Şub 13

Working the Pole Pt. 08

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Part 8:

Included kinks:

Futanari, FutaXFemale, sex chapter, chubby, teenagers, schoolgirls, hyper sizes, big penis, big breasts, big ass, dick growth, lesbian, kissing, oral, cum inflation, size praise, excessive cum

All characters are entirely fictional and all above the age of 18!


Her cock begged to break free from its tormenting prison by the time April managed to fold the seats in the backrow all the way forward.

As much as it infuriated her to waste even as little as just a handful of seconds at setting things up instead of getting close and personal with Gina, this was for sure necessary. The car was certainly a spacious model, but half-assed fucking Gina in a seated position would not suffice now that she got a good taste on what it meant to fuck someone properly. She needed leverage and space to go all out with her foot and half.

“So, back to business,” April muttered as she finished and immediately returned to where the two left off.

Their lips clashed once more and curious fingers travelled all over their shaking bodies as their gasps and sweet moans returned.

April put her bigger size to great use and pushed Gina onto her back with just her hefty F-Cups alone. To stop kissing for even a second was not an option. Not anymore… and not when she was this insanely aroused.

Her hand travelled between the redhead’s legs and bypassed the uniform both would soon be tossing into the jeep’s trunk.

“You are so wet,” April gasped in between feverish kisses and gasped as well, when her cock throbbed in open revolt.

“And you… are so big,” Gina moaned while groping her friend’s massive breasts.

“Bigger than just a few days prior,” April grinned proudly and leaned back to allow Gina a proper view on her growing assets.

The futa exhaled loudly and closed her eyes while loving the feeling of her friend’s delicate fingers kneading through her sensitive tits.

Gina took her time with them and explored every inch of April’s chest without saying a single word. Only the occasional moan escaped her lips and mostly only due to how the futa herself started to moan lewdly whenever the ginger’s fingers dug deeper.

“They feel so good,” April groaned while the sensation in her breasts almost eclipsed the desperate throbs of her rock-hard cock.

“I… see you are enjoying that,” Gina said and stopped her pursuits, which prompted April to open her eyes and look down.

Gina was staring at a cock that already freed itself from the restrictions of a skirt that barely managed to cover half of its massive length. Only April’s clearly durable and still overly stretched underwear kept its pulsing veins and throbbing shaft concealed.

“Hopefully it’s not getting too big for you,” April said eventually when Gina seemed to have gotten stunned by the sight.

“Well… it’s certainly… a lot… of meat,” Gina said in a wavering tone but did not look discouraged.

“Especially for someone who fancies women and not… dicks, I assume?”

The native irish redhead grinned as angelic as humanly possible while slowly taking hold of the massive pole pushing itself towards her grasp.

“I have come to terms with that side of yours a long time ago. I will be fine,” she said.

April barely withstood the urge to join her friend’s gentle strokes with her own experienced hands, but there was one question burning on her mind, more so than the desire to touch herself.

“How? I have told you just a few days ago,” April muttered.

Gina’s grin was growing more seductive and endearing by the second. The fact that her grip around the throbbing mast’s restrictive fabric grew firmer only added to her sex appeal.

“April, I have known your secret for years. You are not nearly as secretive as you think, my big friend,” she mused and made the futa moan out loudly as she used her second hand as well to rub the glance through the damp panties.

“I… guess … that’s true,” April muttered and simply had to start fondling her big breasts to further fuel her swelling arousal.

Gina bit her lips when she saw April succumbing to her lust and sped up her handy work and started pulling the utterly stretched fabric aside to reveal the epicentre of her friend’s arousal.

The redhead took a sharp breath and for a moment showed a glimpse of fear in her eyes. A fear that quickly turned into curiosity and eventually to acceptance, especially after meeting her friend’s begging eyes.

“I got used to big toys for this exact occasion. But… I am not sure I have ever taken something… like THIS,” she said.

There was an awful lot of admiration in her voice for someone who allegedly preferred girls. And April also noticed with equal delight, that Gina also sounded like she was willing to give such sizes a try. Even if that was much more than she was used to – and that gap would only bursa escort keep widening.

