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A chance at a new sex life; Part 13

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A chance at a new sex life; Part 13I awoke the next morning a little disoriented. I was aware I wasn’t in my own bed and remember being in a tent with Jessica and Melody. The reason for the disorient-ion was the incredible feeling coming from my crotch. I opened my eyes to see the top of a blonde haired head bobbing up on down on my morning wood.“Morning” I whispered to Jessica. “Good, you’re awake” she grinned as she lifted her head up. “It’s still early but I got horny and saw you hard. Hope you don’t mind?” She asked as she slowly jerked me with her hand. “Not at all” I replied as I cupped the side of her face and edged her back onto my cock. She all too happily got back to work as she began working her mouth up and down my shaft. It’s exactly how any man would want to start their day with a good morning blow job. I used both my hands now to gather up her flowing blonde hair and hold it against her head as I help guide her head up and down. Her left hand rests on my lower torso as her right hand grips the base of my cock.Melody appears to still be fast asleep as Jessica moans around my cock. It’s a slower pace than the blowjobs last night but there feels a more intense sucking motion as she lifts her head. Jessica continues to suck me off for several more minutes before she lets go and tries to climb on top of me.I smile as I stop her, “lay on your side!!”With a grin she complies as she lays down on her side next to me and I shift up onto my side behind her. I grab my rigid cock and scoot closer to her. I slide between her legs and feel the warmth of her pussy. I slowly push back and forth, gliding over her wet slit. After a few pumps I feel Jessica’s nimble fingers taking hold of the head and guide me upwards as I push forward. I slide home with ease.My cock was quickly drenched in her juices as I slowly fucked her tight pussy. I lowered my hips a little to get deeper inside her. Once we had a good rhythm I started to fuck her faster. I held her hip with my left hand and fished my right arm under her to grab a tit in my hand, holding her to me as we fucked.With one of her hands Jessica grabbed to top of my hand and made me tighten her grip on her small mound. The other hand was lowered between her legs and began rubbing her clit.“Uh uh, fuck me Robbie! Fuck me hard!” Jessica groaned out. I slowed my pace but upped my force. Fucking her harder as I slammed against her.“Yes yes yes” she moaned getting louder.I removed my hand from her tit and covered her mouth. Her juices now soaking our thighs and I can feel her cunt tighten around my shaft. She’s close.I lean closer to her and whisper in my ear,“Do you want to cum?”She simply nodded.“Want to cum all over my cock?”She nodded faster.“Cum for me. Cover my cock in your cum!”With that Jessica screamed into my hand as she came. Her pussy walls tightened even more and sends me over the edge. With forceful thrusts I pumped shot after shot of hot cum into her wanting sex. With my cock spent I pulled myself from her and rolled over onto my back. We panted heavy as sleep slowly overtook us again.Then next time I awoke I was alone. I felt around me but couldn’t find or feel any bodies. The opening to the tent was slightly open and there was a slight breeze. Along with that breeze there was a smell, the unmistakable smell of bacon. I searched around the tent and managed to find my t shirt and jean shorts from yesterday. I tossed them on and went outside.“Well good morning!” Jessica waved.“Morning Robbie.” Melody smiled as I joined the girls by a new fire. “That smells amazing!” “Why thanks, the bacon smells good too right.”The three of us laughed and in no time tucked into some tasty breakfast. “What’s the plans for today?” I asked the girls.“We can hang out here a little longer since it shaping up to be an other beautiful day!” Jessica replied.“Sounds great but I’ll need to be back this afternoon so I can go to work. Need the cash.” “We will have you back in plenty time” she winked. “Where do you work?” Melody asked.I explained where I worked and how it was ok money. That the staff were ok but the manager was a bit of a dick. We then spent the next couple of hours sat by the shore. Unfortunately all too soon it came that time that we had to pack up and leave.It didn’t take us long to get the car all loaded up and the small camp site left clean and tidy. I really enjoyed my trip away with the girls and will happily spend much more time with them. I wasn’t sure which one I liked more. Jessica was a clear sex fiend and loved sex but was there something inside me that liked Melody more. Maybe it was that I was slightly more attracted to her if I had to admit with a gun to my head. But hey, I was lucky enough to sleep with them both and would happily have a threesome anytime they wanted.“Thanks for the ride and amazing trip” I said to the girls as we pulled up outside my house. “It was our pleasure” Jessica grinned.“Oh it was certainly a pleasure” I winked.“Glad you had a good time” Melody smiled, “hope work goes ok.”