Mar 30

Wife’s First

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As soon as Bob and I meet we became instant friends. He just moved to town and got a job in my office building. We had lunch together almost daily and often stopped for a beer on the way home. After about a month over lunch at the local pizza place Bob said out of the blue that Kellie, his wife, told me last night when we were talking that she has been thinking more and more about wanting a three-some or a four-some. She asked me what I thought. Jim you know we all dream about multiple partners but she really caught me off guard.

“I know exactly what you mean. This is really odd because Julie told me a couple months ago she wanted the same thing. I asked if she wanted an extra man or a woman. She told me both. She wants two dicks at once and would really like to see what another woman tasted like. Say Bob. I have an idea. Bounce it off of Kellie when the time is right.”

Bob and I didn’t talk about this for about two weeks when Bob brought it up again. He told me his wife was talking about multiple partners again so he told her about my idea. “Kellie got so hot she ripped my clothes off and rode me hard. She came in about a minute. Yes Todd, lets do it.

That Friday I came home and started to really snuggle with Julie. I made it very clear I was horny as hell and ready to go. She warmed up fast. The two of us got in the shower and took our time soaping each other and teasing as much as we dared. When Julie got to the bedroom I tied her to the bed. Something I had never done before. She was getting hotter and hotter. Her breathing was getting raspier. Then I put a blindfold on her. She was more exacted than I have ever seen her.

After kissing her hard for several minutes I worked my way down her lovely body stopping to suck each nipple until they were as hard as my dick. I finally made it to her sweet pussy and with a pillow under her hips for a more comfortable position I started to lick and suck until I could tell she was about to cum. Then I stopped and started to kiss her again. Julie like most women loves the taste of there own juices. As Julie and I were kissing and I was rubbing her tits Bob very gently got between Julie’s legs and touched his tongue to her clit.

Julie would have jumped clean off of the bed if she wasn’t tied down. “Relax Julie. You have told me several times you wanted to try a three-some. This is it. Only I decided to make a game of it.”

“What kind of game?” This whole time Bob kept licking and sucking her clit and she started to relax.

“Sorry. I won’t tell you what the game is for a while. It’s a surprise.”

“Please untie me. I want to hold his cock. Let me fondle his balls and have him in my mouth before he fucks me.”

“I will untie you only if you promise not to try and remove the blindfold. Promise?”

“Yes. Yes. I promise.” Bob stopped what he was doing and rolled over on his back so Julie could explore his body with her hands and mouth. It was very strange to watch the woman I love acting like this to another man. It was also very erotic. I couldn’t wait for my turn to fuck Julie.

Julie sucked on Bob for a few minutes and then rolled over and asked to be beylikdüzü ucuz escort fucked by her secret lover. Bob wasted no time and was soon pounding away at Julie’s pussy. As soon as he was done Julie asked to suck his cock clean, which Bob was glad to have done. As Julie was cleaning up Bob’s cock I took my turn at my wife. It didn’t take me long to add my cum to Bob’s and Julie once again asked to clean my cock off. As Julie was sucking me clean Bob quietly snuck out of the room and out the back door. As soon as he was gone I removed Julie’s blindfold.

“OK now tell me what this game is.”

“We are playing it now. That’s all I will say. Let’s shower and make love again.”

“Todd you are a nasty man.”


I came home and acted much like I did the night Bob came over. Julie caught the hint quickly and couldn’t get showered fast enough. When I got to the bedroom she was already lying in bed with the blindfold on. I only needed to tie her up. I followed the same routine by kissing her and working my way down her body where I took my time licking her pussy and sucking her clit. This time when I moved up and started to kiss her she didn’t jump when she felt someone else licking her pussy. After a couple of minutes Julie stopped kissing me and turned her head. “That’s someone different down there. He is better than the other guy. How many men are you going to let fuck your wife. Now untie me so I can feel his dick.”

“I won’t untie you yet. Soon.”

Then Kellie started to move her way up Julie’s body. Rubbing her B cup tits over my wife’s flat abs. It only took a sec for Julie to figure it out. “That’s a woman. Untie me I want to feel her boobs.”

“Remember the rules Julie. You can not touch your mask.”

“I remember. Let me suckle her tits.”

I just about came watching my wife suck on another woman’s nipples for the first time. Kellie didn’t let Julie suck for to long before she moved up and sat her pussy on my wife’s eager face. As my wife was sucking her first clit I moved down and started to suck hers. She was moaning and cuming and loving it. “Todd I want to feel you in me as I lick this pussy.” I was ready. It was a good thing Julie had already cum so many times because I just couldn’t last. In less than 5 minutes I had cum and my 7-inch dick was flaccid. Kellie and Julie were also about out of breath. As Kellie got off of my wife’s face I moved up to clean the pussy juice off of Julie’s face then gently went to sucking on her rock hard nipples. As Julie and I were winding down Kellie, like her husband snuck out the back door.


Just like the Fridays before as soon as I got home from work I stared really coming on to Julie and quickly got her undressed and into the shower. And just like the Friday before she couldn’t wait to get cleaned up, dried off and into bed. She was already for her new lover when I came into the room and started to get dressed. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Oh. Sorry I forgot to ask you. Would you like to go out to eat? We have reservations at that sea food beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort place in an hour.” “That doesn’t sound like your asking. Sounds like your telling. I really thought you were going to surprise me again.” I could tell she was disappointed. But I did have plans for after dinner.