April’s cheeky grin grew, well knowing that sporting 15 inches was already a feat most guys could only dream about, but that was not everything she was able sport yet. Sure, 15 inches were already very, very enjoyable, but 20 inches after her surge would feel so much better. Her balls immediately felt even fuller once she imagined her dick growing right before her friend’s unbelieving green eyes.

“Then … show me,” April almost begged.

Her vagina twitched with such desperation that she simply had to offer it to her friend who would take some liking to it.

April leaned back and started freeing her plentiful bosom. First from the tight school uniform and later from a bra that was bursting at the seams from the amount of titflesh it was trying to contain.

“Holy…” Gina gasped upon seeing how stacked her friend had gotten. “You were not this huge…”

“Three days ago? No, I wasn’t,” April mused and kept her legs spread wide for Gina to make her move, but the redhead seemed to have fallen under the futa’s breasts’ spell.

“Quite the boob enthusiast, aren’t we?” April grinned. “Imagine this. I am just starting to grow and I already get into F-Cup territory. Give me another week and who knows where I might be at then.”

Gina’s eyes burnt with a fire that was about to burn her aflame. Not that either of them required any more encouragement to give into their urges. The piercing fragrance within the tinted, black windows was already intoxicating and as soon as it invaded their nostrils sent their bodies into overdrive. And not just April’s.

The futa grinned when she spotted her friend’s nipples engorge through the shirt, she was still wearing to cover her cute little tits. And judging by how strong the scent around them had gotten, her pussy was equally enthralled by the futa’s rapidly developing body.

“You… gotta need your mom’s bras soon,” Gina eventually said.

“Soon? I think I can fit them right now,” April mused but was aware that her mother sported a very impressive set of G-Cups.

A size she often envied when she was younger, but one that she could call her own very, very soon. Probably by tomorrow or the day after.

“Fuck…me,” Gina moaned and stopped toying with April’s massive cock while eying a set of equally gargantuan balls after inspecting the futa’s set of giant knockers.

“That is the plan… uhhhh.”

April shivered when her usually neglected parts were graced by Gina’s delicate touch.

With almost frightening precision she managed to pass by April’s bulging balls and directly invade her tight and unprepared cunt.

“Mmmmh…. Of course…. You… were going for …this,” she gasped.

Gina’s first finger was soon accompanied by another and started to probe the tight warmth of April’s entrance.

“I might be predictable, but you don’t mind. Do you?” Gina said with uncharacteristic confidence.

April just shook her head before moaning out loud when another finger invaded her and her friend’s thumb was beginning to expertly take care of her overly sensitive clit.

“OH FUCK! YESS!” April shouted.

“Looks like futas aren’t that different from us ordinary girls after all,” Gina grinned and leaned forward and pushed herself into April’s vision — which was dominated by her rock-hard cock throbbing in a perfect 90-degree angle.

“Well… almost,” she continued and moved her free hand along April’s vein riddled shaft.

Her fingers came not even close to fully engulf its mouth-watering girth. But that didn’t matter.

April melted in her friend’s masterful touch and was more than happy with just laying back and offering her body to Gina. Who somehow knew exactly how to deal properly with a growing futa.

“Are you close… to your surge?” she asked.

“YES!” April moaned.

She was unable to make sense of why Gina even knew about surges. Lizzy and Akari who both clearly consumed enough futa porn did not know about that unique aspect of futa anatomy. Probably did their “research” end by the time they came to the clips they were watching and did not bother to get into the nitty gritty. Gina instead clearly did her homework.

The brunette futa’s breath was getting deep and shallow, her face already red and sweaty by the time she felt her cock leaking pre-cum down her huge length and onto Gina’s still rampant fingers.

“You must be almost there,” Gina gasped … almost in awe.

She must have felt the same thrill as April, because her eager thumb was going to town and made April’s clit explode with the most divine of blisses before bestowing the rest of her body with the same breath-taking sensation.

“I… I… am… YESSSS!”

“Good, April. Show me how muc-.”

Gina had to cut her teasing short.

Her fingers which already grew accustomed to the April’s angrily pulsing veins and respectable girth felt first what the futa’s çanakkale escort fat cock was building towards.

