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A Blast From The Past

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I was pruning the rose bushes in the front lawn that warm May morning. It was just another Saturday in my perfect suburban life. The kids were at college and I had the garden to myself. I had watered the plants and gotten rid of some weeds before working on the roses. This was my haven, my place to relax and enjoy a day off after a hectic week at the office. At the time I worked as a manager for an accounting firm and my husband, Mark, had a good job at a hedge fund in the city. We had been married for twenty-five years and we still loved each other and made love several times a week. He had asked me on a date my first week at college and that was it, I was deeply in love and so was he. It was a perfect match and as soon as we graduated we married and the kids followed the second and fourth year. I was about to go inside for a glass of water when I heard Mark’s car and looked up. He parked outside the garage. “Hi, honey. How did it go?” I said and took off the gloves I was wearing. Mark walked around the car and opened the trunk. After giving me a peck on the cheek he said, “Fine, I got everything.” The inside of the trunk was filled with bags from the grocery store. The following day was our annual BBQ where we invited the neighbors for food and drink in our back garden. I helped him with the bags and when everything was standing on the kitchen floor I finally got my water. While I drank it Mark came up behind me and put his arms around me, fondling my boobs through the grimy T-shirt I was wearing. “Wanna have some fun?” he whispered in my ear. I put down the glass and reached for his chin. “Sure, why not, the kids aren’t around.” He swung me around and lifted me up and then carried me to the living room where he dropped me on the couch. He began to pull down his shorts and I did the same. His tanned body was strong for a man over fifty and I was proud of my own at forty-five. Hours on the treadmill and at the gym had given me a body most women my age could only wish for. When his briefs dropped I reached for his cock which was already hard. “Come here, you,” I whispered and pulled him closer using his shaft. I loved sucking him and he enjoyed it even more. I have always considered myself a good cock sucker because I take my time and actually enjoy it. The best part, of course, is when he comes. But today I didn’t want to suck that long, I wanted him inside me. When he began to moan I lay down on the couch and indicated what I wanted. “That fast?” he said. “Yeah, I need to get back to the rose bushes.” He laughed. “Talking about bushes, you had a haircut.” I ran my fingers over my shaved pussy and smiled up at him. “Yes, I did.” He lay on top of me and with some wiggling and adjustments his cock entered me and I sighed with pleasure. He knew exactly how to do it, not too fast and not to slow. Within minutes my nails dug into the skin of his back. “Oh, yes, so good, it is so good,” I moaned in his ear. With a few more thrusts he made me come and he soon followed emptying himself deep inside me. I must have been hornier than I thought because I usually didn’t come that fast. We held each other for a while and then he kissed my cheek. “I love you, Carol,” he said before sliding off me. Looking up at him I said, “I think I better take a shower.” Hoping I wouldn’t drip cum along the way I rushed up to the bathroom where after a quick shower I dressed in clean shorts and a new T-shirt. Mark must have used the guest bathroom because he was already in the kitchen putting the groceries away. When he saw me he said, “Did I mention we have new neighbors?” “No, you didn’t, who are they?” “I don’t know their names but they moved into the house where the Maddison family used to live.” “Maybe we should invite them?” He looked up from bahis şirketleri what he was doing and said, “I thought the same. I’ll pop over when we have this straightened out.” ****** When Mark had left I began preparing lunch, deciding to leave the roses for later. I am a very organized person and I seldom let my husband into the kitchen. I like to keep things where they are supposed to be and I am the same at work. Mark is similar to me, but he tends to be a bit messy at home. One thing we do have in common is that we are not sporadic. We like to plan everything we do which drives our kids crazy. They always complain about our lack of being spontaneous. A trip to the movies is planned a week before, holidays a year and even something so simple as making lunch I planned a day before. I guess I don’t like surprises. Mark walked into the kitchen just as I was placing the plates on the table. I had made a lobster salad with freshly baked bread. “They are coming,” he said and washed his hands in the sink. When we were seated I asked. “What are they like?” A smile grew on his lips. “Different.” “What do you mean different?” He broke off a piece of bread and slowly chewed it, I was dying of curiosity. When he had finished he said, “first off, they are wealthy, an