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Work Hard Play Harder

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Steve typed away on his laptop. Sitting at the kitchen table working until late was a regular occurrence. Sometimes he stayed in the office, but most of the time If he was working late, he worked at home. His wife Katie was rarely enthused about his long working hours. It was never a point for argument but Katie’s patience was wearing thin.

“You coming to chill Steve?” Katie shouted from the front room.

“Ten minutes,” he shouted back.

Katie slumped back into the sofa. Selfishly, she just wanted a foot rub; something Steve would do most days. She just sat and aimlessly channel hopped whilst she waited for him.

Since he had got his promotion Steve seemed to get increasingly more work piled onto him. which was causing him to spend less and less time with Katie on an evening.

Steve, looking a little frazzled, walked into the room, “sorry. I’m here now.”

Katie smiled at him as he sat down. She waited for him to get comfortable before swinging her legs round to rest her feet in his lap. Steve looked down at her perfectly manicured feet. He wrapped his hands around her soft feet and began to rub them. Katie instantly relaxed.

“Huh. Pink toe nails. When did you do that?” Steve asked slightly confused.

“I did it earlier,” Katie replied as she straightened her feet up to look at her handy work. “Do you like it?” She continued.

“Yeah, it looks nice,” Steve said as he nodded.

Steve felt his cock harden as he continued to work his hands around Katie’s feet. He loved it when she painted her nails. It was an aesthetic he found very sexy. More so when it was coupled with peep toe shoes.

“You are so good at that,” Katie enthused at Steve’s foot rub ability.

“Thanks,” Steve smiled.

They sat watching TV for a while before Katie announced she was ready for bed.

“I’m knackered, I’m off to bed,” she said as she pulled her feet away from Steve to stand up.

Steve gave a heavy sigh, “yeah me too. Early start in the morning!”

Katie rolled her eyes as she stood up and headed up to bed.

“I’ll try not to wake you when I leave for work in the morning,” Steve said as he followed Katie upstairs.

“Do you have to go into work on a Saturday Steve?”

“Yes, only a couple more weeks of this,” Steve said before pausing. “I hope.”

“I do hope so,” Katie said as she yawned.

The next morning Steve managed to sneak out without waking Katie. Katie awoke about 930am to an empty space next to her. She did appreciate the lengths Steve went to as not to wake her if he was leaving early. She would have preferred him to be there though!

Katie got out of bed and headed downstairs to make a coffee. Drink in hand she went to chill in bed.

All Katie wanted was her evenings and weekends with her man back. They hadn’t had sex in months which is as a long time for them. Katie knew it was this new job that was wearing Steve out.

“I can either let this happen or I can do something about it,” she said confidently aloud to herself.

Katie hatched a plan in her head to seduce Steve. She knew what made him tick and exactly what she wanted to do. Katie jumped out of bed. After showering, she headed to her wardrobe. First, she got out her skinny jeans and a figure-hugging t shirt to wear. Then she bent down to rummage through her footwear.

“Ah,” she said, pulling out a pair of boots.

She held them out in front of her. They were Steve’s favourite. She had bought them years ago. In great condition the black leather had weathered well. They were comfy as well with on a 4-inch stiletto heel. The only issue she found was the zip could on occasion become slightly stiff. Speaking of stiff, Steve usually was when Katie wore these. Katie was well aware of his fetishes and kinks.

Early on in the relationships she’d had suspicions that Steve wanked over her shoes and boots. Her suspicions were confirmed when she caught him sniffing these boots. He was very embarrassed and completely closed up about it. Katie didn’t mind, it made her feel worshipped more than anything. She gave up trying to talk about it with Steve as he always went quiet when she mentioned it. She guessed he was just a little more cautious when he did it now.

Grabbing underwear from her drawer Katie began to get dressed, stepping into her thong and pulling them up. Picking her bra up off the bed she quickly put it on. She pulled her jeans on which were skin tight. finally, her t shirt went on. Sitting on the edge of the bed she picked up one of her boots.

“Hmm wonder what it is about the smell?” She muttered to herself.

Pulling the zip down she had a cautionary smell of them.

“Just smells like my feet and a little bit like leather,” she said to herself.

Shrugging her shoulders, she put her foot into her boot. With little effort her foot seated into it. She zipped it up and did the same with the other. She stood and looked at herself in the mirror. Smiling to herself she knew she would at least get a reaction from Steve when he keçiören escort got home later.

