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Words A Woman Longs To Hear

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I wrote this for my husband since we recently enjoyed a very similar experience together. Hope you enjoy it!

“Damn, it’s hot,” I whined as I arrived home from work only to find the house stifling from the heat outside. It was ninety-eight degrees, and I couldn’t wait to get out of my pantyhose and heels.

I am a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal, and it was torture to dress up for work each day. Shedding my clothes quickly, I left my bra and panties on as I went to the air conditioner for some relief. The cool air felt so satisfying blowing on my warm flesh.

Cooling of a bit, I went to the fridge and grabbed a cold beer. It was just what the doctor ordered on a day a sweltering as this. Besides, it was Friday, time to relax and start the weekend.

There was a new club in the city, and my boyfriend Dan and I were going to check it out later. He would be over to pick me up in an hour and a half, and I needed to get my groove on soon if I were going to be ready on time. Laying my clothes across the bed, I got in the shower.

The water, like tiny droplets of rain, cascaded down my body, immediately cooling me to the perfect temperature. I love taking a cool shower on a hot day; it’s like an indulgent thrill. It’s so relaxing and calming as if the day’s pressures go down the drain along with the water.

As I dress for the evening, I am suspecting it will have the effect on Dan I am anticipating. That “WOW” factor. I want to see his eyes pop out, and his mouth hang open at the sight of me. There is nothing worse then getting dressed sexily for your man only to hear him say, “you look nice.”

When what I want to hear is, “Baby, maybe we should stay in, because you look amazingly gorgeous tonight.” It was a low cut halter dress that showed my full breasts off nicely. I am proud of how shapely my body is, with curves in all the places a man wants curves on a woman’s body.

Dan arrived looking handsome and tan. His dark hair had a slight curl due to cebeci escort the heat. One particular wave kept falling on his forehead boyishly. His green eyes stared at me as I opened the door.

“Honey, you look so incredible, forget the dinner and dancing, I want dessert!” Now, that, is what I was hoping for, I thought to myself. He would have to wait; I wanted the tease to last a bit longer. We arrived at the club, and I don’t know how Dan did it, but he had arranged for a table in the back. It was private and out of the way, and I thought, a very nice touch. We watched the other people on the dance floor already, as we ordered appetizers and drinks.

The music was changing to a funkier beat as the evening wore on, and I was ready to dance. Dan was his comfort zone, just sitting back watching, but I wanted to go shake my ass. Leaning over, I whispered in his ear, that I wasn’t wearing any panties under my dress, and if he got up to dance with me, he could cop a feel.

Soon, we were bumping and grinding to the beat of the music, Dan sliding his expert hands up and down, and all over my ass and hips. Dancing makes me feel so sexy, and I love having Dan watch me as I gyrate my hips. I know it starts him thinking of what else I can do with my hips wiggling.

Thirsty, we retreated back to our table for refreshments. I took Dan’s hand and slid it under the table to my thigh. He stroked my leg up and down, each time getting closer to my naked crotch. I gave him encouragement by opening my legs slightly.

Dan took the hint, and he began to run his fingers over my clit, moving ever so softly. I pushed my hips forward to greet his touch more eagerly. He responded by pushing a finger inside of me, then two. While fucking me with his fingers, he brought his mouth to mine and kissed me.

This seemed so taboo, letting him touch me in such a public place. There were people near our table, carrying on normal conversation, while here I was çukurambar escort about to orgasm. It really only served to heighten the pleasure Dan was already giving me.

While my orgasm took over, Dan caressed my pussy, letting every last wave pass over me. “Baby, you look so beautiful when you cum,” he said. Smiling, I replied, “let’s see how you look when I fuck you…let’s go.”

As he drove away, I couldn’t keep my hands off him. I undid his pants, and had his cock out before we ever left the parking lot. He had only half an erection as I slid his tasty cock in my mouth. I love to give Dan head, his perfectly sized cock just seems as if were meant for my mouth.

I licked the tip of his cock slowly, swirling my tongue to catch the pre jism coming out. It wasn’t salty or sweet, the flavor indescribable, but good. I teased his cock, rubbing it with my hand, while sucking and licking with my mouth.

“Pull over,” I commanded. “I don’t want you to go crashing, while your cock is in my mouth, wouldn’t look good to the authorities.”

Ever so obedient, Dan pulled the car into the first dark place he saw. He brought his pants down further, and I immediately continued the licking and sucking I had started. I licked the length of his shaft, circling my tongue at the base around his balls. Nibbling away at his balls, I could tell he was in heaven.

“Suck my cock some more,” he demanded.

As I enveloped him once more, I stroked him, timing my hand stroke with my mouth. If he got too close to blowing his load, I’d ease off the head a little, and fondle his balls with my mouth instead.

Dan is always good at holding himself back until he’s pleasured me and I couldn’t wait anymore. Lifting the skirt of my dress, I put one leg over the seat, the other on the steering wheel, and leaned my body against the door, to give him good leverage to lick my wet pussy.

“Damn baby, you are so wet, I love it,” he said when he ankara escort tasted my juices. “You like sucking that big cock, don’t you? It really turns you on.”

“MmmHmm,” was all I could reply, because Dan’s face was buried in my pussy, swirling and licking, drawing more nectar from me than I ever thought possible, and I was about to cum again.

I was so ready for Dan to drive his cock into me; I wanted to feel him inside of me so bad. Getting up from my position, I kneeled so that my body was half in the front seat, half in the back seat, so he could enter me from behind.

Each thrust carried him deeper into my pussy, my back arching to meet every thrust. It felt so good, I didn’t want it to end, yet, I knew I was about to cum.

“Cum for me, baby,” Dan cooed in my ear, egging me on. Damn, he knew how to drive me crazy.

Switching positions to create more time from my eventual explosion, I pushed Dan to the drivers seat. Straddling his legs, I eased my soaked pussy on his dick, a little at a time. I wanted to gain control, making him crazy with lust, while my pussy fucked him.

Riding him, the heat in my body was taking over again, the edge I had allowed to subside was returning quickly. “Suck on my breasts,” I muttered, while riding Dan hard.

He took my nipples in his mouth and sucked them hungrily. It made volts of electricity shoot through my heated frame, right to my enlarged clit. I didn’t want to hold off any longer, I wanted to cum. Continuing to fuck Dan, I rubbed my clit, feeling the wetness he caused.

With my other hand, I reached down below my ass, to grab hold of Dan’s balls. I gave them a squeeze and heard him moan. Squeezing them harder, rubbing my clit, and having Dan suck my breasts, was all that was needed to bring forth the impending orgasm for both of us.

My orgasm started just before Dan’s. Shot after shot of cum flowed out of me and then with Dan’s explosion, into me. I like it that way best; I like to feel his cock tighten up before the release of his cum shoots through me.

Dan looks over at me with a smile that melts me every time and says, “Baby you looked so amazingly gorgeous tonight, I wanted all night to fuck you like this.”

Aaahhh… I thought, words a woman longs to hear.

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