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You deserve better, baby girl.

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You deserve better, baby girl.Since her mother and I divorced 5 years ago, Lana, my stepdaughter has been the apple of my eye. I have two older sons from a previous marriage and I love them both very much but the relationship between a father and daughter was always special in my eyes. I married Lana’s mom, a single mom, when Lana was only 9 years old but after only 4 years of marriage we divorced. Her mom and I had known each other from a previous law firm we worked for some years earlier. We had an excellent working relationship and made a good team as corporate attorney’s. On one of our many weekend business trips together we started noticing a romance brewing between us. One thing led to another and we were both entrenched in a steamy sexual affair. Sex was as synonymous as breathing air between us. We couldn’t get enough. After delaying the inevitable we decided to marry after several years of dating (and LOTS of fucking). I had known of Lana years before she became my stepdaughter from her mom. I didn’t think much of it since she was just my friends’ k**. I never knew that one day this k** would become my stepdaughter and someone I would come to respect, care and love for very much. During my marriage, Lana and I became very close like father and daughter. You could tell that she yearned for a father figure in her life since her own dad was often elusive and working many hours per week to make ends meet. Lana was lucky if she saw her biological dad once a month. After awhile it became once or twice a year. Her dad remarried and started another family and Lana was on the verge of graduating high school anyways and had just turned 18. After the divorce, Lana, naturally lived with her biological mom and she would visit with me on the weekends if possible. My divorce from her mom was cordial and very friendly. When Lana graduated high school she decided to go to a university that was only about 25 mins from my home so it made sense that she stayed with me during her formative college years. I was the single dad jungling 2 boys in college and my stepdaughter, Lana, in her freshman year at the university nearby and working full time at my current law firm. I was making excellent money and had been for many years. I could’ve easily retired and done something else but at only 42 years old I was far from being a retiree and I enjoyed what I was doing. My business trips were not as often and I was relegated to the firm and in-house cases. I kept myself sane by staying in shape; going to the gym, running several miles every other day and playing tennis several times a week with some of my fellow colleagues. When Lana was a young k** she would accompany me several times a week on my runs. She’s a pretty good athlete herself and kept in shape as a matter of habit. My two boys in college would come home to see me during the holidays. They would see their mom every other holiday on the calendar. So, most of the time it was just myself and Lana at home. We started running together again and on occasion would accompany me to the gym to workout with weights. At 18 she was a natural athlete developing and becoming a beautiful young woman. She stood a modest 5-7, 120 lbs, light brown eyes, dark brown straight/curly hair a little over shoulder length, nice v-shape that tapered around a 29 inch waistline, beautiful slim but athletic legs, small but strong arms and a sweet pair of size B cup breasts, nice and firm. She is a striking young lady whose beauty I didn’t really notice until she came to live with me. I do recall quite a few boys wanting to be her steady in her younger teens but she was fairly selective and always asked me which guy would suit her best. I always steered her away from the “rebel without a cause” types and the athletic stud punks who had almost no academic prowess. I preferred that she stick with the nerdy athletic geeks but she seemed more interested in older guys for some reason. Having my stepdaughter around the house was very much appreciated but I’m a shame to admit that her beauty and sexiness was becoming more obvious as the weeks wore on. I knew it was wrong to think this way about my her but I was also a single man with a (very) healthy sex drive who naturally notices these things and it didn’t matter if it was my stepdaughter or not. The old adage: you can look but don’t touch exemplified my current predicament. I was getting some pussy somewhat regularly with a co-worker but that was a problem waiting to blow up anytime so getting out of it was essential and jerking off daily to porn on xhamster, for example helped, but I really missed having sex almost daily with Lana’s mom. It’s true what they say about marriages and sex. The men never tire of it and like variety and women get bored over time and want it less and less. I remember quite fondly my sex life with Lana’s mom as exceptional, intense and nasty. Most