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10 inches deepI met Darrell online. At the time, he was in a serious relationship and I was now living with V. I admit that I have commitment issues and get bored with routine. Which was becoming very evident with V. We would wake up every day and V would fuck me in the missionary position, legs up over his shoulders as he bore into me. We get cleaned up, grab a bite to eat then off to our classes. After our classes ended we went to our jobs, came back to the apartment to study. Then around 9pm we would give each other oral, rim, then clean up. Before falling asleep, V would take me from behind, I’d be on all fours or bent over a table until his cum filled my ass. Then we shower together, dry off and go to bed named. Often V would wake up hard and he’d have his way with me on my side or stomach. It was exciting for a while but it then I preferred sleep over being fucked. No offense to V but my ass hole was not as tight and the sensation of his cock inside me was diminishing.I started looking again online between my classes at the library. I had specifically began posting ads seeking very hung men. Darrell was one of just a few legitimate responses I got. He was looking for someone but didn’t just want a one time thing…More of a casual playmate. I had two strikes against me before he was willing to meet me. First, I had to lose just about 12 pounds. Darrell liked his partner to be no more than 135lbs. I had let myself go while with V and weighed too much for my slim 5’10” güvenilir bahis frame. Second, I had to split with V. This was a bit tricky since V paid for half the rent. I informed Darrell about V and the rent. Darrell asked that I tone down the sex before we meet. I started getting “headaches” to cool V off. It worked at first but after couple nights, V took me anyway. I was starving myself and my energy was zapped. I started sleeping in more and going to bed earlier. My motivation was Darrell.Darrell, was a black man,mid 30’s, 6’2″ tall, muscular athletic body, with the largest cock I had ever seen close up! It was this huge chocolate covered meat log, just an eighth over ten inches, thick circumference around five inches when erect. OK, I’m getting ahead too much. Darrell worked for a parcel service. He also was into drag. I had never met anyone that did that before. It blew me away when he sent me a picture of him in makeup and all dressed up. I barely recognized him. Darrell’s drag name was Victoria, when all done up he looked like Rupaul.He had been doing drag for over ten years and performed at gay club on weekends. The club was in the same town Darrell lived in. It was just over two hours east of where I lived. Darrell had invited me to come see him perform on a Saturday night. It was agreed that nothing more would happen except to sit and talk at the club after he performed. Even though we had agreed I had hoped that Darrell would change his mind. I picked out türkçe bahis my best blue button shirt and my tightest denim jeans. No underwear, white socks and my cleanest tennis shoes. I drove to the club. I got there just after 7pm. I knew Darrell wasn’t on until after 8. The club wasn’t very big, I got a seat off to the side at a small table next to the dance floor. It was exciting getting all the “fresh meat” stares from several guys. I was very underdressed. It wasn’t long before I got my first free drink from a much older man in his late 50’s. He was nice at first while we had small talk. He wasted little time putting a hand on my leg and rubbing it. I did like it but told him I was meeting someone. It didn’t phase his advances. His hand moved up to my crotch and he was able to get me stiff from his strong touch. I looked around to see if anyone was noticing what was going on….No one even seemed to. His hand moved up to my button and he quickly unfastened it. I stood up and turned away. I felt my cheeks go flush. I tried to be polite and reminded him I was meeting someone. He laughed and told me he didn’t care. I thought for a second about leaving. I sat back down. The club was really full and two more guys joined the table forcing the older man closer to me. His hand kept rubbing over my cock. I couldn’t stop getting erect. Soon the lights dimmed, guys were shouting and whistling as the spot light hit the curtain. It opened and three very believable women stepped güvenilir bahis siteleri out and started lip syncing. The guy’s hand had undone my pants. I scanned around and everyone was into the show. I just sat there. His hand reached in and I heard him laugh at my wearing no underwear. He pulled my cock and balls out. It did feel good, him fondling them and tugging on me. I decided to give in and let him use me as I enjoyed the show. The women on stage did look amazing and it was stimulating to be around all these guys going crazy shouting. I recognized Victoria and raised my hands up high…Trying to get her attention. The guy rubbing, was watching the show acting like he was doing nothing to me. Victoria made eye contact with me. She strutted around lip syncing and I thought she winked at me. It turned me on. Thoughts of Darrell as Victoria making me suck his cock only made me want to cum more. I got enough courage to slap the man’s hand, jump up from my chair and cover myself as I stuffed myself back into my jeans … Moving away from the table. The guy didn’t give up. He followed and I begged him to leave me alone. Instead he kept groping me from behind, reaching around cupping me or grabbing my ass. I was getting ticked off but still I liked it. It almost was fun trying to escape. A few more acts followed Victoria. I found myself giving into the relentless advances in the restroom. Where the guy gave me a very rough blow job. He confessed when I was cornered in a tiny stall he was impudent and just wanted to suck my cock. I let him and after that he left me alone. I returned for the final number with all the drag’s on stage. They pulled a few of the best looking guys on stage… I wasn’t one of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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