“Thanks Mel, I really hope so.”With that I leaned forward between the front seats and edged towards Melody. She was a little a-taken back but quickly got the idea and met my lips in a soft tender kiss. There was a little tongue involved as we slowly made out. Breaking the kiss I turned to Jessica who grabbed my face and kissed me with more hunger. It was hot and forced, her tongue searching for mine instantly and tangling around it.They were two very different kisses but both equally felt good. “See you tomorrow!” I half waved as I grabbed my bag and jumped out of the car.“Bye sexy” Jessica said blowing a kiss.Melody simply said bye and waved. I gave one last wave as they drove off and I headed into the house. Both cars were parked in the drive as I entered in.“Hello? I’m back!” I called out as I closed the front door behind me.The faint reply of hello in kaçak iddaa what I think is my mother’s voice greets me. It was coming from upstairs.As I climb the stairs and head from my room my moms voice calls out.“Did you have fun?” Her voice sounding from the bathroom.I move to the doorway and see her down on her knees cleaning around.“I did thanks, was really needed!”“I’m glad” she smiled.“Will you be long? I need to shower before work.”“Work? Should you be working yet?” Mom asked with concern in her voice.“I feel fine mom and I need the cash” I assure her.“Mmmm I suppose you are old enough to make your own decisions. Give me a half hour and this will be free or you are welcome to use my bathroom!”“It’s ok I’ll wait, should be plenty time.”“Is Stacey home? I could do with borrowing the car.”“She said she was away to the mall with friends and wouldn’t be back till later. You can take the car but I would ask her first!” Mom said before going back to cleaning.“Ok, love you!” I said as I went to my room.“Love you too” I heard as a reply.I head into my room and send a text to Stacey, telling her that I’m borrowing the car. Just before I go for a shower I get reply from Stacey that it was fine to take the car and would talk to me later on. With my mom finally finished in the bathroom I got my shower and got ready for work. With a quick bite to eat I headed off.It had been a while since I had seen Holly and there was a little excitement that I’d hope to see her tonight. However the excitement was short lived when I walked in and saw Derek and Aidan.“Welcome back Robbie, ready to work?” Derek greeted me. Like nothing had actually happened and it was no big deal.I didn’t answer him as I went round the back and got myself set.“You look like shit” Aidan said to me as I came behind the counter.“Thanks” I chuckled.It was actually a really surprisingly busy shift. Of course Derek left so Aidan and I were kept going. It wasn’t until near closing time when I had the chance to actually talk to Aidan.“How was you’re trip away last weekend?” I asked him.He raised his eyebrow with a confused look on his face, “what trip?”“Eh the one you went on last weekend?”“Dude no idea what you are talking about!” Aidan laughed nervously.“You’re uncle said that your dad took you and Holly away from the weekend?”“Awww, nah that wasn’t me that was Holly’s boyfriend Aidan!” “Boyfriend?” I asked quite shocked.“Yeah they been going out a for a while but it was nothing serious. He then asked her out and then organised a surprise trip for her with my mom and dad.”“Did you not go?”“No way, had the house to myself” he grinned.“She never told me she had a boyfriend” I stayed.“That’s weird man, she actually wanted to work tonight to maybe get a chance to see you but I wouldn’t swap with her. I need the money.” He went about cleaning up as I stood there running through my mind. Did she tell me? Nah surely not.I cashed up that night and we locked up and I headed home.I wasn’t upset that Holly had a boyfriend but a bit more pissed. If she had a boyfriend and we had sex then she’s just as bad as that cheating whore Kelsey.When I got home I put it out of my mind for now. Mom was already in bed and I could see the light on in Stacey’s room. I knocked.“Come in” she replied.“Hey loser!” I said sticking my head in.“Hey loser.” She smiled as she got up and came across to me, giving me a warm hug and a tender kiss on the lips. “How was your trip with the girls then?”“Very pleasurable!” I grinned.Stacey raised an eyebrow as she then narrowed her eyes at me.“Now now Stacey, what happens on a camping trip stays on a camping trip!”“You had sex with one of them didn’t you!” She accused pointing a finger at me.“Nope!”“Liar!” “I’m not lying, one thing I would never do to you.” I said honestly. “Wait, both of them?” she said wide eyed. I just nodded with a smug look on my face.“Damn bro you dirty dawg” she grinned.She took my hand and pulled me over to her bed. “Sit I want details!” “Really?” I replied.“Yeah sure I want to hear the juicy details.”It was a little weird that Stacey wanted to know the details because it was never ever something we discussed. We did have a stronger bond now, well I felt so. Maybe that’s why. With a shrug of my shoulders I proceeded to tell my sister everything. All about the fun in the water, truth or dare and then the fun in the tent. “I fucked Jessica again in the morning whilst Melody slept.”“Wow check you bro!” Stacey said as she bit her lip. Her hand wasn’t down her pants but it was held firm against her crotch.