Oca 31

On Doctor’s Examination Table

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Big Tits

May be around eight in the evening the doctor knocked at the door. I was in deep sleep and by the time I opened my eyes he was close to me bending down on to me his hands resting on the bed side.

“How are you my dear?” he whispered gently on to me.

I was gaining my full consensus from my sleep. He bowed his head down and from the bottom of my cheek he swept his long wet tongue all the way up close to my right eye. I huffed staring at the empty wall in front of me. I couldn’t resist or even move under my blanket. I breathed deep as I his devilish laugh plunged through my ears.

“Let’s examine you now!” he said in a canny voice.

As his hands dragged down the blanket from me I tried to cover myself properly grabbing my shirt top tightened up. I gulped dribble and nudged my lips in fear and anxiety. The old man took my right palm and his tongue once again gently licked trough the top of my fingers. In a swift move he pushed my middle finger in to his mouth and sucked it tightly wrapping his lips around it. I was so embarrassed and nervous. I exhaled deep and looked at him for the first time. He tilted my palm and then licked inside of it. It was so slimy and ticklish that I quietly quaked my hips. Starting from my pinkie he sucked then one by one.

“How are you feeling you my doll? You look nervous,” he whispered patting his hand gently thru my head and cheek.

Climbing up gently he placed his filthy wet blabber right on to my cheek. He then started licking and kissing my cheek furiously smacking his lips on to my face. I was really getting teased and my whole body was responding violently.

“Let’s open up.” he said moving his hands to my shirt and unbuttoned me.

My hands were spread on to sides of the pillow. I respire deeper and harder on each button get released. I gazed at his face once to see his excitement.

After moving my shirt to my side he put the stethoscope between my chests. I was panting. Suddenly he leaned down on to me and gently licked thru my chest mound keeping his right hand firmly holding the equipment he mildly licked over my creamy chest. Then the stethoscope started moving thru the top of my chest while he keep on licking my heave.

“Let’s remove this from here,” he suggested.

Doctor then lifted my right hand and removed my shirt from my right shoulder. He then made me turn slightly away from him. Then something weird happened. He started to lick my arm pit. It was so filthy and tickling I twitched my body here and there. It was first time someone did that to me and it felt funny. It almost gave me a laugh but I tried to control my moans. I keeps my body neat all the time and because I don’t have any body hair under my arms it felt really funny. I tried to calm myself but it felt itching. The he slowly crawled his tongue over my chest and moved thru my neck. He gently pecked my neck and licked. His right hand gently caressed my chest mound. I breathed faster and louder.

Doctor the slowly moved down feeling my knoll right on to his palms. Within second I felt my tiny little brown nipple got sucked between his lips. He then crawled up on me staring right at my eyes laughing wicked. He then gently fondled my face.

“So soft. So tender,” he snarled touching my face with his right hand.

Then in a swift action he licked me starting from my chin to tender lips to my nose tip. I closed my eyes and felt his tongue gradually licking my face again. As I opened my eyes I saw him removing his stethoscope from him and moving towards me sticking his wet taster. He licked my face again and again. Starting from the middle of my chest he dragged it thru my neck to my chin then to my lips and then to my snout. He ever pocked my nose with his tongue tip. He was really enjoying his wild explorations and I was started to feel bit more relaxed. When the last time he reached up to my lips he kept licking my lips longer making me gently part my lips. I panted deep. He leaned back adjusting his posture crossing his leg on to my sides. I nervously looked at his smiling face feeling all the wetness on my face lips and nose. I gently smacked my lips tasting some of his drool.

“You took like a doll.” he murmured moving toward me and slowly licked my nose tip.

From the bottom of my jawline doctor swept his tongue up till my lips. Then he pushed his tongue between my lips. I tried to keep my mouth shut grinding my teeth together. He just kept on licking my upper lip playing with his tip even pushing beneath my lip then moving to lower lip. I gasped for air as I kept my lips together he sucked them again and again. He then moved down again smacking his lips thru my chest up to my cheek wetting them all over. From eight cheek to my jawline to my chin to my right cheek his wet blabber roamed around slurping. He then grabbed my lower lip with his fingers and started sucking them hard. I kept moaning continuously and finally I parted my lips opening my mouth and let him plunge his tongue in my mouth. He licked my nose poked my nose holes. My eyelids almanbahis my eye brows my forehead every inch of my face got ravished by his taster.

Doctor then slowly moved down gently caressing my nipples. He then gently dragged my bottom just above my navel. My hands were spread wide on the bed and he started licking from my chest. Keeping his hands on to my waist he lich my nipples then down to my ribs moving from one side to the other up until he reach my other nipple. Then he dragged my bottom further down below by abdomen and started untying my nodes.

“Look at that!” he suddenly pinched my belly teasing hi finger around my navel.

“It’s so deep, SO round!” he expressed his bewilderment.

It was like he got distracted from his primary task. I trembled myself as I felt his tongue touching my navel curves. I could not look down. I twitched my hips as he pushed his tongue inside my navel moaning loud. I grabbed my hand on to his shoulder moving myself his gulp. It was really trilling and prickling at the same time. He licked and slurped like he is tasting something from my navel hole. He then took my hand from his shoulder and the licked the violently.

“What is that?” He muffled as he dragged down my bottom from my waist.

I just couldn’t looked down on him. I gawked my eyes on to the wall and ceiling. He kept on murmuring something and he parted my legs. He then moved closer to my hips lifting my right leg. Then he started to lick the bottom of my leg. He tickled my fingers with his tongue. He pushed my big toe inside his mouth and sucked it. The grey haired old man was so dedicated to fix my saliva skin aversion issue. Next were my legs, knees and thighs that got her tongue treatment. When he reached up to my thigh he made me turn around.

Rolling myself down doctor made me be on my knees and elbows. His hand touched my butt and then between my bums he gently rubbed my ass dip. His fingers trusted thru my undies rubbing my tightly packed restless balls. I bent further down as his lips started to roam behind my waist. I kept my hips heaving and I settled myself squeezing my tiny melons on to the bed. His tongue moved here and there all over my back while his hand kept on teasing my crotch. He licked his tongue right over my spine giving me chills all over my body. His hand playing down there poked my bum hole in between giving me strange sensations. As he swept down his lips from my back to my waist his hand crept further up and grabbed my surprisingly strong erection. I felt bashful and nervous as he grabbed my cock over my brief and started rubbing it. He moved further down pacing his face right over my buns. He then started to sniff then so loud that I started feeling bashful.

“My doll seemed all excited and wet here,” he giggled as he kept on rubbing my erection and poking my hole with his thumb.

Doctor then slowly grabbed my brief and bragged it rolling down thru my butt.

“Oh! Look at that!!” he seemed all excited too.

I cannot see what is happening up there but I can feel him stopping removing my undies for a moment. Then all of a sudden he growled and I felt his wet tongue plunging between my bum cheeks. I could not control my filth as I moaned feeling his tongue licking and pocking right my bum hole. I twirled my hips in agony.

“Oh doll, that’s the cleanest sweetest rim I have ever seen!” saying this he moved a side and stood from my side facing away from my rump.

Grabbing my bums on his hands he reached how on to my bum crack and he started to lick my crack again and again. This also was my first time experience and it felt strange filthy and at the same time extremely horny. Kept on licking he dragged the rest of my undies down to my knees. He hushed his hand between my thighs and gently started to feel my cock in his hand.

“You are all wet down here already. I bet this is not your first time dear?” he said in between his hand tongue job.

I didn’t said anything, just tried to control my emotions.

“Your ass is so pretty and hairless. Let me give you a proper treatment.” saying that he removed my undies and turned me around. He removed the shirt also making me completely naked.

Doctor sat between my legs closer to my hips again. Then lifting my hips he placed then on to his thighs. Then holding my knees he pushed my legs towards me. I was so nervous to see my crotch exactly below his face, my cock shamelessly swung in air. He then started to lick my bum hole then to my balls and then right on to my already wet erection.

“Look at your little one,” he said tacking my erection on to his hand.

Doctor then gently stroked my cock in his hand. Making me more uncomfortable he put my cock in his mouth. I moaned and twitched my hips almost begging him not to do it. Then he moved a foot back resting my hips on the bed. Keeping my legs apart he gently caressed my cock using one hand. My cock was oozing juice and it was all wet and slimy down there. He then bent down on me leaning towards my face. His hand gently almanbahis giriş rubbed my cock and he licked my face once again. His hand started to rub my cock faster and I was going to explode any moment.

“You are So SO tender!” he commended once again moving back from the bed removing his lab coat.

Doctor leaned on to me again reaching his hand rubbing my erection, he licked my face once again. This time he moved his finger further down and pocked my bunghole at once. I instantly yanked my hips feeling his finger not only poking but gradually creeping inside my back hole. May be it was my own precum on his fingers making him pierce his finger thru my ass. I moaned continuously as he roved his finger in and out of my ass hole.

“Let me loosen it up,” he told me kissing and licking my face in between.

After a few seconds he gently caressed my boobs and started licking me from my chin over my lips up until my temple.

“Doll…I’m so thankful to you that you let me treat you,” he hummed looking at my eyes gently squeezing my mound.

Doctor then moved all the way down. Starting from my back door he licked me all the way up thru the center of my chest up until my nose. The then he did the reverse form my nose down thru my belly till my erection. He then gently licked my throbbing swinging rod. Then gradually creeping up he grabbed my boobs in his palm and squeezed then together as his lips swept up from my belly reaching my melon. Doctor then leaned back and started unbuttoning his shirt. I then only noticed that he already got rid of his pants and he was I his shorts.

“Come to me!” he suggested as he gently lifted me up and made me sit in front of him.

“Look at your cute little face,” he commended as his tongue reached out. I could not look at him anymore.

Doctor held my head in his grasp and gently licked my face starting from my jawline up until my temple. Then he restarted licking my whole face blowing his warm breath on to me.

“I will lick each and every inch of you to check your drool concerns.” he murmured tickling my nose with his tongue tip.

My lips one after the other kept on disappearing inside his mouth getting sucked and licked mercilessly. I gagged for breath and gave short moans. It was like I was slipping in to state of trance. He then pushed me gently on to the bed and quickly caught my cock once again. The he took his wet fingers down again and pierced his finger up in to my ass. I was so thrilled by this time I wished the finger to be his cock anyone’s cock and I wished it to go deeper. Doctor then quickly removed his shorts standing in front of me. His shirt buttons were all open showing his bare body. He was having gentle hairs on him. He doesn’t looked bulky but he had a big fat belly. Down there he was holding his cock in his left hand. It was not that huge either but had dark pubic hairs nor very thick though. I could not gape at his crotch for long. It was fumbling in his hand.

“Let me see how good you are, with your mouth, dear,” saying this he moved up to be crossing his legs to each side he stood on his knees just above my chest.

I lie motionless nervous obviously.

“Let me open your mouth and see your tongue.” saying this he made me open my mouth by putting two fingers in.

Moving closer to my face holding his cock in his right hand he immediately pushed his wet juicy cock in to my mouth. He pushed himself so deep that his whole meat got crowded inside my mouth. Without pulling his cock completely out he gently pushed his hips deep in to my mouth. His private hair was touching my nose. He was calm but his thrusts were so deep it almost touched the top of my throat. I thought I could not breathe like this but it went okay. When he pulled his cock out from my mouth it was all slimy and wet. Tears were coming out of my eyes but I was not crying.

“You know dear, this is not the place for my cock to get right treat,” he teased me.

The doctor moved down from me. I was so nervous I kept staring the ceiling breathing and panting hard.

“When I asked you whether you had anal sex before, you both seemed nervous and was quick to say, NO” he exclaimed.

“I can see you might not have done it before but you surely tried,”

I kept silence.

It was true. We tried it a couple of times but it was painful and we let it go. But we never did anything like he did today poking and joshing so that my bum be ready for something bigger than a middle finger. Doctor sat close to my crotch my legs were parted folded up. I couldn’t dare looking at him. I was feeling his erection rubbing around my bum playing around my back door.

