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wonderful mexico experience, part one

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wonderful mexico experience, part oneTo begin this story with two first experiences for each of us, intereracial sex and bi. I should introduce my wife and I. She is 5’8″ tall, slim with small perky tits, and a clean shave pussy, and I am 5’8″ tall, in shape 160 lbs and also shaved, and a little larger than average cock. I am mid 40’s and she is mid 30’sseveral times my wife and I have vacationed below Cancun on a small cove with cabanas on the beach. At least once each trip she and I after drinks and dinner close by, end up having naked sex on the beach in the moonlight . One day at lunch, this trip, I went up to have lunch and noticed an attractive younger well dressed black guy trying to figure out how to order a beer and a hamburger, as he did not speak Spanish. I helped him and we had lunch together. He was there to meet friends. While lunching he told me that they had not been able to get away at the last minute This left him alone in a strange place all alone. They had given him a key to their beach home as a place to stay for the long week end. They had made arrangements for him to have a fishing trip on the next day, and he asked me to join him , I agreed to go. He then headed off to get settled into his house. That evening he came by and met my wife while we were at dinner and had a drink with us. The next day he and I went fishing for a good part of the day, caught very little, but had a great time talking, and found that he lived just east of Philadelphia, while we live just west of that great City. During the day I mentioned to him that often the wife and I enjoyed the pleasures of the night time on the beach..When we returned from our day fishing, I invited my new friend to join my wife and I for a drink. That night my wife dressed in a long thin cotton dress that buttoned up the front and nothing else. We met that night at a small bar just up güvenilir bahis the beach the three of us had a great time, and he left early saying that he had things to do and headed off back to his house then my wife and I had long enjoyable dinner . WE then walked back along the beach in only moon light towards our room. AS usual things moved quickly to our touching and kissing each other, and her dress began to be unbuttoned from the bottom up. I was in a bathing suit, and t shirt, and nothing else,we were soon moving toward being naked or at least very available to each other in the dark evening breeze. AT a point when I was on my knees sucking om my wife’s very swollen pussy lips and clit, I noticed that she tensed up.. She said that someone was watching us, much to my surprise she raised her leg, laying it across my shoulder and trapping me into her dripping pussy, and she began to move on my tongue with pleasure.Her juices were really flowing now. All of a sudden I notice her movements to be different and slightly more back and forth. Then I felt something else forcing its way into my mouth ? It was then that I realized that someone cock was between my wife’s legs and poking into my mouth. Then her juices ran like a river, all over my face and soaking my T shirt, all the while the cock was moving deeper in my mouth and believe me it was BIG! A moment or two later my wife exploded in pleasure cumming extremely hard on the cock and my mouth, and just after that there was an even bigger explosion into my mouth as cum filled my mouth, there was so much I could not keep up with it and it ran out the sides of my mouth on to my wife’s swollen pussy and on to my shirt. I then found out that it was our new black friend, and I must add here, that he makes the phrase BBC have real meaning, 9” X 6”. That’s BIG!! then three us then moved to our little cabin for türkçe bahis further pleasure. After all of us getting naked My wife decide to check out the BBC and get him hard again. I took the chance to enter her pussy and because I was more turned on than ever before came really fast. By now my wife was extremely wet, both with her juices and also my rather large deposit of cum. It was now his turn to try to fuck my wife, something I would never have dreamed she would be interested in doing. He was so large, that even with having me fuck her and fill her with cum (I an a little larger Than average 7”X5”) he was having extremely time just getting the huge head of his cock into her much swollen pussy!. She came twice while he was trying, finally managed getting the head and about 2 inches in. Ans she came again several times. Then I being hard again, gave it a try, and I must say I slide in much too easily, she was really stretched open. After cumming again, I went down on her and kept her cumming. She finally asked yo be on top of him, to try to get all of him inside, she was a woman possessed!! They both tried fro a long time, but on jus managed to get bout half of his huge cock into her. A 6” cock is really thick! After a while she needed to stop, and she was getting extremely sore, and worn out from cumming so much. The three of us fell asleep .Upon walking in the morning we found that he was gone, having left a note that he would see us later in the day. WE got up and showered, and I found that even after several hours she was still very swollen with her clit larger than usual, and very sensitive.SO much so that she could not wear her bathing suit, and even underpants were not comfortable. She and I spent the day on the beach and enjoying the beautiful water.That evening he joined us for dinner, and suggested that we give it another try. My wife declined güvenilir bahis siteleri saying that she was too sore, but did want to try again later. He suggested That I seemed to enjoyed getting him off and maybe I wanted to do that again. I agreed, and after dinner we went to his place, we all got naked again, and I went down on him, it surprised me how my I enjoyed touching and sucking his cock, a really new experience for me. He then rolled round and we did each other, 69. When he cam it was just as before, with That BBC so deep in my mouth there was no way I could swallow it all, so there was huge mess , the hole time my wife watched and cheered me on, and brought her self to several explosions.The next night we met for dinner, and this time my wife suggested we try again. This time she was already wet, and I deposited a load in her still swollen and very stretched pussy, before he gave it a try. Ant try did they!! She must have cum five or six times that night, and he never got all the way in! Possibly ¾ of him got in, and she was so small that he kept cumming fast. When they stopped there must have been a gallon of there juices in the middle of the bed. Poor me spent the evening watching, not being able to join in with a raging hard on and no where to out it, so to my good fortune he and I went down on each other I found some relief.He left the next day, much to our sadness, she really want to take his entire cock!The next week end a couple stopped us at dinner and said they were the friends that had invited our BBC friend to Mexico. She they thanks us for “showing him around”. And later when along she asked my wife what happened. Her husband asked me about our time together and he also said he did enjoy sucking the BBC. He also said that his wife had never gotten even ¾ of the monster cock inside in many tries. We returned home with wonderful memories of of sexual adventures, which sadly have not been repeated, at least part of it!! I have to add her that I am till dealing with that night, because my wife’s pussy is STILL STRETCHED open.. Not small and tight as it was before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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