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Young Man and Older Lady Ch. 01

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Pieter Strauss, otherwise known as Trey, was the son of Pieter Strauss Jnr, himself the son of Pieter Strauss Snr, the grandfather of the run of Pieters. Strauss Snr was born too late to be much involved with WWII, but his work in Applied Mathematics led to him moving to the US soon after the war was over. Strauss Jnr was born in America but never quite lost the background echoes of German in his speech. Pieter Strauss Jnr was 34 when he married a woman in her mid twenties. Trey was born when his father was 36, and was 10 when his mother died from cancer.

At 46 when he became again single, Strauss Jnr never remarried, but did, however, have good relationships with quite a few women of his own age over the years. He, too, was a brilliant mathematician like his father, and at the age of 30 had become a tenured professor teaching calculus, and especially, a four-year course on Calculus in the Universe – the determination of the effect on small moving bodies, such as comets, of bigger bodies like planets. When Trey – also an accomplished mathematician – went to University, he chose as one of his courses, his father’s 4-year program.

On the one hand, Trey was proud of having his father as his teacher, on the other hand, despite what other people may have thought, it got Trey no privileges when it came to marking his projects, and no special help at home on preparing them. It was almost the very end of Trey’s second year at Uni when his father was killed in a car accident, and at 23 Trey found himself orphaned. A few weeks after his father’s death, the Dean announced in the press, without naming the individual, that the Strauss “Calculus and the Universe” courses were going to be continued with a new professor, who would use the basic content of Professor Strauss Jnr notes and development work and add in, where appropriate, new material as it became available and credible. Trey was pleased his father’s course would continue, and with his name, and, on a personal note, that Trey’s own work would no longer be marked by his father. But he was also curious as to how the University found a replacement so quickly. Had Dad left suggestions on who should succeed him if anything happened?

Much of the summer was taken up with legal processes: Probate, clearing his father’s office, transferring the house to his name, reviewing investments and changing the name of the investor. It took a lot of work and attention to detail, not to mention legal fees to get it all done. One saving grace was the attractive young lawyer on the case, who Trey took out for dinner a few times, and to bed more than once. To be honest, although she was about 8 years older than him, she still wasn’t old enough. Having seen some of the elegant ladies his father had had as companions, young Trey’s tastes had gone the same way, and he was, to use the vernacular, clearly into MILFs and Cougars. The young lawyer lady did at least allow for a bit of a combination of business and pleasure, but now the business was all behind him. He was financially secure, and after finishing at university would be in a position to work only if he felt like it, and that decision was still a couple of years out. She was no longer required, much to her disappointment.

One of the properties his father owned was a cabin about an hour out of town, on a sizeable but quiet lake. Their cabin, and one other, were the only ones there. A developer had started to get ready to build a sub-division and had put in a narrow road, water services and electricity, but got no further when hit by massive development charges from the municipality. Dad, and the old Dean from the University had bought two lots. Pieter Jnr had put a two bedroom cabin on his plot, as had the Dean, now long dead. The Dean’s cabin had been bequeathed to the University, were it languished unused. Pieter Jnr and Trey would go to theirs often in the summer, but this year, between the legal work and nursing his grief, Trey had not made it.

With only just over a week to go before Uni restarted, he decided to go up there, ostensibly to “Close up” the cottage which had, in fact, not been “Opened up” that summer.

Taking plenty of food, and the minimum of clothing, he drove to the cabin, and found it pretty much as he and dad had left it at the end of the previous summer. He spent a day cleaning up inside and out, sweeping the veranda, washing windows, checking the small dock to make sure there were no broken or rotted boards. He hadn’t decided if he would keep the place, but the end of the season was not the time to sell, and any required repairs needed to be done before winter to make the place marketable next year, if that was what he chose. By the third morning, all the necessary work was done, and he could relax in preparation for what he expected would be an emotional return to Uni, and, on his first day back, his first lecture in year three of the course his father used to teach.