“Let me show you how it’s done dear,” he snarled brash as his cock rubbed my bum hole harder.

When I came to this clinic to have this really awkward conversation with a really filthy rugged old doctor to share my secret skin problem after having intimate sessions with my buddy I never ever thought I will be laying in front of him naked spreading my leg with an erection almanbahis yeni giriş swinging in air ready to receive my first real anal.

The first few jerks were gentle and slow. I was really anxious and afraid this time. I think I almost passed out when the painful memories of my previous experiment started flashing in front of me. Doctor was relentlessly muttering and commending what he was doing or trying to do. I could not remember any of the things he said at that moment. My eyes were partly open and my hands were tightly gripping the bed blanket.

“It’s all in, my baby doll!” he was slanting down gently caressing my face. That was the first thing I remember him saying after he began his insertion.

Doctor started licking my lips and face again. Gently his hips started rocking and I started to feel his cock rowing inside my ass. He moved his cock in and out continuously in a medium pace cuddling my balls and erection under his big fat belly. He kept on licking my cheek nose and lips while he racked my bottom. Then in between he stopped licking and actually kiss me sucking my lips with his filthy mouth.

“You see? You are all loosened up!” he exclaimed.

“There won’t be any pain anymore,” he said before he leaned down and kissed me.

The whole bed was rattling gently. I kept on moaning gently folding my legs over his thighs which kept on swinging on each thrust he made. Doctor placed his face on one side of my head and put his hands under my pillow holding it tight. He fucked me incessantly tightly holding me to him.

Doctor then rolled me over to a side and he lay behind me, lifting my right leg up he penetrated my ass from behind. Cuddling me closer he made me move my arm around as he started licking my armpit once again. His right hand squeezed my right melon which was swinging in the cool air. My legs were moved further both lie flat on the bed on top of another. He rammed his cock mercilessly in my ass with a solid swiftness. My cock was wavering in the air rubbing its tip against the bed pasting all the cum it was oozing.

After some time of vigorous spooning doctor made me stand in doggy style, my cushy chest and hands flat on the bed. Standing between my legs grabbing my curvy bum cheeks he pushed his cock right thru my wet and creamy ass slit. It went smooth and like he said there was no pain anymore. It was the same position I tried before and failed. Now finally it is happening. My thighs and bums got blasted making huge thudding sounds. My buns wobbled on each trash I receive. My cock felt merciless swaying in air together with my balls. Reaching me up front he took my right hand stretched towards him. I stood on my left hand on the bed. He started to fuck me faster and my boobs started to swing in the air with the motion. I felt my nipples were all stiff and erect. The old man changed his rear so dramatically that I could not control my breath or sound. I moaned and grieved. I felt by boobs much heavier as they were gently hanging and the fluctuation was making it a bit sore. The whole bed rattled and thudded on the floor. The sound echoed filling the room.

“You feeling good, dear?” he asked me mercilessly kissing my back.

I tried to lean down on the bed but he put his arm around my neck and pulled me back. Keeping me tighter to his body he fucked me slowly. He licked my ear and cheek from behind. With a sudden loud humming he stopped his hip movement. Going back to the initial position once again he spread my legs and penetrated me from the front.

“I’m going to finish of now!” he murmured as he paced his movement.

Holding my elbows on his hands the doctor racked my bum hole more furiously. My belly fumbled and my boobs swung and whirled in air. It felt like my chest going to rip off from me. My cock mercilessly blasted down on to my belly itself. His cock went deeper and deeper as he fucked me madly. The whole bed rattled loud and finally he stopped.

“Oh dear. The best is, coming,” he commented instantly catching his breath. Leaning down he licked my face and keep on humping me again.

His belly tightly squeezed my cock. It was so hard I accidentally ejaculated between our bellies. Hearing him moaning loud made me explode. It was so intense and noisy.

“I’m coming. I’m coming” he screamed in between my whines.

Then like a storm settling down he came. I was feeling dizzy. I panted high. I was sweating in the ac room. I gagged for breath. For some time I didn’t moved or looked around either. What the fuck just happened? I just got fucked by someone I barely know. The weird part was that I never protested or even said a world during the whole time. I agree that I permitted doctor to test me how saliva act on me other than my buddy’s. But I never permitted him to fuck me suck me or whatever things just happened. I could not think straight any more. I suddenly felt guilty for letting the doctor to be the first one steal my almost virgin ass. I am absolutely sure that the whole saliva licking part may be for the sake of treatment and testing but. He just fucked my ass and I really didn’t opposed him at any point. Suddenly the doctor like a gentle man put my shirt over my naked body, I gazed away. He came closer to me and gently pat my cheek.

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Oca 31

Joe and Jim

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Well, I will say I did not expect this… See, it all started on a recent conference trip for my job. We were in St. Louis for the conference, and due to budget issues, I had the pleasure of sharing a room with my co-worker Jim (I will call him Jim, to protect his privacy).

We had the usual conference boredom – hour after hour of people telling us how to do things new in our job – which management would promptly reject. So after the sessions were done I decided to go walk downtown and find a nice place to eat and – importantly – have a good beer.

Jim came along with me as he too was in need of a stiff drink. He’s a pleasant fellow, tall, lean and fit. Of course, with the size of our company I never interacted with him much. But he seemed like a nice guy – IF I had to share a room with someone, he’d be fine.

We spotted an Irish pub downtown, and Jim insisted we eat there. I was introduced to “bangers & mash,” a delightful dish. And the beer – wow. I just kept trying draft after draft of good Irish beers. Fantastic.

Feeling good, we sang songs from the 80s’ out loud as we walked back to the hotel downtown. “Come on Eileen” was our favorite, even if neither of us knew many of the lyrics. He looked at me, and gave a jerking-off motion as he sang the chorus, and I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

Back in the room, Jim brought out a bottle of good Russian Vodka. I hurriedly fetched glasses and ice and we were well on our way. After a few drinks, I announced it was time for me to shower and go to bed. Jim gave me a “boo” as I grabbed my undies and headed for the shower.

In the warm water, I washed myself, and thought of the evening. Jim was much more than I had expected. I never imagined myself with another guy – but I had to admit, Jim was pretty good looking and had a nice body.

With these thoughts still in my head, I put on my fresh undies and went out to the room. I usually sleep with a t-shirt, but I acted more daring this time and went with my blue briefs only.

Jim was watching TV, and promptly arose as I crossed to my bed. “I’ll take the next shift,” he said heading into the bath.

I lay atop the bed, and I kept thinking about Jim. His rugged good looks. His eyes. His smile.

I forced myself to stop dwelling on it. After all, we were co-workers. Nothing was ever going to happen, right?

Jim emerged from the bath a few minutes later. He had a towel wrapped around him, which to my surprise dropped to the floor as he reached his suitcase. He stood there naked as he dug through the bag for his underwear. His back was to me, and I could not help myself from looking at his tight ass. But what really caught my eye was the full frontal reflection in the hotel mirror above hid suitcase.

His cock was perfect in every way. Long and well hung, it seemed to have a rhythmic dance to it as he looked through the suitcase. He was circumcised, and it seemed like his cock was 9 inches long. Wow.

My initial response was almanbahis an immediate flow of blood to my own cock. It was totally involuntary, and even surprised me. But then I reached down and pushed my cock down so as to not present a tent if Jim looked my way.

Just then I caught movement in the mirror, and realized that he was looking at me. Busted. He had clearly seen me subduing my own erection in the reflection. I glanced away, but the deed had been done, and now the game was on. And the ball was clearly in Jim’s court.

He said, “Oh, there it is,” as he pulled out a tiny pair of briefs. They were bright orange, and could only be described as a thong – or banana hammock. He pulled those tight briefs on and spun around, daring me to look at his fantastic package.

“I hope this is okay,” he said with a knowing smile. “I like to be comfy when in bed.”

“Looks good to me,” I said. What the hell? My mouth opened up before my brain engaged – again. I was mortified. But, I kept my mouth shut and pretended to watch TV.

Jim walked over to the split between the beds, and sat down on his side facing me. I was still propped up on pillows facing the TV.

“What are you watching?” he asked, not bothering to look at the screen.

“Um. Looks like lizards running across a beach.”


I finally looked over at him as he casually gazed at my body. Suddenly I was very self conscious laying there in my undies.

“You know,” he said as he continued to stare. I looked up at his eyes, and saw they were locked on my mid-section. “Therapeutic massage is one of the best things to do to prevent a hangover. And we both have had a lot to drink tonight.”

My mind raced forward to all the permutations of this suggestion. I visualized him astride my body, his hands rubbing up and down my bare back. I was nervous, but I was also aroused at the thought. I’d never really been with a man before, but my porn lately was very much focused on hot dicks – and Jim’s cock was certainly hot. Plus, it wasn’t as if he was doing anything devious – pretty much just offering to give me a massage. Perhaps I was reading too much into it.

“Well,” I nervously croaked. “If it helps, then perhaps we should try it.”

“Good,” he exclaimed as he stood up. Now my own eyes were drawn to his mid-section. Specifically that huge bulge in his tight bikini thong. Damn. That monster cock was stretching the thin orange fabric to its limits. And it was right in my face now as he crossed to my bed.

Instead of walking around, Jim walked forward to me, putting his cock right in my face. I swear I could have reached out to grab it, and a big part of me wanted to do just that.

Instead, I chickened out and rolled over onto my stomach so he could massage my back. He started working my upper back and shoulders, which really felt good. Soon, the relaxation kicked in and I began to not worry so much about his body, and simply allow myself to feel the tightness almanbahis giriş leave my body.

Then, Jim climbed up on the bed, and (as I predicted) straddled me just below my hips. He was reaching up and working on my lower back and upper buttocks. I moaned in time with his manipulation of my muscles, relaxing me even more. Ironically, while I was so relaxed I became aware that I had worked up a raging hard-on.

My cock was pressing down into the bed, and it was becoming slightly uncomfortable as it was still facing downwards. I began to shift my butt a bit to relieve the pressure, but that only got me shifted halfway. Now my cock was facing straight into the bed, and his hands were pressing on my ass. This created a curious mix of pleasure and pain, and I began to shift to relieve the pressure on my member.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“Um, not exactly,” I whispered. “Afraid I need to adjust myself a bit.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” he said helpfully. “That is a normal response. Why don’t you turn over?”

He raised himself up on his knees, and took his weight off my legs. This immediately relieved the pressure and I simply rolled over onto my back.

To my non-surprise, and total embarrassment, my cock was tented straight up. It stretched my modest blue briefs to the limit, and I just watched to see what Jim’ reaction would be. This was the moment, I figured, to find out if I was reading the signals correctly. Or, would he try to cool me down and go crawl into his own bed – meaning I had misread the evening.

“Well,” he said as he looked at my erect penis inside my briefs. “No wonder you were uncomfortable.”

He simply reached to my sides and in one quick movement pulled my briefs off. My cock sprang up as if it were trying to pose like Superman flying.

Jim rose on his knees, and slid my briefs off my now nude body. I watched his cock in that tiny bikini as he did so, and I was relieved to see it growing in response.

Now, I suppose a bit of back story will help explain my issues. I have always been attracted to both men and women, so I realized I was bi-sexual. But the only time I ever did anything with another guy was a big mistake. It was a casual hookup, and we drove into the country for some privacy. His cock was crooked, and hairy, and smelled too strongly for my senses. Not bad, but certainly not a good experience.

But now, well – Jim was freshly showered, and I had seen he shaved his cock (just like me) and I was close enough to smell him – and it turned me on. He smelled faintly of soap and perhaps shaving cream. So nice.

With him still straddling me, now my naked cock pointing up between his legs, and his huge bulge staring me in the face I did what any red-blooded person would do. I grabbed his cock in his bikini and pulled it to me. I kissed his dick through the fabric, and began to rub him up and down as he swelled in size.

