Mar 26

10 Years Later

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10 Years LaterThis happened to our family around 10 years ago. We had been living in a small, but cozy house. My dad was moving up the ladder where he worked. As that happened, he was sent out of town on many occasions for his job. My mom was a stay at home mom, doing the normal things as, cleaning cooking and taking care of my sister and me. I was 10 and my sister was 8 at the time.I guess at my age I was beginning to be a little curious about my body. I would look at the catalogs and searched for the women’s underwear section. Again, not knowing my body, I really didn’t know why I was getting a strange feeling, and my pee-pee was getting bigger. It scared me sometimes and I would put the catalog away and go play.Dad got a big promotion and I realized we were spending a lot more money on things that we normally could not get. Mom and Dad decided to put our house on the market and start looking for a bigger place. They ended up buying a nice 4 bedroom ranch house on 7 acres of property that was out in the country. We were all thrilled about.We all got settled in the new house and my sister and I would explore the woods around us. I remember finding a spot where maybe I could go later with my catalog.It wasn’t too long after things settled, that dad was called out of town for a business trip. Later that night, as I lay in bed, I heard some sounds coming from mom and dad’s bedroom. I didn’t realize what was happening. The next morning dad was saying his good-byes to all of us.So there we were, mom, sister, and me, fending for ourselves. We enjoyed it and I noticed mom was getting more comfortable around the house. That, I mean, was dressing in very light clothing, coming out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around her. I never thought of my mom in the catalog way, but, for some reason, I was curious and wondering what she would look like in the bras and panties from the catalog. My pee-pee started getting bigger again.Dad would be gone for 2 weeks. Things were normal. We were all sitting in the living room watching TV and it was starting to get late. My sister and I were getting tired and we were told by mom to go to bed and sleep. We did as we were told. Off to our separate bedrooms we went.I guess mom straightened the kitchen and soon I heard her go to her bedroom for the night. I closed my eyes and I was fast asleep.I was woken by some strange sounds coming from the living room. I heard mom mumbling something and I got up to see what was going on. I started down the hallway and stopped in my tracks. Here were two masked men holding my mom, with one holding his hand over her mouth so she couldn’t scream. I didn’t know what to do, so I yelled, “Leave her alone!”. The other masked man pointed to me and told me to get in there. The look on my mom’s face was horrifying.Mom was resisting but the man was too strong for her. The other man was holding me and telling me to keep quiet. The man holding mom was asking her if she was ready to do as they say. She finally said yes. The man told mom to sit on the couch while the man with me sat türbanlı gaziantep escort me down in an opposite chair so mom and I were facing each other.The man started telling my mom that she was a rich bitch and needed to be brought down a notch or two. The men started thinking of what they could do.Mom must have been tired as she was still dressed in her tee shirt and shorts. I was in my pajamas.The man told my mom to stand up. She did. “Now, I want you to take off your tee shirt”. Mom started to object but the man near me grabbed my arm. Mom looked at me and I could see tears forming in her eyes. Mom said she would do as she was told as along as they didn’t hurt me. Mom looked at me again and mouthed, “I am sorry”. She looked at the man and started to lift her tee shirt over her head. Mom was now showing her bra. “Now the shorts”. She slowly lowered her shorts and was soon in bra and panties.The man said that as long as she obeys, things would be fine. Mom just shook her head yes. “Let’s see those titties of yours”. Mom was shocked that he would ask that. The man pulled me tighter to him. Mom looked at me again, turned around, and un-hooked her bra. Turning, she held on to it covering as much as she could. “Drop it”, the man said. Mom closed her eyes and let her bra fall to the floor. That was the first time I had seen my mom without a top on and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. “There, you happy now? Will you just leave?”, mom said. The man said he wasn’t finished yet and she would do as she was told.The man made her walk some around the room so they could see her tits jiggle. I was fascinated by them watching them jiggle. The man then told mom to get out of her panties. “But this is my son there”, she said. “We know, let’s let him watch”. “No”, she said. The man holding me stood me up and faced me to mom. “Do it now!”, he said. This time mom said out load that she was sorry, as a few more tears ran down her cheeks. Mom stood in front of me and put her thumbs in the side waste band and slowly removed her panties. She placed her hands over her privates while staring at me.”Very good”, the man said. “Now walk over to the fire place with your arms by your side”. Mom turned and walked to the fire place as told. “Now, turn around so your son can see you”. Mom slowly turned to face me. “Walk over and stand in front of him”. She did as she was told. My eyes were staring at her private parts.”Looks like your son likes what he sees!”, while pointing to my privates that were definitely poking at my pajamas. I didn’t even realize that was happening. :Maybe you need to help and release his poker to set it free. “NO!”, mom said. “You want us to do it for you then”? “Don’t touch him”! “Then you need to do it”. Mom looked at the man and shook her head. “When you do it, get on your knees in front of him as you pull those pajamas down”. Mom slowly lowered herself to her knees. With tears flowing now down her cheeks, she put a hand on both sides of my pajamas. She inserted her thumbs and türbanlı gaziantep escort bayan proceeded to slide my pajamas down to my ankles. There I was, naked from the waist down and my mom