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Wife’s Friend Swallow’s”I am very oral and I swallow,” Liz said as my wife Jenna and I sat across from Liz and her husband John in a local restaurant, “but I won’t do anything anal.”It wasn’t especially strange that the conversation had turned to sex, especially after sharing a few bottles of wine. Ever since we met Liz and John through our k**s’ sports teams, we’ve enjoyed frank and at-ease conversation. Over the years, we’d become good friends, but not close or best friends, and we worked to keep the friendship current by going out without the k**s from time to time. So here we were, a couples’ night out, in a booth at a very nice restaurant.It wasn’t what Liz said, but rather how Liz phrased it that got my imagination going. She said, “I swallow” not “I like to give John head” or “I like to give John blowjobs” or anything that related directly to John. “I swallow” sounded more general, more inclusive. After that, I hung on her every word.”It’s hard for me to give Tony a blow job,” my wife interjected. “I have a small mouth and my jaw gets cramped and he’s rather large, but I have to admit I like it when he plays with my ass.” I turned and looked at my wife with a broad smile and raised eyebrows. We are not a swinging couple and I am sure that she wouldn’t handle well the morning after a swing encounter. But, when she gets a little wine in her she does loosen up and in her words “does a little too much sharing”.”I love it when Jenna shaves herself between her legs,” I offered wanting to push the topic further. My normal voice is very deep and sexy and it only became deeper as I tried to keep my volume down. “It really drives me nuts. I love the feel of her smooth skin in my hands, how it feels when we make love, and I love to go down on her when she’s just taken a bath and shaved smooth.” I could tell Liz was getting turned on. She leaned in towards the center of the table and following her lead the rest of us leaned in with her, “I always keep myself completely shaved smooth and bare all the time,” this time glancing directly at me unnoticeably for just a second. “I love the feeling of skin-on-skin and tongue-on-skin.” We all leaned back and laughed and we eventually moved on to a different subject.”Smooth and bare”, “I’m very oral and I swallow”. These phrases kept swirling around in my head and as I stole glances at Liz that night, I started imagining what her smooth, soft, bare pussy looked like; felt like wet and puffy in my hand, slick and warm around my cock or being traced by my tongue. At this point, I was really getting hot under the collar and tight in my pants.Liz is what I would describe as a uniquely attractive and sharp looking woman. She has small and delicate facial features and kinky blonde shoulder length hair. She has a thin, small-breasted build that doesn’t hold and distribute extra weight evenly and the little extra padding she has resides at her butt and thighs. She really looks great in a tight pair of jeans and a snug fitting top. She often wears small, rectangular, black-rimmed glasses, which give her a classic “naughty secretary” look. Liz is obviously conscious of her appearance and rarely goes out of the house without taking at least some time to make herself up. But what is most exhilarating about Liz is her intellect. She is a very sharp cookie and it is fairly obvious that she has the brains in her marriage. She is funny, and fast witted. I am likewise and when she and I get going, I can really feel not only the physical energy between us, but also our minds playing off each other in our own private tango.We finished our evening together “normally” by going to a local club, listening to a band, and going our separate ways. But for days afterwards, I kept envisioning Liz’s smooth and soft pussy and imagining what it would be like with that sharp mind focused on giving me pleasure with her mouth and body.A couple of weeks went by. Saturday was a beautiful, warm spring day so I decided to take a bicycle ride. At 42 years, 6’1 and 170 pounds, I am fit, lean and modestly muscular and the biking and other exercises keep my ass and legs in particularly good shape. I’m a fairly avid cyclist and when I ride I wear the typical Lycra bike shorts and a tight, Lycra shirt. I feel handsome and sexy when I am dressed like this. I love the feeling of the tight slick fabric stretched across my body and I enjoy the turned heads and smiles from ladies driving by.My route took me by Liz and John’s house and I found her outside washing the BMW. She was barefoot and wearing a nice pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I coasted into her driveway and we started talking. We hadn’t seen each other since our couples’ night out so we had plenty to idly chitchat about.I was still perspiring and breathing heavily, not only from the 25 mile ride, but also from my fantasies about Liz that were streaming back into my head. As I stood there straddling my bike, I noticed her looking me up and down and once I think I caught her daydreaming and distracted from our conversation. She asked me if I was thirsty and invited me inside.As we entered I saw her young son walk by. He knew me from the team and we exchanged the typical grown-up to k** “Hi.” He went down stairs to their basement and we headed toward their kitchen. We all live in an upper middle class area in Maryland, situated between Baltimore, Washington, Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay. As one would expect, her house was beautiful inside and out, being tastefully decorated and well kept. We sat around the kitchen table and talked.I inquired where John was and she said that with all the k**s’ sports, she got some “alone-time” nearly