Taking his bikini by the sides I began to slowly lower them to reveal his manhood. almanbahis yeni giriş Inch by inch the monster cock was exposed to my eyes. It was still pointing downward, but it gave resistance as I maneuvered his bikini down. I knew it was growing – thus the resistance, but I did not stop. I simply kept slowly pulling down the bikini.

His shaft was freshly shaven, and when his balls appeared they were smooth and creamy. His shaft was now three-quarters revealed, but still no sign of the tip of his penis. Damn, how big was this cock?

Suddenly, I slid the shorts all the way down and thrust my open moth forward. I was rewarded with a perfect catch as his cock sprung to attention as it entered my wet mouth.

At this point I no longer needed any conversation, or excuses. This was simple lust and I took full advantage of the moment.

He thrust his huge dick into my open mouth, and I devoured as much of it as I could. I had read about the gag reflex, but you really can’t understand it until you try to shove a huge, long, shiny penis deep into your own mouth. I gagged and he pulled back just in time for me to recover..

Then I was holding his penis in my hands. Wet with my juices, it gleamed. He was about the same girth as me, but he was so long. I pulled him to me and began to lick that beautiful shaft. Starting at the tip, I licked down every inch until I was sucking on his shaved balls.

I felt Jim’s hand on my hard cock as he reached behind to stroke me. He smiled down at me as he tugged on my dick, causing intense pleasure.

I again took his shaft deep in my mouth. This time I consciously loosened my throat and allowed it to slide deep inside until my mouth hit the base of his shaft. I had done it. Deepthroated my very first time. It was so intense and I felt the build up of cum inside my own cock as I sucked on his.

It only took a few more sucks and strokes for both of us to reach the edge. I thought about edging him for a few more minutes, but I could not stop my desires from sucking his big cock as hard as I could.

My hand on his balls alerted me before he moaned loudly that he was coming. I pulled him halfway back and swirled my tongue around his swollen cock head.

I could feel myself inching closer to orgasm as I sucked and stroked his magnificent penis in my mouth.

Just then, it all climaxed at once. He erupted into my open mouth, shooting load after load deep in my throat. My cock spasmed in response, shooting ropes of cum up and all over his arm and back as he kept stroking me off.

I was thrashing, moaning, and coming all at the same time as I sucked every last drop of his cum. I never even thought about it, I just swallowed it all – tasty and salty. His hand continued to stroke my dick even as his strength gave out and he slid back, out of my mouth and down prone onto my body. Our hands were between us, rubbing each other’s cocks as we kissed.

Suddenly it was like a light switch, and Jim rolled off me and began to softly snore. I was still panting with erotic desire as he slept beside me.

Slowly I cradled his semi hard penis in my hand and drifted off to sleep dreaming about the next encounter with this lovely guy.


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Oca 31

Easy Sundays Ch. 04: Los Angeles

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“Isn’t this romantic?”

Gene looked over at Aaron Trimble to see if he was being sarcastic, but he looked like the comment was straight. They were late getting to the ranch party up beyond Santa Clarita on I-5 toward the Los Padres National Forest, because Gene’s agent was anxious to pull off into a rest stop so that Gene could give him a behind-the-wheel blow job. To Gene it was considered paying the rent and Trimble, though twenty years older than Gene, had a nice enough cock, and this was, after all, Sunday. Gene had long thought of Sunday as an “easy day”—one on which he would let himself be easily made.

Trimble’s excuse had been, “You look good enough to eat. Like bees to the honey, baby. With you it’s like bees to the honey—especially dressed like that.”

It hadn’t been Trimble who’d done any eating though. He’d force fed Gene his cock.

Trimble had been the one to tell Gene what to wear to the party—where Gene was supposed to hook up with an assistant producer who was sitting on his novel manuscript, holding it hostage for getting filming started because he wanted something from Gene first. The clothes were from Gene’s House of Oliphant period. While Gene was modeling there, he got to keep most of the clothes he wore on the catwalk. This was from Oliphant’s adult male collection—the one he’d shown in Chicago five months earlier, the last time Gene had seen Oliphant. Oliphant had sent Gene’s stuff out to Chicago, to Kenton Blackburn, Gene’s publisher and new master—at least that’s how Gene saw it—after Gene left his fashion house.

The top was a cut-off black mesh athletic T, rendered in shiny material and showing Gene’s very nice six pack. Below he was wearing skimpy, red silk athletic shorts over a red silk jock strap. His feet were in sandals. He’d come out of Trimble’s Santa Monica beach house with a small red swimsuit, but Trimble had said he wouldn’t need it despite the fact that they were going to a pool party. Gene tossed it in the backseat of the car anyway, just in case.

Trimble was pointing to a hilltop they were passing on I-5. “Looks like Tuscany, doesn’t it? It’s a winery. Have you ever been to Italy, Gene?”

“I’ve been to the Little Italy section of New York City,” Gene answered.

Trimble laughed. “You need to get around more.”

“If you’d get this movie deal on solid ground, I’d be happy to do the world tour. I could write my next novel.”

“Patience, little guy, patience.”

Gene was out of patience after five months out here with the sale of his novel to the movies being on again and off again, often determined by how recently he’d been laid on some movie mogul’s audition coach. Who knew how many of these fuckers out here fucked young male hopefuls? Even Aaron Trimble, the general agent Kenton Blackburn had brought Gene out to L.A. to hook up with to handle the movie rights sales had had him on his office coach and by his pool and in his bed—and now, when he felt like it—in the pool house at the Santa Monica beach house. Trimble was giving Gene a room in exchange for privileges. Gene was making ends meet while he waited for something to happen on the movie deal by renting his body out.

If Gene hadn’t made the room-in-exchange-for-sex deal with Trimble, he’d have run out of money long before this. He’d spent his advance money on the novel quickly out here, which wasn’t hard to do. There would be more when the royalties came in—the novel was selling well enough for this dickering to happen on movie rights—but that wouldn’t start for a few more months.

Gene had essentially been abandoned in Los Angeles. Blackburn had brought him out here, saying they’d have a movie deal quickly. But he hadn’t told Gene what “quickly” meant in California parlance. Gene and Blackburn had reached a parting of sexual interest fairly quickly, though. Blackburn had discovered he had more of an appetite for rough sex than he had realized and Gene had discovered that he didn’t. So Blackburn was back in Chicago now. Gene was still in his stable of writers and was working on a second novel, but they were waving at each other from half a continent’s separation.

Now it was Hollywood and Gene trying to scrape up enough money to get back to New York. Today was attending to two needs at once. One of the last hurdles in formally signing a movie deal on the novel was a producer, Cory Kadowski, who had signaled his interest in Gene. And Trimble had worked out that they could get to Kadowski today, as he would be at a ranch pool party up near Santa Clarita by also taking care of the expressed interest in Gene by the ranch’s owner and party host.

“You only have to do two of them today,” Trimble said, as he roared past the Tuscan-style winery compound on the hill overlooking I-5. “It’s a stag party, though, just randy men into young men. I’ve gotten you in as one of the roaming chickens—guys like you who look young but aren’t too young and will lay around with their legs open to any guest wanting to plug them. But if you let anyone other than Kadowski almanbahis and Danner do you, that’s up to you. I’ll be playing elsewhere. I can have you at home.”

“You make it sound so delicious,” Gene said.

“This is where the world of fake meets the world of reality, kid,” Trimble said, with a laugh. “You’re just fortunate that you got looks and the right pheromones—honey to the bee, that’s you. You got a leg up on most other young guys out here. With you, it’s just like honey for the bees.”

“I’ve heard something like that before.”

“You’re just lucky you got both Kadowski and Danner who want to get into your pants. We’re just about home free on this. Kadowski’s that last cock that needs sucked, I promise.”

“I sure hope so,” Gene said. “I’m just about tapped out.”

“Not like most young guys out here,” Trimble shot back. “As long as you take my cock, you’ve got a roof over your head in L.A. That’s more than most young hopefuls can say out here.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

The door of the ranch house was opened to them by a butler, but the rancher himself, Cliff Danner, a regular star of an L.A.-based soap opera, was close behind, gladhanding them into the house, welcoming them both but with his eyes plastered to Gene only, obviously liking what he saw.

Danner had been on the soap opera for over twenty years, his character having developed from a young, teenage heartthrob who was making a mother out of all of the young girls drifting in and out of the script plots to one of three brothers vying for control of a Mafia-financed international restaurant chain upon the death of the family patriarch. This storyline had been approached and retreated from on the television program for the last two years.

Danner was in his late forties, and he had aged extremely well, thanks to all of the handling and sculpting and grooming that the television studio could apply. He was thickening a bit around the middle but, thanks to careful attention to his six pack, he was on his way to becoming a Zeus rather than a fatty, and he had retained his chiseled ruggedly good looks and a healthy head of now gray-blond hair. He was just wearing a Speedo, flip-flops, and a beer can. This was a pool party. The distinctive curve left down his thigh in the Speedo material made quite clear that he was hung, which had helped him maintain position in his role over the years. He had a hairy chest, but it was tastefully groomed. He looked handsome, tanned, and plastic. It fit right in to Hollywood.

A large number of very expensive cars had been parked haphazardly around a large graveled motor court at the front of the house, and Gene and Trimble had been able to hear a raucous party going on in the pool area at the back of the house. They could tell what sort of party this was before they even got to the door. Two men, the bottom young and the top middle-aged, were fucking on the hood of a Lexus convertible not far from the front entry.

“Hal Taggert is here, out at the pool, Aaron, and said he wanted to know the minute you arrived. He wants to talk to you.” Danner was speaking to Trimble, but he was looking at Gene and had a hand on the young man’s forearm. “I’m sure that your young friend here would like a tour of the house before I bring him out.”

“Did Cory Kadowski come? Has he arrived yet?” Trimble asked somewhat anxiously.

“Yes, he’s here, but I want it first,” Danner answered.

There wasn’t much question in Gene’s view what getting a tour of the ranch house would entail.

He was quite right. The house was huge, of course. It had a bedroom level that a small hotel would be proud of. Danner showed Gene a couple of the rooms with beds, including the master bedroom. At another one in a wing away from the pool terrace, He stopped, and said, “This is a room that you alone can use today. You’ll find there are restraints on the bed, if . . . I’ve heard Cory . . . well . . . you know. God, you’re beautiful,” he suddenly added. He pulled Gene to him, slipping the black mesh belly T over his head as he did so, and they went into a kissing and fondling embrace there in the doorway to the bedroom.

“Here? Now?” Gene asked.

“Yes, quickly,” Danner answered, his voice breathy.

It wasn’t long until Danner’s Speedo slipped to the floor and Gene went down on his knees in front of him and took the TV star’s cock in his mouth.

The bedroom had its own en suite commodious marble-lined bathroom. Danner fucked Gene on the bathroom vanity. Gene was perched on the expanse of marble between two wash basins, his tail on the front edge of the ledge, his shoulder blades pressed into the mirrored wall behind the vanity, and his ankles on Danner’s shoulders as, leaving Gene in his red silk jock strap, which didn’t encumber access to Gene’s channel by Danner’s thick cock in the least, the TV star pounded away at Gene’s ass . . . and pounded and pounded and pounded. He kept looking over Gene’s shoulder into the mirror, admiring his role as a top. Once a TV actor always almanbahis yeni giriş a TV actor.

The man had marvelous control and took his time, giving all of his attention to Gene even though there were maybe a hundred guests and rent-boys downstairs at the pool party he was hosting.

Gene went with him, showing him a good time, taking the cock deep, moving his pelvis with the rhythm of the fuck, telling the man he was a master and was killing him—but killing him good.

“You’re very good. I want to see you again,” Danner said when they were back in the bedroom and pulling their scant clothes back on. “If Kadowski signs off on your movie deal, you owe me, and I’ll collect,” he added.

“Yes, sir, I understand,” Gene answered.

At the door, Danner turned and said, “If I want you to stay the night, after the party, you will, won’t you?”

