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16 loads pt 4

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16 loads pt 4quick recap im one of the 4 sluts for a gang of black guys called the outlaws basically we are at the beck and call 24/7 for these guys and they totally use and abuse all our holes daily and we love it all our husbands are our cuckolds and they love it tooso just the girls are in ginas kitchen dressed like sluts pussys full of cum as we have just been fuxxed for 4 hours solid by 100 guys in ginas front garden each of us has had 20 loads each up our pussys and had it all held in place by a couple of pairs of pantyhose knickers that they make us wear mine were already soaked right through as were the girls waiting for our boys to come over to clean us up ginas husband is disabled so she is standing one leg on a chair the other on the floor whilst her husband philip in his wheelchair lapps away at her pussy through her panties cleaning her up ignoring him gina says look girls we need 2 more girls as we have over 600 guys to look after now and talking to a lot of the guys they want to get some older more mature pussy to fuck so any ideas thinking 45 ish year olds who we can train but good looking and fit, shelley immediately says what about my mum and yours to me ,shelly is my cousin our 2 mums are sisters they are both banging hot my mum is 48 shellys is 45 both died blond great bodies ,hows that going to work i said my family disowned us and yours the same ,worth a try said shelly ,gina said give it a go girls and we hatched aplan together which i quite liked .next day i visited my mum and shelly hers not sure what sort of reception we would recieve we timed it so that our fathers were at work i knocked on my mums door she took one look at me and slammed the door in my face your not welcome here the disgrace youve caused us she said, look mum i just need to talk after a few minutes she opened the door i went in id conservatively dressed pantyhose white see through white high heels body stocking top 4 inch belt saying black cock slut ,look at you she said i cant believe you do this ,look mum lets have a cup of tea and chat,i said to her mum ive never been happier i get fuxxed every day i have 100s of orgasms a week im so happy when was the last time you had an orgasm ,im not answering that she said your husband and i have a good sex life ,liar i said ,what do you mean she replied, well i remember about 10 years ago and i came home from college earlier than expected and i saw you laid on the sette knickers to one side shoving half a cucumber up your pussy then the other half up your arse then you shoved both halves up your pussy girl your pussy gobbled up those 2 cucumbers and there was room for more so dont tell me you did that cos your sex life was great ,my mum went all red that was a one off she said ,liar i said i know you have sex toys and at least 2 giant dildos and judging by the size of your pussy you probably use both of them a lot , i expalined what we were looking for and she down right refused then i got a phone call from shelly who told me her mother was turned and something i needed to do,has dad got a computer he uses i said to mum ,yes why ,do you know his password i think so its the day we got married i think ok show me we went to the office managed to log on to the computer then got his internet history up , JACKPOTclicked the xhamster button opened up logged into his account straight away as all user name and password stored look at this mum dad surfs porn and by the looks of it every night lets see what he likes i clicked on favourite videos and everyone of them was of white girls woman getting fuxxed by black guys and cuckolded and every story was the same i clicked on a few and watched bits and then said to mum ok mum now you see you need to get fucked more than you are and dad is just waiting for this to happen after some time i think i turned her so i gave her some instructions ,she was to shave her pussy wear some see through black pantyhose a tight fitting dress and she was going to go out with sheellys mum lauren and her dad joe for a meal to a place i selected my mum is meg and my dad is martin and a few other instructions she looked excited i booked her up a colonic for the same day so her arse would be clean as well she looked quite excited,the day of the meal cam round and me and shelly were going to be present but hid behind a two way screen so not to be seen this was an innocent meal between 2 sisters and there husbands ,our mums walked in they looked banging my mum was dressed just like i asked and shellys mum was the same you could see what stunning bodies they had my mum was an 8.5 shellys a 9.5 they sat down with our fathers and ordered some wine from the black waiter noone seemed to notice that all the staff were black and also there were about 4 groups of 4 black guys all sitting together eating 5 minutes later gina walks through the door followed by about 50 black guys straight up to their table ,what have we here all looks a bit cozy my mum said leave us alone and shelelys mum says please we are just having a meal our fathers get up and say lets leave they were both shoved back down ,dont think so