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You Asked For It Ch. 02

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Note to my readers: This is the second installment of the story of Joe and his wife. If you haven’t read the first part of “You Asked For It” you will still enjoy a lot of this story, but I would urge you to read the first installment so that you can understand the characters and their relationship better.


I have always loved birthdays. The excuse to celebrate, the family gathering, the food, outings and of course, presents. On this particular year, however, Joe screwed up.

Don’t misunderstand me, he did go through the motions to celebrate with me a little, but, let’s just say, those motions were a little flawed.

My birthday was on a Saturday on this particular year and I was excited. With it being on a Saturday, we could celebrate without worrying about work the next day. It also meant that Joe would be home from the work for the day, and usually if he was home on my birthday, he would take point with the kids, leaving me to sleep in, relax and have at least a bit of time to myself.

Unfortunately though, it didn’t go this way at all. It began in the morning with Joe forgetting to get up to the kids for me and instead rolling over and continuing to sleep. When he finally did get up, he did remember to wish me Happy Birthday, but he didn’t seem to think that on today of all days, he should maybe relieve me from the childcare portion of my job, or even spend any time with me during the day. Instead he spent most of his time either watching TV or playing computer games.

I knew he had been planning to take me out to one of my favourite restaurants for dinner, but at lunch time, when I asked him what time the booking was for, he looked puzzled. Suddenly a light of recognition sparked in his eyes, followed by a drained, guilty expression. “I forgot to book it.” He said, deadpan.

“Did you even organise a babysitter?” I asked.

“Honey, I’m really sorry. You know how heavy this project has gotten. I’ve been working really long hours, I’m stressed out and I just forgot.” He let out a big sigh. I was torn. Half of me was trying to be sensible and understand that what he was saying was the truth and that he was, in fact, incredibly stressed and the other half was feeling deeply hurt, and frankly really pissed off.

I sighed and walked over to the phone. I was fortunate that the restaurant I loved so much had a cancellation, so I booked a table for 7pm. When I went to tell Joe, I found him watching TV again, unconcerned. I opened my mouth to tell him that I had managed to get a reservation, but suddenly, seeing him sitting there without a care, it was all too much. I wanted to explode. I knew he had a lot going on at work, but this was just selfishness at it’s height! I turned and walked out of the room.

My best friend Trish picked up the phone on the second ring. “I need a date for dinner tonight.” I said immediately in a tone that let her know how desperate I was.

Without question she answered, “I’ll ask Ben if he will have the kids for me tonight.” I waited as Trish consulted with her husband. With Trish’s hand obviously over the receiver, I heard muffled voices on the other end of the line. The only thing I could make out was “I don’t know… because it’s her Birthday! That’s why!”

I smiled to myself, having a sudden appreciation for having such a good friend only a phone call away. Trish knew all about Joe and his troubles with handling stress. She had lent me her ear when Joe was at his most depressed. She had listened with a quiet calm, offered small tidbits of advice when she felt I needed it, but mostly she took the role of sounding board seriously and I would forever be in her debt for that.

Even more importantly, she never seemed to hold anything against Joe. It would have been easy for my friend to take my side, to be angry with Joe when he was unreliable, or when he said and did unkind things, but she seemed to accept him as I did. Occasionally she would listen to me and a look of annoyance would come over her face, but other than the odd passing comment which told me that she wished she could protect me, she generally kept mum on the subject.

“Ben’s fine with that.” She said coming back on the line. “He and the kids will get a pizza. So where are we going?” her peppy reply picked me up immediately and I felt some of my anger and disappointment leeching away.

I made arrangements with Trish to pick her up and told her that it was my shout tonight. We had a little chat about what we were going to wear and after I hung up I felt a lot better. Rather than talking to Joe in an angry way, I could be reasonable and calm about it, but still have something nice to look forward to. I walked back to the living room and he was still reclined in his favourite chair, flicking through the channels. I sat down in a chair next to him quietly and waited for an ad break.

When the commercials began he looked up at me, still carrying a guilt ridden expression. “I am going out to dinner yenidoğan escort tonight with Trish.” I said quietly looking down at my lap. I half expected him to become angry, but instead he reached out and put his hand on my knee.