“If you want,” Gene responded. “I’d like that,” he added, knowing it’s what Danner wanted to hear and what his agent, Trimble, would want Gene to say—unless Kadowski wanted to take Gene home with him.

One down, at least for now, Gene thought. And it wasn’t so bad. One more to go. But, what the hell, it’s easy Sunday.

* * * *

Gene’s head was spinning and the world below him was swirling with the bodies of men in all of the colors of the rainbow dancing around the swimming pool. He had taken the pills offered to him when he was by the pool and the gross whale had his flippers around him and was pulling him to the house, but he didn’t do drugs—usually. He wouldn’t have taken them normally. But it seems he did. The world around him was in a slow churn and his head felt like it was lifting off his body. But he didn’t care. He was happy. Why would he take? . . . Oh, right, a slimy rhino was pulling him to the house. Anything to counter the expectation of where that was leading.

The window pane behind the headboard of the bed he was riding the rhino on was cool, and he alternated between pressing his cheek and his forehead to it. When he pressed his forehead to it, he could look down into the pool area, where the party was in full swing with the undulating figures of all of the beautiful men revolving to the throbbing beat in his brain. But not all of the men were beautiful. Some were fat and old and gross—and grabby. And it wasn’t a rhino he was riding. It was the gross man’s face. He was sitting on Cory Kadowski’s face, and the rhino was gripping his waist and eating his ass out.

Then Gene was scrabbling at the window behind the headboard as he was being pulled away. And then he was being pulled from the brass top rung of the headboard. He was sliding down the gross man’s hairy chest, dragged up and over his huge belly. Gene was the size of a mere child in contrast to this blubbery mountain of a man. The man had the strength to do whatever he wanted with him, though. And the man was doing that—positioning Gene’s anus over the man’s erect club. Gene was howling as his ass was lowered onto Kadowski’s cock. He had the cock of a bull, a horse, an elephant. Gene’s head was throbbing and spinning with all the swirl of colors. His ass hurt like hell. It was spread to the limit of splitting by a throbbing baseball bat. But Gene was laughing, calling out, “Fuck me, big boy! Give it to me with that monster cock, daddy!” as he was being lifted and slammed down, lifted and slammed down.

He swiveled on the cock, grabbing for the headboard, his knees dug into the mattress on either side of the tub of lard, using his knees as levers to rise and fall, rise and fall, fucking himself on the monster shaft, his body reversed on the reclining whale. He was looking at anything he could other than the massive, jiggling mound of flesh under him. He concentrated on the cock—on being able to ride it. That, at least, was arousing—to be able to sheath it and service it.

Kadowski lay on his back, head toward the headboard, feet toward the footboard, with Gene now on top of him, pointed at and grasping the top of the brass rung footboard with his hands. The fat man still gripped Gene by the waist and, in consort with Gene’s leveraging off his knees to rise and fall, pulled him back and forth hard on his cock, grunting and groaning, while Gene moaned and cried out and watched all the pretty colors swirling before his throbbing head—and delivered as promised.

* * * *

Earlier than that, after the TV actor, Cliff Danner, fucked Gene in the guestroom bathroom and left him, Gene took a shower, pulled his clothes back on, and went down to where the party by the pool was in full swing.

He moved around the terrace, smiling at other guests, flirting with them, and politely, with smiles, slipping away from groping hands as he walked the perimeter of the pool, getting his bearings. It was Sunday; he could let loose on Sundays and pretend the rest of the week that he hadn’t. Most of the men were beautiful and muscular and California tanned. He would have happily gone with most of the men here if they were the movie producer almanbahis giriş he’d been brought here to fuck. None of the good-looking men at the pool were Kadowski, though, and Gene knew they weren’t.

Most of them were uninhibited this late in the party as well. As many were naked as were wearing bathing suits, and the naked ones almost universally were hung, whether they were young, old, or middle aged. Some of them were “chickens,” as Gene was deemed to be. These were young looking and were there to service the men buzzing around them and manhandling them. The least inhibited ones were fucking. The hedonist atmosphere and scent of spunk and testosterone floating across the pool area was contagious.

Gene’s beautiful small body was getting attention with the bold colors of the shiny black mesh belly T and red silk mini shorts he wore as he walked the rim of the pool, and frenzy only increased when he slipped off the shorts and was just wearing the red silk jock strap below.

He accepted drinks—more than he should have—but staved off the free-flowing offer of brightly colored pills—at least to that point.

The bona fide party guests took note of Gene when he drew near and buzzed around Gene like bees to the honey, just as his agent had said they would. Gene recognized a few of them from TV. Two of them, in particular, a Jeff and a Steve, were ones Gene melted to when he saw them on TV. He stopped beside them and gave them a smile. In just pausing and acknowledging Steve’s catcall, Gene was saying “yes.” Jeff embraced him from the front and Steve from the back. Steve murmured in Gene’s ear, “Can you hear the music? Dance with us.”

“It could be fun to do you together,” Jeff said as the three of them were dancing together beside the pool to the beat of rock music, naked and hung Jeff in front of Gene and hung and naked Steve close behind Gene. The three were laughing and flirting and trying to keep the drinks in their glasses from sloshing out as them writhed against each other’s bodies.

“You can if you like,” Gene answered. His agent said he could take whatever pleasure he wanted from the party as long as he fucked the two men he was here to service.

“Seriously?” Steve said. “You’re just shitting us, aren’t you? You do doubles?”

“Sure, I do.” Gene answered. That was the truth. He did.

“Prove it,” Jeff challenged.

Gene, having had two drinks too many, did prove it. It was a chore, because they were both bigger than the average, but Gene was open from Danner’s cocking and the relaxing effect of the drinks, and he managed them. And he enjoyed managing them. Steve sank to the adjacent chaise lounge, bringing Gene down with him, as, standing behind Gene, Jeff ran his hands under the waistband of Gene’s jock strap and pulled it down his legs.

Jeff and Steve fucked him together on a chaise lounge bed, Steve on his back on the bottom, holding Gene’s small, lithe body on top of him and fucking up into Gene’s passage, and Jeff straddling the lounge bed behind Gene, palming the young man’s belly, and pumping Gene’s ass above the buried cock of Steve. The black mesh T went the way of the red silk jock strap. Gene was naked in all his glory, a glory that voyeurs applauded as they gathered around to watch him be double fucked by the two naked hunks. Gene had a nice cock, which onlookers took turns stroking while he was being fucked, but it didn’t rival any of those swinging free around him. It certainly didn’t match up with either Steve’s or Jeff’s.

Toward the grand finale three-way shoot off, Gene froze for an instant, recognizing someone on the other side of the pool. But this had progressed too far for him not to get back into the action of two big cocks on two gorgeous young television personalities churning inside him, and Gene shelved the surprise viewing and went with the glorious fuck.

“Hello, Manny,” Gene said when he’d worked his way to the other side of the pool later. “I certainly didn’t expect to see you here, although I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.” The man Gene had seen from across the pool that had given him pause in the middle of the double penetration fuck by the two TV hunks was his roommate in New York of three years earlier, Manuel Rodrigues, a fashion house photographer by day and a porn filmmaker by night. Gene had needed money enough that he’d been in a couple of Manny’s films. He’d also been in Manny’s bed.

“I think I was the more surprised of the two,” Manny said. “I never figured you as ever being outside of New York. You’re lookin’ good and I see that you’re as easy as ever. I saw you earlier, but seein’ as how you were the meat of a big boy sandwich, I didn’t interrupt.”

“You’re looking good too,” Gene said. He was being polite and they both knew it. Manny hadn’t aged well over the last three years, and he’d gone to fat.

“Good enough that you’ll go over in those bushes and let me hump you—for old time’s sake?” They both laughed, but there was no reason for Gene not to think Manny was serious. He’d always been randy, ready to go at any time. He was wearing swimming trunks now, but his erection was pushing them out. He might had gained weight, but his cock most likely was still highly rideable. He’d given Gene some good times.

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Oca 26

Polihale Beach

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Big Tits

It was 1994. I was 40 years old and a well practiced masturbator.I was vacationing in Hawaii on the island of Kaua’i accompanied by several relatives. Our excursion this day was to the far west side of the island and visit Polihale Beach (pronounced pol-i-HAH-lee). It’s a long, wide beach, but the treacherous surf and currents make the water unsafe for swimming.We settled down for some sunbathing but shortly I got up to take a walk up the beach. Traveling with relatives had made spending some “alone time” difficult travesti istanbul and therefore I’d not had much chance to masturbate.I was happy that no one else wanted to come along with me and were content to stay where they were. So off I went wearing only baggy shorts, tank top and foot protection from the hot sand. There weren’t many other people there and those who were, were widely scattered. The further up the beach I walked, the fewer people I saw. After walking a good twenty minutes or so, I found istanbul travestileri a spot at the base of a high rock cliff which looked perfect for what I had planned. It offered me a good view in both directions so I could see if anyone else was approaching.Feeling rather daring but also desperately horny, I pulled my tank top over my head and pulled my shorts down and kicked them to one side. I was naked! Naked on a public beach under the Hawaiian sky and it felt wonderful. My cock was already half istanbul travesti erect in anticipation of the experience.I immediately wrapped my hand around my penis and started stroking. In no time I had a full hard-on. I wiped my hand across my chest to collect a slick combination of perspiration and sunscreen and quickly returned my hand to my erection. The lubrication made my cock feel even better as my hand slid up and down its length. I stroked slowly, especially on the down stroke and I gripped tightly at the base, causing my cock to swell even more and protrude seaward. Spreading my legs a bit wider, my balls, warm and hanging loose, swung forward and back in measure with my pumping hand.The feeling of being naked out in the open and masturbating was such a thrill.

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Oca 26

Thrill Masturbation

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I was on an airport run. The person I was picking up landed early morning, so I had to leave the house about four a.m. It was winter, so it was dark and would be until seven-ish. To get to the airport I’d decided on not going on the larger motorways, but to go a more direct but quieter route. I had been focused on just getting to the airport in the first hour of the journey, and what was about to happen didn’t even cross my mind.I started thinking about how quiet these country roads were, and that I hadn’t seen more than five or six cars since getting into the countryside. I then thought how hot it would be if my wife had come with and we fooled around in the car, as we’d often done in the past, as that istanbul travesti is one of my top sexual turn-on’s.But she wasn’t along… But I was here in the car… Light bulb moment. I checked (as if that made any difference) if any cars were behind me. I then loosened the tie in my tracksuit bottoms and pulled out my cock, I started to stroke it very lightly, as I was really turned on and could probably make myself cum very easily. I did this for five minutes or so; a car passed me by in the other direction, but there was no chance of being seen. I then pulled down the tracksuit bottoms to just above my knees and started to stroke my cock and balls. Damn, this felt good, mainly because it was travesti istanbul so naughty.I then reached a village; it was about 5:15am, still dark and no one around. There was a set of traffic lights which I had to stop at. There were street lights and houses with lights on as some people wake early for work etc, and you could see fully into my car and exactly what I was doing. This was a massive turn on, but it was not my intention to flash anyone, nor has it ever been. But this particular time the thought of being seen was incredibly hot to me.Once I drove through the village, I was driving through a forested valley. The sky was now getting a lighter shade of dark purple and I knew soon the beginnings istanbul travestileri of sunrise would set in motion. My cock was so sensitive and hard that I knew when I eventually came that it would be amazing, so I decided not to do it whilst I’m driving as it would be a little dangerous. I pulled up at the side of the road.It was a small parking bay, in the middle of nowhere, and because it was in a valley with lots of trees it was particularly dim and you could barely see anything. A car drove past whilst I sat and waited to get out. Once the car was gone I jumped out the car, holding up my tracksuit bottoms, and walked into the tree line. It was so dark that from the road you couldn’t see more than a few feet in, so I knew I was completely invisible even if a car drove past.I decided that I wanted to be completely naked, so took off my t shirt and tracksuit bottoms hung them on a tree and started my stroke my cock and balls again.