men like their sex nasty and intense. Don’t be fooled otherwise. Guys are like dogs and want sex all the time and will go to great lengths to acquire it. As time went on Lana got use to her new home and made some friends in the neighborhood but most of her focus was on college and finishing her degree. One of the many traits I admired about my baby girl. One day she came home with a college guy who I picked out as a punk as soon as he got out of his car with her. He looked like a jock and had this mug on his face that made an immediate threat to the confines of my life and family. In other words, I didn’t like him. Lana introduced him as Colby and was on the school’s football team as a defensive back (DB). I shook his hand but made it clear by my body language that I was not impressed. I was even less impressed when he spoke. It appears that he was only at the university for his athletic endeavors and probably had a team of tutors helping him out academically. Colby definitely had some game and if you were a milf and looking for a non-stop boy toy. He’d be that overzealous mommy pussy eater but not for my baby girl. She could do better. Lana noticed right away that I wasn’t amused nor enthusiastic by her latest dick pick. This guy needed to go. We had some lunch and the conversation was even less conducive to a higher state of being. I could tell that even Lana was a little shocked at how dumb he really was. After he left she asked me what I thought and I told her, “you deserve better, baby girl”. I also mentioned the fact that Colby was probably Only interested in getting into her panties. She mildly agreed and told me that she would do better. We embraced and noticed that she kept the embrace a little longer than usual and I felt a shot of adrenaline shoot through my veins as we both held the embrace. It was very unusual and somewhat awkward. Lana smiled at me and left for her room. I have to be honest and say that the moment was even more intriguing by the way we looked at each other. She smiled at me and for a moment, it appeared that she gave me a grin of yearning. I was amazed and very excited. My loins were alerted and my dick started to get hard thinking about it. My Catholic guilt immediately took over my mind and after a few moments I set myself straight. I had to lock myself in my room and put on some porn and work this feeling away. It was insane. I couldn’t possibly be lusting for my own step daughter. Could I? This was crazy. I sat down and opened my belt buckle and pants to free the impending hardon I was hiding. It popped out like a fucking christmas tree that just had it’s lights turned on! I searched through the porn categories and I couldn’t get my eyes off the daddy/daughter category. I was so frustrated (nothing worse than being annoyed with several loads of cum to release for a guy) I stripped down to my briefs and black business socks and sat in my chair practically naked with a big fat hardon staring at my pc thinking about how beautiful and sexy my baby girl has grown up to be. It was as if I just found this out. I saw her grow up since she was 9 years old and even after the divorce I saw her and mentored her almost daily. But, for some reason this newfound fascination for her beauty and sexiness has just boggled my mind. I was literally stroking my cock thinking about this. A grown 42 year old man lusting over his 18 year old step daughter. I started to think about what Lana could be doing in her room? Maybe she was laying on her bed studying or on her phone texting that punk she brought over earlier. I couldn’t think straight. My hard 8 inch cock was sticking straight up in front of me while I imagined what Lana could look like naked. I was lost in a trance when all of a sudden I heard Lana knocking on my door, “Hey dad, can we talk about some things?” I fucken jumped out of my güvenilir bahis chair and tried helplessly to put my pants back on but it was too late. At least the waistband from my briefs temporarily kept my thick hard cock pushed back towards my stomach. I quickly grabbed a robe and put on a tshirt underneath. Left my black business socks on with a long beige thick colored robe on to cover me. I opened my door and Lana was standing there with some skinny jeans on and a conservative but sexy top. She looked me over and wondered why I was in my robe in the middle of the afternoon and I told her that I was getting ready for a quick shower before heading out for a business dinner later. I was absolutely nervous as hell because of the fat hardon I was hiding underneath the robe and I hoped this excuse was good enough to cover me. She accepted it and then asked if we could discuss some things regarding school and men and I said sure. She walked into my room and sat on the edge of my bed. I couldn’t really focus on her words as much because my fucking cock was still hard and trying to get out of my robe. I stepped backwards and flopped on my chair as I watched Lana walk towards my bed. Again, her beauty and youth really stuck