, Anne told him not to worry, as it was all good experience. She then leant over Andros and took his cock in her mouth but had a bit more trouble with it because of its girth. Andros moaned as she did this but she didn’t want him cum so eased off when she thought he was getting too excited. She then stopped and told them to get up. “Now you can suck me”, she ordered and she lay back on the bed. “Andros, you can suck my pussy first while I get Nik hard again. Be gentle and no teeth, just your lips and tongue. Work your way up from my cunt to my clitty and back again.” “Where’s your clitty”, Andros asked. “Don’t you know about a girl’s anatomy”, Anne enquired. Both shook their heads. Anne opened her legs and moved her cunt lips apart with her fingers. She then exposed her clit which by this time was hard and erect with anticipation. “That’s my clit”, she said. “Now, do as I said and Nik, come up here by my head”. They did as they were told and Anne felt Andros’s tongue between her legs. She then got hold of Nik’s cock and started to wank and suck it tasting the remnants of his orgasm. Andros was doing a good job on her and soon she was having her first orgasm, bucking her hips and sucking harder on Nik’s cock as she came. Andros stopped as her orgasm subsided. Both lads now had hard cocks so it was time for the fucking she yearned for. She asked Andros to swap places with Nik, who immediately went down on her to taste her pussy. After a few seconds though, Anne told him to fuck her. She was moved towards the bottom of the bed and told Nik to lift her legs up and push his cock into her. She then took hold of Andros’s cock and started sucking, whilst feeling the knob of Niks’s cock at her cunt entrance. “Push it in slowly and when it’s in up to your balls withdraw slightly and then push it in again. Do that a few times and then increase the speed.” She felt him push and slowly her cunt was filled, and then Nik withdrew and pushed in again. He then started pounding her pussy and she loved the feeling of a cock in her mouth and another up her cunt for the first escort bursa time. “Fuck me”, she cried and soon she felt his cock harden as he shot his spunk against her cervix. He stayed there with his cock inside her until it was drained of semen and it started to soften. “Now it’s your turn Andros, but don’t come too early again”. “I’ll try not too “, he promised. “Right Nik. I want you to lie down with your head at the bottom of the bed. Nik did as instructed. Anne told Andros to get behind her as she positioned herself in front of Nik, her pussy inches from his mouth. “Nik, I want you to suck my pussy and taste your spunk as Andros fucks me.” She leaned forward for Nik to get his mouth on her cunt and then told Andros to put his thick cock in her. Nik’s cum was already dribbling out of her pussy and making it’s way into his mouth as Andros entered her. He must have felt Nik’s tongue as on his cock as he slid in but neither of them said anything. As Andros pushed his cock in further, Anne felt he cunt being stretched by his girth. She always said that she prefers girth to length and would much prefer a short thick cock to a long slender one. While the two youths were pleasuring her, Anne leaned forward and took hold of Nik’s now erect cock and licked and sucked it. The sensation of Nik’s tongue on her clit and Andros’s thick cock pounding her was proving too much and she felt an almighty orgasm swelling. The occasional sensation of Niks’s tongue as he thrust his cock in and out of Anne’s cunt was also getting Andros on the edge. Suddenly, Anne felt week at the knees as a shuddering orgasm hit her, which in turn through Andros over the point of no return. He cunt walls contracted around his cock and squeezed his semen out of him. He kept his rhythm both their orgasms subsided but the thrusting in an out meant his spunk mixed with Anne’s juices and was flowing out into Nik’s mouth. This was too exciting for Nik now who also shot his load, into Anne’s mouth which was still around his cock. After what seemed an age, but in truth was only a few seconds, Anne got up from Nik’s cock and Andros flopped out of her. “Well, thank you boys. I hope you both enjoyed that; I certainly did.” She could still feel the spunk which had filled her trickling down from her cunt on to her inner thigh. She scooped her hand over it to collect some and then offered it to Andros. “Come on; your turn to taste spunk.” He wasn’t sure but he still licked her fingers clean. They then all showered before heading back to the disco where there was no sign of Sandy, but that’s another story. Anne danced with the boys in turn until the end of the disco and then bid them a fond farewell, with her knickers still wet from the combined spunk still leaking from her cunt. At the end of the holiday she agreed to visit another of group, and even though they had not had sex during the stay, it was mutually agreed that it would be for sex. That, though, would be disappointing.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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