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Oca 26

An Unexpected Rescue

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Amber Ivy

It’s interesting how our lives can rapidly be changed when a new person enters our social circle. Comfortable daily routines which have long been taken for granted may suddenly fail us, as we are plunged into turmoil and uncertainty. Such was the case when my housemate and best friend, Amy, brought her younger brother over to stay in my home for a week in order to search for an apartment. Jake was enrolling in an undergraduate degree program at the state college, starting as a junior. I agreed to let him stay in Amy’s room while she was away for the week attending the wedding of another friend in Boston.Jake was about five feet ten inches tall. He had clear blue eyes, a freckled face, and light brown hair, faintly tinted ginger. My early impression of him was that he was rather immature and naive, tormented by his hormones, horny all the time and somewhat of an exhibitionist. But he was sexy. Everything about him exuded sexuality: his muscular, athletic build, the way he looked at you, the way he smiled and the way he dressed, or more accurately, didn’t dress.Upon his arrival, he decided to go into town, check out the campus and visit the town library. He was clearly excited about being at a major college. I offered him a ride into town, given the record-setting hot weather that day, but he decided to ride his bike instead. I gave him a slip of paper with my cell phone number in case he was going to be late, or if he needed assistance. We agreed on 6:00 for dinner. Then he was off, cycling down the highway in the searing, midday heat.Later that afternoon, around 6:00, Jake called to let me know he was running late, and that he would be home in twenty to thirty minutes. He arrived at 6:30, crimson-faced, and dripping wet from head to toe with sweat.“Do you mind if I take a shower first?” he asked. “It was hot, just like you said.”After telling him to go ahead, I set the table and put dinner on the stove. A short while later he scampered down the old, wooden staircase from the second floor, two steps at a time, and presented himself at the dinner table.“Sorry for holding you up,” he remarked.“No problem,” I replied. “You certainly look a lot cooler and drier. Have a seat.”He was clad only in running shorts and a pair of flip-flops, but nothing covering his chest. I felt that his attire was inappropriate. After all, he wasn’t sitting at his parents’ table.  We were still strangers, having met for the first time just six hours earlier. Was he trying to seduce me?During dinner, Jake informed me about his childhood and his life since reaching maturity, and what relationships were like in his parental home. His parents both worked full time, so were often away from home. They usually disagreed over how to raise their kids. Early on, Amy had assumed some responsibility in mentoring him, teaching him manners and whatever else one needs to learn while growing up. At twenty-one, Jake was six years younger than both Amy and me. He hadn’t yet decided what he would major in, but thought he may want to go to law school after graduation. I asked him if he played baseball in high school. He was surprised that I guessed correctly.“How did you know that? Did Amy tell you?” he asked.“No, you’re too short for basketball and not brawny enough for football or wresting,” I explained.He didn’t say much about his academic accomplishments, however, so I assumed that’s why he started his post-high school education at a community college.Did he have lots of girlfriends? Only a few, and no one for the last two years, since starting college.I should also mention that apparently, Jake wasn’t wearing anything under his running shorts, judging by a conspicuous bulge in front. I was curious why he didn’t seem the least embarrassed by the condition. I had boyfriends and male housemates over the years, but none of them ever put their arousal on display so readily.That night, while trying to fall asleep, my thoughts lingered on Jake. Was he really trying to seduce me? Was he prurient, or worse, a sexual predator? Was it appropriate for me istanbul travesti to feel lust for a man six years younger than me? I was too horny to fall asleep. After trying different sleep positions, with no success, I finally decided to relieve the nagging ache in my groin with the help of a fantasy I made up involving Jake. It worked, and I got off to sleep in no time.I awoke the next morning just as the day’s first light streamed through the bedroom window, along with a welcome, refreshing breeze. I crawled out of bed right away and hastened to the bathroom, careful to walk softly to avoid waking him. On my way back, I noticed that the door to Amy’s bedroom was open wide enough for me to be able to glance easily into the room. Even in the dim, early light, I was able to discern that he was lying on his back, snoring softly, with nothing on but a pair of skimpy briefs that scarcely concealed a robust erection that was desperately striving to escape its confinement.I stood at the doorway, mesmerized, for what seemed like several minutes, just gazing at him, before tip-toeing back to my bed. It was the time of day when I’m usually horniest. It would have been great to linger in bed all morning and indulge in fantasies, but I had to get to work soon. I showered, had breakfast and left a note on the kitchen table to let Jake know he was welcome to have anything for breakfast that he could find in the refrigerator or cupboards.At work that day I found it difficult to keep focused on my responsibilities. Associates told me I seemed unusually distracted. Visions of my young guest lying in bed, sexually aroused, persistently flooded my stream of consciousness. On the drive home that afternoon, I reflected on the situation. I began to feel a disturbing tug of war between my better judgment and the irrepressible surge of hormones propelling me toward a potentially risky sexual encounter.“At this age, you should know better, Allison,” I kept reminding myself. “A mature woman doesn’t jump into bed with a strange man right away for quick fun.”But Jake exhibited an inherent sexual quality that I found irresistible. Why couldn’t I throw caution to the wind, just this once, just for the few days that he and I would be together?I wrestled with my dilemma that night, and had difficulty falling asleep once more. The next morning, on the way to the bathroom to shower, I could hear Jake snoring softly. I peeked into his room again, and noticed that he was lying on his back, naked this time, his turgid manhood beckoning me to come over and pet it. Of course, there was no way I could do that without waking him.I was just finishing breakfast, ready to leave for work, when Jake sauntered into the kitchen, sleepy-eyed, dressed in running shorts and flip-flops.“Morning,” he mumbled.“Good morning, Jake.  Did you sleep better last night?”“Yeah, I did.”“Sweet dreams, or were they wet dreams?”“A little of both,” he replied, grinning.“You know, Jake, you don’t seem to have an ounce of modesty, do you?”“What do you mean?”“Well, you leave your door wide open when you sleep, and don’t cover up with anything, not even underwear.”“It’s too hot in that room. What do you expect?” he replied.“Well, it’s just as hot in my room, but I still wear a nightgown.”“Allison, you’re starting to sound just like Amy now.  ‘Don’t do this and don’t do that.’  Well, I’m sorry I offended you, but that’s how I always sleep. Besides, it’s not polite to be peeking in on someone.”He won the point. I decided it was best not to antagonize him, and just let the matter drop. But he had additional thoughts.“Alright, Allie, you’re a really great looking woman; make that sexy, okay? I get horny and fantasize about you.”I was floored and didn’t know how to respond, or where to take the conversation. Things appeared to be getting out of control.“Listen, Jake. What you’re doing isn’t very subtle. Most women appreciate at least a little subtlety. There are many women who would really be offended by what you’ve been doing, and could even report you for sexual istanbul travestileri harassment. Don’t just go out there with your dick hanging out and expect someone to come onto you.  It might have the opposite effect. In fact, you could even be kicked out of college for misbehavior.”“But . . .”“Listen to me, will you. I know what I’m talking about. Try to be more creative in how you approach a woman. I need to leave for work now. Shall we carry on this discussion this evening during dinner?”He nodded. “Sure. 6:00?”“That’s perfect. Try to look at things from my perspective.”* * *Jake was home that evening when I returned. He immediately greeted me with positive news about his apartment search.“Hey, I found an apartment today and signed a lease. I’ll be sharing it with a senior. He seems like a nice guy.”“Great news! When will you be moving in?”“As soon as Amy gets back. The landlord is letting me move in a week early.”“Have you had a chance to think about what we discussed earlier?”“A little,” he replied.“Well, I appreciate that you’re fond of me, but we just barely met and don’t know much about each other. It isn’t best to jump into bed with someone too soon. There are also concerns about unexpected pregnancy, which as a woman are always on my mind.”“I didn’t ask you to go to bed with me, did I?” he protested.“That’s what you implied when you told me you were having fantasies about me while you masturbated. And your almost constant hard-ons, which you don’t exactly hide from me, also make me think that’s what is on your mind.”“I’m only going to be here for a few days, so thought I could have an opportunity to be close to you before leaving.”“So then, exactly what are your expectations for me? Get me involved with you, and then walk out of my life, as though we never met?”“Well, how about if you could just sit next to me while I jerk off. Maybe put your arm around me. Just something simple like that. Nothing major.”“Jake, you didn’t answer my question.”“I think you’re being too cautious?” he argued.“I’ve learned the hard way; believe me.”Jake frowned, obviously frustrated.  “Okay, it’s up to you, but I’m still going to fantasize about you.”I was exasperated. “Let’s sleep on it, alright?”That’s where our conversation ended Tuesday evening. I had trouble falling asleep again for the third night in a row, so decided to pleasure myself to drain tensions. It didn’t help this time, and I ended up getting only a couple hours of sleep. At daybreak, I quietly headed to the bathroom to shower. Along the way, as I passed his room, I glanced in to see what he was up to. He was awake this time, playing with himself. On the way back to my room after showering, I made a point of walking with heavier footsteps to warn him that I would be passing by, but he was expecting me.  He stared right at me, grinning when I reached the doorway.“Come in,” he said in a quiet voice. “Pull up a chair.” He pointed to the chair with one hand.I entered, carried the chair toward his bed and sat down. I kept my legs together to avoid showing him how wet I was, and tugged on my nightgown to pull it down at least to my knees. My heart raced. The last time I had sex with someone was nearly three years ago.“Could you sit a little closer?” he asked.“I can see well enough from here,” I replied, resisting.“No, I would like you to be right next to me.”I hesitated.“Please, Allie.” He stared at me with his big blue eyes, pleading.I couldn’t resist.“Did you sleep well last night?” I inquired.“No, it was hot and humid. I tossed and turned for some while, thinking about you and what we talked about. By the way, aren’t you hot in that nightgown?”“No, I’m just fine.”“Please,” he insisted.“But you’re only going to jerk off, right? Nothing else on the agenda?”“Nope, nothing more serious. Besides, after cumming, I won’t be able to keep going anyway.”I lifted off my nightgown and tossed it onto his face. Surprised, he started laughing, and threw it back at me. We both giggled. I threw it back at him again. This time he kept it, placing it on travesti istanbul his face, and inhaled its scent. That was the last time I ever saw my nightgown. Who knows what he did with it?“Mmmm. This is intoxicating, Allie. Put your hand on my head; play with my hair while I stroke myself. That’s why I wanted you to be right here close to me.”“Is this your fantasy about me?”“One of them,” he replied, smiling.I shuddered, wondering what some of his other fantasies involving me were like. By then I was hot, really hot, and wet. It took a great effort to restrain myself from pleasuring myself at the same time.The disturbing conflict that had haunted me the last couple days still raged within: between my desire to be cautious and safe, and the opposite, equally strong pull to throw caution completely to the wind and submit to my intense lust for Jake. I was reminded of a nightmare I had a while ago. It goes like this:_“I was swimming in a river and noticed a strange current out in the center of the channel. When I swam closer to investigate I saw that it was a whirlpool, swirling rapidly around, sucking everything into it. I became frightened and turned about in order to swim away from it. But to no avail, it was pulling me closer and closer. Resistance was futile, and soon I was being sucked in by the strong vortex. I screamed for help, but no one was nearby. . . .”_That’s how the nightmare ended. And now in a similar way I felt the same sense of helplessness, of being sucked into something I may never be able to get out of. I made my choice, leaped into an abyss and hoped for a safe landing.Jake began by stroking his rigid shaft with his right hand, hardly touching it at all, as if he were trying to make it firm. After a short while, he formed a ring between his thumb and forefinger, rapidly moving his hand up and down across the rim at the base of its swollen head.“Allie, do me a favor, please get my cock wet with your saliva. It’ll work better that way.”I was astonished. “You just told me we weren’t going to have sex. I’m not going to give you a blow job, Jake. I tried that three years ago with a man I was dating, and hated every minute of it. His cum was disgusting, and I spit it out right away. I vowed, never to do it again.”“He was probably drinking heavily,” Jake explained.“Yes, he was. We both were.”“You don’t need to give me a blow job. Just let some saliva fall into your hand, and then rub it on my cock.”“But even then . . .”“I promised you I wouldn’t harm you or force to you have sex, and I meant it,” he repeated.Resistance seemed futile. I did as he asked, leaning over him with a palm-full of saliva, my long, wavy hair tumbling onto his abdomen, and my tits just barely grazing his chest. I carefully poured the saliva onto his cock, and spread it over him with my hand. By then I was more excited than ever, and felt as if I would come spontaneously.“Is that better?” I asked him.“Yeah, much better, thanks.”He resumed stroking, beginning with the same techniques as before, with apparently greater pleasure. He then switched to stroking his shaft with a full hand, using greater pressure, especially as his hand passed over the head of his staff. He varied the strokes, sometimes twisting his hand around its head, or even completely around the shaft.“Allie, look at my eyes, please,” he asked. “Keep looking into my eyes now.”I tried to do as he asked, but couldn’t resist peering in the other direction to watch what he was doing with his hands. He began fondling his balls as he quickened the pace of stroking, tugging on his loose sack, pulling his balls outward. I sensed he was about to reach orgasm, and combed his hair with my fingers. Soon, his whole body grew tense, and he began breathing louder, sometimes wincing, as if in pain. He closed his eyes, groaned quietly, and came with a suddenness that both surprised me and took my breath away. A couple long strands of thick, white cum shot out of his pulsing organ, arching away, and splashing down onto his chest, as if from a water fountain. Soon, the remaining cum gushed out less vigorously, dripping down onto his abdomen. He gasped for breath, and then held his fingers motionless around his withering manhood for a while, breathing hard, as though he had just run a hundred yards. Finally, his body collapsed.