out and my cock maintained its rigidity. She mentioned that going to school full time and working part time was putting a lot of stress on her and she really needed to stay focus on her studies. I told her that she should quit her job and just focus on school and that I would give her an allowance every week and that she should keep up with her chores around the house and help me out with some of the yard work as needed and just focus on her schoolwork. Her exuberance and joy of having not to work and earning an allowance was like watching a little k** jump up and down because they’re going to Disneyland or something was a bit dramatic and a little staged but it was tapered with a walk over to me and giving me a passionate and warm hug. My cock was screaming for release at this point. Lana’s eager warm perfumed embrace was exciting enough but she surprised me by following it up with not just a peck on the lips but a kiss that lasted a little longer than normal especially between a father and daughter. As she pulled back she held my gaze and had a look of absolute naughtiness in those light brown eyes of hers that could only be described as lustfully suspicious. I actually held her hug a little closer than normal but the events that led up to this moment, my disturbing newfound sexual interest in her and Lana’s overt playful physical innuendos called for it. Under normal circumstances this would’ve never happened but the atmosphere was definitely shifting and I noticed the shift in her just prior to turning 18 years old a little over 4 months ago. She still had her playful kind of shy personality but she seemed more outgoing now; has always been a little serious for her age and much more mature than most of her peers. I sensed that the next topic of discussion was going to be a little more engaging and to the point. She asked me to sit next to her on the side of the bed before she introduced the next subject matter. I didn’t think nothing of it and followed her over to the edge of the bed and sat down with her. She brought up her left leg and bent it pointing her knee at me while partly holding my hand. I kind of sensed something awful coming so I braced myself. She noticed my look of concern and stated that it was “nothing serious dad” she just wanted some advice regarding men. Lana’s mentioned to me in the past that the absence of her father was very disconcerting but that she was “very lucky” to have me as her step dad to fill the void. I was happy that I could stand in because he was almost never around. She started off by saying that her interest in boys has always been somewhat tamed. She was never really too interested in them (which led her mom and myself to assume she might be a lesbian at one time) but she had a few boyfriends over the years and they were more or less “just friends with benefits.” She started off by saying that she was not interested in pursuing anything with that loser she brought over earlier for lunch and that he was basically out of her life. I couldn’t have been more happier and felt that she could do better. Much better. She then started on this array of how much she appreciated men in her life, specifically, her grandfather from her mom’s side of the family, some of her teachers at school, the mailman, her uncle Henry (my older brother by two years) and myself. After a few more minutes of this I was getting the picture and asked her if she could just get to the point of it all. She then said something that wasn’t all too surprising but was within my line of thinking because it makes sense. To keep it simple, little girls growing up with absent fathers have daddy issues. Even though I was there to help her out, the formative years from 1 year old to about 8 years old were basically devoid of any fatherly figure. She stated that her mom couldn’t have picked a better man to be her step dad. My maternal instincts as a father (I still have two other teen boys from another marriage in college as well) fell into place and for a moment I lost my hardon and any sexual overtness to her. For a few brief minutes I was just her dad again (step dad or not) and that felt normal and gratifying. Lana actually sat with her legs folded at this point facing me and I brought up my leg closest to her and bent the knee towards her so we would be facing each other. Lana placed her hand on my hand and my heart was just telling me that this was my little baby girl once again. What she told me next changed my maternal instincts back to horny pervy step dad once again. She said that she’s always admired older men and found herself attracted to much older guys. Again, the “daddy issues” was in play again. Luckily my hardon stayed underneath the bulky robe I had on so she couldn’t see it inflate once again. I know I probably shouldn’t have reacted the way I did (physically speaking) but I’m a guy with sexual needs and I haven’t had any good pussy in nearly 5 weeks. For a strapping handsome fucker like me who keeps himself in shape daily that’s not easy. Sitting