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Wifes Pool Compo with No Panties

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Big Tits

Wifes Pool Compo with No PantiesMy wife for 25 years has a lovely voluptuous body and a pair of big boobs. The guys love them and she likes to put them out there. One night we decide to take a break and go to a local pub where they have a few pool tables and normally a lot of men playing so things are rather hectic, but we were prepared to take the risk. On arriving we see the place is rocking and the men crowding the place, looks like a darts compo on or something. We go and find ourselves a couple of bar stools. We need to speed our buzz up a bit as everyone is at least 5 drinks ahead. We get a few tequila’s and not long we are on a good buzz. Guys are pushing through us to get to the bar.I lean over and tell my wife, Zel why don’t you do something crazy, like take your panties off and see if these guys notice anything. She looks at me with surprise and shrugs, why not. Worth a reaction. She has a short summer dress on and stands up while there are 5-6 guys waiting at the bar ordering drinks. She lifts her dress basically over her head and asks a guy next to her, please take off my Pantie, I’m really hot. The guy can’t believe his luck. He grabs her panties with his teeth and starts to pull them down slowly. The guys stop what they are doing and turn to watch this older woman who could possibly be their mother do some crazy shit. He is certainly taking his time as this opportunity does not happen every day. bursa escort He eventually gets them off and passes the panties to my wife. She takes them and gently sniffs them and says, who wants to sniff my panties. Yes, yes, yes and there is a struggle. Come guys don’t act like c***dren now, she shouts. She gets onto the bar and turns around as if throwing a bouquet, she tosses the panties into the crowd and a young guy at the back catches them with out any effort. Well done big boy. She grabs her dress and lifts it up again to reveal her now very wet pussy. How do you guys like that. Cheers erupt. She drops her skirt and pulls her boob tube top down to flash her large tits to the entire bar. Wow, I could not believe what she was doing. Normally she is rather shy and does not like flashing. I did ask for it, though.They help her off the table and they invite her to play pool with them, she obliges and I just have to follow. She is not good at pool at all and she decides to take them on. I bet I can beat you guys at pool. Looser removes a piece of clothing and as you guys already know, I don’t have panties or a bra on so at a disadvantage already. You’re on lady, they shout. They rack up and she takes the first break and does a great break. They take another shot and sink 4 balls on one turn, she looks at me and smiles. Her turn now, she leans over the table to take a shot and everyone is behind her giving bursa escort bayan her support, so I thought but they were actually looking at her tight ass and crack which was conveniently protruding and smiling at them. She shoots and sinks the black ball. Ooo shit see says, now what do we do. Well lady firstly you lose the game and secondly you need to remove a piece of clothing. I think its still Ok because she has shoes on. That is fair boys and she starts to remove her dress. Baby, what are you doing. The guys are dumb struck and just have good look. Have you boys never seen a naked woman before, suck it in and let’s play. Its not long and she is clothes and shoe less. Baby I think its time to pack it in and its getting late now. Noooo, say the crowd which is now about 20 guys watching this tournament. No babes she says as if she is pissed, I’m horny enough to do this, rack it up boys. So, what is the wager now boys, I have no clothes. Well how about the winner giving the loser a blow job. That’s a great idea, she says without any thought. They play another game and yes, she loses. Come on then get on the table and let’s get these jeans off. As she pull’s them down this monster cock whips out, wow she says, that is a big cock. Looks like I’m the winner this time. She takes his manhood and starts to suck it like she has never had any cock before. He only last for a few minutes and he blows his load escort bursa into her mouth. Fuck dude, do you not have a girlfriend. Looks like he releases a year’s supply of cock juice into my mouth, she swallows with ease and takes a tequila to wash it down. The guys cheer, fuck she is really hot, man!!!Who is next, at this stage there are 20 coins lined up on the table. The owner of the next one inserts it into the table and racks up the table. Guys lets up the bets as I’m feeling lucky now. Winner gets to fuck me (she didn’t think about this one, a blonde moment) , we are happy with that they shout. She breaks and in her pissed state whacks the black ball, yes into the corner pocket. That’s not fair guys. Before she could ask the dude has his pants off and is hard ready for action. He grabs my wife and bends her over the table and guides his stiff member into her very swollen and wet pussy. Ooooh fuck that is good guys. She is so tight and wet, he comments. He pounds her with everyone having a good old look at the action behind. It must have been a minute and he was done, pulls out and erupts onto her back. His cum was like an endless stream. As this all ends, Zel gets onto the table and asks, now when do I get to orgasm. She grabs a guy next to her having a good look at her pussy. I think you can make me orgasm like a gentleman. He obliges and gets his cock deep into her lady crack. Zel erupts into orgasm. Ooooh fuck that is good. He follows in cumming into her pussy. Wow your wife has a nice pussy. You must have some fun with that pussy!!! Thanks guys for a great evening, I’m pissed and my husband wants to take me home for sloppy seconds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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