The third morning dawned bright and sunny and quickly became hot. so he stripped naked bonus veren siteler and jumped into the lake. The water wasn’t too bad, and so he began swimming towards a small headland that separated the two bays that had the cabins. It was about 75 yards to the headland, and probably the same again to the other cabin, but walking on the trails it was nearer 400 yards. He got to the headland and climbed on a rock, and was surprised to see a car parked in front of the other cabin, and somebody – looked like a woman – swimming by the dock. Trey was naked, but figured that was not a problem if he stayed in the water, and he suspected the other swimmer was probably the same anyway, so he swam over there, announcing his presence while still some way away, so as not to surprise or embarrass whoever it was. He was greeted by a return “Hi” so carried on swimming. The other person turned out to be a quite attractive woman with some grey in her otherwise blond hair, medium height and maybe about 30 years or so Trey’s senior. After replying to him, she swam to her dock and climbed nimbly out of the water, up the ladder, and sat on the edge of the dock, knees together, feet dangling. She made no attempt to cover her very attractive, very full breasts. She was obviously proud enough, and confident enough, of her body to sit there essentially topless although in fact completely nude. Her areolas were quite large and dark, with a good-sized well-protruding nipple on each. He had always loved big nipples…

“Come on up,” she said.

“I’m skinny dipping.”

“At my age, I’ve seen males of every age naked, so I doubt you’re much different to the rest. And I’ll allow for the cold water ‘shrinkage factor’ as Seinfeld called it.”

At the mention of the shrinkage factor, Trey laughed and climbed the ladder and sat on the edge of the dock. She clearly checked him out, and watched calmly as he did the same to her. He was slightly surprised that there was no trace of pubic hair on her the way she was sitting.

Trey said “I didn’t know anybody was in here this week. I didn’t think the university was using this place these days.”

“Well, the Dean said I could, although by the same token, he didn’t let me know there was anyone next door.”

“I didn’t decide to come up here until a few days ago.”

Troy had detected a bit of a German accent, and. reckoning her to be European, figured that was why she was comfortable naked. The year he was 21, his Dad had taken him to the Baltic, where there were so many topless and naked women it was initially overwhelming, but one can get used to anything.

“My name is Trey, yours?.”


They chatted inconsequentially about nothing much, the lake, the weather, the quiet. “Listen,” said Sarah “it’s getting cooler and you have to swim back. Why don’t you come over at 7 for dinner? Do you eat red meat?”

“Thank you, and yes, in that order. I’ll bring wine.”

Trey dived in the water and started to swim back. “By the way, come clothed this evening, please,” Sarah shouted with a laugh.

“I’ll think about it,” he called back.

“No clothes, no service,” she laughed back.

Just before 7 that evening, Trey climbed the steps on to Sarah’s veranda and knocked on the door frame, as the door was open. “Come on in,” she called.

Trey went in and put the wine, a decent Argentinian Shiraz, on the table. Sarah looked at and smiled. “Good choice, I’ll save it for when dinner’s ready, and we’ll drink my cheaper plonk now,” she said pouring two glasses of another red wine that she had already decanted. “It should be aired by now.”

They looked at each other, realizing they were almost dressed the same in beige outdoor shirts with multiple pockets, and cargo shorts. Trey was going commando and wondered if Sarah was too, then decided that it was none of his business unless she offered to make it so. “The barbeque is ready to go, so when the bread’s cut, we’ll throw the meat on.” she said, taking two nice sirloin steaks out of the fridge. “Medium rare?”

She went back to tossing the salad, which she then put in the fridge, and to slicing some quite good looking baguette bread. Trey propped himself against the counter-top and watched. It didn’t take him long watching her moving inside her shirt to realize that she was braless and that her breasts, although full, were not flopping around all over the place. Clearly a well-toned woman.

With time to take a better look at her than on the dock, he determined her to be about 55 or so, but definitely under 60, not skinny but quite shapely, well-rounded in all the right places, a bit taller than he had thought,and with a pretty shapely pair of long legs. All-in-all, a pretty good looking woman of the type he and his late father quite liked.

“Do the wine please, while i serve,” Trey rinsed the decanter, picked up the funnel and filter and placed them in the decanter, then drew the cork on the wine. The funnel was the type that splayed the wine out bedava bahis in the decanter as it flowed through so that it was pretty well aired immediately.