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Oca 26

West Side Gun Moll

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Full Nelson

On a cold Saturday in February, 1975, Michelle Hanley and Judith Weinberg went to see Bonnie and Clyde at a revival house, the Cinema Village on 12th Street. The two were sophomores at the City College of New York. When they came out, they decided to walk a few blocks to a bar.Judy said, “How about the Cedar Tavern? It’s just a couple of blocks from here.”“No, let’s go to Googie’s today. It’s a little more cozy, I think.”Judy looked over at her taller friend and admired her gray knee-high boots. She had been having a growing infatuation with Michelle in recent months and hadn’t dared to make a gesture or statement hinting at her interest. As they started to walk down the block, Judy put out her hand and held the other woman’s left hand. Michelle briefly smiled at her and they continued on their way.She doesn’t know what I really feel about her. She thinks of me as a friend – which I am, for sure – but to her this probably just appears as a girl crush at the most. Judy thought of her own brown boots and wondered about the public impression they were making.“Do you think guys are noticing us?” Judy asked.“I don’t know; what do you mean?”Judy wasn’t entirely sure herself. “I guess, do they see us and think we’re a couple of desirable chicks?”“Yeah, I guess so.” Michelle already had a boyfriend named Paul back at City College and she seemed to be contented with him at the moment. Judy had never had a lover either male or female, but this winter, having passed her nineteenth birthday, she was acutely feeling the lack of one.She had been hoping that Michelle would somehow give her advice or at least some clues about how she should proceed with her life. In the year and a half they had known each other not much information had been offered and Judy had been reluctant to push too much on the subject. Judy’s virginity was a topic that was assumed but not openly discussed between them.In the bar they found a booth and they both ordered Irish coffees. “It’s a battle between the caffeine and the alcohol with these things,” Michelle said, a joke Judy remembered from the previous winter. Then, Judy istanbul travesti steered the conversation towards the movie. They had both seen photos of the real Bonnie and Clyde, but neither had seen the film until today.Judy said, “I admit, it turns me on to imagine being Bonnie.”“So, you identity with Faye Dunaway?” Michelle could tell immediately from the expression on her friend’s face that she had said the wrong thing. Dunaway was tall, svelte and blonde, all things that Judy was not.Judy decided to make light of it, “Well, not exactly with Dunaway; she’s the ultimate shiksa. But the idea of being a gun moll, a gangster’s girlfriend – okay, it turns me on.”“I think I get it. But these guys, the ultimate bad boys like Clyde Barrow or John Dillinger, they wind up dead or in prison. Usually pretty quickly too.”“I know, but I can’t help it, the idea makes me tingle.”Michelle knew what she was talking about because she felt it a bit herself. “So what do you want to do, have a gun, drive the getaway car?”“All of that seems exciting. I wouldn’t just be along for the ride.”Michelle had a hard time imagining her friend firing a weapon or handling a fast car during a chase. She had been with Judy when the latter was driving the family Buick Century sedan – driving it sedately up the middle lane of the Henry Hudson Parkway. She would go around it checking for dents if she had to park in the street for any length of time.Michelle teased her a bit, “But, to get back to the main thing; it’s the gangster boyfriend that clinches it.”Judy felt her face get warm, “Well, of course.” She wasn’t about to explain now how she imagined it, this guy who she could straddle in the back seat or maybe in a cornfield when she needed a good, hard fuck.Michelle said, “We both have to be realistic. We have plenty to choose among the men up at City College. They may not be as exciting as 1930s mobsters, I will grant that.”Judy felt she was being patronized although her friend may not have realized it. Judy noted the other woman’s straight brown hair and although she couldn’t see them, she thought about travesti istanbul Michelle’s athletic legs and tight, compact backside. She’s a shiksa too, although an Irish-Polish one rather than a WASP goddess like Dunaway.There were some complications in Michelle’s life that Judy knew about but didn’t mention very often. Paul had been involved with a couple of other girls, one of whom was still on a college newspaper with him even though she had dumped him a couple of months ago. The third woman was an older perennial student named Charlotte who generally kept her distance from Michelle.Judy herself had been on a couple of dates with Paul recently. To qualify as a “date” in her mind these had to be off-campus, not merely meetings in one of the lounges or cafeterias at school. So far, these had been platonic in nature, but they had kept the dates secret from Michelle. If she could get her nerve up, Judy hoped to push her relationship with Paul up to a higher level.She also speculated about sleeping with Michelle too. This is getting awfully complicated, she thought; how am I going to coordinate any of this? And yet she had a desire to finally not play it safe and take some chances in her life. It wasn’t quite a 1960s style free-for-all at the college (although Judy suspected that some of those stories had been exaggerated), but students had affairs readily outside of predictable monogamy. Unlike in Jane Austin’s time, people often had sex and then figured out the romantic situation as they went along. Judy said, “Wouldn’t you like to be along on my fantasy? Sort of like Blanche Barrow?”“I hope I wouldn’t be as annoying as she was.”“You know, I’ve heard that Blanche is still alive and hates the way she was portrayed in the movie. But of course, no, I don’t imagine you’d be like that.”“And who is the Buck Barrow in this? I can’t imagine it would be Paul.”Judy felt a need to defend him, “Well, no, but that’s because he’s not the kind to rob and kill people.”Michelle leaned forward and said, “And how do you imagine Clyde, your partner in crime?”“Funny thing, it’s not Warren istanbul travestileri Beatty. He’s almost too good-looking. I think he’s – I mean the real Beatty – he’s probably kind of stuck-up.” She suspected that a guy like that – and famous to boot – wouldn’t give the slightest notice to a short, plump woman like herself.Michelle said, “Maybe Beatty really is that way, but I bet he still gets more pussy than the local ASPCA.” She winced at her own bad joke, but Judy didn’t call her on it.For a moment Judy wondered what went on within the Barrow gang. Did all of them ever get into bed for a four-way orgy? I mean, it was the 1930s, but they were outlaws; they wouldn’t follow society’s rules for personal behavior.Judy could see herself in such a scene, except there were only three people in it. Michelle would be in bed, wearing a garter belt and stockings and nothing else; Judy would be on all fours, licking her friend between her spread legs. Her own skirt was up; Paul would be standing behind her, his cock sticking out of his pants, ready to penetrate her. This would be in the hot, dark bedroom of some shabby farmhouse in a place like Joplin, Missouri.Michelle said, “Hey, Jude, come back to the present. Where is your mind, back in the 1930s?”Judy swallowed her embarrassment. “Yeah, sort of.” She’s always been pretty good at figuring me out.“That’s okay, honey, I get it.” Our Judy here needs to get some kind of love-life going, and soon.Rather than change the topic, Michelle pushed it in another direction, “Do you know how to drive a manual transmission? That’s all they had back then.”“I don’t; I’ve never even seen one.”“That’s okay, I don’t know it either.” She had her own fantasy ready. “But I should learn. I’d love to have something like that Triumph Stag convertible.”  Now she went into her experienced-girl lecture mode. “Supposedly, it’s men who buy cars like that. They think all the girls will flock to them and get their panties damp looking at them in the car.”Judy thought, my panties get damp at a lot less than that.Michelle continued, “Well, I want to have my own Triumph. I’d drive up to Convent Avenue and say, ‘hi guys, anybody need a lift to the subway?’ I’d just like to see the looks on their faces.”“Would you actually give one a lift?”“Hell yeah, I would.”“Also, would you teach me how to drive it?”“Sure, but I have to buy it first!”

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Oca 26

Tweetie Pie Panties

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Annie confessed to me about the first time she had enjoyed her best friend Katie’s borrowed panties.She was having a sleepover at Katie’s house. Katie had been out shopping with her mum, and was excited to show off her new buys to her best friend. The girls had fun trying on all the revealing spring clothes. Now she was 16, her mother had allowed Katie to choose her own panties. With boys in mind, she had chosen a 3 pack of Tanga style with ‘Tweetie Pie’ embroidered on them. Katie was wearing the red ones of course. That left blue and white.”Oh, I love those!”Annie was excited. She wanted some just like her friend’s. She wanted to attract boys too, although at 16 she still hadn’t even kissed one yet.”Here you can have these, I’ve got three of them and I haven’t even got a boyfriend yet!”Katie flung the baby blue pair at her mate.Annie, still a bit shy in front of her teenage friend, went off to the bathroom to put them on like sleepwear. These were istanbul travesti the first pair that had not been basic cotton knickers that she had laid her hands on, and she loved the feel of the snug nylon as it slipped over her bottom and hugged her ‘tweetie pie’.(Annie told me that wearing them make her wet straightaway, she thought she’d peed herself and was embarrassed in case her friend found out).”Let’s see,” giggled her naughty friend.She allowed Katie a quick peek at her cute bottom, keeping her thighs tight in case the wet spot showed, before snuggling under the covers next to her.(Annie confessed to me that she was turned on by the shy exhibitionism but was too embarrassed to do anything obvious about it).After further gossip of what they would do with boys when they got hold of them, the girls pretended to go to sleep, both wearing the same panties. One bright red, one baby blue.Annie was just dozing off when she sensed her travesti istanbul friend moving rhythmically next to her. Could she actually be masturbating? She wasn’t sure, she had only ever secretly rubbed herself down there, always through her knickers, and had never had an orgasm, whatever that was, but she sure felt like doing it now. Katie didn’t seem to have any such inhibitions. Maybe her tight silky panties were having the same effect on her as they were on Annie? She turned to look at her friend who seemed lost in her own pleasure.Annie coughed nervously.“Are you ok?” she whispered.Katie opened her eyes and smiled at her.“Don’t you do it when you go to sleep?” she giggled.With that Katie flung back the duvet, and revealed her hand thrust down the front of her matching red knickers, stretching ‘Tweetie Pie’ like an animation.Annie was a bit shocked but turned on by the sight.“Go on I dare you.”“I’m not sure what you want me to istanbul travestileri do,” Annie stammered nervously.“Want me to show you?”Annie watched fascinated as her friend got to work under her new panties. ‘Tweetie Pie’ stretched over Katie’s knuckles as her fingers rubbed vigorously.“Come on, I’ll show you.”Katie took her friend’s inexperienced hand and cupped it over her moving panties. Annie could feel the urgency of her friend’s fingers under the slippery nylon. Oh wow, she was turned on now. She just wanted to copy her best friend. Katie however, anticipated and did it for her, freehand down over her mate’s identical pair of panties. The ones she was looking forward to trying on next, but she was a generous selfless friend, in some respects at least.Annie was amazed at how her fingers found exactly the right spot immediately but was embarrassed because she was wet already.“Oh, you’ve made a mess of my new knickers!” Katie teased. “Never mind, there’s still one more pair, but we’ll have to share them,” she giggled and continued to stroke her friend through the damp material between her legs. Annie would have done anything she had asked she was so turned on. ‘I Must try this at home alone,’ she mused.

