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192 Avis and jerry go visit carol

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192 Avis and jerry go visit carol192 Avis and jerry go visit carolWhen visiting down south with my black lover Jerry, I decided to call my friend Carol and ask if we could stay with her for a while. “Carol, this is Avis” I said as she answered the phone. “I was wondering if Jerry and I could stay with you for a while” I added. After a brief pause, “I am kind of busy Avis” she replied. “I’d do anything you wanted” I answered back. Another pause, “Anything?” she said. “Anything “I replied, knowing Carol would jump at the chance to have her way with me. It took her another minute or so to reply, “Okay” she finally said. “I want you to be my whore slave”, then added, “And I want Jerry to be my lover”. “Agreed” I said. “Come over dressed as a whore” she told me and after hanging up, I told Jerry what was said and he agreed to go along. I put on a sheer black lace top, no bra underneath so that my tits would show, a long flowing see through skirt which showed my black panties and garter belt holding up my black stockings and a pair of 6”, ankle strap stiletto heels. Arriving at Carol’s, she answered the door and looking me over, ushered me and Jerry into her home. Seeing Jerry she moved up to him and kissed him hard and long on his lips. When she stopped, “I hope you have a nice big cock for me” she whispered to him, then pulled back, moved over to me, grabbed my hair and pulled me towards her, “Kiss me whore” she demanded and to her lips I went, kissing her as passionately as I could. When she pulled back, she again looked me over, “Nice outfit” she said as she reached over and cupped one of my tits. Squeezing it hard, “You going to do as I say whore?” she asked. “Yes” I replied and letting go of my tit, she slapped my face hard several times sending me off balance a bit. “What did you say whore?” she demanded. “Yes mistress” I started, “Your whore will do as you say” I added. “Fuckin’ nice” I heard Jerry say. We all went into the living room, Jerry taking the lounge chair while Carol and I moved to the sofa. Carol was dressed in a long housecoat which she removed before sitting down revealing a black, low cut lace bustier with straps holding up her black stockings, no panties and I now noticed her 6” black high heels with pointed toe. Sitting down, “So” she began, “You want to see your whore in action?” she said to Jerry. “Fuck yeah” he replied and with that Carol leaned over to me, grabbed my hair again, pulled me to her lips again and we kissed some more. Her lips were so soft, her tongue explored my open mouth, the way she sucked on my tongue, all the while my hands caressed her back, arms and head as I melted with sheer delight at the touch of her. I began to moan a bit, starting to lose myself in her, so thoroughly engrossed in her kisses that I didn’t feel her hand let go of my hair until I felt her again cup my tits and begin to caress and softly squeeze them. Suddenly she backed off, rose p off the sofa, reached down and grabbed my hair and pulled me up, “Follow me” she said to Jerry and into her bedroom we went, Carol pulling me along by my hair. Jerry sat down on her chair while Carol pulled up to her, slapped my face hard several times, “Suck my tits whore” she ordered and my hands went to the straps of her bustier and I pulled them off her shoulders, letting her bustier fall. Moving in I began to lick her tits, moving my tongue around her nipples, gently biting on them before taking a tit in my mouth and sucking on it like a baby. “Take your cock out” I heard her tell Jerry. “I want to see that fuckin’ black cock” and although I couldn’t see, I knew Jerry was taking his cock out and would be stroking it from that point on. Looking down at me sucking her tits, “You like sucking on tits don’t you whore?” she asked. Stopping for a second, “Yes mistress, I love sucking on tits” I replied. Several more slaps to my face followed, “You like what you fuckin’ whore?” she demanded. “I love being a fuckin’ whore for tits mistress” I answered. Grabbing my tits, she squeezed as hard as she could then twisted the skin sending waves of pain shooting kilis escort through me. “You like that don’t you whore?” she asked. Still reeling in pain at her twisting and pulling my tits, “Yes mistress” I started, “Your fuckin’ whore loves to have her tits tortured”. Then added; “I love the pain”. Letting go of my tits, “Take your top off” she ordered and off it came in a flash. She now started to slap my tits hard, sending them side to side, and then slapping down hard on them sending waves more of pain through me. “Tell me what you like you fuckin’ piece of shit whore”. Despite the beating my tits were taking, “I love you beating my worthless shitty tits mistress” I cried out and harder came the blows to my tits. A quick look over at Jerry, “You like watching your whore’s tits beaten?” she asked Jerry. “OH fuck yeah man” he replied, “Beat her fuckin’ tits” he then added and I knew he was thoroughly turned on as he watched Carol slap at my tits more. She soon stopped, my tits so sore and somewhat bruised, grabbed my hair and turned me around, forced me onto my knees and then sat on the edge of the bed with me facing her. Spreading her legs apart revealing her shaved cunt, “Beg for my cunt you filthy whore” she demanded. Looking at her beautiful cunt inches away from me I couldn’t wait to bury my mouth on it and my tongue deep into her