before me is a healthy young woman with a killer body and personality and hot as shit who also happened to be my step daughter seemingly ogling over me (or so it appeared) and looking very much in need of a good fuck. What the fuck am I saying? This is my step daughter and I shouldn’t be saying this shit. Damn, I needed to get laid!! Anyways, Lana continued on about how she thought that older guys are more experienced and knew how to do things, take care of a young lady like her, make her happy, etc. She told me that she had an encounter with an older man several times over a period of a week shortly after her 18th birthday earlier this year. I was a bit taken back by it and I guess I should’ve been more shocked if I were her biological dad, maybe, but, hey, she’s 18, an adult and legally old enough to make that consent (and just maybe that horny older perv helped her out with that decision, who the fuck knows). She asked me how I felt about that and I told her that she’s an adult now and she can make that decision for herself. Then I asked her how old this guy was and where did she meet him? Which led to the next knock-down-you’re-out-cold moment. She said to me: “I hope what I tell you next doesn’t change your mind of me or the person I’m talking about because it was something that just happened. Dad, please don’t get mad. Do you remember about a month after my 18th birthday earlier this year and uncle Henry came here for a business trip from New York and stayed at the Hyatt downtown for a week and a half?” I was livid! Pissed couldn’t describe how I felt at that moment. I couldn’t contain myself! I stood up with my hands on my face wondering how that fucker got to her pussy before I did (I’m gonna be honest. I’m horny as fuck for her and she just told me that my own brother banged her cunt and now I’m supposed to act like the deceived upset step father who wants to punch him out!!). ” WHAT THE FUCK!!!! My older brother banged you??” I instinctively went to my bedroom door and closed it so we’d have a little more privacy but I was angry as hell. Lana stood up at this time right by the bed trying to console my anger. She said: “Dad, yes, we had sex….But dad I was thinking of you the whole time!” I’m saying to myself, wait, WHAT? “Let me get this straight you took his married cock into your teen pussy but you were thinking of me the whole time he Banged you?” She looked incredulously reserved and slightly taken aback by the words I just used to describe türkçe bahis this event. “Yes daddy. It was you who I actually wanted fucking me those nights I was with uncle Henry. I mean, you two do look alike and he’s so charming and brilliant like you. I hope you’re not mad at him daddy?” I was still in shock but my anger had subsided a good bit (especially after she said it was my cock she wanted and not really his, I’m not gonna lie about that). I then asked her how many times they actually fucked and she said 9x. Damn! He was only here for a week and a half and they did that much fucking? She told me, “It was the best sex I’d ever had and after awhile he made me forget about you for a little bit but I still want you daddy?” I had to take a few minutes and clear my mind with the fact that she just told me that she had great sex with my older brother BUT she still wanted me as her would-be banger. I told her that I was definitely jealous she had sex with another older man but the fact that she did it with my older brother (who’s supposedly married and happy) made it a bit complicated. I haven’t spoken to my brother in a few months which is kind of unusual because we’re close brothers but now I know why. He was laying low and probably feeling a little guilty that he fucked my 18 year old step daughter! I asked Lana if my brother knew that she had the hots for me and she said yes, he knows about that and so he wasn’t as guilty about having had sex with her since he knew that it was you who she wanted all along. She then said: “Daddy, uncle Henry’s not going to say anything obviously about this and he knew that you and I are going to eventually fuck and he wondered if the next time he comes into town if we could do a 3some if that was ok with you?” I was besides myself. My fucking brother wants a 3way next time he comes into town? Really? She probably had all this planned out. She was just a sneaky horny little cunt hoping to ride my cock and now she’s got me AND her uncle wanting some of that tight teen pussy together. I told her to stay right where she was and I would be back in a few minutes. I darted out of there to go lock the front door and close any windows that might carry our voices. I grabbed a couple of bottles of water and headed back to the room and knew that there was NO reason to hold back now. Lana’s juicy cunt was mine for the taking. I walked back into my bedroom and closed it and looked over at Lana and she was standing by the edge of the bed with only a skimpy bra and some laser thin panties on. I couldn’t believe it. The fucking moment had finally