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Subject: Young-n-Hung. Chapter 3( Gay Adult/Youth) Dear Reader. The following story contains strong language and explicit scenes of gay sex between adult males and boys under the age of 18. If you are offended by this kind of material then please leave this page NOW. Please donate to if you are able to do so and help keep this facility available for all to enjoy. Thank you. Please email me your comments ail Hey hope all is good with you. I have a story to tell you about 12 year old Chase, his “Uncle” Kevin, and Chase’s younger friend Javon Chase is a good looking kid,and he’s got a great athletic bod too. Chase loves to be fucked. He is a natural bottom, he has got the peachiest bubble butt in the whole fucking world. He is 5’2″,tall, 90lbs, 38″, chest, 22″, waist, and 6.9″, cut cock. “Uncle” Kevin is blonde, blue eyed boy lover, he has known Chase all his young life. Kevin is 6’1″, tall, 200lbs, 48″, chest, 32″, waist, smooth muscular, 8″, uncut cock. Javon is a stunning black kid, he is creamy chocolate color, he has a beautiful athletic body. He is quite short at ankara escort 4’1″, tall, 60lbs, he is really well defined, and he really wants to catch up to Chase who is five years older than him. Javon has a 3″, uncut cock. Javon’s mom asked Chase to look after him as she needed to go into town to get a few things. Javon jumped at the chance of spending a few hours with Chase. “Hey Chase can we play our special game again pleeeease,pretttttyyyy pleeeeeease!!” Javon is naked before Chase can even answer his young neighbor, Chase gets naked too and they both go up to Chase’s bedroom. Javon squats over Chase’s face and he licks Javon’s boy love hole and he breathes in his young boy essence. Chase’s cock is rock hard and bounces up and down on his rippling abs. “Fuuuuuuuuck Chase that feeeeels sooooo goooood!” Javon squeals with delight and pleasure . Chase moves Javon onto his back his arms above his head, Javon’s boy cock is rock hard, he squirts his clear boy juice up to under his chin, and down his body. “You must do everything I tell you Javon, you understand? Uncle escort ankara Kevin is coming soon and I want you be ready for him. Uncle loves black boys like you.” “I hope Mr Kevin does like me Chase. I want to please him!” Chase is licking Javon’s pink boy love hole, he must get Javon nice and moist for his “uncle”. Chase is rock hard and he rubs his cock along Javon’s boy love hole. He is leaking his clear boy love juice all over Javon’s hole. Now Chase uses “uncle” Kevin’s 9″, black dildo on Javon’s lush boy love hole. Javon opens his hole ready to take the dildo. Chase eases it into his eager boy hole. It’s a good 5″, thick it’s really opening Javon’s hole. Javon takes 5″ of dildo into him. He begs Chase to stop and he does. Javon is loving it and is ready for “uncle” Kevin Chase made sure that both he and Javon were squeaky clean inside and out. They got ready for uncle Kevin’s visit. “Well, well, well, who have we here Chase. Introduce me to your young friend?!” “Uncle Kevin, This is Javon. Javon, this is Uncle Kevin!” Javon smiles broadly. ” Pleased to meet ankara escort bayan you sir”, Says young Javon. “You wanna see my big white cock boy? Mmmmmmm, well do year?!” ” I sure does sir!” Said Javon, his eyes wide as he watched , Kevin strip out of his clothes. ” Suck my fuuuuucking cock boy! Taaake ittttt dowwwn boyyyy!!” And Javon did . He is such a good boy. He loves white ,and black man cock. Why I tell you his own daddy fucks him. “Uncle Kevin lifts Javon up and fingers his beautiful black boy hole. “YOUUUU WANNA HAVE MYYYYY COCKKK INNNN YOURRRR HOTTTT LITTTLEEE BOYYYY HOLEEEEE??!!” “YESSSSSS SIRRRR! PLEEEEEASE!!” Uncle Kevin fucked Chase and Javon ,his cock going into both boys. Chase loved having his “uncle’s” big cock pounding his tight boy love hole. “YOUUUU WANNA SEEEE MEEEE CUUUUUUMMMMM ??!!” “YESSSSS ,YESSSSSS, WEEEEE DOOOOO!!” Chase cried. “Uncle” Kevin laid both boys down and he covered their bodies in ropes of spunk. 1,,2,,3,,4,,5,,6,,7,,8,,9,,10 long spurts of spunk splattered over Chase’s tanned body and Javon’s chocolate brown skin. Chase too shot a nice load of boy spunk over Javon it covered his whole face there was so much beautiful cum. …… Mmmmmm. Chase and Javon looked forward to the next session Please email me your comments ail I will reply to all messages.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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