There was no way April would miss out on seeing that spectacle — again. What she would have given to have seen the expression on Lizzy’s and Akari’s face when they first saw her cock grow by almost four inches. It would have been glorious.

This time, she would be adoring every split second of it and watch Gina’s reaction as closely as her eyes would allow her.

She spread her legs wider and kept moaning as she felt blood rush into her visibly reddening member. April had close to no control over her body anymore, but she managed to straighten herself up just enough to see her 15 inches point towards the ceiling of her car. And then growing towards it.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCKKKKKKK!!! Sooo gooodd!” April screamed and could see Gina openly questioning her own eyes.

Her 15 inches swelled to 16 inches with one mighty influx of blood that made her cock look that much fatter already. And then there was another… another. Each time, her body rallied enough strength for another push April’s senses revelled in enough orgasmic joy to reduce her whole reality to her cock’ ravenous hunger to grow fatter, to grow longer … to grow even more perfect!

“BIGGER!!! Grow…. bigger!” April demanded in her almost primal state. And her body kept on giving.

She started thrusting her thickening tool into the air and into Gina’s touch simply on instinct, but clearly in hope of coaxing every bit of size out of her spurt. Now THAT pushed her truly over the edge.

Amidst her already otherworldly climax, another, almost equally powerful sensation started to rival her growth spurt. A sensation that stemmed from Gina’s fingers, the ones that were not hypnotized by the magic of an angrily expanding cock. But the ones that kept mindlessly rubbing the futa’s most delicate pleasure point and sent the rest of April’s braincells into the stratosphere as all of her pussy and cock erupted in wet delight.

18 inches became 19 inches and 19 inches soon turned into almost 20 inches, all while April kept on cumming with such ferocity that she shot her epic load straight to the ceiling of her cum-reeking car while also leaking a constant stream of her juices onto Gina’s hand.

Not that Gina’s other fingers fared much better.

They were stretched wider and wider and by the time April’s surge came to an end barely reached around half of the simply massive dick’s fat shaft they were once tasked to please.

“Oh… my … god,” Gina muttered first.

April barely registered her friend’s words and had to collect her senses as her whole system seemed to be rebooting. Her eyes were not closed, but she was unable to see past the darkness that clouded her vision in the aftermath of her strongest orgasm ever. Or probably, her strongest orgasm yet.

The scent of her thick cum was so pronounced that she could almost taste it on her tongue. She might have gotten caught in the crossfire and covered herself, as well as Gina, with her seed, but that did not change the fact that her spunk’s fragrance had seemingly replaced oxygen.

“That… was… soo… good,” April smiled absently, her empty eyes locked onto the ceiling of her jeep which slowly appeared out of the dark mist surrounding her.

“Your cum… it’s everywhere.”

Gina’s voice was still echoing from somewhere beyond the mist, but April already knew what her car must have looked like. She silently thanked God and all the angel above for sending her mother onto another business trip for at least another three days. As long as her mother wasn’t checking the car with a black light there would be no traces of this grandiose crescendo left for her to discover. Depending if April managed to get rid of the smell by then of course.

Her numb arms and legs regained their strength after April desperately filled her lungs with all the cum-reeking air she had missed out on during her passionate screams for more pleasure and more growth.

“Holy fuck!” she gasped and realised that Gina’s expression of shock was no exaggeration.

No tinted window remained untouched by the flood of sticky white that swept over every last inch of her car’s interior. Even Gina was covered with so much cum, that only a fraction of her fiery red hair peaked out from a comical wig of thick cum.

“I told you. It’s…”

“Everywhere. Yeah, I can see that,” April said and put on a proud and wide grin.

“No wonder. I never felt something like this. Your fingers are magical. I mean, wow.”

“Th-thank you. But we will have to be more careful in the future, we can’t ruin our cars or rooms whenever we do it,” Gina said.

April’s smirk was not vanishing, but only blossoming with every new word that came out of Gina’s mouth.

“So, you are saying that this was not a one-time thing, huh?”

“As I said. I want to be more than just … a one-time thing,” Gina said cutely.

April çankırı escort sat up and was surprised to feel little to no soreness once she felt blood rush to every part of her numb limbs. She still felt great. Not as amazing like during her double climax, but nevertheless fucking awesome.