every Saturday afternoon. John, Jr. was home that day because he had been sick and missed school on Friday. I tried to move the conversation slowly and carefully to our night out. I had to find a way to verify my instincts. Was she trying to send me signals the other night? Was she testing the waters? This was tricky. If I was wrong, and this was just harmless fun, then I could be firmly planting my foot into a steaming, heaping pile and threatening our friendship. What I said and how I said it would make all the difference.”Jenna and I really had a great time with you guys the other night,” I said. “And to be honest with you, I thought it was all pretty hot. Some of the stuff you said in particular really got my motor running. When we got home, I convinced Jenna to take a warm bath and freshly shave and we ended up having quite the evening.” I gave her a big grin. I thought weaving my wife in there at the end provided me just enough cover.She leaned back and looked directly into my eyes for a moment. I sensed she was sizing me up and thinking hard about what to say in reply. As she spoke, she looked directly into my eyes and slowly leaned forward.”Tony, you and I ‘get’ each other and so I’m going to take a risk and say something flat out. I know I can trust you, right?” I simply nodded. My heart was beating a mile a minute as she paused and took a deep determined breath. “John and I have been together since High School and I’ve played a couple izmir escortlar times very discretely outside of our marriage. The things you said the other night excited me too and ever since then I’ve been thinking what it would be like to be with you. And seeing you in that tight cycling gear has only made those feelings worse.”‘Oh shit,’ I thought to myself. I felt my face go flush, my heart was racing and my dick was straining against my bike pants. My excitement was impossible to hide.”Liz, I have been imagining making love to you too ever since that night. I can’t seem to get the image out of my head,” I said softly.After a moment, she broke her gaze from my eyes and looked down toward the table. She started speaking through the table as if to someone unseen. “OK then, well NOW obviously isn’t a good time with John, Jr. downstairs. Next week at Noon could work. The house should be empty.” She didn’t wait for my response. Her speech became excited, breathy and a little rushed as she looked back up to me. “I could leave the garage door open. You could ride your bike right in and close it quickly behind you. If the garage door is open and the door leading into the house is ajar, that could be the signal that the coast is clear. Would next Saturday work? Could you wear that outfit again?”I reached under the table and lightly touched her exposed right inner thigh with my hand and started tracing circles from the inside of her knee to just up and under the bottom of her shorts. This seemed to calm her slightly. She closed her eyes and took in a couple slow, deep breaths and regained her composure. Then suddenly, she shook her head, opened her eyes and removed my hand from her leg.”Shit. No. Stop. Not now. Save it for next week,” she said.We both stood up. My cock had worked its way to the left where it could expand more freely. In my tight bike pants, it was plain to see as it pointed toward my left hip. She stepped toward me and with her right hand; she stroked me gently with her palm thru the slick, tight material.”Mmmm,” she said and looked up at me with a smile. “Now you get out of here, before we do something stupid.” And with that, she gave me a good grab and a little shake.I took in a deep breath and let out a sigh followed by, “OK. All right. Noon Saturday.” I turned and walked out. I hopped on my bike and took the long way home, giving my hard-on time to subside.I made love to Jenna that night and another time early in the week. We had hot sessions that were being secretly driven by my fantasies of Liz during the day. After Tuesday, I left Jenna alone, which was just fine with her. I wanted to make sure I was “fully charged” for Liz on Saturday. Jenna has nowhere near the sexual energy and drive that I do, and she was satisfied to just go to sleep the rest of the week.What would Liz wear? I know what I wanted her to wear, what I’d fantasized she’d wear. What would she have planned for us? Planned for me? Knowing her, I knew she would think it through and fantasize about it just like I was doing.Saturday morning came. I put on my tight silk, male-dancer type briefs followed by my Lycra bike shorts, just as requested. On top, I wore a skin-tight, yellow Under Armor shirt directly against my skin. I jumped on my bike and headed for Liz’s.When I arrived at noon, the garage door was open and only her car was on one side. Checking that the coast was clear, I rode straight into it. I saw that the door to the house was ajar, so I dismounted my bike and closed the garage door behind me.I walked directly into the kitchen where I was just one week earlier. I could hear soft instrumental jazz coming from the family room, which was one step down and to the left from the kitchen. As I turned the corner, I saw her standing in the middle of the room, smiling at me. She was wearing a teal blue silk robe, which fell to mid thigh and was tied at the waist with a matching silk sash. It had wide, shinny lapels and the front was embroidered with a Chinese bird scene. She wore high-healed shoes and stockings. Their living room and kitchen faced a wooded park area, which was protected from development and provided both openness and privacy. The entire back side of the house was all windows and the midday sun flooded the family room with daylight which backlit her silhouette.Without moving my gaze from her, I slipped out of my shoes. I removed my bike helmet and gloves and placed them on the kitchen table. I stepped down into the family room.”You look fabulous,” I said as I walked slowly towards her.”Thank you, you look great too,” she replied.When I reached her, I cupped her face with my right hand. She leaned her head into my hand and brought her left hand to the outside of mine. We kept ourselves far enough apart so that we could enjoy the full vision of each other as we stood there. I moved my hand back into her mane of hair, arching my fingers and scratching her scalp past her neck and ear as she let her hand fall and trace my forearm and bicep. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back and around in time with my movements. While doing this, I look my left hand and starting at her right shoulder, I let my hand drag along the outside of her right arm and down to her hand. On the way back up, I moved my hand to her waist and gently started rubbing her hip and side, enjoying the feeling of her womanly curve thru the silky fabric.I pulled her to me and for the first time our bodies touched. We looked into each other’s eyes as we brought our lips together and started a series of slow and sensual kisses. Soon we were involving our tongues, first just a little but then deeper and deeper. Our tongues began to dance in each other’s mouths as the kisses and our breathing grew more and more intense.At this point our hands were roaming and exploring each other’s bodies. I was softly massaging her ass and waist and she was doing the same to me. I pulled away from her and took a step back, leaving us both softly panting for breath. I moved around behind her and started kissing her neck. She tilted her head back and to the side to give me full access to her neck and shoulder. Now my hands had more to play with as they started to trace the soft curve of her belly and chest thru the silky robe.Taking the ends of the sash in each hand, a gentle tug was all that was needed to have the robe fall open and unceremoniously drop to the floor. To my delight and surprise, she was wearing a full body stocking with an open crotch. It was of fine weave so her entire body was sheathed in silky smooth material. In the opening at the crotch, I saw what I’d been imagining. She was completely shaved and the milky white skin of her lower belly transitioned uninterrupted to form the mounds of her pussy. She looked tight and her lips weren’t very pronounced. It was one of the prettiest pussies I had ever seen, and this is on a 40-year-old mother of 3!She quickly turned to me and pushed me backwards until my back hit the closest solid wall next to a bank of full-length windows. She turned again with her back now to me. She arched her back and with both hands she reached izmir escort bayan back and brought my head back to her neck. At the same time, she started slowly grinding her ass into restrained bulge. The smooth material of my bike shorts rubbing against the slippery hose stretched across her ass seemed almost frictionless. The simultaneous sensations and visions were incredible; her hands raking through my hair, my lips nibbling on her neck and ears, the subtle smell of peppermint from her shampoo, my hands tracing from her nipples down to the lower curve of her belly and then back up along her sides along the delicate arch in her back, and her ass gyrating against my cock.I took this opportunity to finally get my hands on her silky pussy. I ran my right hand down the center of her stomach and reached down between her legs. My middle finger rotated around her clit and along her slit as my other fingers light touched her smooth, puffy skin on either side. The feeling was unbelievable. She was so soft and smooth. My fingers felt alive, like they had minds of their own. As I teased her clit and pussy, she matched my motions with her own gyrations back into me.My aching cock was trapped downward between my legs like it was encased in a Lycra straight jacket. As I started to reach down to let it free to the side, she noticed what I was doing and stopped me by grabbing my wrist. She turned to face me and said, “Allow me.”With that, she untied the drawstring of the bike shorts and literally peeled them off me inside out, revealing the little silk, mini briefs I had on beneath. She was now down on her knees and she looked up at me. She flipped me a smile then turned her gaze to the bulge in my shorts. She started teasing my cock thru the cloth with her fingernails, slowly tracing the length from the tip to the base and then under my balls then back again. She then quickened the pace and employed more and more of her hand until she was using her fingers and palm in long controlled strokes. All awhile, I was raking the fingers of both my hands through her scalp.She started to trace the elastic band in the front of my briefs, allowing her fingers to reach down behind the material and periodically glance my dick. She pulled the shorts off in one quick, deliberate motion. My cock sprang out and up, pointing to the sky (when I’m highly aroused, my cock almost touches my belly even when I’m standing.)She just stayed kneeling there for a few moments, staring at my cock and slowly tracing its length with her fingernails.”Tony,” she said, never taking her eyes from watching her fingers tracing my cock, “we’ve known each other for quite a while and it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve been with anyone other than John. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I know I am clean. Have you had any unprotected sex with anyone other than Jenna recently?””No, I haven’t,” I replied. “It’s been over a year since I’d been with anyone else in any way, and it was completely safe stuff. I know I’m clean too.””OK then, listen. I don’t want to put anything in the way of us feeling and experiencing each other. I don’t want to use condoms with you. I want to suck your dick and enjoy the feeling of your skin against my tongue and your cum filling my mouth. I want you to tell me when you’re about to cum, because it really turns me on and I want to be prepared to take your load. Then later, I want to feel you inside me and I want to feel you cum inside me too.”Oh, my god, I could barely believe this was all happening. I was so excited I almost came right there. It had been so long since I’d felt another woman’s lips around me or felt the warm wetness of another woman’s pussy around my dick or tasted another woman’s pussy. I hadn’t done anything unprotected with anyone except my wife in 20 years. If it were anyone else, I would have said “no”, but I’d gotten to know and trust her and we both knew we’d be safe.Though I had a thousand thoughts in my head, a stammering, “OK,” was all I could muster.With that she went straight to work. She started by licking my cock from my balls to the tip. She covered every inch of my member with her tongue and when complete, she stood up and led me, with dick in hand, to the couch. She sat me back on the large leather sofa, and then crawled up on hands and knees next to me. She took my entire length in three successively deeper thrusts. Each time just prior to pulling back, she locked her lips around me and sucked hard. The combination of her sucking and the natural suction caused by locking her lips as she pulled back was absolutely amazing. I could feel her engulf and surround me as her caved-in cheeks, tongue and roof of her mouth squeezed tightly together around me. Never in my life had I ever had such a fantastic blowjob.She continued this for a several minutes, taking me completely in her mouth, locking down and then twisting her head as she withdrew up my shaft. When I didn’t think the sensation could be any better, she took her right hand and started to follow her mouth with her clenched, twisting fist while her left hand was gently squeezing my smoothly shaved balls. I have a small silky section on the bottom my sack, which is very sensitive. Instinctively, she found it and focused a couple of her fingernails on that area. By my reaction, she could tell she was hitting gold.This was all I could take and I started to climax. When I told her, she started to moan slightly and slurp and quickened the pace. I started matching her moans and motion with my hips and I started repeating over and over again, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”. I came harder than I had in years and as I did, she slowed her pace slightly but continued to suck as I filled her mouth with my juice. I could feel the back of her throat clenching as she swallowed all that I gave her. The head of my cock gets very sensitive after I cum and her continued action caused such an intense sensation, it literally brought my entire body into uncontrollable spasms of pleasure. She continued to suck and massage me for several minutes more until I started to go flaccid and she was able to extract the last drops left in my softening shaft. When she was satisfied her job was complete, she looked up at me and slowly crawled up my chest, leaving a path of licks and kisses until she reached my lips. We locked back into a deep passionate kiss. I was so appreciative of the intense pleasure she gave me, but all I could think to say was, “Thank you.” She just looked at me and smiled.I slid from underneath her and allowed her to fall to her back onto the couch. Now it was my turn. I really enjoy pleasuring a woman and I started to layout my plan while I gently stroked her inner thighs. Though I loved the body stocking, I wanted to feel her bare skin against mine. I got up off the couch and removed my shirt and then I peeled the stocking off her shoulders, over her hips and back off her feet.I lounged back beside her and started licking the sides and underneath of her small breasts. I licked up the center of her breasts and started licking her nipples in long, drawn-out strokes, izmir bayan escort interrupted periodically by taking nearly her entire tit into my mouth. While I was working her breasts with my mouth, my right hand started its journey back down to her smooth crotch. She repositioned her ass and allowed her knees to fall apart slightly. I resumed the same motion that I had started when we were standing. Using my index, middle and ring finger, I started playing with her clit. First I would circle it, then flutter it quickly back and forth with all three fingers, and then back to long strokes down the slit, burring my finger and then fingers between her wet lips.The attention of my mouth started to wander south and when I reached her bellybutton, I stopped the massage with my hand and repositioned my body between her legs. I took a calf in each of my hands and reached my arms upward, stretching her legs straight up and slightly lifting her ass off the couch. I lowered the back of her thighs to my chest and lowered my body down on hers. With her legs still restrained under me, I resumed licking her stomach. I thrust and rubbed my chest into her clit as I slowly slid my body down her thighs and stomach until my mouth reached the top of her pelvis.I released her legs and took the backside of her upper thighs in my hands. I spread her legs apart and taking one long lick, I started at the bottom of her slit and ended circling around and above her clit. On the next lick, I went to the left focusing on her smooth, soft, puffy skin and ended just rounding her clit hood. The next lick was to the right with the same motion. I gradually quickened the pace and