Nis 13

22 Ch. 04

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The Royal Milk Board has a new Hu Cow in its program.

Miss Robbins starts the Hu Cow toward production.

22, the new Sow can’t focus her mind any more.

* * *

Miss Robbins

. . . . . . some time latter.

The loss of the sows glasses was quite noticeable. I had removed material from its clothing that had covered its teats so that whatever it choose to wear now the mammary glands were fully displayed. Without its glasses the sow seemed quite blind for the hems it had sown into its rent garments were quite rough and poorly finished.

I had given it a straw sun hat and it was now dressed in bra and shirt with an accompanying skirt that fell below its knees. The bra had had the cups removed but gave good support to the base of the teats, the teats themselves spilled out the front of the ruined garment as there was no longer anything to support them. They were fully displayed. From the back it looked like any girl working a cottage garden but the illusion was destroyed when it turned and its front was displayed and the swinging teats came into view.

Two circles of cloth had been removed from the shirt, the bra cups were gone and 22’s teats were enjoying country air as it worked the garden bed on hands and knees, its teats swinging free below the chest. The work was causing quite an amount of dust which would get into its hair which would then result in even more itching where hair came in contact with skin.

The injections had resulted in elongated nipples that were now hard and stretched tight. The aureole were still puffy, there light brown colour in contrast to the alabaster white of the teats. I would allow the dust and sweat to do its work then get the sow cupped again for some work on the teats themselves.

I always surprised myself in the way my mind slipped effortlessly between matters concerning the anatomy of the human female and the Hu Cow. It hadn’t been that many hours since a fine young example of young female England had willingly bought two breasts to me that would soon be transformed into milking teats that would be used in the service of her king and kingdom.

When one looked now on ruined clothing exposing that which was usually hidden; that which was private and held by the bra; something that had been secret and that was now hanging and exposed, one appreciated the power given by the state over a female that could no longer protect itself.

I was no longer seeing breasts for those were now gone with the clothing of the human female. These were now the teats of a young and developing Hu Cow and as such, my güvenilir bahis responsibility; Onward!

* * *

The Treatment Room

The sow was uncomfortable but couldn’t do anything about it as it had been restrained and cupped and a feeding teat had been inserted into its mouth. The drugged feed would soon calm it allowing the next injections to relax it into a sow.

I undid the buttons on the sows shirt and pulled it open to check the hairy armpits and sure enough the skin under the hair looked red and irritated. The was no need to check the sows hairy mound, it would be the same.

I went to the wall and pressed one of a number of buttons. The half cups swung away and the sow started to tilt forward. The belt at the waist allowed some movement and in a short while the sow was bent ninety degrees at the waist, its teats hanging beneath it. The shirt was open at the front and I pulled it up to the shoulders to get at the clasp of the bra which when released left the teats swinging free and unrestrained.

I bought a milking stool over which seated me at the perfect height to work the bared teats and this is what I proceed to do. The next set of injections would go deep into the hanging mounds and excite growth in the ducts and lobules. Each lobule has a small sac called an alveoli and when lactating these are what produce milk. They are activated by hormonal signals, and these signals would be working overtime with the hormone that my needle would soon be filling the teats with.

I put an oil on my fingers and for the first time allowed my fingers to fully roam the two glands. I had suggested to 22 that it use my shoulder to rest its head and I felt this to be gratefully accepted. There was a second reason of course as I wanted the sow to become fully dependent on me as soon as possible; in fact I wanted the sow to develop a form of Stockholm syndrome in its relationship to me.

Over the next few days its teats would cause it a lot of discomfort and it would soon associate me with the relief of that discomfort and this would grow to become a strong positive bond between the sow and its milker.

With the sows head resting on my left shoulder I started to massage the left teat. Large changes had already started with the nipple and areola but the changes would be massive with the morphing of the teat starting with this hormone injection. Work done now was repaid many times over when the teat started to flow with milk.

Good flow came naturally to a supple teat, a teat that was given regular massage would have no problem with blocked ducts and the milk sacs themselves türkçe bahis would expand in to soft prepared flesh and so would produce that little extra; that little extra would get me another ribbon and notice amongst my peers. Win, win!

