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His laughter echoed loudly across the lawn, his smile fading slowly. It was nice, just spending time with him again, and it had been too long. He was still the same Jonathan though, he still smoked way too much pot, still smiled often, and still laughed with the same tone as an old friend.

“I can’t believe you’re eighteen. It’s too soon. It feels like second grade was yesterday.” He smiled, poking my ribs. Sitting on my front lawn together was refreshing, the summertime June sun having set long ago and leaving the night dark but warm.

“Yeah, I know. Its insane.” I agreed, crossing my legs and toying with my shoelace. We’d been out here talking since four that afternoon, catching up on old times and bullshitting, and a quick glance at my watch said it was already eleven.

The silence set in, and it wasn’t awkward, it was just quiet. We sat there for a moment, smiling a each other.

He reached into his pocket to pull out his cigarettes, bitching when the pack was empty. “Do you want to walk to the mini mart with me? It’ll be like old times. I’ll buy you a slushy.” He grinned.

I nodded, standing up and wiping the grass from my legs and shorts. He pushed his skateboard beneath the tree we’d been sitting beneath, tossing his mp3 beside it. He quickly counted the folded dollar bills and put them in his back pocket.

In moments, we were walking together, side by side in the dark. It was a welcome quiet, in contrast to the laughter and chatter we’d shared all day. The mini mart was a lengthy walk away, but nothing too far.

Everything about Jonathan had stayed the same through time. He’d gotten taller and stronger, but he still had the same pot-induced giggles, the same slacker smile, the same big brown puppy eyes when I was being mean to him.

I was actually surprised at him, being that he hadn’t touched any weed today (“damn shit is getting pricey!” He had exclaimed.) and was still being so good-natured. He glanced over at me, and I could feel his eyes on me.

“Can I ask you a question, Riley?” he asked quietly.

I nodded, my eyes meeting his.

“Why haven’t you ever been in a real relationship before?”

I shrugged, caught off guard. “The right guy has never asked, I guess. I’ve never thought demirlibahçe escort about why, really.”

He nodded, turning around to walk backwards so he could look at my face.

“I don’t know why, either. You’re unlike a lot of people, sure, but it’s a good kind of different. I like it.” He managed, deep in thought. He swiveled back on his heel so he was walking beside me again, our arms brushing as we walked.

I felt his fingertips on my own, sliding through the spaces between them, and I felt myself start to smile. “Jon…” I giggled.

His smile was spreading, too, and I pulled out of his hand, only encouraging him to wrap an arm around my waist and draw me closer, nuzzling his face into my shoulder.

“Jonathan!” I squealed, giggling as I twisted out of his grip, walking backwards as he had done.

“What?” he asked, that goofy smile all over his face.

“Dun do that!” I scolded.

“Why not?” he questioned, moving in to hold my waist and pull me to him. He smelled nice, and his shoulder was soft. He leaned down to kiss me and I put my face down.

“Because I’m Riley, and you’re Jonathan, and we don’t feel like that about each other.” I mumbled, pulling out of his arms again.

“You don’t know that.” He mumbled, letting me walk without his advance for a little while.

Twenty yards later he was back at my waist, holding me to him and trying to kiss me through the giggles, both his and mine. He wasn’t very good at being successful.

After what had seemed like ages with butterflies dancing in my stomach, I could see the bright glow of the mini-mart ahead. His hand had still lingered in mine, and I had given up on trying shaking him off. He was a nineteen year old boy, and he was horny. If that meant laying the moves on a friend, so be it. Still, there was an odd thrill in knowing I was what he wanted right now, because it hadn’t really ever happened before. Every time he tried to get me closer to him, I pulled away, and it was both of us teasing each other, and both of us knew it.

I hopped the steps to the store playfully, entering it with him right behind me.

“You want anything, Riles?” he asked, walking up toward the register. I shook my head.

