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Wife Spanked By A Stranger

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Wife Spanked By A StrangerMy wife is very naughty on occasions and needs a good spanked bottom. She usually manages to expose herself, by allowing her skirt to ride up when sunbathing at the park, leaving the changing room door open when trying on clothes, leaving the curtains open when changing at home, wearing a short skirt on a breezy day with skimpy underwear on etc. Nothing too overt, but thats half the fun. People noticing, who believe she is unaware of the fact she is exposing hersef.We used to go to a park near us regularly and my wife was doing her usual thing, knickers pulled right up to expose her bum cheeks, lying down and sunbathing etc. An older man came and sat near and I could see he was looking up my wifes skirt, in a sly way. I enjoy this a lot and find it a big turn on, as does my wife. I called accross to him and said something like “Lovely day isn’t it” and we got talking. Anyway, I managed to swing the conversation round to how people today are so badly behaved and ill mannered and that what they are lacking is discipline and he agreed. I told him that on occasions, I have to spank my wife and he was very interested in the detail. He said that he believed in corporal punishment,but had not had the chance to administer it for years, as his wife had passed away and he regularly used to spank her. In our conversation, I learned that he lived by himself very close to the park we were in. I manage to whisper to my wife out of earshot of this chap, that if he was prepared to spank her, would she go along with it. She was very reluctant to do so at first, but I explained that he was quite old and frail and I wouldn’t let anything bad happen. If it got too much, then we could just leave. queenbet güvenilirmi She finaly agreed as long as it was just a spanking and nothing to serious. I then resumed the convesation with the elderly chap and asked if he would like us to come back to his house for a cup of tea and for us to continue the conversation.He was very happy at this suggestion, so after a short walk, we arrived at his house. Upon enteering, we continued to a small spartan living room, with a sofa, a couple of easy chairs and an old TV. The old chap made us tea and myself and the wife sat on the sofa facing him. I could see my wife shifting her legs, so as to give the old chap a nice view up her mini skirt of her skimpy lace panties. Her pussy must have been bulging tight against the taught knicker material. His eyes were firmly fixed on this area. I said “my wife had been very naughty this week and was due a spanking and I wondered, as it had been a long time, if he would like to administer it”? His face lit up and he said “Yes, it would be an honour to”. I asked my wife to stand and move to the middle of the room. She was wearing a white blouse, a blue slightly flared mini skirt, pretty white lace knickers and sandals. as it was a warm summer day outside. I asked my wife to bend over and touch her toes. As she did so, her short skirt rode up to reveal her bottom cheeks straining out of each side of her lace panties affording her not much protection.I asked the old chap to lift her skirt up to reveal her partially covered bottom. Her pussy was visible straining against the lace material and nestling between her bottom and the top of her legs. This was indeed a lovely sight!I ordered my wife to remove queenbet yeni giriş her skirt and she unfatened it and it fell to the ground.At this point, the olc chap suggested he get a belt that he used on his wife and I agreed that would be good. Taking aim with the belt the old chap moved slowly toward my wifes bottom. He raised the belt and brought it down firmly, but not with excessive force square accross my wifes bum cheeks…”THWAAAACK” She started forward from the force of the blow,but maintained her position. “Thwaaack, Thwack”, 10 or more blows of medium force proceeded to redden the bulging bottom cheeks that were straining out form either side of my wifes pretty knickers. I was as hard as a rock observing my wife being spanked by this stranger, who was obviously enjoying the task as well as feasting on my wifes ample charms.The redness was beginning to show on my wifes exposed and unprotected bum cheeks.Finally the blows stopped and my wife stood up and rubbed her bottom. Next I suggested the she go accross his knee for a bare arse spanking. He went to the kitchen and returned with a chair and placed in it tne centre of the room. I ordered my wife to strip naked, which at first she objected to, but after some sharp words, she complied. The old chap sat down on the chair and I ordered my wife to stand with her hands on her head for a while to complete her humiliation. The old chap had a good view of her naked body. Finally, I ordered her to go accross his knee. His hand rested on her naked bottom and eased gradually toward the centre where her pussy was clearly visible. His hand rested against her crotch and his fingers slowly increased crept forwards, until they queenbet giriş were inside the wet lips of her pussy. She wiggled at this point and his fingers came to rest on her bum hole, very lightly. He was intimatly applying pressure to that area. I suggested at this point he squeeze my wifes bottom as I could see she wasn’t happy with the old chaps manouvers. He happily complied and groped her whole naked chubby bottom. Bouyed up by this experience, the old chap proceeded to slap my wifes bum with great gusto. His strokes were harder this time and with more intent. “Smaaaack, Smaaack, Blaaat” spank after spank increased at a frantic pace, the noise of their contact echoing around the spartan room. My wifes muffled squeels and protests were music to my ears. The old chaps face really seemed to light up with excitement at this task!My wife struggled to escape the blows, but to his credit, the old chap held her tightly and continues to spank away at her naked and by now, very red bottom. I must admit that this made me very excited, especially at the fact that my wife was obviously affected by this punishment and was trying to pull away. I could see it wasn’t excessive, so allowed it to continue. Finally after what seemed like an age, my wife managed to break free and fell in a heap on the floor, her legs wide open revealing her pussy and her now very reddened bottom. I made her bend over, legs appart and hold that position. After a minute or so, I asked the old chap to continue spanking my wife with his hand. My wifes very red bottom, naked and on show, her pussy revealed from betwen her legs as she bent in front of us, “Smaaack!” again a medium hard spank landed, My wife did not flinch. This was followed by several more well aimed slaps, I then declared the punishment over. My wife completely naked at this stage, got dressed. I thanked the old chap and said I would be in touch. I have not been back since but have had many nights enjoyment re enacting this punishment with my wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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