She grabbed her phone and opened a new message.


Hey babe. I’m wearing your favourite boots today. Seems too warm for socks. I’m going shopping, do you want anything? Xx

Hitting send, the message made its way to Steve’s phone. She knew full well it would get his immediate attention. She waited a moment for his reply. Her phone lit up from a message notification.


🙁 shame I’m not there to see. Got a fucking hard on thinking about you in them though!! Don’t want anything thanks. Xxx

Katie was getting horny now knowing she was turning him on. She took a picture of her boots in the mirror, making sure she got the heel in. She replied to his message.


No wanking at work…

She quickly followed the message up with the picture of her boots.


how can you do this to me!! sexy!! I now can’t stand up for a while!! Xxx

Katie laughed reading the message. She decided not to respond to him, to keep him on the hook.


A trip to the shops was on the cards. Katie had a few things in mind to get for tonight. First, she headed to the shoe shop. She had been looking online for some particular shoes which she had seen Steve looking at. He had a tendency to look for footwear for Katie to wear. Only on rare occasions did she cave and agree to them being purchased.

As Katie walked into the shop, the assistant approached, “hello there, can I help you today?” He said with a smile.

“Hello. Yes, you may be able to help. I know what I’m after,” Katie replied.

“Brilliant, come with me and I’ll check our stock for you,” he said gesturing towards the desk with the computer.

“Perfect thank you,” Katie answered.

The assistant typed his password into the computer and look up to Katie, “what were you looking for today?”

“They are,” Katie paused as she opened her phone before continuing,” ah. Steven Rosale Pumps.”

“Ok, let’s look for you,” he replied as he typed.

There was a brief pause as he searched their inventory.

“Ah, here they are. Steven Rosale Pumps. 6-inch heel with a 1 1/2-inch hidden platform, d’Orsay design and peep toe,” he said reading from his screen.

“Perfect yes, that sounds like them. They have a bow on them as well,” Katie said excitedly.

“Eeerrm,” the assistant said as he looked for a picture. “Here we go,” he continued, “yes, there is a bow. What size and colour did you have in mind?”

“Black. Definitely black and size 7 please,” Katie responded with no hesitation.

“Ok,” the assistant said as he looked up the stock levels. “Yes, we have them. I’ll go get them.”

“Thank you,” Katie replied.

The assistant left the desk and headed into the back. Katie walked over to a bench to sit and wait. It didn’t take long before the assistant returned.

“Here we go,” he said placing the box on the bench.

“Thank you,” Katie smiled back.

Katie opened the box. She pulled the paper back to unveil the first shoe. Pulling it out she inspected the patent black leather. Placing it on the floor she pulled the other from the box and placed it on the floor.

She unzipped and removed her boots. Placing both shoes on she stood up. The platform made it much easier to walk in than just a 6-inch heel. Katie confidently walked on the soft carpet laid out to walk in the shoes when they were being tried on. Getting to the mirror she took a good look. She had to admit to herself they were very sexy. You could see the arch of her foot due to the D’Orsay design and the long floral tattoo on her foot was also visible. Her pink nail varnish stood out perfectly in the peep toe.

“I’ll take them,” she said to the patient shop assistant.

“Thank you,” he replied.

Katie walked back to the bench. She sat down and carefully removed the shoes. Placing them one by one back into the box as she found them. She passed the box to the assistant who started heading to the desk. Katie took a minute to put her boots back on before joining the assistant at the desk.

“We have an offer on these today,” he said as she approached.

“Lovely, I saw them on the site for £79.99,” she replied, happy with the added bonus.

“Yes, they were. With the 10% off they come in at £72.00,” the assistant smiled.

“Perfect,” Katie responded with a smile.

Katie was thrilled with managing to get the shoes. It was the one part of her shopping she just HAD to get. With the shoes packed up into a bag, Katie and the shop assistant shared pleasantries before she left.

“Where to now,” she muttered to herself as she went through the list in her head.

Ah yes, blindfold, she thought. A smile crept across her face at the thought of Steve’s reaction. She headed towards stiffs, the amusingly named ‘adult store’.

She had a walk around the shop looking at what they had on offer. Finally, she came to the kızılay escort blindfolds. She found a set which included a blindfold and soft satin restraints.

“Perfect,” she said to herself as she inspected the packaging.

Those restraints could come in handy for another time, she reasoned.