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Oca 26

Miss Mandy Knows Best Ch. 02

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It had been two days since Amanda had walked into his office to help him relieve his stress. He could not get it out of his mind. The sound of her heels clicking through the hallway, seeing her walk by his office door and smile at him, and the sound of her voice carrying through the office when she talked on the phone kept him reliving the whole scenario in his head.

He had not talked to her about it yet and she did not act like anything had changed. What was he supposed to say? Is there something he should do? The whole experience was so different than anything he would consider normal interactions with a woman that he was left dumbfounded.

John needed to talk to her about it, but was he supposed to ask her out for a drink? Take her to dinner? It just was not a normal relationship. He could not clear his head and knew something had to be said.

As she was again walking by his office wearing a snug fitting red skirt, white blouse, white pantyhose, and red heels he decided to stop staring and talk to her.

“Um, Amanda,” he was happy his voice did not crack.

She stopped and turned towards him smiling, “yes John,” she moved to stand in the doorway of his office.

“Would you mind coming in for a moment?” he asked and quickly added, “and close the door please.”

Raising an eyebrow and smirking she stepped in and quietly shut his office door. “Shall I sit?” she motioned to one of the highbacked chairs in front of his desk.

“No, this should only take a moment,” he paused getting his words right before he began, “about the other day…I just…well I don’t know where this all stands and I don’t want anything to disrupt the office…” she had one hand on her hip as he spoke. Nothing in her demeanor showed that she was upset, but rather a little amused.

In a quiet voice she asked, “why would anything disrupt the office John?”

“Well it’s just…” he fumbled for the right words as he felt his cock stirring. It was so hard for him to block out what she had travesti istanbul done to him the other day.

She slowly moved around his desk as she stared at him, “now John, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me.” She walked up next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder as she looked down at him.


“Shhh, were not alone today John, so let’s keep our voices down,” she gently caressed the side of his face. “Are you having trouble with something?” she asked staring down at the bulge forming in his pants.

“I can’t…I can’t stop thinking about the other day,” he felt the lust boiling inside him. Her presence made it grow more intense.

“Ohhh John,” she said teasingly, “we just need to relieve a little of that pressure.” Her hand moved down and smoothly freed his erection. “Now we don’t have a lot of time and you need to be quiet,” she began as her hand started stroking and his breathing grew deeper. “Let’s just get it out of you so you can think instead of Miss Mandy distracted you so.”

Her hand moved much faster than it had the other day and he was shocked at how quick he felt the orgasm building.

“Oh yes John, let’s get rid of some of that pressure Miss Mandy is making in your balls,” her words made the feelings more intense and the orgasm was starting to pass the point of no return. Just as he felt it start she took her hand off his cock, “there we go, yesss,” she cooed as his cock twitched and the semen flowed out.

The normal rush from an orgasm was lost as he looked at her in confusion, “that’s a good start John, now,” she grabbed his cock and resumed stroking it, using some of the cum that had already spilled out as lubricant.

“Amanda…,” he breathed.

“You mean Miss Mandy John,” her hand pumping even faster. “Don’t worry John, we’re just getting rid of all that nasty cum so you’re not distracted anymore. If you get too excited you’ll scream and everyone in the office will hear us. Now let’s empty those balls out istanbul travestileri for Miss Mandy,” her breath was hot in his ear.

His knuckles were white as he gripped the arms of his office chair. Amanda had pulled his head into her bosom while he tried to hold back the moans from her expert hand job. It was not long before he felt another orgasm building and Amanda had to place a hand over his mouth to muffle the sounds of his moans.

“Oh yes John, there we go,” she cooed again as his orgasm started and her hand again fell off his cock. The cum spurted out again, yet there was less this time than the last. “Oh that’s so good John. You now how I love to have you make a mess for me.”

As soon as his cock stopped twitching she started rubbing it again. “Now one more time should do the trick.” His over sensitized cock had him squirming in the chair and Amanda’s hand stayed firmly over his mouth as he could not hold back the whimpers and moans.

“You’re going to feel so much better after this,” she slowed down for the first time and gently teased the head of his cock with her thumb and forefinger. “No need to worry about what we are doing John. Just do what feels natural and I will take care of you. Miss Mandy will take care of everything.” She removed her hand slowly from his mouth. “Do you want Miss Mandy to take care of you John?” she did not stop teasing his cock.

“Yes Miss Mandy,” he managed to get out between deep breaths.

“If you want me to stop all you have to do is ask. Do you understand John?”

“Yes Miss Mandy.”

“If you want Miss Mandy to take care of you all you need to do is ask. Do you understand John?”

“Yes Miss Mandy.”

Her hand went from tantalizing torture to stroking again. “I think this should get all that cum out. Sometimes we just need to milk your balls dry because Miss Mandy distracts you too much John. Sometimes you need to be milked so you appreciate when I make you orgasm so much more.”

His legs started istanbul travesti to tighten and for the third time she let his cock go and it twitched and a few small streams of cum leaked out. “There we go…that’s right. Nice and empty now.”

He felt her finger under his chin. Turning it to her as she lowered her head to kiss him softly,” I’ll be right back and we’ll get you cleaned up.” She walked out of his office closing the door behind her. John leaned his head back and took a few deep breaths trying to steady himself. What was this woman doing to him and why was he letting her?

Amanda walked back in the door and closed it quietly behind her. She had a hand towel and walked around his desk where she began to wipe up the mess. “Let’s get you cleaned up now John.”

“Amanda, I’m confused,” he began before she interrupted him.

“Now John, just let me take care of things,” she said while she continued to wipe him up, “oh so soon John?” she laughed softly as his cock was standing back at full attention. She set down the hand towel and grabbed his hard cock and slowly stroked it. “Do you want to go back to the way things were between us, or are you enjoying the current situation?”

He was still so horny. He had not had the satisfaction of release and his blood was still boiling as he looked her in the eyes he knew she could see the flames of the lust she continued stoking inside him.

“Just ask me,” she taunted him as she put her hand in his hair and pulled it gently. “I’ll stop anytime you want, but I love this as much as you,” she took his hand and guided it up her skirt until his fingers touched her crotch feeling how wet her panties were. She quickly pulled his hand away, “just ask me to stop and I will, but if you don’t, I’m going to keep doing this to you.” Her hand was still stroking his cock. “Tell me you want me to keep doing this to you,” her eyes were intense and here breathing was now getting deeper.

“Yes Miss Mandy.”

She gasped staring at him and her hand stopped moving up and down on his cock and was gripping it tightly causing him to wince in pain. “Oh John, that’s it. That’s what I want,” she pulled him in and kissed him more deeply than she previously had. “This is only going to get better for us both.”

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Oca 26

Wrong Tent Ch. 04

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“What did you think of that, babe?” Olivia asked her husband through the naughtiest of grins as she crawled over to him.

James had just watched his wife suck the cock of a man that she had only met that day right in front of him while he pretended to be passed out.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life!” He exclaimed.

“It was so much fun with you watching me be a dirty little slut!” She confessed as she kissed him hotly, the taste of Tony still fresh in her mouth.

She straddled his hips and his reached down to tease her pussy with his cock, rubbing the head up and down her slit.

“Uh oh. That can’t be good.” She announced.

“What is it now?” James grumbled, disappointed at yet another interruption.

“It’s Tony. I thought he would go straight to his tent and pass out but he just walked past it. He’s going back to the fire pit.”

“So? What’s the big deal?”

James tried to slide into Olivia but she adjusted her position to get a better view of what was going on outside, denying him access.

“What if he tells everyone what I just did?” She asked worriedly.

“I don’t think it really matters right now. Come on baby it’s been all day and night! I need to fuck you so bad!”

The volume of the fire pit chatter reduced to near silence as the group listened to whatever Tony was saying, looking over to the tents and back at him.

“He’s totally telling them. Oh shit and now Dan’s walking over here!”

“What do we do?” Olivia asked in a slight panic.

“You know what he’s probably going to want. I’m sure Tony told them that I’m out cold. How about I pretend to be passed out and watch again?” James suggested, shrugging his shoulders.

“Oooh, fun!” Olivia whispered excitedly as she pulled her sleeping over her body.

James quickly removed the small electric camp lantern from his pack and turned it on to it’s dimmest setting, casting the perfect amount of light inside and hung it from a loop on the wall.

James heard Dan’s footsteps approaching and his heart pounded in his chest like a drum. He found a position to best fein unconsciousness yet provide a clear view of what he wasn’t sure he wanted to happen.

Dan made his way to the door left hanging open by Tony and peered into the tent and whispered Olivia’s name.

“Hey, Dan. What’s up, sugar?” She responded sweetly.

“I heard this is where all the fun was happening.”

“You heard right. Looking for round two already? Come on in.”

He crawled through the door and Olivia peeled the sleeping bag away from her and got up on her knees to meet him. He placed his hands on her waist and for the first time ever James watched her kiss another man. They made out passionately until Dan broke away and looked over at James laying silently as if unconscious.

“Don’t worry about him, baby.” Olivia assured as she went back in for a kiss as she ran her hands over Dan’s hard body. “He wouldn’t be a problem even if he was awake.”

He kissed her back as his hands wandered downward to grope her ass. Reaching down she found the hardening member under the thin material of his black trunks and ran her hand slowly over it’s length.

Ever so slowly sliding his hand down to his groin James found his throbbing hard on. It ached for attention under the sleeping bag and he silently stroked it, careful not to reveal the fact that he was awake and watching his wife enjoy her young stud.

Dan unzipped his sweater and removed it from Olivia, exposing her breasts to the open air as it fell to the floor. She was now completely naked now and he crouched down to greedily take her nipple in his mouth, loudly sucking and smacking as James looked on in amazement. Olivia wrapped her arms around him and held his head in close and sighed softly as his mouth explored her body. James was surprised at their level of intimacy together and also surprised at the fact that not only was he ok with it, he enjoyed it immensely.

Olivia slid her thumbs into the waist band of Dan’s shorts and slowly pushed them down. James held his breath as Dan’s shave stubble covered pubic area was revealed followed by the abnormally thick base of his cock. Olivia glanced back wickedly at James as she continued to push down on Dan’s shorts, slowly exposing inch after inch of his alarmingly large member. The further down the shorts slid the more inadequate and uncomfortable James felt yet he was still secretly hard and oozing pre cum under the sleeping bag.

Once Olivia finally pushed the shorts down past the end of Dan’s impressive length and over the head it sprung upward sharply, slapping Olivia’s breast with an audible smack. She giggled and looked down to admire the massive, uncut cock aiming up at her and took it’s girth in her small hand, gently rolling the foreskin back and forth. Just as James seemed to be adjusting to the conflicting feelings of angst and jealousy within him Dan slipped out of his shirt, revealing his strong, muscular body. Olivia sat back and marvelled at his physique, running istanbul travesti her hands across his chest and down his bulging arms. James kept reminding himself and repeating in his mind that he could stop this at any time.

Dan reached up and placed his hand around the back of Olivia’s neck and pulled her head downward. Her left hand landed on the floor to support herself and her right grasped the base of Dan’s cock as her mouth opened wide. She peeled his skin back and exposed his fat head before she stretched her lips around it and moaned softly onto his cock flesh. He closed his eyes and laid his head back as he began to gently slide in and out of her mouth. James was crushed and somehow simultaneously aroused when he noticed that she was barely able to take half of him in and that the length remaining outside of her gripping hand was easily longer than James at his best.

