Ağu 05

2nd time

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I was apprehensive about going into the office on Monday and at first I thought things would go smoothly. It wasn’t until I found a Xerox of someone’s spread ass on my desk, upon returning from the bathroom, that I knew that I could forget about things being quiet.
Everytime that someone looked at me funny I became paranoid.
It was ten minutes before twelve when the phone rang.
“What are you doing for lunch?” Alan asked.
“Nothing,” I replied.
“Want to join us?” he asked.
“Who is us?” I asked.
“You remember us from the other night don’t you?” George chimed in.
“I…I ….” I couldn’t finish the sentence.
“We’ll meet you in the garage,” Alan said.
I knew what they wanted and my ass was still sore from Friday night but I went down to the garage just the same. Alan, Ted, Mark, Stan and George were there as well as an older man named Larry. He had white hair and appeared to be in his sixties. They were standing around a Chevy van and when I came down the stairs they opened the door and got in. Alan got in the driver’s seat and Ted got in the passenger seat. The other four got into the back of the van where they motioned for me to join them.
When I got into the back I saw that there was a mattress on the floor of the van. My cock started to get hard as I realized escort service that they planned on fucking me during their lunch break.
“Get comfortable,” Stan said as he unzipped his pants and let his erection spring forth.
I sat on the mattress.
“Do I have to spell it out?” Stan said, “get your fucking clothes off.”
The other men looked at him and then at me.
I started to take off my shirt.
“Just get your pants off,” Stan said, “we haven’t got all day.”
I stood up and took down my pants. When I removed my underwear they saw my erection.
“You really want it bad, don’t you boy,” Stan said.
I said nothing.
“Get on your hands and knees,” Stan said as he came up behind me.”
“I…I…”I started.
“Shut up,” Stan said as he spit in his hand and rubbed the saliva on the crack of my ass.
I felt him put the head of his cock against my hole. He put his hands on my hips and slowly pushed into me. It hurt but felt good at the same time.
“You are so fucking tight, cunt,” Stan said as he began to slowly fuck me. I looked at the other men and they had their zippers down and were stroking their erections.
Stan started to pick up the pace and I felt him thrust into me once and hold his cock deep in my bowels as I felt the hot liquid squirt from his cock into independent escort dubai me.
“Fuck,” Stan said, “you are so fucking hot.”
He pulled his cock out and Mark took his position behind me. He didn’t say a word as he pushed his cock into my already dripping ass. He started pumping hard into me immediately. I was well lubricated from Stan’s cum and I could hear the squishing sounds as Mark pumped into me. His cock bumped into my prostrate and I came, shooting onto the mattress.
“Fuck,” Ted said, “this is too fucking hot, hurry up Mark, I need to fuck that ass.”
With those words Mark gripped my ass and pumped hard as I felt him cumming in me.
He pulled out and I felt cum running down my thighs.
“We need to get him on his back so we can get two at a time going on him or we won’t get back to work for another two hours,” Alan said.
I was flipped onto my back as Ted lifted my legs and slipped easily into my ass and Larry straddled my face and lower his cock into my mouth. Larry started to fuck my mouth and I kept a hand on his cock so he wouldn’t push the entire 7 inches down my throat.
I felt the van pull over and Alan got into the back while Stan got behind the wheel.
“Hurry up,” Alan said.
Ted started fucking me harder and grunted as his cum Escort Girl Dubai joined his partners’ in my bowels.
“Thataboy,” Alan said as he pulled Ted off and pushed his cock into my ass.
“Holy shit,” Alan said, “you are as greased as an axel.”
Alan pumped into me for one minute like a jackhammer and grunted as he added his cum to the collection. When he pulled out the culmination of all of the men’s deposits flowed down my thigh. I felt Larry’s cock swell in my mouth and he gushed his salty load down my throat. I swallowed quickly but some ran down my cheeks.
When Alan stood up, George quickly took his place as the van pulled back into the garage at work.
“Hurry up,” Stan was saying from the front seat, “I am ready to go again just watching you guys in the mirror.”
George stood me up against the wall of the van and hammered into my ass for five minutes with all of the men sitting and watching. Finally George gripped my hips and pumped his load into my ass.
Stan quickly pulled George away and pushed his cock into me. He pumped into me as if he had not just fucked me twenty minutes earlier. Within three minutes he was cuming again.
I put my pants back on with shaky legs. I felt the cum running down my pants while I stood on the elevator. When I got to the office I went to the men’s room and wiped as much of the cum out of my ass and off of the back of my pants.
I got back into the office and the phone rang.
“Save your lunch hour for us every day,'” Stan said.

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