arrived! I took one of the water bottles and opened it and walked over to my baby girl and she said: “I thought I’d get in the moment and be ready for you when you got back. I’ve known you’ve wanted me daddy for a while now…” A little presumptuous on her part but I’ll take it. She is one hot babe and she’s all mine now. I took a sip of the water and gave her a drink of it without dropping my eyes off of her. The look I gave her was one of complete pervy hunger from her very own step daddy. I told her that before she came into my room to talk I was actually sitting here stroking my cock thinking about her pussy. She had this really sleazy slutty gaze over her eyes and reached in with both arms around my neck and gave me her mouth and tongue. Fuck she tasted good. I couldn’t believe it. I am kissing my sweet teenage daughter and we’re about to have sex. Putting aside being her step dad for a moment this is EVERY Middle aged stud man wants is a chance to devour a hot young teen pussy like this. That’s a fact! Fuck yeah. She pressed closer into me as I placed the bottle of water on the desk near us. I unrobed myself to expose my fucking hardon in my briefs and Lana took one look at it and said, “Damn daddy, that’s bigger than uncle Henry’s.” My robe on the ground, I took off my shirt to show her my chiseled chest and 6pac abs. Off came the business socks and it was her turn. She took a step back to get all of my glory in and I brought her back into me and this time I stuck my tongue down her throat. I reached behind her and unbuttoned the bra that kept her daddy from holding the gems he now owned. Those size B cup titties were perfect in daddy’s eyes. I kept giving her that nasty grin and she knew exactly what that meant. I gently handled each succulent teeny knob with care and kissed and sucked them wholeheartedly. Her sweet brown nipples didn’t stand a chance against my passion. We were in the early stages of our lovemaking. It was just the appetizers. At this point I freed my cock and tossed aside the briefs. Lana instinctively grabbed my cock and looked at me with much appreciation. I took the opportunity to run my hand down her small and slutty looking panties to feel her very wet and bald pussy. It was tight and already dripping with teen nectar. The kind of nectar that would make many men like me go absolutely crazy and I did. I took one taste of her juice from my fingers and moaned with released pleasure (the kind of pleasure that has been waiting for a while). I put those two fingers into her mouth and she sucked it beautifully knowing full well that something thicker, harder and longer will be in her mouth shortly. The early evening was setting in so I turned on the lights in our (soon to be) room and adjusted them accordingly to give us a nice fucking ambiance. In other words, just enough light so we can see each other clearly but not too much as to blind us. Lana was definitely sleeping in my bed from this point on. There was no turning back now. I gently placed my baby girl on the edge of the bed and took off her panties and threw them to the side. We were both totally naked now. One hot step daughter and one studly step father eager to ravage each others’ private gifts. I picked up my sweet tangy baby girl and walked her over to the side of the bed and placed her on the bed. We kissed passionately at this moment. There was something very special and intimate about me carrying her over and kissing her with that kind of affection. We were like two lovers who hadn’t seen each other in awhile and now was the moment of reconciliation. The entire moment was surreal. In the public’s eye this would be considered wrong and in some instances a jail term but no one would ever know about this (except my older brother at a later date) and nothing we are doing here was i*****l. In the eyes of the law we’re two adults enjoying each other and that’s all that mattered to me and my baby girl. I jumped on the other side of the bed again, without, losing sight of my sweet baby girl’s beauty. She was in every way, perfect. We pulled the covers over to the side to keep them ready to cover us as soon as we were finished with the debauchery we were committed to this night. I leaned into my sweet girl and kissed her passionately and purposefully. I reached over her chest and gently held the breast farthest from me. My one leg between her legs and my knee slightly touching her very wet and succulent cunt. We couldn’t stop kissing each other as I alternated between m*****ing her tits and rubbing that juicy damp vagina. Her moans only made me harder and the taste of her kisses kept me from going absolutely crazy with more intensity. I needed to be gentle at first with my baby girl. I could tell she urged me on. As I rubbed that clit she had a look of total intensity as I took a moment to let her know that I wasn’t happy that she gave her cunt up to my older bro before I had it. “Yeah, you like that baby girl….that cunt belongs to me not your uncle…do you hear me baby girl?” She moaned