When they sat at the table, Trey realized he was placed where he would get glimpses under her shirt, between the buttons, of her naked breasts. He found himself getting quite turned on by Sarah. He learned a little about her over dinner, but not much. Trey did not volunteer any information on his family or his recent loss – it was still too recent and raw to be a topic of conversation. So the only real facts they had about each other’s regular life was that Sarah was about to start a new job at the university and that Trey was a student there about to go into his third year, and that after tonight, Sarah would be staying only 2 more nights at the cabin.

On the other hand, they did learn that they had both visited Amsterdam and Vienna, as well as Paris, and a couple of major German cities, and that they both liked Mozart and Beethoven, Monet and other Impressionist Painters, and had seen many of the same paintings, so their conversation rolled on quite easily until Sarah said “Look at the time; no wonder I am feeling tired. I was up early to come up here.”

Trey stood to go, and Sarah stood up, right in front of him. There was barely eight inches between their lips. He put his hands on her shoulders, and drew her into him for a kiss, which she allowed. The kiss was real, with their tongues touching, and as they kissed, Trey could feel himself getting hard, with his penis squashed as it was between them. He knew there was no way she could not feel it against her belly. After all, he could feel her hard nipples against his chest.

But as soon as the kiss was over, she withdrew with a smile. “I never sleep with a man on the first date,” she said. “Takes a least the third….” and winked!

“Okay,” said Troy, “but how about skinny dipping again tomorrow? I can swim around here for 10 if you like.”

“Sounds good – we have a date.”

As Trey went down the steps, he called back “That will be number 2….” and was rewarded with a laugh.

Sarah watched him walk away, with a smile on her face. “As soon as he gets home,” she thought to herself, “he’ll deal with that rather healthy erection.” But she had the advantage of already being home, and stepped back closing the door as her hand slid down the front of her shorts, where, indeed, she was commando, and started to tease her vagina into releasing its moisture. Ten minutes later she was naked in bed and in the full throes of masturbating, thinking of the nice big cock she had just felt against her. She had given him a clue by saying the morning’s swim would be date number 2 – and she had a strong feeling he had already picked up on it.

Trey got back to his cabin and immediately threw off his clothes and lay on the couch in front of the log fire he had burning. As he felt the heat on his skin, he started to stroke his cock slowly and steadily. alternating between memories of Sarah sitting on the dock, and of the glimpses of bare breast between her buttons. He didn’t take long to come to a climax and send long ribbons of cum across his belly. One advantage of older women, he thought, with a smile, is them being past child bearing age…..

In the morning, Trey made sure to be a little bit early arriving at the dock, as he wanted to watch Sarah walk along it. He didn’t want her sitting at the end waiting for him. He wanted the full action of her walking with those beautiful pendulous breasts. He got his reward.

Knowing he was already there, Sarah walked out stark naked swinging a towel in one hand, and walked to the edge of the dock. He swam to where he was directly in front and below her, looking up at her hairless pussy with its protruding lips. “Good morning,” she said, “Lovely view from here.”

“And from here,” he called back. She laughed, dropped her towel on the deck and dived in. They swam around each other, raced each other to a nearby rock, and managed to rub up against each other a few times.

After about an hour, Sarah said she had to go inside to do some preparation for her new job, starting in five days time. Tray, didn’t argue. He just said, “Dinner at my place tonight, chicken okay?”

Sarah laughed. “Okay, it’s a date, I’ll bring some white wine,” and with that she swam up to him, rubbed her breasts on his chest, give him a quick kiss and swam over to the ladder. In moments she had climbed the ladder and was gone.

Trey was disappointed that she was gone but, she had accepted an invite for dinner, and she called it ‘a date’. On getting back to the cabin, Trey spent time making sure everything was spick and span, and even (optimistically) changed the sheets on the bed.

As it got nearer to 7, he put on a pale green button-down shirt and a pair of beige slacks, and some deck shoes. He combed his hair and shaved his face, and even splashed on a little cologne. As he hoped, she was prompt. She put the wine deneme bonus in the fridge until dinner, and Trey made a couple of small vodka martinis, which surprised her. They sat outside a while and sipped them.