Dinner went as normal with nothing unusual, we ate, enjoyed the food, I paid the check. Before we left the restaurant I excused myself to the bathroom. There I sent Bob a text. b home n 30min. He replied k.

As soon as Julie and I got in the front door I roughly took her shirt off. Julie has small A cup tittles that I love and often goes without a bra. After sucking on her nipples for a bit we went off to the bedroom, I made sure she went first. When she walked in she stopped short. On our bed was Bob. Butt naked. Wearing only a hood that I picked up at a sex shop that specializes in fetishes. The hood almost completely covered his head except for his mouth and lower jaw. It was of a material where you could not see Bob but Bob could see out. Bob also grew a beard just to help hid him.

Julie took off her pants and was on Bob’s flaccid penis in a second. She loved to feel my penis get hard in her mouth. As she worked on Bob’s knob I got undressed. She sucked Bob until she felt him getting too excited then she rolled over and ordered Bob to return the favor. As soon as Bob started to lick her pussy Julie noticed the beard. “Todd, you brought me another lover. The first guy didn’t have a beard”. While Julie was being serviced I worked on her nipples more. As I felt my pre-cum start to ooze out I started to rub the head of my dick on her nipples. I loved the way it felt to rub my penis on a nipple when it was slick with pre-cum. I would then suck off all my pre-cum I love the way I taste. As I was pulling my dick off of her nipple she grabbed me and started to give me a blowjob. Julie loved every second of this oral activity.

“Ok Bob I want to feel Todd’s tongue for a minute before the two of you fuck me”. About a minute is all she let me have she told me to roll over. Before she mounted me she grabbed our tube of KY from the nightstand and lubed up Bob’s cock. “I want you in my ass as I fuck my husband”. It took us a few minutes before we all got in rhythm but when we were all rocking as one the feeling was unbelievable. I could feel Bob’s cock as he pumped in and out of Julie’s ass. Sometimes when he would thrust hard his balls would bounce off of mine. These new sensations were electric. Bob came hard which triggered me to cum then Julie came. When Julie finished cumming she just lay there quivering. Bob pulled out and quietly left.

“Todd. I love you so much. Thank you for giving into my fantasies. I feel kind of bad though. I have been having all of the fun. What about you?”

“Well Julie. I have had some fun. I had a threesome with your first two lovers. I was going to tell you later as my game played out.”

Julie just looked at me for a minute. I could tell she was trying to decide if she should be mad or not. “That’s ok. I wish I could have been there beyoğlu escort to enjoy it like you got to enjoy my first time. Tell me all about it please.” After I told her all about my threesome we made love again. When we woke the next morning I decided it was a good time to tell Julie what the game was.

“Julie do you remember when we started all of this I told you it was part of my game but wouldn’t tell you what the game was? Now I will tell you. In three weeks my company will be having its yearly picnic Bar-B-Q. Your lovers will be at the party. Do you think you will be able to pick them out? Just think there will be people at the party that have seen you naked and had sex with you and you wont be sure who they are.”

“Todd you are a very nasty man. Do I get to fuck them again if I find them?”

“You can count on it.”

For the three weeks leading up to the party we made love every day. Julie couldn’t get enough. She was incredible. If I was too tired to perform she didn’t care. She would roll me over and blow me until I got hard the ride me until she came. One night I didn’t get hard at all; she still sucked my flaccid dick for 30 minutes as she masturbated.


Julie was nervous and horny as hell on the way to the picnic. She couldn’t wait to see what the day would bring. We mingled for a while and I introduced Julie to everyone as we met them. Each time she meet someone about the right size and build she would ask, “Is that him/her?” And each time I would give the same answer “Why don’t you ask? Excuse me, have we ever had sex?” Oh I was having fun. “Well Julie, are you enjoying my game?” “Todd sometimes I don’t like you. Yes I love it.”

After about an hour of milling around meeting people we got our lunch plate and just happened to sit at the same table with Bob and Kellie. Julie had met them earlier but didn’t give them any more attention than she gave anyone else that was about their size. Bob had once again shaved so he was harder to spot and he wore jeans to hide his legs. As we were about done with lunch Kellie asked Julie if we wanted to come over their place for a light dinner and maybe a movie on the TV. Julie surprised me by saying no we had plans already. Then Kellie dropped the bomb. “That’s a shame Julie. Bob, Todd and I were really looking forward to running a train on you and fucking your brains out. I particularly was looking forward to having that talented tongue of yours play with my clit. But if you are busy…” Kellie made this statement loud enough for the other couple at the table to hear. They just sat there looking at us with their mouths open. Julie couldn’t get the words out. She kind of stammered, as she really looked Bob and Kellie up and down as if seeing them for the first time. I decided to answer for her. “Yes Kellie I think Julie would love to cum at your place to suck your clit and get her brains fucked out.” Julie threw her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear, “I love you now lets go fuck, and they are even better looking than I imagined.”


That was about a year ago. Bob and I are still best friends; we get together every weekend for sex games. We’ve been on vacation together and are currently considering buying a large home together and all living under one roof. The girls have discovered they love girl on girl sex and have a girl’s night about once a month. Bob and I are never invited and have to leave the house. After we leave there will be 3-6 other women in the house all having sex.

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