“You are no one-time thing, Gina. You will never be. I promise,” April said and gently laid her hand on her friend’s chin that was somehow not covered in cum unlike the rest of her face.

Gina made the first move this time.

Her lips locked onto April’s and simply ignored the futa’s cum seeping down both their cheeks while they made out. Almost like they didn’t witness a nearly car-ruining climax a few moments ago. Their hands and bodies once more rejoiced with the same vigour as before in groping and exploring every bit of their very differing bodies.

“Get out of that shirt already. You can bin it anyway,” April grinned.

It took their combined efforts to free Gina from every last bit of ruined fabric that stuck to her delicate body.

“Now what?” Gina then asked with an adorable blush.

Naturally she did. She didn’t get to experience such orgasmic heights herself yet. The unspoken demand loomed over the two for a few moments before April settled on returning the favour – tenfold if possible.

“Get on your back. It’s my turn now,” the futa teased.

“Wait? With your dick?! Have you seen that thing?!” Gina gasped.

That last bit made April laugh out loud. And somehow swell with pride.

“Don’t you worry. My little fella is out of commission… for now. But I can still make the wait worth your time.”

April didn’t await any reply and pushed her ginger friend onto her back until the futa laid on top of her.

Her massive breasts dominated the space between them, while her still wrist thick but mostly flaccid cock dangled between Gina’s slender thighs.

“Since you like them so much, how about you take a good look at them first,” April said and smothered Gina’s drooling face under her proud F-Cups.

It was a joy to see how much Gina loved every second of being covered in nothing but huge tits and warm cum. Her fingers dug into the futa’s heavy knockers which utterly outclassed the proximately B-Cups the redhead brought to the table.

Gina tongue and lips caressed every inch of titflesh presented to her and once more made April moan in obvious approval.

She barely recovered from her previous climax, but her tits seemed to remained as sensitive as they always were these days. Just a few kisses and some proper gropes and April was once more shaking with ecstasy… and her cock begging to return to the battlefield.

April had set herself other goals though and cut Gina’s overzealous caressing short.

“Why are you stopping?” she asked, clearly flustered to ask.

“God, she is so cute when she is nothing but naked and covered in cum,” April thought again and again.

The redhead’s green eyes were begging to be put back under the weight of a massive set of futa tits. April would almost have felt sorry for denying her such joy, wouldn’t she have known that she had something even more orgasmic to offer.

“Hold your horses, you will get all the time in the world to play with big, fat melons whenever you like,” April mused, especially after seeing Gina’s eyes widen like a puppy. “But there is something else I want to do to you first. You will love it, trust me.”

“I… do trust you,” Gina said with once more a simply adorable redness invading her freckled face.

The futa had to reward her friend with a quick kiss, she simply had to — before travelling south.

Her journey started at Gina’s small bosom. Nothing compared to Akari, or even Lizzy and Isabella, but nevertheless cute like the rest of Gina’s body. While her breasts didn’t manage to impress April, her stiff nipples certainly did.

April wasted no time and jumped her friend’s left mammary with the hunger of a starving wolf.

“Oh god, April,” Gina gasped from above and let April knew that she was on the right path.

Her tongue circled around the overly engorged nipple while her lips sucked and smooched all the sensitive skin that made Gina shiver with ecstasy.

“Yes! Right… there!”

The sound of her friend’s at first held back gasps and soon thundering moans was music to April’s ears and made her double her efforts as she switched to Gina’s right breast.

For as girlish as her curves were, hearing her angelic voice explode with pleasure made up any disadvantage Gina held over someone like Lizzy or Akari.

April noted that she enjoyed towering above her petite friend, much more so than she first expected. Her internet history would paint a picture of a curves obsessed girl looking for only the biggest of tits, asses and most often cocks. So much stranger was the realisation that outmatching her lover in all those regards made her feel at least as aroused if not more so than just dealing with a thick body.

Knowing that she could make Gina drool with just her much, much greater breasts was simply indescribable. And she didn’t even come to burying her cock in this petite and beautiful girl yet. God, Gina must be so goddamn tight, she could barely wait to find out. But all in due time.

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