“It’s okay. I am really sorry. I had hoped to do something nice for you tonight, but I guess I have been a bit wrapped up in my own world again.” I looked up at his face and was met with such an open, heartfelt expression that it made me want to tear up. I almost reneged and called off the dinner with Trish, but I decided that I wasn’t that kind of friend. She was there for me when I needed her, and besides, a girl’s night out would probably do me good.

“Are you okay with looking after the kids?” I asked.

“Of course. You two have fun. It will be good for you to get out and have a break from us all.” He said. “In the meantime, I’ll spend a bit of time trying to sort my head out a bit.” He puffed out a big breath and then said “I owe you that much at least.”

I spent the afternoon pottering around, finishing a couple of chores, and then started to get ready. I told Joe that he could organise dinner for himself and the kids, and then I holed up in the bathroom and bedroom for a good couple of hours.

Searching my wardrobe, I found a short sky blue dress that was a particular favourite of mine. I hadn’t worn it in ages, but I loved it. Even when I was feeling frumpy, this dress would hide a multitude of sins, making my silhouette curvy but sleek. I always felt sexy and bright in this dress, so I laid it out on the bed, ready to wear while I finished getting ready.

I took extra time on my face and hair, and when I was done, I surveyed the results in the mirror. My long hair looked glossy and healthy. My face was lightly made up, with my full, plump lips neatly lined and lipsticked in a deep chocolaty mauve. I was still naked, and by now a lot more relaxed.

I found my lemon oil and began to smooth it over my freshly shaved legs. As I felt a sense of wellbeing take over, I became a little aroused at my own touch. My hands climbed higher and higher, massaging the oil into my soft naked skin. When I reached the tops of my thighs, I looked at my pussy in the mirror and decided it was time to tidy up.

Taking the razor and shaving gel, I lathered up well. My entire groin was covered in the cool, mentholated gel and it left me feeling tingly. I decided to go the whole hog and remove every last bit of hair, not that I’m particularly hairy to begin with, but I knew that the sensation of my naked silky smooth pussy rubbing against my panties would feel fantastic. I wasn’t sure what would happen with Joe when I came home from my dinner, so I decided to satisfy my own needs regardless.

When I had finished shaving and washed off the remaining gel, I grasped the bottle of lemon oil again to soothe any potential scrapes from the razor. The skin beneath my hands was incredibly responsive, and almost as though I had no control at all, I began to sigh, enjoying the rubbing and stroking.

My clitoris poked out from it’s hood, and I gave it a little flick, shivering with delight. Stroking my clit gently quickly turned to hard rubbing, and before I knew it, two fingers had plunged into my moistened slit. I rode my hand hard, watching myself in the mirror. Looking at myself turned me on in a way it never had before. My tits were firm, my nipples stood out proud and dark, my hips soft and round and dimples formed on the sides of my ass with every thrust.

Before long, I felt my climax nearing, and I welcomed it, throwing my head back in silent ecstasy. I felt the throbbing deep inside my pussy as waves of pleasure swept over me and my hand became soaked with my juices. Satiated and happy, I washed up a little in the basin, perfumed and went out into the bedroom to dress.

Continuing my theme of self-pleasure, I chose a pretty blue lace thong to wear under my dress. The lace was particularly soft, and when I slipped it on it felt as though my still sensitive labia was being stroked by gentle fingertips.


When I was ready to leave, I kissed the kids goodbye and they wished me a “Happy Birthday Mummy!” Joe had just finished ordering pizza, and was organising plates and utensils.

When I stopped to kiss him, I must admit I had come to feel guilty. I suddenly wished again that it was he that I was taking to dinner, but that wasn’t how it was going to be. I still expected him to be upset with me for just making this decision without talking it over with him, but instead he smiled at me, kissed me again deeply and said “I hope you have a good time. I Love you.” I smiled at him and felt the weight lift from my shoulders. I was going out for a lovely dinner with a wonderful friend, no children to tug at me, no depression to deal with for a whole evening.

Trish and I had a lovely time. I had driven, so I limited myself to one glass of wine, but that was yenikent escort okay. I didn’t feel the need to drink to enjoy myself. With an evening of delicious food, long, heartfelt talks and a lot of laughing, both Trish and I felt relaxed and happy. It was a wonderful way to spend an evening, even if it hadn’t been what I’d expected. I did miss Joe, but I was definitely in the moment, loving Trish’s uncomplicated company and enjoying just being myself.