Sarah was wearing a pretty sheer white blouse, under which could be clearly seen a white lacy bra, and she was wearing a floral skirt that was just above her knees, with no stockings or pantyhose. She looked very demure and every bit a lady, even down to a quite feminine purse hanging from her shoulder. He could smell her subtle floral perfume.

He grilled the chicken on the barbecue, together with fresh corn in the husk and mushrooms done in butter and Chinese five spice in a foil dish. Sarah joked he would one day make a man a great wife.

After dinner as the temperature outside dropped, Trey put a fresh log on the fire, opened another bottle of wine and poured two glasses. He invited Sarah to come sit in front of the fire on the couch, which had a sheepskin rug on the floor in front of it.

After a while, both put their glasses down on the end tables and looked at each other.

“Don’t you find it a little warm in here?” asked Sarah, “I do.”

“Should I take your blouse off for you?” asked Trey, smiling.

“And will that make us hotter or cooler?” she asked with a grin.

Trey said “Let’s find out” and started unbuttoning the blouse, pulling it out of her skirt, and coaxing it off her shoulders. He put it on the end table.

No sooner had he done that than Sarah started to unfasten his shirt. “I find it interesting that a man so young is so worldly, and so much into having a mature lover,” she said.

Trey laughed. “I learned from my father the advantages and attractions of older ladies as partners. So much more awareness of what the world has to offer – and what they can offer the world – than young women. And age is in the mind, and a creative mind can be any age it would like to be.”

Trey pulled Sarah towards him, her bra rubbing its lace across his chest. He kissed her, and this time, it was really real. Their mouths opened to each other, tongues probed, squirmed, caressed each other. His hand grasped her left breast through her bra, and his thumb rubbed across the nipple, bringing it to life. After several minutes, and still without breaking that kiss, he reached around her and undid her bra. Holding her off slightly while still kissing, the bra fell forward and was withdrawn. His right hand pinched her left nipple and he felt her utter a reaction, still while kissing. Finally, they broke the kiss, and Trey pulled her off the couch on to the sheepskin rug. It felt warm and and comforting on the bare skin of her back. Trey bent over her, and took the nearest nipple, her right nipple, into his mouth. He suckled on it as if he were a new born, and then, holding it in his teeth he began to tease the nipple with his tongue. She started to moan and her head was lolling from side to side. She was licking her lips as he teased the nipple, occasionally biting quite hard on it, which she appeared to like. His right hand found the other nipple and pinched it and rolled it between finger and thumb.

He looked down at Sarah’s face, and asked if she was okay. She replied that she would be just fine as long as he kept going like this all night. Instinctively, Trey looked at the clock – it was 9 p.m. He leaned right over Sarah and started to treat the left nipple with his mouth. “That’s good,” she said, “I don’t want that breast getting jealous.” Trey laughed without releasing the nipple from his mouth. His right hand started to slide gently over her belly, towards the waist band of Sarah’s skirt. The hand found the clasp, undid it, and eased the zipper down a little. Then his right hand went under the waist band of the skirt and found the lace of her panties. Without going inside them, his fingers made their way downwards and found the mound of her vagina. Sarah shuddered underneath him. Trey rubbed across the lace-covered lips and elicited moans for his efforts.

After a few minutes, Sarah said, “Let’s get naked, please….” and so Trey removed his hand. They both stripped off their clothes while remaining down on the sheepskin rug, and then rolled into an embrace. He positioned himself between Sarah’s legs, and as his hard-cock teased her pussy lips, she started to drag her nails down his back.

He wasn’t yet trying to penetrate her. He was simply trying to cause his cock to rub along her lips to get her aroused and moist, and he could tell it was working by the intensity of her scratching of his back. Their hip movements started to synchronize, and soon it became inevitable that his cock would start to penetrate her lips. Slowly, as slowly as he could, he let his extended, hard cock start to penetrate a little further with each thrust. Soon, the mushroom head had completely passed her nether lips and was being coated by Sarah’s moisture. Her legs wrapped round him, and so he began to up the tempo. His thrusts became longer, deeper, more intense until his whole length was going in her and his scrotum was hitting her thighs and bum. And then she exploded. Her hips lifted high off the rug. He would have been thrown off if not so deeply embedded. Her cry of pleasure was loud and long.

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