was inches away from my privates. I couldn’t help it, but the men said “Look at the hard-on your son has for you”. That was the first time I heard it being called that.”There, I did as I was told, now please leave”, mom said. “Not yet, just a few more things for you to do”. Mom was sure afraid they wanted her to do something to them in front of me. Mom said, “Now what”? “Why don’t you touch your son’s hard-on and let’s see what he does”. Mom was now very scared, especially if she didn’t do as she was told. Mom looked at my hard-on, lifted a hand and held it. I froze, but it did feel good as it twitched in her hand.”Very good lady, now just one more thing for you to do”. “What’s that”? I want you to lay down in front of your son, spread your legs and play and finger yourself in front of him”. “I can’t do that. Please, don’t make me!”, mom pleaded. The man just said “Do it”! Mom released my hard-on, got on the floor in front of me. She then proceeded to open her legs as I watched her privates. She put her hand on it and started rubbing and moving back and forth. She then took her finger and found an opening and put her finger in her privates. I looked at my privates and saw some clear drop forming on the end of it. Mom had placed her finger in her private area, then stopped and said, “There, now please leave now”. The men laughed, and the man holding me let go. I walked with my pajamas around my ankles to my mom. Mom sat up. The men said for the show and soon they were gone. Mom sprang up and looked out the window to make sure they had left. She started crying now and came over to me telling me over and over how sorry she was that this happened. I cried some also, not knowing what had happened. Mom slid her shorts back on, then her bra. I pulled my pajamas up, but I was still poking them big time.Mom told me to sit down next to her as we needed to talk about what happened. I sat next to her. She told me that this must never be told to anyone, even my father. She was not going to tell anyone either. I asked her about why I was poking in my pajamas. She told me it was natural for a boy to do that as he grows older. I told her I was scared of why it was getting big. She explained that to help with it going down, I needed to massage it until I release what’s inside. I didn’t know what she meant, so she hand motioned how to do it. Then she told me to go to my bedroom and try to get it to release.I went to my bedroom and started to do the motion that mom explained. Soon, I was enjoying it as it felt very good. I felt something building in my pee hole, but continued to do the motion mom said to do. I was standing up, and soon, I couldn’t stop. My body was shaking and I started to feel the release mom was talking about. My pee pee shot spurts of white stuff all over. Wow, it felt so good! I türbanlı escort gaziantep finished the motion that mom said, saw that it was no longer poking. I got my pajamas back on and went to mom’s bedroom. I knocked on the door and mom told me to come on in. I told that I did as she motioned me to and that I made a mess. I saw a small smile from mom and she told me I was starting to become a man. We made a vow, never to tell anyone what had happened that night. Mom kissed me on the cheek and told me to go to bed.I slept good and nothing was said the next morning.10 years later, dad had left, and I was now 19. I asked mom if she had ever told anyone and she said no. I asked her, “Now that I am older, can I watch you again”? She had a shocked looked on her face. She didn’t know what to say.Later that night as we were watching TV and my sister was in bed, mom hit the mute button on the TV. “You know, what happened years ago was very wrong. I am surprised that you would want to see your mother play for you. I got to thinking about it, and thought maybe you should watch just to get it out of your system”. Mom was in her nightie, but an old mom’s nightie. She slowly pulled it over her head, and there she was, naked in front of me. My dick was getting hard again. She saw that, got on her knees in front of me, thumbs on the side of my shorts, and pulled them down. Her face inches away from my dick.This time she held my dick and gave it a few strokes and smiled. She then got on her back on the floor in front of me and proceeded to let her hands roam over her body. “Do you like it now that you are older”? I said that I loved it! Mom spread her legs and her hairy pussy was mine to see. She then spread her pussy lips, licked her finger, and stuck it in her pussy. “Go ahead and play with yourself”, mom said. I started stroking my dick and playing with my balls, which I love to do. Mom said, “That’s it son, play for your mom. Let’s both masturbate until we cum”. “I would like that a lot”, I said. Mom played with her tits, fingered her pussy and also played with her ass. I was rubbing my dick and balls. Mom even played with her asshole. I saw that and thought maybe I should try that. My hand reached my ass and I tickled it. I felt awesome! I found my hole and started to try to insert my finger. Mom stopped me and said, “You need to put some spit on your finger to make it easier”. All the while spitting on her finger and putting it in her asshole. I spit on my finger, and mom was right, it was easier. So, one hand was stroking and the other had a finger up my ass, and I was watching mom. She started moaning and moving around as she fingered and played with herself. She was getting close to cumming, and I was also.The build up was unbelievable in me. Watching mom and making myself feel good. I asked mom, Where should I cum?” She spread her pussy lips and told me to cum on her pussy. She was exploding by now with her orgasm and I knelt down between her legs and shot huge spurts of cum onto her pussy. It seemed like it wouldn’t stop. We both were exhausted, and got up. Mom smiled at me, “I guess you really liked that?” “It was the best and most intense I have ever had”, I said. “Me too son! Maybe we can do it again some other time”. Her smile brought a big smile to my face. “I’d like that!” I soon was off to college and nothing was ever said about what happened, but the memories will be good jack-off material for years to come.

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