James’s heard the fire outside crack loudly and his attention was suddenly diverted to the group at the pit. He realized that they had gone nearly silent and were probably listening for the sounds of Dan getting lucky with his wife.

Dan lifted her up to him and kissed her passionately before roughly spinning her around and shoving her onto all fours facing James. He pushed down firmly on her shoulders, dropping her down to her elbows and arching her back, ass high in the air. With his left hand gripping the supple flesh of her ass he held the base of his cock with his right like a baseball bat and swung it down onto her cheek with a deep thud.

“I just can’t get enough of this tight little pussy.” He groaned.

Dan lined himself up with Olivia’s slippery entrance as James searched the expression on her face for the moment when she felt him enter her. Her eyes suddenly opened wide as if shocked as Dan pulled her back and slowly inched forward, squeezing himself inside. He sunk half way in, paused momentarily and then slowly pulled almost all of the way out. Olivia turned her head, looked back at him and pulled on the back of his leg, expressing her desire for more. After another momentary pause Dan mercilessly thrust his full length into her, his large hanging balls swinging heavily into her clit. A strange yelping sound came out of Olivia that James had never heard before and she whipped her head back, eyes closed and mouth silently hanging wide open.

Olivia reached back and tried to push on Dan’s hips to prevent him from penetrating so deeply but he took her by the wrists and held her arms behind her back. He began pumping in and out of her as she released a long, guttural moan after burying her face into into a scrunched up ball of sleeping bag.

“You like that, little slut?” Dan hissed at Olivia.

“Your husband won’t punish you for being a filthy little whore but I will!”

He pulled forcefully back on her arms and slammed his hips into her ass. She raised her head back up and moaned loudly with every thrust. She was vocally different than she was when her and James made love. The soft moans that she usually made were now more like panicked screams as this young stud ravaged her insides and hit places that James would never touch.

Suddenly James can here whispers, murmurings and footsteps approaching the tent. It was the group from the fire pit, drawn by the sound of Dan pounding Olivia.

“Kind of like a mating call among wild animals.” James thought to himself.

Dan wrapped his arm around Olivia’s neck and lifted her up towards him so that her back was pressed against his chest as he continued to fuck her. He bit and nibbled at her neck before growling a simple order into her ear.

“I want you to suck your husband’s cock. Now.”

“Oh yes, Dan. Whatever you want.”

The syllables of Olivia’s panted response were separated by short pauses every time Dan slammed into her from behind relentlessly. He released her neck, shoved her down to the floor and slapped her hard on the ass. As she crawled over to James, Dan followed behind her on his knees, not missing a beat with driving his cock in and out of her.

Olivia pulled the sleeping bag away from James’s waist, exposing his fully hard cock and took it into her hot, wet mouth. He gasped at the sensation and held her head as he immediately began to grind his hips into her face, trying his best to pretend he had just been asleep.

Olivia’s mouth was forced up and down on James as she was pummeled from behind and he finally felt like he had a chance at release as the pressure of orgasm and what he was sure would be a massive ejaculation swelled inside of him. Just as he thought he would blast a full day’s worth of sexual frustration down his wife’s throat Dan picked up the pace and Olivia raised her head up and looked back at him, moaning out and spouting incomprehensible gibberish as she received what James thought might be the fuck of her life.

After what seemed like several orgasms for Olivia Dan’s breathing transitioned to short, sharp panting before he growled out and held her tightly against him, injecting his hot travesti istanbul seed deep inside of her body. She fell limp against James’s in a state of satisfaction and content, her face resting in his lap as her hot breath rushed across his neglected cock.

Dan caught his breath and pulled his softening member out of Olivia. There were several tapping sounds as droplets of Dan’s load dripped out of Olivia and onto the thin plastic sheet floor of the tent. Once he had located his shorts, shirt and sweater and got dressed Olivia moved over to him at the door for a long good night kiss. James was puzzled at how turned on he felt watching the two of them in their gentle intimacy as he tried to make out their soft whispers to each other.

Outside James noticed several pairs of feet and legs pass in an out of the light from his small lantern through the door.

As soon as Dan left the tent James crawled over to her and immediately began kissing her and running his hands over her body, aching with burning desire to reclaim his wife.

“Finally I get to have you!” He exclaimed. “This has gone on for long enough!”

Suddenly, Olivia was roughly peeled away from their kiss as a pair of hands grabbed her by the waist and pulled her lower body out of the tent into the darkness.

Surprised and confused, Olivia yelled out.

“Hey! Who is that! What are you…”

She looked wide eyed and puzzled at James as the unknown man outside slid into her from behind. Her body instantly started jerking against James as the guy proceeded to fuck her.

“Oh my god!” James whispered sharply in disbelief. “Is he…”

“Yes, baby. He’s fucking me out there.”

James scrambled to move around Olivia to push whoever was behind her away but before he could she held him tightly and looked deep into his eyes.

“Wait baby! Don’t stop him. Let him finish.”

James was speechless. His anger quickly returned to lust as Olivia laid her head on his shoulder, sighed and began to moan. He was surprised to discover that he was still rock hard when Olivia took him in her soft hand.

Outside James could hear snickering and whispers of encouragement among the group outside as the mystery man pounded Olivia’s pussy, sending ripples across her ass flesh with every impact of his hips.

Olivia’s moaning began to intensify as she approached another orgasm but before she could peak the man behind her grunted loudly and pulled Olivia into him tightly.

“Oh baby he’s cumming inside of me.” She whimpered into James’s ear. “I can feel it.”

Suppressed cheering and a few high fives were heard from outside.

Before James could respond to Olivia’s confession her body began to jerk against his again.

“Another one.” She moaned. “There’s another one fucking me now!”

James gasped at the thrill of holding his wife lovingly in his arms while this unseen group of men took turns on his moaning wife like a pack of animals. He eventually thought to raise himself up on his knees and peek out of the mesh window at the top of the tent. Outside were six men surrounding Olivia. It was too dark to make out who was who but he could see that several were stripping down and others had their trunks around their ankles, stroking their cocks in anticipation of having their turn with her.

James directed his attention back to Olivia as she started to breathe heavily and yelled back to the man inside of her.

“Harder! Fuck me harder! I’m gonna cum!”

There is a painful twist deep in James’s gut when he realized that he’d lost count of how many orgasms she had experienced while he was yet to have one.

The guy pounded himself into Olivia harder and faster as James reached down to stimulate her cum soaked clit but quickly pulled his hand away when he felt the man’s balls bump his fingers.

“What are you doing?” Olivia gasped frantically.”Don’t stop! Keep playing with my clit, baby!”

James reached back down and relocated her slippery pearl and fingered her as the guy’s dripping wet ballsack swung into his fingers.

Olivia squeezed James tightly and cried out in orgasm. Her spasming pussy clamped down tightly on the cock drilling her and caused the guy to cum as well. His jackhammer rhythm broke into awkward, sporadic movements as he flooded her insides with his hot load which ran down her inner thigh after he pulled out.

Almost instantly another man slid easily into her and began pumping his cock into her cum glazed mess of a pussy. He fucked her with very quick, short strokes and seemed ready to blow his load in what had to be less than five minutes. Before he could orgasm Olivia rocked forward, disengaged from him and turned around, hungrily taking his cum coated member in her mouth. She slurped and sucked loudly as two other men inched their way into position to join. She did her best to divide her attention between the three of them, jerking two of them in her hands while sucking another. It wasn’t long before the men couldn’t wait their turn and began pushing themselves into her mouth istanbul travestileri two at a time.

James was delighted to finally have access to Olivia’s lower half and couldn’t believe what a mess his naughty wife was. The skin of her inner thighs glistened with wetness all the way down to her knees. Within every crease and fold of skin ran thick, white beads of cum. Initially he thought to wipe her down with a towel but suddenly had another idea as he was struck with a powerful desire triggered by the smell of Olivia’s lovers wafting up into his face. There was no one in the tent with them, no one to watch him do what he couldn’t resist in that moment. Olivia had forced him to do it earlier so he was sure she would be into it. He crouched down behind her and began licking her ass and running his hands up and down her sides.

A muffled, surprised whimper came out of Olivia when she felt James’s tongue swirling around her asshole followed by a long moan of approval. He looked up over her ass to enjoy the view of three men taking quick turns fucking her throat and also to ensure that he was out of sight. Deciding to take the plunge he moved his attention from Olivia’s ass down to her pussy and leaned back to admire it’s well used state before placing his open mouth over her pretty mound. With his tongue he explored the flavours and textures of her folds, scooping dollops of the thick cream into his mouth as Olivia gyrated her hips backward against James’s face.

Unable to resist the temptation to penetrate his wife and add to the number of loads she had already taken James knelt behind her and began pressing his cock head against her freshly cleaned slit. She reached behind to shoo him away from her entrance and sat back with two handfuls of cock, pulling her young lovers into the tent.

“Come on in here, boys. It’s getting chilly out there.”

The two young men crawled through the door, fully naked and ravenous for Olivia’s body. The first one in, Paul, embraced her head on, kissing her passionately and fondling her breasts. The second, Chris, knelt behind her, holding her waist and kissing up and down her neck. She cooed and sighed as she bathed in their lustful attention, still holding and gently stroking them.

James laid on his side resting his head on his hand and carefully jerked his cock as he watched these two men devour his wife. Olivia suddenly turned around and pushed Chris on his back, straddled his hips and impaled herself on him. Paul quickly maneuvered himself over to Olivia’s right side and offered his hard cock to her mouth which she eagerly opened wide for him to enter. Placing his hand on the back of her head he pushed it in and instantly began fucking her throat.

Outside the horny men waited eagerly for their chance to use Olivia and occasionally crouch down and peer from the darkness into the dimly lit tent to watch her ass bouncing on Chris’s lap. Finally Greg, fully naked and fully hard, decided to crawl in and make his way up to Olivia’s left side as James scooted back against the wall of the tent to allow more room for him to take his position. James’s view of Olivia’s top half was now obscured by Greg but he could see that she was alternating back and forth between him and Paul, jerking one while ambitiously working the other in her skilled mouth.

The entire time James watched he edged his cock, dangerously riding the line just short of ejaculation. He was still playing Olivia’s game which restricted him from cumming but also knew what the recovery period after orgasm would bring. Sharply reduced desire and interest in anything sex. He just wasn’t sure how he would react with lust removed from the mix of jealousy, frustration and angst that rushed through him.

Beneath Olivia Chris wrapped his arms tightly around her body and feverishly thrusted his cock upward into her, his wildly swinging balls smacking wetly into her ass. His raspy breathing became louder and more intense than everyone’s panting and moaning as he approached orgasm. James watched intently as Chris climaxed, gasping and groaning and releasing his load, flooding Olivia with his seed as she slowly rode him through his orgasm. Chris arched his back off of the floor and his shaft twitched and pulsated as it pumped Olivia’s pussy full of cum.

Seeing that Chris had just finished in Olivia, Greg left her mouth and relocated to kneel behind her. He kneaded and caressed her ass flesh before tapping his cock on her cheek. She looked back smiling and lifted herself off of Chris. His cock flopped down onto his belly and a large, pearly wad of cum dumped out of her gaping pussy and fell across his balls. Immediately Greg inserted himself into Olivia and pumped his cock in and out of her.

Paul had Olivia by the hair and continued to fuck her throat. His thin cock was clearly longer than James’s and he would occasionally push his full length down deep enough to cause her to gag, something that never happened when she deep throated her husband. Paul would pull his full length out, allow her body to lurch and then mercilessly plunge it back into her wide open mouth. James felt like he would have been concerned with Paul’s treatment of his wife if she wasn’t moaning and so enthusiastically playing with his balls the whole time.

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