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Yes Please Daddy

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I’m well into adulthood now but when I was younger, I had a stepdad that I loved very much. He was killed in a car accident but I’ve never forgotten him. He taught me so much.

He came to my room one night and asked me if I was ready to truly learn about sex since I was headed off to college and finally truly entering adulthood, paying my own bills and everything. I had been making comments here and there about not wanting to be in college as a virgin and we’d been fooling around for a while, so naturally, I said yes. All girls in college are curious about sex and bored with the losers they meet, right?

Instead of just tickling me, this time he flipped me on my knees then leaned down and lifted up my nightie. He pulled my panties aside and began licking me. He was so slow and gentle. He dragged his tongue from my clit to my asshole, over and over. He finally pulled my panties off and really began licking me, slurping at my clit, then my pussy lips, then shoving his tongue in my asshole kaynarca escort as he moaned into me. I had never before experienced such pleasure and squealed into my pillow as I quivered.

That was the first time I ever came. I squealed and quivered and trembled and shook… my own earthquake. He held on tight for the ride. He said he was so honored to have such a smooth tight pussy in his mouth and he kissed it about a thousand times. He thanked me over and over for cumming in his mouth as he slowed down his tongue so I wouldn’t go crazy. He left me panting into my pillow, wiping my juices off his sly grin with the back of his hand.

After that first orgasm, I couldn’t wait for more but he didn’t come back to me for at least a week. I masturbated every night. The second time, he concentrated more on my asshole. He licked it and stuck his tongue in it, deeper and deeper with each lick. Then he used his fingers to spread my pussy open. He said many times, “Oh fuck baby girl… orhanlı escort you’re so tight…”

I asked him if that was a good thing and he said I had the best pussy he’d ever seen.

He told me to wear a skirt with no panties to dinner that night and to come sit on his lap afterward to watch a movie, like we did all the time.

His fly was open and his dick was super hard. He had me sit on him like usual, with my legs along the couch, sideways on him. He pulled the blanket up and picked my hips up, guiding his stiff cock into me while my mother scrubbed the dishes, slowly until I had all of hardness in me. It hurt but felt amazing at the same time, so I just sat still, frozen as he pushed inside me.

As the movie went on, he pulled me up and repositioned me, my back to him. I slowly rode his cock as his hands guided my hips. I pretended to watch the movie as I completely focused on the sensation of him stretching my pussy open and filling me. I bounced on him as he tepeören escort shoved himself in and out of me, finally cumming on his huge hard dick, falling forward between his knees, barely able to control myself. My mother excused herself to take a quick shower as I finished cumming.

He stood up suddenly and fucked me hard, bending me over with my hands on the carpet, slamming his huge cock into my tight twat until he finally came, emptying his balls inside his daughter. I couldn’t believe this was how I was losing my virginity but I loved every moment of it!

As his cum leaked out of me, he knelt down and began licking and slurping at my slit. “Ohhhh thank you daddy!” I moaned. “I love you SO much! Are you gonna make me cum again soon?”

We heard my mother coming out of the bathroom and I quickly adjusted my skirt while he tucked his softening dick back in his pants. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled my back against his chest. “Yes baby girl, and next time I’m gonna take your ass too… Now thank your daddy!”

We breathed against each other heavily for a few moments. “Thank you for your dick. Thank you for fucking me daddy. I love you.” With that I ran off to my room, beyond excited for the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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