I gave the two teats a good twenty minutes each before raising the sow back into a standing position and swinging the half cups back in place in preparation for the needles. The two mounds were rather flushed with flowing blood after their workout and with a quick swab I started with the injections. There were ten for each, twenty in total and I had found that results were best if I could have them all done within twenty minutes. I worked fast.

The first three went in just off the edge of the areola and the needle tip was inserted to a depth of a quarter inch while the next seven went in a circle around the base of the teat. These were slide in parallel to the ribs to a depth of about half an inch and the teat when the injections finished, was now full of hormone and ready for some mechanical massage from milking cups.

The help had been busy and had wheeled in the milking rack. I quickly freed 22 and bought her to a device she would spend a lot of time in. It design was simple, two places for the feet and when the body bent forward to end up at right angles to the legs there was a large pad that supported arms, stomach and shoulders. Of course there was nothing to support the fully exposed teats that now hung free and loose beneath 22’s ribs.

The rack had two milking cups hanging off it. The cups were rather like a metal bra and it didn’t take but a moment to strap them into place and accessing the control program through my pad I soon had them in motion.

At this early stage there was no suction involved for these cups. The inner surface was filled with tiny air sacks which the program controlled. Each would fill and empty in a controlled pattern simulating massage and keeping a high rate of blood flow in the glands they now covered.

22 didn’t know, but she was well on the way to becoming a Hu Cow.

* * *

I like to finish the day in my front garden at ease from the days toil with a whiskey or two. The sow was back at work in the garden and I found great pleasure in watching the teats swing as she crawled around on her hands and knees weeding the lawn. Today had gone well and 22 was on the way to lactation now because each day its teats would start to balloon up a little more until finally transforming to udders.

The drugged feed it had been taking all day had closed down the upper reasoning centres of the brain and what remained güvenilir bahis siteleri was not really concerned much with the outside world any more. Of course there was still the hair to come off but I thought that after an itchy night that request would be at the fore front of tomorrows requests.

The help poured me another whiskey and filled my dope pipe. It then left to prepare my bath and give cook a time for serving dinner.

The smoke filled my lungs and I let my mind wander to the changes that had taken place in England since the comet. The cities had not fared well, even less so when food had run out. Like a horde of locust the survivors had descended on the country side but had meet armed resistance when land owners and country squires meet force with superior force. With that success titles that had laid dormant for centuries had come alive as England organised its self on feudal lines to survive into the future.

For the most part it had been a success as bleeding heart liberals and do gooders had all starved to death and there had been little resistance to the new constitutional changes approved by the king. For better or worse we were back now in a seventeenth century England and peace had been restored while prosperity gained pace with each passing year. I finished my thought and arose to get the sow put away for the night.

My mind kept wandering down the path of England and today with a girl that was becoming Hu Cow to serve her kingdom. . . . . .

* * *

I released the hobbles and secured a long chain to the sows collar and left it in the sow pen. I returned to the cottage and my room where the help disrobed me and assisted me into my bath. The temperature was just right and I luxuriated as the warm water floated my breasts off my chest. I lay back and let my eyes travel to the screen that was monitoring the sow. I had screens everywhere so that where ever I was the sow was under observation.

It had been a big day for twenty two and it lay on its back, still dressed and used its hands to rub its teats. They were not so much sore as just not used to the treatment they had experienced today.

The sow looked a complete mess, its long hair tangled and out of control, its clothing dirty and sweat stained. I was gratified to see it hands leave its teats long enough for a quick scratch of the scalp, armpits or crotch. The sow would be happy to have its hair removed tomorrow I thought.

Tomorrow the vet would call to give the sow its medical certificate and brand for the Royal Milk Board which was serious about sow welfare. The milk was quite in demand for Maternity Hospitals so standards were high.

As the help started to bath me I thought that 22 would be in for another full day tomorrow and that I was quite looking forward to it.

* * *

. . . to be continued.

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