cunt, to lick and suck her cunt when I replied, “Please mistress” I began, “Your fuckin’ whore wants to suck on you cunt”. Slapping my face hard again, “More you fuckin’ shit” she demanded. “Please, please mistress” I tried again, “Your dirty fuckin shit whore wants to suck on you cunt”. “I want to taste your fuckin’ juices in my mouth” I added and I saw her smile a bit. Looking again at Jerry Carol asked, “You like your lesbian whore?” “Oh fuck yeah baby” he replied and I knew Carol had gotten him really turned on to me being a whore for another woman. Pulling me forward, Carol guided me into her cunt. “Suck it you fuckin’ piece of shit” she said and wanting so desperately to taste her cunt, to relish in her juices, I dove into her cunt and began to furiously lick, bite her cunt lips, suck on her clit and thoroughly ravish her beautiful cunt. While I lost myself in her womanhood, “Come over here lover” Carol said to Jerry, who now got up, his stiff cock shooting straight out and over he came, sat next to Carol, leaned in and the two began to kiss. I was so engrossed in her cunt I didn’t care about anything else; the softness of her cunt, the taste of her womanhood, the sensation as her juices flowed into my mouth and down my throat I was so in heaven that I didn’t notice Carol take hold of Jerry’s cock and begin to stroke it as they kissed more passionately. “Oh what a fuckin’ cock” I managed to hear her say and I knew she would have that beautiful cock in her mouth and cunt before long. How long all this lasted I couldn’t tell, but I did feel Jerry move up on the bed and sneaking a look up, saw Carol take hold of his cock and into her mouth it went. I stopped and watched as she now began to suck his cock hard and fast, taking him deep within her mouth and throat, ravishing his cock as he placed his hands behind her head and began to fuck her mouth hard. There was my black lover fucking my lesbian lover’s mouth as well as he fucked mine so often. Carol could hardly breath as he rammed his cock deep into her mouth. I watched as she gagged from the pounding before she backed off enough to catch her breath. “OH FUCK ME” she yelled as Jerry backed off more, “FUCK MY CUNT” she then yelled and with that I moved back as Carol laid down on the bed and Jerry took hold of her legs, pulled them apart, moved in and rammed his stiff cock deep into her wet cunt. I watched as he fucked her hard and after a while he moved her legs up on his shoulders, spread open his legs a bit more and lifting her up a bit, began to fuck her hard again. Looking over at me, “Suck my balls you fuckin’ piece of shit” he ordered me. With that I moved up behind him, laid on my back and inched up under his balls kırıkkale escort and began to lick and suck at his balls and cock while he continued to fuck Carol. My mind was reeling. There was Carol, lesbian through and through, being fucked by a man, my man, my black lover and thoroughly enjoying it and here was I, my face up next to his cock and her cunt watching as his cock slid back and forth in her cunt, tasting her juices on his cock and all I could feel was ecstasy. I never dreamed Carol still like a man`s cock, but since I was bi, then why not she. I could lay there for as long as I could watching my black cock fuck a white cunt, knowing my black lover was enjoying himself while his whore watched. Jerry fucked Carol as hard and as fast as he could, sending her into a raptured state of bliss with her moaning loudly, crying out “Fuck me”, “Fuck me hard” as he did. After a few more minutes of watching Jerry fuck her cunt, I moved out from under Jerry as he began to slow down and soon stopped. Carol was so high on emotions she barely noticed. Jerry looked down at me, “You like watching me fuck another cunt whore?” he asked. “Oh fuck yes love” I started. “I love watching your cock in another cunt”. Moving in front of me Jerry caressed my cheeks softly “You love me?”. Looking at him, “Yes baby, I love you”. A couple of slaps to my face followed. “You love me?” he asked again followed by two more slaps to my face. “Oh yes darling” I began, “I love you so much”. Caressing my cheeks again, he followed with several more hard slaps to my face, “You love being a whore?” he now asked. “Yes my love, I love being your whore”. Then I saw a faint smile on his face, “Then you won’t mind what Carol and I will do to you, will you?” he asked. “No love” I began, “Do what you both want to me”. He now slapped at my tits really hard as I felt the pain once again shoot through me, but this time I started to enjoy it. Again he caressed my cheeks, slapped my face hard again then suddenly punched at my tits, sending new waves of searing pain through my body. I reeled back a bit, gasping with each blow to my tits until he took hold of my hair, pulled me up to his cock, “Suck it you fuckin’ piece of shit whore” as he drove his cock into my mouth. I nearly gagged as he fucked my mouth roughly, but I didn’t care, my man’s black cock was in my mouth again. After a few minutes of rough mouth fucking and slapping my face he stopped, took his cock out, “What do you like shit whore?” he asked. Looking lovingly up at him, “I love being your piece of shit whore” I replied. Again, he began to slap and pinch at my tits as he pulled my head back, slapping then sideways then down and up, hitting the nipples hard, sending waves of pain into my body that I now relished. “You like that whore?” he asked now. “Yes, yes” I cried, “I love you beating my worthless tits”. By now Carol had