“I dikmen escort have to pee.” I announced, whining a little. The cashier smiled and handed me the key, eyeing Jon. I took the key and scampered back outside, finding the bathroom in the dark.

At least it was well lit inside, and clean. Clean, by public toilet standards, there really was a limit to how clean a gas station bathroom could be, but this one had always surprised me with its maintenance.

I peed, and was washing my hands when there was a knock on the door.

“Just a second!” I called, rinsing my hands of soap. The knock continued. I shook off my hands and wiped them on my skinny jeans, rushing to the door to open it.

“Damn it, I said just a sec-“

Jonathan stood outside the door, a lit cigarette between his lips, a cloud of smoke surrounding him. It might’ve been the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

And that was it. He dropped the smoke and walked in, pressing his body against mine and locking the door behind him. There was no more protest, no more giggling, right now it was Jon’s lips against mine, the cool tile of the bathroom way on my back, and his hands sliding beneath my shirt.

“God Riley.” He growled. “I’ve wanted to do this all day.”

“Shut up.” I managed, trying really hard to stay focused on the buttons on my shirt as he sucked on my bottom lip.

He was impatient, and hungry. He fumbled with buttons, and got frustrated, each button popping as he pulled the shirt apart. His lips trailed down my jaw to my throat, and eventually to my chest, his tongue finding my nipples and making warm, wet swirls across them. It felt amazing. I could feel his hard on through his jeans and mine, begging to come out and play.

His mouth was busy, as were his hands, squeezing my ass with one and supporting his weight and my own against the wall with the other.

I tried very hard not to cry out at the things he was doing to my tits, but little moans managed to escape as I searched for the button on his jeans. His mouth found my lips again, and I abandoned hope on his jeans. He was going to have to get there on his own because his strong, soft lips were making my head swim.

He knew what I wanted, ankara escort and he knew how I wanted it. He slid his hands beneath my thighs and lifted me up, hitching my legs around his waist and sandwiching me against the cold tile. He was hard, and I was wet through my panties, but all the tension in my stomach was delicious.

He pulled away from my mouth long enough to yank my jeans down, they fell to the tile below with a soft woosh. My hips were rocking against his boner in a way I hadn’t noticed I was doing, but it felt amazing.

I could feel his thumb against my clit, rubbing me in slow, deliberate circles. I couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Fuck me please Jon. Right now please!” I gasped, hanging my head to bite his shoulder softly. His back shivered and his breathing faltered, and I could feel the tip of his cock pushing at my vagina.

With one smooth thrust he was inside me, and within a half second he was in and out of me, his entire length plunging into me with all of his weight and strength, the solid wall behind me all that was holding me up. I cried out as he stretched me out, barreling into me and gasping for breath, low moans escaping his lips alongside my loud, breathy ones.

He sent me in and out of waves of bliss, slamming into me harder and harder with each push. I could feel him as he throbbed inside me, pulling my thighs tighter against him, squirming with overwhelming heat.

I let my head fly back as I moaned loudly, rippling waves of how good it felt to have him fucking me like this slamming through my head.

We came almost simultaneously, his loud “OHMYFUCKINGGOD” echoing through the restroom. He slumped against me as our orgasms shook through our body, his come lost somewhere deep inside my body.

Breathing heavily, he peppered my face with kisses, falling away from me and glowing from the amazing orgasm he’d just had. We were both quiet as we redressed, avoiding eye contact but occasionally glancing over at each other.

Neither of us spoke as we stepped out of the bathroom and began the walk home, but this time, when he put his hands around my waist and pressed into me, I let him.

He breathed quietly in my ear, and finally spoke.

“Riley, Why haven’t we ever been in a real relationship before?”

I smiled at him, and pulled out of his arms. “Because I’m Riley, and you’re Jonathan, and we don’t feel like that about each other.” I laughed, running away from him.

He chased me all the way home. When we got there, I took him inside and we had amazing sex.

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