On our third coffee, Trish looked at her watch and I finally asked her what the time was. “12.15am” she answered smiling. “I must be getting old” she said. “It’s Saturday night, I’m free of kids and I’m getting worn out at 12.15am. How sad is that?!” She laughed.

“It’s okay,” I said “I’m getting worn out too. I think it’s time I took us back home.” We stood and hugged for a moment and I said “Thank you so much for this. You wouldn’t believe how much I needed it. And by the way, we’re not old! I’m 35 thank you very much!!!”

She swatted my butt playfully “You don’t look a day over 25 Honey!”

“And I don’t feel a day over 170!” I laughed.


When I arrived home the house was dark, save for a little light coming from our bedroom window. I knew Joe must be in bed with only the lamp on. It was nice that he’d stayed up to wait for me.

I quietly made my way inside and slipped off my black stiletto sandals in the entrance hall so that I wouldn’t wake any children. I looked up and in the halflight cast by the moon through the windows I saw my own reflection in the hall mirror.

The light blue shoestring strap dress I’d chosen was looking very flattering. It had a little split up my right thigh and because it was summer, I hadn’t worn any hosiery at all. The split teased open a little whenever I sat down, and I could imagine that if I was wearing suspenders, you’d be able to see them. ‘Maybe one day… for Joe…’ I thought to myself.

Because it was a shoestring strap dress and double lined, I forwent a bra. I am fortunate that despite my D cup breasts, they tend to hold their own when I don’t wear a bra. I am not blessed with the greatest stomach in the world now that I am a mother, but where my tummy lets me down, my tits make up for it.

I smiled at myself and breathed out. I was happy. I was newly 35, and I was okay with myself. Then I considered the fact that I was about to walk into my own bedroom and in that room was Joe. I loved him and I wanted him but after my little oasis of respite, I didn’t know what I was going to find. Would the kids have been badly behaved and run him ragged? Would he have spent the evening stewing in a bad mood? Would he be happy to see me and wanting to cuddle me, kiss me and maybe make love to me?

I also suddenly realised that he hadn’t given me a birthday gift yet. I felt a bit disgruntled. Surely he hadn’t forgotten that too? I knew I was being a spoiled brat about it, but I wasn’t sure how forgiving I’d be able to be if I found that he’d prepared nothing at all. I took a deep breath and decided that if he hadn’t bought me anything, I’d go treat myself to something nice instead.

The door to our room was slightly ajar and the lamp light filtered through. I quietly pushed it open and there before me was Joe with my gift.

He was standing at the foot of our bed, which was neatly made with fresh bed linen, our most expensive, most luxurious bed linen. He was wearing black satin boxers, and nothing else, and he had his head slightly bowed. In his outstretched hands was a white box, about the size of a loaf of bread. The box was tied with a black ribbon.

“Oh… thank you.” I said in surprise. I really didn’t know what to say at all and in all honesty, I had half expected Joe to be in bed reading or almost asleep. The sight of him standing there almost naked, head bowed in deference left me flushed with excitement. I could tell he had something in mind, and I was looking forward to seeing what it was.

I took the box from his hands and as I did so, he said “For you Mistress.” My breath caught in my throat as I cottoned on to the game. I was in charge. His gift, or at least one of them, was to serve me. I beamed with pleasure, and then caught myself, quickly grasping control of my face. Looking happy was one thing, but I didn’t want to be a giggling idiot through this.

Untying the ribbon, I opened the lid. It took me a few moments to understand what I was seeing inside. The box was filled to the top with loosely coiled ribbon, black satin ribbon that was about 10 centimeters wide. There were meters upon meters of it.

‘What the hell does he want me to do with this?’ I thought to myself.

Joe looked up at my face slightly. “May I speak Mistress?” he asked in his soft, honey smooth voice. When I nodded he said “This is your first gift Mistress. With this ribbon, you may bind me in any way that serves you. This evening I will pleasure you in any way you wish.”

I yenimahalle escort felt blood rush to my cheeks, and my nipples began to harden. My breath quickened and I searched my mind for what to do next. Suddenly I had a flash of inspiration. It was perfect, the vision in my mind thrilled me. Joe was going to look incredible, and he was going to do exactly as I told him to.