intensely as a form of acknowledgement and the grin on my face turned to sheer caveman-like ownership. She pushed me back breaking my pussy rub and forced herself on top of my cock. Grabbing that fuck meat she quickly licked and tasted the tip and started sucking it like a champ. I was amazed by the forcefulness of her moves. She was all over that cock. I grabbed both legs and lifted her body on top of me making sure her delicious teen cunt was right above daddy’s eager hungry mouth. She adjusted herself on top of me until she was sitting right on my face. She leaned in to suck and suck that cock. Obviously her 9 lessons with my older brother paid off since she knew what she was doing. I was happy as a fucking pervy step dad could be wanting more of her luscious delectable teen cunt. It was spectacular. Nicely shaved, hairless and firm to the touch. That mound was just what the doctor ordered. I basically wrapped my entire mouth over that piece of teenage cunt meat and let my tongue do the necessary reconnaissance to ensure the area was prepped and ready for an invasion momentarily. Lana kept güvenilir bahis siteleri moaning and sucking. One of the best sounds any pervy step father would want to hear. Her slurping a fat fucking cock while getting her drippy cunt eaten and teased was my only goal for the next ten minutes. I could eat a nice pussy for a good 30 to 45 minutes but tonight I was very hungry for her cunt and needed to release my aching balls soon so, Lana’s going to get the consolidated version for now and later on in the evening I will take more time to delight in her glory. I could tell Lana was approving very much. Her moans were getting exceedingly animated and the way she was moving her hips to my eating was exceptional. All of a sudden her phone rings and she stopped sucking. She said: “Dad, I’ve got to get that. It’s mom and I promised her that I would be available to talk when she called this evening”….I said, “Baby, are you serious? Let it go to voicemail we’re fucking right now…”. She kept insisting and then said: “Dad, let me lay on my back while you eat my pussy lips while I talk to mom and lets see how long I can take it before I just hang up on her…She had some important information for me…” I reluctantly nodded but had no choice. Lana answered her phone as she laid back with her head to the bedpost and her knees spread apart so I could fit in between and have some dinner while she talked to her mom. I know Lana’s going to lose this exercise. Daddy’s an excellent pussy eater. I got in-between her thighs and took in her beautiful teen pungency. I got into position and started licking that clit at the same time fucking her with two fingers while she took the call from her mom. I could tell she was already uncomfortable. Her face contorting and her one hand on my head pushing my face in further and the other hand holding onto the phone. If I wasn’t having sex with her I’d find this whole scene quite funny but I was a father on a mission. “Hey mom, how’s it going? I’m doing well. Yeah, I got the money for my school books, thanks. Yeah, dad’s here at the dinner table eating…” As my fingers intensified and tongue licked the crap out of her clit. Her face was one of delightful agony. I was actually getting really hard while this was going on. I mean, seriously. I’m her step dad eating my teen daughter’s pussy while she’s talking on her cell phone to her mother about school shit. Unreal. “What’s daddy eating for dinner? Fish. He says it tastes really good and wants more. I cooked it myself. I know mom, I’m a good daughter. Ok mom, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, ok? Bye mom.” I made sure she clicked that phone OFF and then continued on eating that fucking cunt. Lana didn’t lose a beat. Her moans grew with intensity and she pushed my face deeper into her steamy cunt. She screamed out and squirted cunt juice into my face and mouth. Fuck!! Damn that was hot! I licked up all I could swallow and kept going for more. Lana told me she wanted my cock now! I got up with her cunt juices all over my face and kissed her and had her lick off some of the cunt juices from my face. She grabbed my cock and jerked it a bit and got on top of her chest and slapped my cock on her tits….she was rubbing her clit uncontrollably. I got up further and put my cock in her eagerly waiting mouth. She sucked me off like a champ. Got me all nice and wet. We switched positions and she was about to sit on my cock when I leaned in and got a condom. She said don’t worry I am on the pill and she wanted daddy juice to drip out of her cunt. FUCK YEAH!! She got into a squatting position and I saw her athletic beautiful body ready to envelope my cock whole. Damn this girl is fine! That hot slim body and tight fucking pussy was ready to sit. She eased her moist fuck box on my cock and I could feel right away how tight this cunt was. Fuck YESSS! I know my brother must’ve been happy! 