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10 Outrageous Things I have Done in Public

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10 Outrageous Things I have Done in Public1. Gave a Stranger a Hand-Job in a Bus ShelterI am sure every girl has dark secrets in her closet, I have an awful lot, because I am a girl who likes sex, and men’s cocks are a big turn-on, though sometimes I get myself into trouble, as some men can’t resist going somewhere else, more intimate and with a better feeling.I was having full intercourse when I was still in my early teens. My boyfriend was 18, five years older than me, but I was in love and would, well, did what he wanted, as most love struck girls did, and one of them was his fantasy of being watched as we fucked.We had gone to the cinema, and had a heavy petting session, which had left us both wanting sex.We took separate buses to our respective homes that night, and when we got to the bus shelter, there was a man waiting there also.We got into a clinch and he whispered into my ear he wanted to fuck, knowing my knickers were already off and in my handbag.The thought of doing it for the first time in front of the stranger, who was already watching us with a keen eye, was exciting, but the intense feeling in the pit of my stomach made me feel as if I was going to through up, so I settled for a quick hand-job, in such a manner, the stranger was in no doubt of what I was doing, and my boyfriends hands, made sure the stranger could see I was without underwear.’I’m cumming’, was all he whispered into my ear, as he pressed against my crotch and thighs and released his pent-up load. He made no secret of his ejaculating as he humped my hand, which was gripping him hard, his fantasy of having public sex of sorts, was realised, and my surprise at his intensity made me blind to the fact he was exposing me to the man in the bus shelter.No sooner had he cum, when his bus did also, and he jumped onto it, and shocked me by turning to the man who had been watching us and saying, ‘She is fucking hot, and loves cock’, waved and was gone, leaving me alone with the guy.I was left standing with a tumultuous amount of feelings swirling around my head, sexual arousal, anger, betrayal, fear, to mention but a few, and the feeling of my boyfriends semen running down my legs from my crotch.Naked was another more physical feeling, I knew the stranger had seen I was without my underwear, but that had excited me, I suppose you could say I was into the exhibitionism side of sex, but the stranger wasted no time in moving in on me, ‘Striking while the iron was hot’, as they say, but buca escort in an sympathetic way, allaying my fears of the ‘Big R word’, by speaking softly and sympathetically, ‘Are you alright’, he asked as he approached, holding out his handkerchief?My ‘Fright or Flight’, moment came and went, and I stood my ground, he knew my vulnerability, my feelings were weak as was my sexual state of mind, I was ungratified sexually, so easy prey for another potential cock, but angry and humiliated, with what my boyfriend said as he left on the bus.But as I said earlier, there were many things going through my emotionally racked body, sexual curiosity and need, as I reached up and took his hanky, which was white, and as I withdrew with his offering, the hanky was like a signal of surrender, a smile broke on my lips as I realized by accepting it, Its purpose was to wipe another man’s semen from my body, and in doing so, accepted him into my inner confidence by acknowledge, I had been fucking in public.’You’re Jonny and Pia’s daughter, Mariel, are you not’, he interjected softly?I nodded I was. His voice was soft and soothing, he spoke with dulcet overtones which made me feel sleepy, like a cat purring.’How’s you mum keeping these days’, he continued?’Fine’, I answered, still clutching the hanky and feeling the semen trail run inside my long boot.I found myself relaxed and more comfortable in his presence, but the element of curiosity was there, and the fact my cunt was wet and in an aroused physical state, made my sexual state of mind still hovering and awaiting gratification, as one emotion subsided, another was coming to the fore.’You don’t recognise me, do you’, he asked with a smile on his face? I concurred with his question.’I used to know your parents way back, before they married’, he said, as I stood facing him, wide eyed and unrepentant.’Was that your boyfriend’?’Ex, fucking boyfriend’, I replied, my old fighting spirit rising to the fore, and he laughed, ‘I can see his juices are running down your leg, perhaps use my hanky to wipe him off’.That comment brought me back to earth with a bump, as I looked down at my exposed leg, the street lamp reflecting off the semen trail from my warm cunt to inside my long boot.I could feel my face redden, but his sexual comment on something so intimate reminded me of what I was willingly doing in front of him just a short time ago.His relaxed demeanour put me at ease, and as if to comply with buca escort bayan his suggestion, I started cleaning my