Mar 10

A Bit Rough

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My previous sexual partner was a bit, shall we say, fragile. She talked a big game but whenever we had sex she would quite often split and it was quite painful for her.

After we split up and I started dating Jess, I was still used to being as gentle as humanly possible during sex that I didn’t even realise that she wasn’t enjoying our encounters as much as she could. Sure she orgasmed, always during foreplay and often from penetration, but I didn’t realise how much better it could be.

One night we had been out at a friends and I had drunk several too many Stellas, I was a little wobbly and extremely horny. On the way home Jess whispered in my ear and ask me to use her like a slut when we got home.

As soon as we got into her room I shoved her onto the bed and started to tear at her clothes. She grinned up at me as I stripped her and them moaned as my tongue swept the length of her slit. I slid two fingers into her already wet pussy while my tongue continued to flicker on her clit. Jess growled at me and one of her hands went to the back of my head and the other mauled one of her tits.

Satisfied with her wetness I dragged her toward me until her ass hung over the side of the bed. Then I lifted her legs until they were pressed against her chest and slammed the length of my cock home. Jess lifted herself of the bed and pushed herself eagerly against me. I vigorously pumped in and out, my cock hitting her G spot on every in stroke.

Just before she reached her peak I pushed her left leg across her body and let both of her gaziantep escort legs rest on my left shoulder. I slapped her exposed ass cheek, HARD once, twice, three times, without breaking my rhythm. Jess came spectacularly, exploding on my cock, clutching at my hips and moaning very loudly.

Normally at this point I would slow down and let her regain her compsure, but right now I wasn’t interested. Flipping her leg back over my head I bent her legs and spread them, then grabbed one of her tits roughly in each hand, yanking at them as I continued to fuck her as hard as I could.

Jess finished up her orgasm and within a couple of minutes had another, slightly less spectacular orgasm. Generally having a woman have two spasming orgasms on my cock in the space of a few minutes would have me blowing my load for sure, but the beer buzzing in my head kept me in check.

I pulled out suddenly and stepped back. Jess nearly fell off the bed, then looked up at me her hair a tangled mess on top of her head, naked apart from her bra which was a twisted mess tucked under her arms.

I turned her around, still on her back so that her head hung over the side of the bed. As my cock approached she opened her mouth. I slid the full length of it through her lips and part way into her throat, causing her to gag. I didn’t stop until my balls hit her top lip, then withdrew and repeated the process. Jess seemed a little distressed, squirming and lightly pushing me away. I didn’t care about that at this point though, her lips around me felt so escort bayan good, and even the gagging added something to the effect.

I reached between her legs and began to roughly strum her clit. She immediately forgot her discomfort and began to fuck me with her face, moaning around my cock.

I spoke for the first time since coming into the room, “You dirty slut you’re getting off on this aren’t you? The taste of your pussy on my cock as it chokes you is turning you on.” She orgasmed again, groaning and gasping for air around my cock as her crotch humped up against my hand. I took my hand from her clit and wrapped it round her throat, choking her from outside as well as in. My orgasm hit me, the first shot going straight into her gullet, then I pulled out and the rest painted her face, one jet spraying across her tits.

She gasped for air, looking a bit relieved the ordeal was over, but I was far from done with her. I helped her to her feet, then knelt her on the bed facing away from me. I opened the bottom drawer of her side table, and retrieved her vibrator. It was one of the ones with the rabbit ear style clit stimulator. I pushed it between her pussy lips and up into her pussy. Flicking on both the clit stimulator and the thrusting mechanism, I started shoving it in and out of her. As she worked her way to yet another orgasm I sucked on 2 of my fingers and pushed one into her ass. She started to move away, then changed her mind and settled back, pushing my finger fully into her ass.

As she started to get into it I added another finger, spitting on her arse to lubricate it further. I asked her to hold the vibrator for me, then spat in my other hand and started to stroke my cock to hardness. Once it was hard and wet I withdrew my fingers and pressed my cock against her sphincter. She realised what I was doing and tried to pull away. I held her still with my hands on her hips. I spat more saliva down where our bodies met and pushed forward insistently. Jess relaxed a bit and my cock surged a couple of inches into her backside, again she tried to move away and again I pulled her back, forcing another inch into her.

She resigned herself to it and settled back on me, burying the rest of my cock in her butt. Through all of this she hadn’t removed the vibrator from her pussy, I could feel it vibrating through the thin membrane between us.

As I started pumping in and out of her butt, she started to get into it, and with a guttural moan orgasmed again. I grabbed a handful of her hair and hauling back on it buried myself to the hilt and slapped her ass with my free hand. She shouted out her orgasm, clawing at the duvet in front of her. This was the most spectacular orgasm yet, and when it was over she collapsed forward.

I didn’t even slow down,carried on humping her mostly limp body. She feebly tried to push me off but I wasn’t going to let that happen, being close to orgasm myself. With a roar I buried myself to the hilt and shot my load into her bowels. I pulled out slowly and her vibrator fell onto the bed. She hobbled off to the bathroom to clean up as I lay there thinking about what had just happened. She wouldn’t be walking straight for a few days but I think she had probably had enough of the rough stuff for a while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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