“Mistress?” He enquired “What would you like me to call you this evening?”

‘Wow!’ I thought ‘He really is throwing himself into this!’

“I would like you to call me ‘My Love'” I replied.

The change in the room was so obvious that it made me giggle. Joe completely broke character for a moment. “Really?” he asked in surprise. “I never would have thought THAT would turn you on.”

“Well you started calling me that a few times a couple of years ago.” I explained, looking nervously at my painted toenails. “It’s not something I would ever have expected of you, but you called me that and it was so genuine. I felt loved.” I breathed out a sigh, expecting him to tease me or laugh.

“As you wish Mistress… My Love.” He answered. When I looked up at his face, all I could see was love and devotion. He placed himself in my hands, and was ready to submit.

He looked incredible. His bare chest sporting almost no hair, and dark red nipples that stood out with excitement for what was to come. I gazed down to his boxers and could see he was already becoming hard. I could feel an accompanying warmth growing inside my pretty little lace panties. A thousand visions of how he could ravage me flooded my head and I had to force myself to regain control.

“Okay then. First you will have your wrists wrapped.” Joe held his wrists out to me in compliance. I wrapped one of them around a couple of times at one end of the length of ribbon. Fortunately, the other end was visible inside of the box, and I grasped it and tied Joe’s other wrist in the same way. His arms were linked by one, very long black ribbon which would allow me to lead him about and direct him.

“May I speak My Love?” Joe asked.

I noticed that my breath had quickened. “You may” I replied.

“You look incredibly beautiful tonight My Love. It will be a pleasure to serve you.” He bowed his head slightly.

I lifted his chin with one finger so that he was looking at me. “You may kiss me.” I said sliding into my role.

His warm lips met mine. He gently parted them and tentatively ran his tongue around inside of my mouth. I returned his kiss a little more enthusiastically, gently nipping his full bottom lip as I drew away.

I tugged on his ribbons, signalling for him to fall to his knees. He looked up at my face, waiting for his next command. I loosened my grip on his tethers so that his hands were able to move. “Remove my panties.” I ordered.

Joes well versed hands wrapped around my ankles. He slid them up the sides of my calves slowly, barely making contact. My skin tingled and I shivered with delight. I started to wonder who was controlling whom. As he reached my knees, he changed direction slightly, running his hands up the backs of my thighs. He cupped the cheeks of my ass, gently rubbing them with his thumbs and sighing happily. His face was mere centimeters from my ever dampening pussy, separated by only the front of my dress and a thin sheath of lace.

Nimble fingers ran up behind me to my waist and in one deft movement, Joe had swept my lingerie to the floor. I stood there for a moment, feeling my own wetness trickling toward my thighs. I sat down on the side of the bed, the skirt of my dress having descended again to cover me.

Joe looked a little disappointed until I opened my mouth, I could see him eyeing my lips as though they were the bearers of delicious fruit. “You may taste me.” I said gently, smiling a slight, warm smile. His enthusiasm was instant, though, to his credit, he maintained enough self-control to be gentle with his touch.

Sliding the hem of my skirt up, Joe noticed my completely bald pussy and he raised his eyebrows in surprise, though he said nothing. I know that he loves it when I have a shaved pussy, and the mere sight of it is usually enough for him to be sporting a rock hard erection.

He began to kiss the inside of my thighs firmly, moving higher and higher. By the time he had reached the tops of my thighs he was using his tongue, licking and sucking at my flesh. I couldn’t control my own gentle panting and as I looked down, I could see that Joe had developed a beautifully raging hard on and it was poking out of the fly of his boxers.

Gently his tongue flicked my labia, caressing and moistening me with the lightest touch I could bear. A tiny moan escaped my lips and Joe plunged in, devouring my pussy with his hungry mouth. A mass of licking, sucking and nuzzling had my head swimming. Sliding forward carefully, I lay on my back, my chest heaving. Joe took his cue expertly, thrusting his tongue up inside of my slick wet slit. My hips bucked upward in pleasure as he licked and moaned.

I felt myself nearing orgasm, but I wasn’t ready yet. “Enough!” I commanded but Joe was consumed and wouldn’t stop. “Oh God!” I groaned before pulling away from his fervent mouth and yanking on the ribbons to pull him back into line.

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