She continued round the shop which nicely brought her to the nightwear and lingerie section. She wanted a satin robe at the very least. She had also decided she wanted to try some PU leather lingerie if she could find some. Didn’t take her long to find the black satin robe. Trying it on over her top it was the perfect length: mid-calf. Fairly slim fitting it hugged her figure beautifully.

Right, bra and thong, she thought. She began to look around whilst stood still. Her eyes scanning the rails and displays. She locked eyes on what she was after. Walking over she spotted the perfect set. A plain looking black PU leather bra and thong set. She rifled through the hangers in excitement.

Yes!” She said aloud as she found her size.

Katie was overjoyed that she had managed to get everything she wanted. She headed straight to the till to pay.

Heading out the shop she couldn’t wait to get home and get ready. She pondered her plan again as she walked back to her car. She was undecided on whether to drag him to the bedroom or entice him. She still had a couple of hours to decide. One thing was for sure, she was going to let him begin working at home before executing her plan.


Steve opened the door to the house. Letting out a sigh he placed his bag on the side.

“Hi love,” he said loudly.

“Hello,” Katie shouted back from upstairs.

“I’m just going to get logged and do a bit of work,” he shouted in reply.

“Ok,” Katie said rolling her eyes, but with a smile this time.

She had laid out all her new purchase on the bed. All she had to do was get changed and it would begin. First of all, though she wanted to go down and tease Steve on the sly. She headed down to the kitchen where Steve was tapping away on his laptop.

“Hi babe,” she said as she walked in.

The heels of her boots tapping on the floor caught Steve’s attention. He looked down at her boots as she appeared next to him.

“Hello,” he replied looking back up to Katie.

Katie lent on Steve’s shoulder as she lifted her leg to pull the zip down on her boot.

“Ugh it’s been SOOO warm today walking round in these. My feet got a bit sweaty earlier,” she said knowing Steve would likely be immediately wanting to sniff her boots.

“Determined to distract me aren’t you,” Steve laughed.

“Don’t know what you mean,” Katie replied playing innocent.

Katie placed her boots next to the table near where Steve was sat and headed out of the room. She headed straight upstairs wasting no time. She closed the door to the bedroom as she entered. She headed to the curtains to close them before she started changing.

Standing next the bed she removed her top and jeans. Followed by her bra and knickers.

She picked up the new PU leather thong and put it on. It fitted perfectly and she instantly felt sexy. Picking the PU leather bra up she headed to the full-length mirror in the corner. She finished putting the new bra on and stood looking at herself.

“Sexy bitch,” she said with a smile.

Turning to look at her arse she smiled again. She picked up the satin robe and headed back to the mirror. Putting the robe on and loosely tying it with the satin belt she posed slightly. He’s going to love this, she thought to herself.

Heading back to the bed she picked the shoes up off the bed and sat down. Taking one in her hand she slipped her foot into the shoe. Her pink nails standing out against the black patent leather of the shoe. She slipped the other shoe on and stood up. Picking up her clothes she had been wearing she sided them out of the way.

Meanwhile Steve was downstairs and Katie’s boots had got the better of him. He had his nose buried inside the boot as far as he could. Taking deep breaths in through his nose. He wanted to worship Katie and this felt like one of the ways he could do it. He inhaled deeply a few more times, the smell of Katie’s feet and the leather of the boots filling his nostrils. His cock was HARD! He grabbed his bulge through his trouser and rubbed lightly on his cock. He was on the edge of losing it and needing to wank himself stupid.

“Stteevvee,” Katie shouted down.

“Yeah?” Steve replied reluctant to be stopping what he was doing.

“Come here please,” she shouted back.

“Fuck sake,” Steve muttered as he put the boot down and adjusted his trousers to try hide his stonking hard on.

Steve headed upstairs, completely unaware of what was going on. He noticed the door was shut.

“You in the bedroom?” He said as he approached and entered the bedroom.

Katie was behind the door as Steve walked in.

“Close your eyes!” She demanded.

“What?” Steve replied as he kolej escort turned round. “Woah, hello. What you wearing?!” Steve continued now slightly shocked.

“Clothes off!” Katie said assertively, ignoring Steve’s question.

Steve did as he was told. He quickly pulled off his shirt. He fumbled at his belt and eventually undid it. Dropping his trousers to the floor he stepped out of them. He stood in his boxers; his erection now obvious to Katie.