alternated left, center, right. I kept her guessing where and what I would do next. I incorporated breaks of differing lengths and blew on her lightly. Without warning, I would burry my tongue deep inside her or suck her clit deep between my lips.Her squirming and moans told me it was time to take her over the edge. I focused on her clit, sucking it up between my lips and tongue. When I got a good hold on it, I took a very deep breath through my nose and let out a slow, low, reverberating “hum”. I have a very deep, powerful voice and when I hum just the right note, it sets off a strong resonation though my lips and mouth. I went back to licking and I quickened my pace further, now to more than 2 a second, with long, firm licks. She started to buck, but I still had my hands on her thighs so I was able to keep her just where I wanted her. As she came, I latched on to her clit again and gave her several deep loud hums, followed by quick, long licks, then hums again. This sent her quivering in intense orgasms as she came all over my face. She tasted different than Jenna, a little sweeter and a little thicker. The taste of her cum only excited me more and I continued to work her hard, providing her orgasms like a string of pearls.I brought her knees and thighs together and raised her legs over my head with my left forearm. This pressed her pussy together and I reengaged my mouth and tongue, but now my cheeks were buried into the fleshy, smoothness of the back of her thighs. With my right hand, I inserted first one, but then two and finally three fingers. I stared to pace and coordinate my hand thrusts and long deliberate licks. She came hard as she brought her knees up to her chest and rolled over on her side.After about 30 minutes of this and too many orgasms to count, my jaw and tongue were shot and in need of rest. It was my turn to work my way up her belly and then chest, ending at her mouth for more passionate kissing. In all the attention and excitement I hardly noticed (pun intended) that I was getting erect again. As I worked my way up her belly, my hardening cock dragged up along Liz’s leg. After some kissing, she looked down, smiled and popped her eyebrows at me. She stood up and left the room, telling me that she’d be right back. Upon her return, I noticed a small bottle of lubricant in her hands. She kneeled on the couch facing me, straddling the top of my thighs. She flipped the top off the bottle open and dripped a stream of cold lube on my cock. I jumped a little and whimpered in false protest. She flashed me a wicked smile, laid the bottle to the side, and started working me with both hands by twisting them in opposite directions while she went up and down my shaft.With this treatment, I was fully hard again in no time. I grabbed her and rolled us both with a “thump” onto the floor. I moved her so that she was on her one hand and both knees, with one hand still working on my cock and the other holding her up. I knelt beside her. While she continued to give me a great hand job, I reached over and grabbed the lube bottle and poured an ample supply down the crack of her ass. I reached over her back and started to massage her ass between her cheeks and just playing a little with her asshole.”Remember, I don’t like anything in my ass,” she reminded me.”I know, I promise I won’t go inside. Trust me I think you’ll enjoy this,” I replied.She stopped her protestations and relaxed as I worked my hand and wrist up and down the crack of her ass, stopping periodically to quickly flicker the tip of my middle finger in and out on the boundary of her asshole. I directed her to lay on her stomach. I laid on top of her and let my bare cock glide up and down between her well lubed ass cheeks. She clenched her ass in rhythm to my movements. Periodically I would let the head of my dick press upon and barely open her asshole, but I never fully penetrate it. She let me know she approved and enjoyed this sensation by her moans and gyrations, as she beckoned the head of my cock back with her ass movements. I pulled back and in one, slow stroke entered her smooth wet pussy.I had no idea that she would be so tight and so smooth. When I told her how good she felt, she said she did pussy exercises every day. I buried myself deep inside her and held myself pressed against her ass as I felt her kneed me with her strong pussy walls. It felt like a tight soft fist, squeezing me up and down my cock. We fucked in this position for a while and then she pulled away, turned over and pulled me back inside her. I held my body up with one arm and I curled my other arm beneath her lower back, pulling her ass up off the floor up toward me. With this freedom, she started to grind into me on my thrusts as she wrapped her legs around my waist and interlocked her ankles. In this position we were getting depth and maximum clit stimulation at the same time. Our rhythm quickened and deepened and I came inside her as she climaxed.I collapsed upon her and we lay there for a moment trying to catch our breath, our bodies wet and sticky from cum, lube and sweat. I continued to stroke my cock inside her slowly and would periodically surprise her with a deep hard, grinding thrust. She came softly one more time before I went limp for the second time.We looked at the clock and it was approaching 2 hours since I arrived and our time had nearly run out. Her husband and k**s would be returning in about 30 min’s and she had to shower, straighten up and try to get the smell of sex out of the living room.After cleaning off quickly, I got dressed, gave her a long hard kiss good-bye, and rode my bike home.That was nearly 8 months ago and we’ve had several couples night out since.

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