leg as he watched me, and as I wiped higher up my thigh, I had a warm feeling and wondered if I should give him another show, willingly show my cunt to him, the thought was exciting me.’You wont tell my mum or dad what you saw me doing’?He was watching me intently, there was a sexual tension building between us, I could see he was looking at my thigh as I wiped higher and my voice became thicker with sexual arousal.’Fuck no Mariel’, he replied, his own voice tinged with sexual tension, ‘a young beautiful girl having a fuck in a bus shelter, you must be joking’, and as he spoke my mind had gone blank, my skirt hem was high as I wiped my bare pubis, the light from the sole street lamp illuminating my tiny slit of a cunt, my finger trailing behind the hanky, was touching my bared labia and clitoris, to my own shock and horror in an instant, I was touching myself and inviting him closer, I was ready to fuck.’Here, let me’, suddenly he was dropping down in front of me as I held my short skirt high, my knees trembled and as his mouth closed in on my cunt I could feel his hot breath on my sensitive clitoris and labia.I groaned out loud, louder than my boyfriend did when he painted my sensitive flesh with his cum, my knees gave way and my thighs parted as his tongue licked the bald pubis, still devoid of pubic hair, and my tiny pearl poked her little head out to be licked, I gasped as my first of many orgasms swept through me, in a continuous wave-like fashion, ‘What are you doing to me’, I gasped, I had never experienced sex like this before.He rose from his knees, our mouths meeting on the way up, and suddenly I was French Kissing a man three times my age, that was when I felt his cock trying to push between my thighs, ‘Wait’, I screamed, he stopped pushing, and my hand encircled this monster, surely he was not going to try penetrate my tiny cunt, he would surely tear me apart, its size frightened me.’Play with it’, he whispered, and I did, jacking him off, my second cock in less than an hour, only this one belonged to a real man, not a boy.’Put it between your legs’, he proffered, the girth was such my fingers could not touch, and suddenly the thought of feeling his shaft crushing my crotch appealed, and I forced it in between my labia, and started moving as such, I had another, somehow different orgasm.I could escort buca feel his hands on my flanks as they traversed my nudity and soon my small tomboyish buttocks were in his experience hands, as he squeezed my bum cheeks and his fingers toyed with my anal opening.I bucked and heaved, gripping his shaft snugly between my thighs, as I rode him, the cold steel of the shelter pressing hard against my warm flesh, I was building as yet another orgasm when I felt myself open up, like the red sea parting, my tiny vaginal orifice was willingly opening up, my clitoris, my tiny pearl of pleasure was being drawn inside as his shaft penetrated and stretched my cunt like no cock had ever done, I was moving in a different direction, up and down, and my grunting was now a very vocal, ‘Fuck me, Fuck me’, and my subconscious body, timed both a clitoral and deep vaginal orgasm simultaneously, I passed out as sparks and flashes exploded behind my eyes.I awoke moments later, in his arms as he held me in tight. I stood in my bare feet as I had come out of my boots, my orgasmic screams still echoing in my ears, ‘What happened’, I asked still confused?’We just fucked each other’, he said quietly but with an air of triumphantness, I did not care, as it was the best I had ever experienced, and I felt in love all over again, this time the warn semen was coming from deep inside me, and running down to my bare feet standing on my discarded boots. ‘You better put them on’, he said, ‘your bus is coming’, and he was right, and I bent down and pulled them on, ignoring his semen, it had earned its journey inside me, rewarding me with pleasure, and painting my skin with it’s mark of ownership, ‘I need your number’, I said, showing my willingness to swap my lovers for the one who made me cum best.The bus stopped and I alighted onto it’s platform, ‘Say high to your mother from me’, he said as he stood back into the darkened recesses of the shelter where my bum wiped the cold steel, ‘Whom shall I say’, I asked, the diver waiting patiently for his answer, ‘Fabian’, he said, and as the door closed he repeated, ‘Fabian Roberts’, I smiled and waved as the bus moved off, ‘Your father’, asked the driver, as I showed my card.I walked inside the bus, slightly stunned, he bore my surname, Roberts, and as I finally settled into my seat, one and one made two, ‘Oh fuck what have I done’, ran through my head, but like organs competing for dominance within the same body, a twinge I felt in my cunt, sent another more perverse thought running through my head, suddenly having great sex with your father did not seem as bad, once the initial thought was displaced with one of lusting for more.Nexy Story to follow 2. Stripping off Nude in an Adult Porn Theatre and Masturbating

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