says gina you got to earn the right to leave my mum güvenilir bahis says we will do anything please dont hurt us good acting i thought then my dad says yeah how much money do you want its not about money white boy its about pussy and from what i see these 2 pieces of arse are far 2 good for you what do you say my dad said nothing ,my mum said stand up for us martin you too joe says lauren shellys mum the dads said nothing they were too scared ,typical says one of the outlaws no courage typical white men so guess you 2 ladies are going to have to earn your freedom the hard way ,with that gina told my dad and shellys to get there clothes off they tried to resist but got slapped a little and then did what they said they both had hard ons when they were naked all this was planned lauren said to joe look your enjoying this like its what you want you too martin look your dick is hard i cant believe it your going to watch all these guys fuck us and your going to enjoy it both their cocks went even harder at that ,ok guys get these girls ready said gina with that both my mum and lauren had there dresses ripped away lauren was in black crotchless body stocking with see through pantyhose knickers given to her by shelly and my mum white pantyhose see through and basque both mums were picked up and walked over to our dads and both of their legs spread wide guys kiss your wives pussy good bye youll never see it lookin g like that again youve shaved your pussy my dad said so what said my mum i did it for you but you couldnt stand up for me now im going to be destroyed and its all your fault my dads cock went even harder look your enjoying this i may as well try to enjoy it too the plan was perfect our 2 mums had convinced our dads that this was their fault ok girls one of you pick a number from 500 to 1000 said gina lauren said 850 i had no idea what gina was talking about are you happy with 850 as well said gina to my mum and my mum said why not she had no clue so your both saying your alright with the number 850 yes they replied ok says gina then 850 it is each of you is gonna have 850 inches of black cock in your holes tonight my mum and lauren looked shocked thats like 85 ten inch cocks my mum said gina said more like 60 as we have some 12 and 14 and 15 inch cocks in the gang good selection lets get started gina made some phone calls as there were only about 70 guys there i looked at shelly and said fuxxthis is going to be messed up shelly giggled and said gina is totally fucked in the head my mum and yours are going to get gangbanged by 60 cocks each ,well the action started my mum had the crotch ripped from her pantyhose her pussy almost fell out dripping wet lauren had her knickers hsoved to one side they were dripping as well there were 70 naked black guys standing in a line in minutes still being carried ok guys each of you is going to measure your cocks and shout out the inches to me they all started measuring there cocks there were 25 11 inches 30 x 12 10 x 14 and 5 x 15 all adding up to 850 inches very strange i said ok guys these girls need 850 inches so one by one we going to carry them from each of you get every inch up them as we dont want to let the ladies down with that martin was told to get one of my mums legs whilst the other was being held by one of the black waiters and joe was told to grab laurens mums leg likewise then they carried the girls over to the line 35 on each side ok girls shelly picked up 2 dice and rolled them double six landed on the table ok then so each of you will be raised and dropped 12 times on each cock all the way off all the way on up and down both lines ok guys go my dad and shellys cocks were stiff as you like as they aproached the first cocks and thats when my mum was dropped onto her firs black cock i couldnt see her face but she yelped with joy same as aunt lauren but i could see her face 1 said gina and they were lifted off my dad had shot his load already gina siad looks like your husband likes this and he is still hard 2 said gina and once more they were dropped on the same cocks this continued until 12 i was a bit obscured in my view but was horny as hell on to the next cock and same thing by this time my uncle had cum too and still was hard this went on until the end of the line and then the girls swapped over by this time me and shelly were now standing by our dads side watching them guiding there respective wives pussys up and down each of the cocks 12 times having a good time dad i said how about you mum mum just groaned i looked down at her pussy being stretched out by each of the cocks absolutely drenched shellys mum was in heaven too 20 minutes later it was over part one but gina wasnt finished ok guys now i wanna see these girls double fucked so both the lines were the same this time my mum started at one end and lauren the other and the girls were now standing this time the number one in the line picked my mum up like wise lauren at the other end and placed his cock in there pussys and thenthe guy from the other side came up behind and slipped his cock up both of their arses this again was repeated 12 times until both girls had been dpped türkçe bahis by everyone the girls were then placed on a sofa each and instructed