recovered from her fucking and rose up off the bed, watched Jerry beating my tits, moved up closer to him and putting her arms around him whispered, “Let me have her too”. Jerry stopped and looked at her for a second then back down at me still on my knees, “lay down on your side” he ordered me and down I laid. “She’s all yours” he told Carol and with that Carol moved in in front of me and taking careful aim, kicked at my tit with her pointed toe shoe. The kick sent even more pain through me as she now began to kick my tit again and again causing me to cry out in agony and move slightly more towards my back giving her the chance to kick my other tit as well. I tried to cover up, but Jerry had moved behind me and now held my arms back as Carol resumed her kicking. “You like that bitch?” I barely heard carol say, “You like me kicking your fuckin’ tits?’. I tried to answer, but barely came out with “Yes, yes”. Carol stopped and looking at Jerry, “I’ve always wanted to do that to Avis” she said, “Kicking the fuckin’ bitch in her tits”. Reaching down she grabbed my hair and pulled me back on my side as Jerry still held my arms. Turning slightly she now lifted one leg escort bayan and slowly lowered it down until the spiked heel of her shoe now rested on my tit. Then she pushed down and drove the heel into my tit. Tears now flowed from my eyes as Carol pressed harder into my tit and the pain intensified, yet I was not feeling it in agony anymore, but rather I began to relish in the pain and soon turned to enjoying it. Carol now stepped hard onto my nipple and I let out a loud cry, the pain so intense I nearly gave in.Carol now stopped and Jerry lifted me up to my knees. “You liked that didn’t you bitch?’ he asked. Still feeling the pain of her heels in several parts of my tit and nipple, I recovered enough to reply “Yes love” then added “Your fuckin piece of shit whore loved it” slowly glancing down at my bruised tits. Grabbing my hair again, Jerry pulled my head back and slapped at my tits again, then punched at them some more before saying “Beg for more you fuckin’ whore”. I cried out “Please, please beat my tits lover” as Jerry slapped and punched at me more. “Harder” I cried out, “Punch them harder” as Jerry slammed his fist into my tits. When he stopped “Suck my cock you fuckin’ whore” he demanded and pulled my head back towards his cock. Into my mouth went his cock as he now fucked my mouth, gagging me again and slapping my cheeks. After a few minutes he stopped and pulled his cock out, went around me and lay down on the bed. “Get over here bitch” he ordered me and I moved up to the bed. “Face my feet and get on my cock” he ordered and I did so, wanting his beautiful cock in my wet cunt so badly. As I started to move up and down his cock, Jerry reached up and grabbing my hair, pulled me backwards until I lay across him and my head was next to his. He began to fuck me as best he could and as I started to savor his cock fucking me, he reached around to my chest and began again to punch at my tits, alternating between that and pinching and pulling at my nipples as cruelly as he could. I cried out with each blow for what seemed an eternity. Now thoroughly engrossed in the beating, “You like beating my tits?” I cried out to Jerry. “Yes you fuckin’ whore” he answered. “You like it too don’t you whore?” he asked me “Yes, yes, I love it too” I replied and for the next few minutes he continued to punch, pull and twist my tits driving me into a world of sheer pleasure. Carol now came over and leaning over me, grabbed my hair and pulled me up. Slapping my face hard then slapping my tits, “I want that fuckin’ cock you shit whore” and with that pulled me off Jerry’s cock. She lay down next to Jerry and as he rose up he moved down between her legs and once again slammed his cock into her cunt and began to fuck her hard. After a few minutes Jerry began to slap at Carol’s full tits, her tits being large and hung beautifully, sending them swaying side to side with each slap as she screamed in delight. A few minutes of this and then Jerry bent down and as he continued to fuck her cunt, he now began to kiss her passionately. My black lover kissing and fucking my best lesbian love, I was so turned on my own hand went down to my wet cunt and I caressed myself before finger fucking myself to a pleasurable end. “OH FUCK” I heard Jerry cry out as he rose up and I knew he was about to cum. Pulling out of Carol he quickly moved towards me as I came closer to him, grabbed my hair and pushed my face down to his cock just as began to let loose a hot stream of cum onto my face. Carol had moved just as fast and came up beside my face and was able to catch some of his cum on her lips and face as well. I watched as Jerry jerked his cock, sending out the last of his cum over Carol’s lips, “Kiss me whore” she said softly to me and I immediately went to her lips, kissing her passionately, smearing Jerry’s cum over our lips, licking her lips and face, capturing as much of Jerry’s cum as I could to savor in my mouth. After a few minutes of this divine tasting, I backed off a bit and watched as Jerry leaned into Carol and kiss her as passionately as he could. As they parted Carol turned to me, kissed me as Jerry had done to her then said “Oh Avis” then “What a fuckin’ lover you have” “and what a cock!” Looking at her “Still like men’s cocks I see” I said and laughing a bit, “Fuck yeah” she replied. Our stay at Carol’s was off to a great start.

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