Aston Martin and a Maserati were parked outside. His name is Larry and I peg him to be about our age and his wife,” he laughed and then continued, “she is a lot younger.” “There is nothing wrong with having a younger wife, look at Dan and Helen down the street, they are at least fifteen years apart.” “Sure, but Nicole, that Larry’s wife, she is more like twenty-five years younger.” “Oh, I see. What else?” “He has tattoos, and so does she. Both smoke and when I went over there they both had a beer.” “C’mon, you can’t judge people because they like body art, smoke, and drink during the day.” Mark had finished his salad and added more from the bowl that stood between us. “I guess you are right. In any case, it will be fun to see the reaction of the others when they show up.” Most the people that live in our patch of suburbia are upper middle class, bankers, lawyers and such. Their kids are in college and they have time to spend with each other. Some are on their second and even third marriage. I would call them reserved on the point of being uptight. They are not bad people but the kind who don’t like changes in their daily lives. After lunch, we took coffee in the garden and I read my book while Mark did a few crossword puzzles. He loved that stuff and could spend hours absorbed in them. It was a nice afternoon and when the sun went down we went inside for dinner and then watched TV until ten when we went to bed, just a normal day in suburbia. ****** Sunday morning I was up before the sun and was hard at work in the kitchen when Mark came down around nine. “You are up early?” he said and patted my ass. “Yes, I am trying a few new sauces for the barbecue and thought it was best to take my time.” He grabbed a mug and poured himself a coffee and then made two toasts with strawberry jam. Sitting at the kitchen table he said, “Any chance of some morning sex?” I turned from the stove and opened my kimono he had bought me in Japan a few years earlier. It was black with a large red dragon on the left side. I loved how the silk felt against my skin. Under it I wore nothing. His eyes were drawn to my shaved pussy and he actually licked his lips. Then his gaze moved up to my boobs he had bought me for my fortieth. I was a natural B cup but after breast feeding two children it had left me a bit saggy which was taken care of by the doctor. Now I had perfect C cups with large nipples Mark loved to suck on. He got up and pulled his cock out from his pajamas pants. By the time he lifted bahis firmaları me up on the sink he was rock hard and when I wrapped my legs around his waist he pushed himself deep inside me. “It’s going to be a long day,” he moaned in my ear while thrusting in and out. “Yes, it will,” I managed to say between gasps. I loved the way he would take me all over the house, and not only in our bed. It made our sex life so much more fun. I reached down and fondled his balls and then gently massaged them. What he really loved was when I used my nails on the sensitive skin. “Oh, God, woman, you are making me come too early.” “Sorry, but I have to get back to the food preparation.” With a couple of hard thrusts, he emptied inside me and then pulled out. A strand of cum hung under his cock and I wiped it off with my index finger which I then placed in my mouth. “You dirty girl, I love it,” he said and smiled. “You taste good, you know.” Mark laughed and walked up to our bedroom. I went to the guest bathroom and cleaned myself before returning to the kitchen. I didn’t care that I hadn’t come, sometimes I do sometimes don’t. It’s just the way I am. ****** At three o’clock the first guests arrived, Mark was at the BBQ and our next door neighbor, Jim, was at the bar. He did it every year and was usually drunk by six in the afternoon. I did the meet and greet at the door and was talking to Clair and Harry when I saw the new couple walk up the driveway. I excused myself and walked down to meet them. I had taken three steps when I stopped and stared at the man in front of me. He hadn’t changed a bit over the thirty years that I hadn’t seen him. Sure, he had a few wrinkles and his hair had gray streaks in it. But the dark blue eyes and the strong nose together with a square jaw was the same. When he turned to his wife I saw the tattoo that ran up his neck. He put out his hand. “Hi, I’m Larry and this is my wife, Nicole.” He didn’t recognize me I realized. I swallowed and then cleared my throat. “Hi, welcome, please come in. The food and drink are at the back, make yourselves at home.” When I was alone I quickly walked over to the garden shed where I opened the door and walked in closing it behind me. I stood there in the dark breathing hard trying to relax. What were the odds that Larry would move in two houses away from me, I wondered? Not only that, the town where we grew up was over a thousand miles away. The chance of winning a jackpot on a slot machine was bigger than us meeting like this. ****** I met Larry when I was sixteen years old. Being a dorky kid with braces I didn’t have many friends. He was the new guy in school and drove a Trans Am. Larry