to keep there legs apart and the 2 dads were told to kneel in front of the girls and apologise to there pussys and arses and that it was there faults and they would do anything to ease the pain my mum and aunts pussys were a mess all pussy juice and misshapen ok sluts you need to clean up your men so staying where they were each of the 70 guys standing over their faces on the sofa all had their cocks cleaned by my mum and aunt each one in and out of there mouths 12 times all the time with their husbands looking at their spread legs over and over repeating how sorry they are for being such wimpsthen when that was done the girls were then turned around each on their individual sofas so that there arses now were on the back of the seat and their faces just hanging off the edge of the seat then the girls were instructed to lick the arses of each of the guys and stick their toungue up each of there arses 12 times repeatedly being told what white sluts they were and keep tounge fucking my nigger arse this wa serious hard core once again gina has excelled her self and by the looks of the mums they were as happy as helland the dads had come each 3 times and still were hard ok gina said and grabbed our dads and threw them my dad 3 pairs of transparent pantyhose knickers and joe 2 as my aunt still had a pair on saturated by pussy juice get used to these she said these are your best friends from now on the girls were relieved of their positions and then both moved to reclining chairs where they were reclined so their legs were apart but their heads were comfortable either if anything there pussys and arses slightly higher than the heads there was one in front of the other but they were both facing the same way ok girls this is whats next your each going to suck eat arse wank whatever you want to do as thefirst 35 guys are yours lauren your gonna produce 35 loads for meg and then megs going to return the compliment ,my dad said how does she know your names ,shut up my mum shouted this is your fault you wimps just get on with it ,so lauren had a guy straddle her face and with her toungue she licked arse sucked cock for all she was worth and then the guy shuffled forward and finished himself off shooting cum all over my mums juiced up bald snatch then the guy after he was finished dipped his cock in my mums mouth to be cleaned off next up the same each one getting his arse tounged cock sucked and wanked saturating my mums pussy with cum after about 12 guys had shot their loads my dad was then ordered to place a pair of the knickers over my mums ankles and instructed to cover her pussy making sure not to lose a drop of cum outside the panties this was difficult 12 loads from these black guys is like a bowl of watered down porridge but he did a good job smearing quite a lot of the cum into my mums gaping hole then they continued another 12 guys all came this time over the crothch of the already soaked panties same thing dad placed the panties over her ankles and scooped what he could that was dripping down her legs back into the panties then the last 11 guys did the same and dad once more scooped all the cum from imagine 3 bowls of watered down porridge saturated down my mums pussy and 3 pairs of panties he was instructed to lick off the residue from his hands which he did reluctantly i think then the chairs were flipped round and my mum who was almost delirious by this time was the arse licking cock sucking wanker of black cock and my aunt was the recipient of 35 loads of cum over her pussy and over the crotch of 2 pairs of panties covered by a 3rd pair while she sucked the drips off the cocks that had cum the mess and the smell coming from our mums pussys was intense what next the mums were just lying there for 10 minutes gina saying get your strength up girls your going to need it my mum and aunt were in heaven they were absolutely done in lying there legs apart my mum put here hands on her panties got a handful of cum and raised it to her mouth but gina told her no thats not for you slut next thing that happens is 2 x 20 inch black didldos that must have been 8 inches thick were bought in with suction pads on them and stuck to the tiled floor about 12 foot apart ok girls so far so good so now we are going to see how apologetic your 2 wimps of husbands are so without touching these dildos with your hands and with all 3 of those pairs of panties on your going to squat over the dildos and get as much cum out of you on the dildos and your husband is going to clean the dildo with his toungue the winners are the ones who drip the least on the floor and the winners will be rewarded so off you go with that the girls were carried from their recliners and the guys were made to kneel by the dildos and then thegirls were placed upright with their sodden crotches filled with cum directly over the dildo i was concentrating on my mum and within seconds the knob part of the didldo which must have been 9 inches thick was covered in globs of cum martin get to work my mum said i need to güvenilir bahis siteleri win my aunt was saying similar too my dad started licking up and down the knob my mums pussy hadnt even touched it yet as there was globs just dripping from her panties when that had started