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Wife wanted to watch me suck

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Wife wanted to watch me suckI’ve been married for three years now. My wife is very sex positive and loves to have orgasms. She had told me about some of her experiences and I have told her about some of mine, but I knew she was holding out on me and I was holding out on her. When I was a boy, there was a man who lived in my neighborhood who took an interest in me. He worked nights and his wife worked during the day. He was very friendly. One day during the summer, we was walking home on a particularly hot day. He was outside sitting on his porch and asked if I’d like a cold glass of lemonade. I was parched so I said yes. He invited me inside and poured me a glass. I was 16 and he must have been somewhere between 35 and 40. His wife was a very attractive older lady and had a very nice body. He asked if I liked his wife. I said, “yes, she seems very nice, but I have never really talked to her.” Then he asked again….”Do you like my wife? Do you find her sexy?” I was a bit embarrassed and did not know what to say. He saw this and said “It’s okay. I don’t mind if you think she’s sexy. Would you like to see some pictures of her?” I answered with a sheepish buca escort “sure.” He brought out a sleeve of photo’s and put them on the table in front of me. I pulled them out and holy crap, she was naked in every one of them. As I got past seven or eight, he was in them too. I was hard as a rock. She had nice tits a sweet bald pussy and she let him cum on her face. I had never seen anything like that before. I was so busy looking at them that I failed to notice that he was standing there with his rob open stroking his cock. I looked over with a shocked look on my face and he said, “it’s okay. You can jack off to them if you want. Take off your pants, I don’t mind.” I was very nervous and horny as hell. I couldn’t believe he was showing me pictures of his wife. So I did as he suggested and took off my pants and started stroking myself. He came closer and started talking dirty to me. He looked at my cock and said, “damn, my wife would really enjoy your cock inside of her. Do you want to fuck my wife?” I was young and nervous so didn’t really know how to respond. So I said, “yeah.” He knelt beside me, pulled out a the picture of her with escort buca her legs spread open and said “your cock would feel so good inside of her.” Before I knew it, my cock was in his mouth and he was sucking me off and playing with my balls at the same time. I had never been with anyone before and it felt so damn good. I kept looking at her as he sucked and before I knew it, I was cumming in his mouth. He had shot his load all over the floor. He told me to keep this to myself and that I could come over anytime she was at work and I wanted to look at them. I would look out the window around 5:30 and time walking by the house when she got home. I never looked at her the same way afterwards. I went to his house the next three days in a row and on the third day, he asked me to suck him off. I sheepishly said, “ok.” His cock was a little smaller than mine, but he had a nice mushroom head. I had never really thought of cock before, but as I got on my knees and started playing with his, I got turned on. He told me what to do and I followed his instructions. I’m sure I was not very good, but the first time I felt his cock start to pulse buca escort bayan in my mouth followed by his cum exploding into my mouth, I was hooked. He never had to ask me again. I would always suck his cock first, then jack off to the pictures of his wife, always cumming in his mouth. He wanted me to watch him fuck his wife, but knew she was not into it. So one Friday night, just before she came home, he hid me in his closet. When she came home, she got into the shower and he snuck me in so I could watch her as she showered. Afterwards, he laid her on the bed and made love to her for at least an hour while I watched and stroked myself. He said, she always took a shower after sex so that would be my opportunity to sneak back out, but not before he put her panties in my face and sucked me off. They ended up moving that fall. I wish I could remember his name because I’d love to get together and play with him again. Coming back to my wife….I had not told her the details but I did tell her I had been with a man before. She never really asked me much about it. But one time she was sucking my dick and I asked if I could cum in her mouth and she said, “no way. You can cum on my breasts though.” Which I did. I asked her later that night why she was opposed to my cumming in her mouth and she said it was gross. I told her it’s not that bad. Then she asked “have you had cum in your mouth?”……..Story to follow…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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