9 FUCKS in 10 days! I’m gonna still give him shit for doing it but I’m sure we’ll have a great laugh over it. Damn Lana baby! Fuck daddy’s cock! Omg! I’m already close! I’ve been close since 4 hours ago!! Ride that bitch baby girl!! Fuck Yeah….oh fuck! Ramming her pussy from underneath at this point. I told her to switch position to doggy. I wanted more control. I was close. Lana got into position quick! Had that ass up in the air like a pro! I leaned forward and told her: “Here cums daddy baby girl” Eased that fucker in her… Damn she’s tighter than a vice grip! Omg…pumping this bitch for all it’s worth. I leaned in and pressed Lana down til her face was part of the bed. Pumped a few more times and could feel the eruption occurring. I reached in and pulled Lana up so her back would be touching my chest. I held her up by holding onto her nice titties. She turned her head to the side to accept daddy’s mouth and tongue….Good Girl….as I kept pumping that slut hole from underneath. This is probably my best position to fuck because I have total access to that pussy and I can hold onto titties and gently play with them. Pinching Lana’s nice dark brown nipples, kissing her neck. For a minute or two I grab Lana with one arm across her chest and tighten my hold on her so I can piston fuck the shit out of her pussy holding her close to me. She’s screaming…”Yes daddy! That’s it! Fuck me right there! Fuck me harder!!” I whispered into her ear….”You’re daddy’s cunt now baby girl… I bet uncle Henry didn’t fuck you like this…huh baby bitch?” She kept screaming with joy….”Yes daddy, I’m your cunt now. I like being your cunt. When you say cunt to me while we fuck it makes my pussy squirt more…” breathing hard and intensely.I kept my pace up on her tight pussy. “You like it when daddy calls you cunt during sex baby girl?” Her breathing intensifying and small tight hips moving voraciously with my pumping. A beautiful sight. This shit should be in porn. A studly step dad fucking the shit out of his hot very hot teenage daughter in this position. Fuck yeah! “Yes daddy. I love it when you’re verbal with me. Uncle Henry was the same way. See, I knew you two were about the same”. Not that I really wanted to be compared to my big brothers fucking technique but a guy’s always trying to improve his technique to keep things fresh and intense. I was soo close at this point. I’m going to flood this little girls cunt hole. Fuck yeah. This is what I’ve been waiting for all day. “Oh baby…I’m cumming….” I held onto her with both arms pushing her into me more while underneath pumping that cunt. OMG! I kissed her and then slipped out of her cum filled pussy and put her on her back. I pushed my cock right back into her in missionary position. Fuck I had my cum all over her and me. It was oozing out as I was pushing in squeezing out the remaining juices from my cock. Lana squirmed and fingered her pussy as I was fucking it more. She licked her fingers with my cum and her cunt juice mix. She smiled and told me that she loved me. I leaned into her keeping my dick deep inside her (my dick stays hard for a while even after I cum) and caressed her lips and face. Kissed her gently. Tongued her mouth and lips. We embraced like lovers. Kissing deeply and forever. I looked into this young beautiful teen girls face and told her that I loved her very much. “You make daddy soo happy today and forever sweet heart. You’re my woman now and I’m your man. Do you understand that baby girl?” She said. “Yes daddy. It’s what I’ve been waiting for for the longest time.” We took a shower together after that. Put on some robes (no need to dress) with nothing underneath that robe and had a nice little romantic dinner at home. Watched a little tv and snuggled together on the sofa (I made sure all windows were shut and closed) a 42 year old man acting like some 20 year old boy with his hot girlfriend. Just me and my little girl from now on. I encouraged her to still get a boyfriend to keep up the illusion of having one. Just hoping that it was some nerdy guy that was more into academics and not so much her pussy. I actually wouldn’t mind her getting fucked by another guy her age just make sure that daddy’s cock was her MAIN cock. I had no reason to pursue any other pussy from that point on unless one came my way and I would talk to Lana about it. I’m being realistic I know she’s going to get married someday with some nice guy in the future and she deserves that. And who know, I might find love with a woman my age or a little younger and live happy ever after too (or NOT, lol). I love my daughter and it was more than just a father/daughter relationship now, obvious. Her mom would visit us on occasion and I have to say that I was tempted to still fuck her too but Lana’s tight teen pussy was all daddy really needed (how could any sane middle aged man pass this up?). Lana moved into my room after that night and we kept her bed in her room messy on purpose for looks just in case some of her friends came over. My baby girl deserves better and she has that now.

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