to slow down she bounced her pussy up and down a few times on the dildo squeezing more cum out of her panties meshy like material dad was awesome he kept up the pace it was like team work she bounced up and down 2 or 3 times and he just worked his toungues in and around up and down the knob cleaning up the cum so far not a drop had hit the floor likewise i looked up and my uncle was the same then i noticed my mum was not so much bouncing up and down on this giant didldo but was now trying to force herself onto it her the crotch of the 3 pairs of panties were almost nowhere to be seen now as they seemed to be disappearing up her slimey hole next time she stood up it looked like around 2 inches of that dildo was burying itself into her pussy fuxxing mum you can actually fit that knob inside your pussy thats awesome imagine if you could get more in my mum was sweating and moaning like crazy and said but if i get any more up me your dad will not be able to stop all this cum from dripping on the floor but i do love how it feels stretching me like this fuxx that i said if i had a pussy like yours that could take a thick cock like that i wouldnt want to win my dad said im with tracy darling just enjoy yourself ill do the best i can then my aunt heard all this said fuck it me too to joe i would rather my pussy be stretched than win what about you then gina said ok girls new rules then whoever gets the most cock up their pussys wins hows that but you cant take the knickers off and the hus bands still need to clean the cum fuxx yeah my mum and aunt said ok all stand back said gina you may need some help so she got 4 of the waiters who hadnt been involved so far to come opver each taking one of my mums and aunts arms for steadying hen they helped them to start squatting over the didldo my mum was way ahead she had already got about 2 inches in her puss but my aunt was struggling a bit my mum was taking it slow each squat she was taking a little more in after about 3 mins shed got about 4 inches in my aunt about an inch my mum was slaughtering her my mum then asked for something to stand on so she could take her squat deeper 2 1 foot crates were brought over with her six inch heels she was towering over the dildo she took a practice squat and then widened out the boxes a bit i want to get it all in she says no way i said lets see she said to whistles she hovered over the dildo the extra height and how open her legs were made a difference she plunged her pussy down 5 inches then 6 inches remember this thing is 8 inches wide 9 at the top her pussy was a mess cum dripping from the side down the dildo dad lapping it up dont lick any more she said i need the lube ok he said gina then said out loud you heard her boys she needs more lube anyone want to help out all of a sudden around 30 guys all leapt up and started jerking there cocks i helped and so did gina my aunt had admitted defeat with only 2 inches up her so she was now sucking cock too and encouraging her sister he guys all jerked off into a jug while my mum steadied herself firstly i poured a little over the knob but it just slipped down then gina had an idea she grabbed hold of the didldo with both hands about 8 inches down and said to me pour and then put your hands under mine and then repeat what i do so i poured a 1/3 of the jug over the knob gina says to my mum ok ill smear the knob then you start fuxxing then tracy will scoop up the residue and do the same well keep doing this so the knob is nice and lubed always ok so thats what we did we kept the knob lubed while my mum impaled herself on this 20 inch dildo 7 inches 8 inches we used all the cum another 30 guys jacked off we went again 9 inches 9.5 inches its these knickers stopping me getting it all in she said ok gina said removing her hands from the didldo my mums pussy buried to the hilt ok move up slowly as she did gina tucked a finger under both ends of her panties gently tugging the panties down from her pussy eventually my mum came off this pole and her knickers were out they were equally stretched and ruined gina pulled them 2 one side and then said ok slut do your thing we relubed the knob and my mum went to work 10.5 inches 11 inches 12 inches 13.5 inches fuxxx it wasnt the length shed already fuxxed 15 inch cocks today it was the girth me and gina had cum dripping from our hands mum give up you wont get it all in no she said and she kept going well she bottomed out at about 15.5 inches to rounds of applause from all the outlaws when she got off tyhe dildo her pussy was ruined it was nearly turned inside out she was helped down from the boxes layed back on the couch her gaping slot just hanging there she was smiling from head to toe fuxx 3 days ago my mum was normal now she had just raised the bar on the rest of us my dad was kissing her she pushed him away and said still acting this is your fault look at me get down there and sooth my pussy dad immediatly started working his way around her pussy cleaning her up tenderly kissing her gina came up to me and said well done tracy your mums perfect nice work please send messages if you like these stories

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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