wore a black leather jacket, blue jeans and smoked. I was in the book club, music club and physics club. He raced his car on Friday nights and drank beer with the other guys. The girls were all in love with him and would follow him around like little ducklings. Then one spring evening when I was walking back home from the library I heard his car. I turned and it came to a stop right behind me. My heart threatened to jump out of its cavity and burst through my chest when I saw him get out. “Hi, you are Carol, right?” he said with a cigarette between his lip. “Yes,” I managed to say. “Cool, get in.” I was frozen, couldn’t move, and couldn’t breathe. I slowly shook my head. “C’mon, I don’t bite, it’s just a ride.” His dark blue eyes were kind and he did look so hot in his black T-shirt and jeans. The jacket must be in the car, I thought. “Sorry, but my parents wouldn’t be happy.” He dragged his fingers through his thick black hair and said, “Okay, maybe next time?” I didn’t answer and when he drove away I looked after him and actually swore out loud for being such a wimp. School ended and kaçak bahis siteleri summer break began. I spent most of my days at home watching TV or going over to one of my few friends’ house. I saw Larry around town but each time I would hide in a shop or anywhere else he wouldn’t see me. I wasn’t scared of him I was more worried how I would react if he actually spoke to me again. I had discovered sex that May, well I didn’t discover it, but I had my first orgasm while rubbing my clit in bed one morning. It wasn’t the first time I had done it but it was the first time I did it until I came. When it was over I had a big grin on my face and knew that I wanted cock. I might have been dorky and dress funny, but my body was like any other teenagers, begging for sex. The more I played with myself the worse it got. I would dream about Larry fucking me, but since I didn’t know what a cock felt like the dream always ended just when he lay down between my legs. I would wake up in the morning moist and horny. Sometimes I would rub myself several times a day and I was beginning to worry about my mental health. In June I decided enough was enough, I had to try it. So, I simply went to the diner in town and ordered a milkshake which I took outside and sat in the sun. Half an hour later I saw the Trans Am coming towards me. It stopped and Larry got out. “What are you doing here all by yourself?” he said. “Drinking this,” I said indicating the shake. “Can I sit down?” “Sure.” I took the straw between my lips and while looking at him I slowly sucked up the cold liquid. When I let go of it I licked my lips and sat back. His eyes were on my face and he was smiling. “Do you want to go for a ride?” “Mm, I might.” My heart was beating like crazy and my hands were clammy. I wasn’t sure what to do if I got into the car with him. My pussy told me to get it over and done with but at the same time, I didn’t want to come on too hard. I finished the shake and when I put down the glass he said, “Okay, let’s go.” The car smelled of cigarette smoke and there were a few empty beer cans on the floor in the back. The engine roared and he drove out of town. I had no idea where he was taking me and when he turned off onto a track leading into the woods I said, “Where are we going?” Without looking at me he said, “Somewhere we can be alone.” For a moment I thought about asking him to take me home. What was I doing? This was crazy. After a couple of minutes, he stopped and we sat in silence in the car. I could hear the ticking from the engine and birds singing outside. He opened the door and got out. I sat where I was, afraid to even move. Sitting on the hood he lit a cigarette and then turned to me. “Are you coming?” Slowly I got out and walked around the car. I sat down on the warm metal next to him. My summer dress slid up exposing my white legs. He looked down at them and smiled. “You need more sun.” “I burn easily,” I said in a small voice. “You could use sun protection.” I said nothing, only stared ahead. We were above the town and it looked so small from up here. I could see my house, the school, and even the church. He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer. Then he kissed my cheek, his lips soft and warm against my skin. Then he kissed my earlobe and I felt his warm breath as he continued to kiss me along my jaw until he reached my mouth. I turned and our lips met. It was like nothing I had ever done before. My body went weak, my head spun and I just melted into his arms. We slid off the hood and down on the grass where he lay on top of me. His warm hands moved up under my dress along my thighs. I think I moaned, and I am sure he spoke to me, but I don’t remember what he said. He pulled down my panties in one swift move and then pushed up my dress. With one hand supporting his weight he opened his jeans and I raised my head a little. There was a quick flash of his cock and then he was inside me. I yelped when he broke through and pushed his way as far inside my pussy he could.

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