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69 WITH DADDYTwo weeks before her birthday Paulette’s mom, Maria, introduced her to Tom. Maria seldom dated, and when she did, usually the men stuck around for a month or two then dropped out of sight. Paulette was happier when her mom had someone in her life, if for no other reason than it gave her mom less time to meddle in hers. But Tom was different. At fifty-five years old, he was almost 20 years older than Maria. Within a month they were engaged to be married.Tom was a conservative businessman who attended church regularly. He was very strict and cold to Paulette. Their standard of living had certainly improved, but friction between Paulette and Tom soon became unbearable. Fortunately Paulette was an honor student and had many scholarship offers and she would not need his support or approval once college started. She even made plans to start in the summer session.Blake, her real father, moved 1500 miles away to Florida when Paulette was only 7. He drifted from job to job, usually as a shrimper when he could find a boat. He did make an effort to keep up with the c***d support payments, but was often late and often short. Maria was just glad to get rid of him. Not that he was a terrible person, but he just never really grew up, and never really lost his eye for the ladies. Occasionally he would make it up to see Paulette, and a couple of times he paid for her to fly down and visit. Despite the distance, she had a bond with her Dad that her mother could never understand.Paulette was sexually active, at least as far as masturbation went, at the age of eleven. By the time she was 18, she had only had two real boyfriends. She was tall like her Dad, and had an awkwardness about her as if she grew too fast. Later she would mature into a beautiful woman, but in High School her peers looked upon her as a nerd. Few would imagine the intense fantasies pinbahis yeni giriş she carried behind those thick glasses. Or how she would cum countless times in the dark silence of her bedroom. She lost her virginity at 16 and by 18 she swore off adolescents.Blake called one day late in May to see if Paulette could fly down after her graduation. Tom wasn’t very happy with the thought of her going down to Florida without what he called “proper supervision” but Maria gave her permission. The thought of getting away from the Midwest for a week was sheer bliss to Paulette.Her flight arrived in Tampa in the early evening. She picked Blake out of the crowd as soon as she stepped into the terminal. He was about 6′ 3″, very lean, and very tanned with a long mustache that curled up at the end. His eyes were blue like hers. She was very much his daughter, not looking like Maria at all. He smiled and gave her a big hug.”Goodness, my little girl is all grown up,” he said, “you must be at least six feet tall.””I’m five foot ten Daddy, and that’s tall enough,” she said.”Are you hungry? I promised some friends I’d stop by at their party. We can get a bite to eat before we get there. We wont stay too long. But you might like them. They are a pretty wild crowd. Just don’t tell your mother about any of the craziness you see going on there.””Dad, I’m eighteen now. The last thing I want to do is think about Mom or her uptight old fart she married,” she said.”Old fart?” he chuckled, “Well, I hear he has pretty deep pockets. I guess Maria is finally happy.””I’m happy, too, Daddy,” she said kissing him on the cheek, “to get to spend a whole week with you by the sea.”The party was at a secluded beach house. There must have been over a hundred people there from all walks of life. Blake warned her with a wink that the punch was spiked. She found pinbahis giriş a group of young college-aged k**s to hang out with at the beach. Soon the several trips to the punch bowl started taking an effect. Pot had never interested her, but after the 4th glass of punch, she was toking away. She caught Blake’s eye when she was staggering back to the beach obviously drunk.”Come on, cupcake, we should be getting home,” he said.”Oh Daddy, can’t we stay for the fireworks?””I think you’ve had too much firewater as it is. Your Mom wasn’t a good drinker either. Come on before I have to carry you out of here.”They said their goodbyes and headed off in his truck. Soon she was out like a light. The next thing she remembered was waking up in a cold shower.”Shit Daddy, it’s freezing. Trying to kill me?””You passed out, Baby. I was worried. I wanted to get you up,” he said.She pressed against his naked body to get warm. She could feel his enormous hard cock against her belly.”Daddy, it feels like more than just me woke up.”He guided her slender hand to his cock. She briefly recoiled as thoughts of wrongdoing reverberated in her head. But he was persistent. His throbbing member felt so good in her hand as she squeezed tightly around it.”Oh Daddy, it’s huge. But we can’t have sex. I’m not on the pill. Besides, it’s just- not right.””But you are so beautiful, Paulette. I promise we’ll stop before then. Just let me make you feel good,” he begged. Perhaps it was the alcohol, or the pot, or her raging eighteen year old hormones, but she relaxed and buried the guilt to a locked part of her mind.He kissed her deeply. She melted into his arms under the power of his kiss. His strong hands grabbed the soap and began to soap up her heavy breasts. She grabbed his long hair as he dropped to one knee and washed her pussy and ass, whimpering when his soapy pinbahis güvenilirmi finger entered her puckered virgin anus. Thank goodness he rose soon to support her weakening knees by cradling her in his arms. She ran her tongue down his hairy chest and dropped to her knees taking as much of the nine inches in her mouth as she could. His hand tangled in her wet, blonde hair guiding her head as she suckled. She could taste his sweet precum on her tongue. He pulled out of her mouth and began slapping her cheeks with his heavy cock as she worked to get her prize back in her eager mouth.”Come on, baby girl. Lets find a more comfortable place,” he said.He carried her dripping body to the bed, not bothering to dry her off. Setting her on the edge of the bed, he laid back and pulled her to him. She straddled him and reached back to guide his hardness into her aching wet pussy. His hands gently but firmly turned her until she knew what he wanted. Her long thighs were on each side of his head lowering till her sweet smelling pussy hovered over his mouth. She sucked on his hardness twirling her tongue down the shaft drawing it deep.He began to eat her as no one had. Like a ravenous a****l, he sucked and fucked her hungry cunt with his mouth. She tried to match the rhythm of his tongue as it attacked her clit, but he stopped and plunged two fingers deep inside her tightness while at the same time he drove his tongue into her virgin ass making her spit out his cock and shake her head from side to side in a rush of delirium. He pulled his fingers out and spanked her tight teenage ass until she once again took his cock deep into her throat. He pressed his hot lips around her clit and sucked gently while squeezing her cheeks with both hands. Pussy juice was running down his chin as he flicked her clit in a steady meter. She moaned into his cock feeling it swell even bigger as her nearing orgasm wound like a rubber band, releasing its pleasure first in her pussy, then outward in waves of pleasure just as he began to pump her mouth full of thick hot delicious cum. She sucked and swallowed every drop wishing it would never stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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