“I said clothes off,” she said.

Steve looked down and back at Katie. Removing his underwear, he stood completely naked.

“Lay on the floor by the bed. Lengthways,” Katie commanded as she pointed to where he should lay.

Without hesitation Steve laid down on the floor. He was speechless.

Katie walked over to him. Moving his legs open she stood between his legs and placed the outer sole of her shoe on Steve’s hard cock. He looked down at the shoe and almost shot his load.

“They’re fucking sexy,” he said trying to sit up to get a better view.

“I didn’t say you could get up did I,” Katie said in a stern tone.

Katie applied slight pressure with her foot and slowly rubbed Steve’s cock. As she did, she undid the satin belt of the robe. Pushing it open and placing her hands on her hips Steve noticed what she was wearing.

“Oh my da,” Steve managed to get out before Katie shushed him with a finger on her lips.

“Hold my shoe,” Katie said.

Steve did as he was told and put his hand on the shoe on his cock. Katie pulled her foot from the shoe and moved onto the bed.

“Mm, someone’s turned on I see,” she said looking at Steve’s leaking cock.

Katie ran her foot around Steve’s torso before moving down to cover her toes in Steve’s pre cum.

“Open your mouth,” she whispered.

Steve immediately opened his mouth and embraced her pre cum soaked toes.

“Make sure you get all that off,” Katie said as she watched Steve lick and suck his juices off her toes.

“Good boy,” Katie prowled.

Running her foot down Steve’s body, she put her foot back in her shoe. As she stood back up, she grabbed the blindfold from the bed and held it on her finger.

“Time to put this on,” she said smiling sexily at Steve.

Katie knelt down and straddled Steve. Leaning down she kissed him passionately. Pushing his hand off her a few times before he got the message not to touch, she the put the blindfold over Steve’s eyes. She gave Steve one last kiss as she reached down and rubbed her fingers in his pre cum. Before she stood up, she put her fingers in his mouth to clean them off.

Standing over him, a heel on either side of his head Katie squatted down. Steve felt the warmth of Katie’s wet fanny on his face as she pulled her thong aside and lowered herself onto him, he immediately began to lick her.

“Mmm yes, that’s good,” Katie moaned.

She began grinding on Steve’s face. Forcing him to apply more pressure with his tongue. Katie loved being licked out. Especially when she could essentially ride Steve’s face. She could feel his tongue lashing round her fanny. Brushing her clit occasionally. Leaning back slightly Steve’s tongue began swirling round Katie’s arse hole.

‘Mmm yeah that’s good,” Katie moaned.

Steve’s tongue continued flicking around as Katie was grinding on his face. She ran her fingers through his hair before grabbing a handful as she pushed further onto his face.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Katie blurted out.

She stood up to manoeuvre herself to squat over Steve’s crotch. Moving her thong to one side she guided Steve’s hard cock into her.

“Oooh fuck,” Katie moaned as she felt Steve stretch her fanny pleasurably.

She lowered herself slowly until Steve’s length was fully buried in her, she then began to grind on his cock. She reached down to rub her clit whilst also batting off Steve’s attempts to put his hands on her hips. She loved the feel of Steve deep inside her. Katie began to lose herself in the pleasure and bounced on Steve’s cock. She began slowly at first but before long was slamming herself down onto him. She was in ecstasy. The power she felt from the whole experience was a huge turn on. She felt her orgasm coming and quickly began to pinch her nipple. Her finger was still stimulating her clit as she was now giving Steve the riding of his life.

“Oh Steve,” she moaned. “Oh shit,” she continued as she began to orgasm. “Fuck I’m cumming!”

Katie felt her orgasm ripping through her body. She rode it for as long as she could before she fell forward onto Steve’s chest. After taking a moment to regain her composure Katie noticed Steve hadn’t finished. She climbed off him and took his cock in her hand. With a firm grip she began to toss him off. With her spare hand she took her shoe off.

“Cum for me babe,” she said as she put the shoe in line with his cock.

“Oh fuck,” Steve moaned as Katie stroked his cock with long hard strokes.

Leaning down, Katie took Steve in her mouth, her tongue licking his bell end clean of the river of pre cum. Without hesitation Katie moved up and shoved her tongue in Steve’s mouth. She continued to toss him off for a few more seconds before Steve’s cock pulsed and ropes of cum explode from his bell end. All into the sole of Katie’s shoe.

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