“Are you ok there sis?” I teased. “Mhmm” she moaned in reply.“Are you sure?” I said as I leaned over trying to grab her hand away.“No please” she whimpered.“Has someone got a little turned on?”“Mhmm” she moaned as she nodded.I found my cock rising at the thought. I mean I was a little turned on after re telling my story but here was sister horny and wet no doubt, sitting in front of me.Her eyes darted to my crotch as I readjusted myself to accommodate my growing erection.“Oh Robbie…” she quietly whispered.“I should go!” I begin to get up.“No please stay!” She grabbed my arm.“Stacey we said we would be more careful when mom is home. If I stay any longer then it’s going to lead to something.”“You’re right” she said defeated. “Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing more I want right now than to sink myself into you but imagine mom caught us!”“Nothing stopping you watching” she said with a sly grin.“No there’s not.”“Log on and I’ll see you in five” she shooed my from her room.I gladly went back to my room. Grabbed my laptop, stripped off and got onto the bed. Within minutes Stacey and I were logged on and watching each other on webcam. Stacey was down to her matching pink bra and panties. I was already naked and my rock hard cock in full view. “Is that because of me?” She asked over the video chat.“What do you think?” I replied as kaçak bahis I grabbed my junk and the base and gave it a little shake.“Fuck” I heard her gasp as her hand disappeared into her panties.“Tell me how wet you are?” I asked as I slowly began to stroke myself.“Ugh so wet” she groaned as her head tilted back and her eyes closed.Stacey then lifted her hips and removed her panties. She quickly repositioned herself and plunged two fingers inside.My cock gave an evident twitch at the sight. Stacey started to slowly pump her fingers in and out of her.“Fuck Robbie, it feels so good” she moaned.I groaned in response as I tried to match her speed.“Oh god I wish it was the real thing!” “Me too Stacey! You’ve got me so hard right now!”“My pussy is so wet for you, uh yes yes” Stacey began to pick up the pace and slid her fingers in and out of her faster.Again I matched her efforts and it was really feeling good. “Are you going to come with me?” She horsely whispered as her chest began to rise and fall with the deeper breaths she took.“I’m close” I told her.“Me too baby, keep going! I want you to explode like you were filling me up!”“Fuckk” I gasped as that image brought me closer to the edge.Stacey was now furiously fingering herself as I stroked myself with fast motions.“I’m there Stacey, I’m gonna cum!” I grunted as my cock began to swell.“Do it bro, cum for me. Cum in your sisters cunt!”“Uugghhhh fuck” I groaned as I erupted. Shots of cum pulsated out of the tip of my cock.“Uuuuhhhh yeessssss” Stacey let out a muffled scream as I watched her cum. One hand was over her mouth and the other was rubbing her clit with fast circular motions.We both lay there panting as we came down from our highs.“Fuck that was hot” she breathlessly whispered.“Agreed” I said as my head lay back on the pillow.Again we talked for a little longer before calling it a night. I was really loving this new bond I had with my sister.———The next morning I woke up and got about my normal routine with getting ready for school. I shared a nice breakfast with mom and Stacey before we both set off.The ride to school was fun. We were better than ever. We did our usual teasing with added flirtation now. There was no awkwardness though. I was feeling much better although the bruising was still quite evident. As we pulled up and Stacey parked the car she stopped me getting out. “Robbie do you have any plans for Saturday night?” She asked, with a hint of shyness.“Um no I don’t have anything planned, why?”“Would you like to go out to dinner with me?” There was definitely shyness.“Like a date?” I teased.“Shut up!” She said punching me.“Yes Stacey I would love to go out to dinner with you!” I said sincerely.“Good” she beamed with a large smile on her face.We said our goodbyes as we went our separate ways as I headed to class. I arrived just before the start.“Ah welcome back Robbie” Miss Davidson cheered as I entered.“Morning Lau, I mean Miss Davidson.”“It’s good to have you back. How do you feel?” She asked concerned.“I feel much better than I look” I laughed.“I’m glad to see you are ok, you can come back after school and I can catch you up on what you’ve missed!”“Sure” I smiled as I went to take my seat.Melody was already seated and there was a space next to her.“Hi Robbie” she whispered as I took my seat.“Morning Mel, good weekend?” I smirked.“You could say that” she evidently blushed. “How was yours?”“It was good thanks, can’t say I’ve had a better weekend ever.”Melody blushed more as Miss Davidson then began the class. The rest of the day was like most school days, apart from now I spent my lunchtimes with Jessica and Melody. At the end of the day I went to see Miss Davidson after texting Stacey quickly if she minded waiting for me. Thankfully she didn’t.With a knock of the door, I hear Miss Davidson calling for me to enter.“Ah Robbie please come in, close the door.”I closed the door behind me and walk over to one of the desks and take a seat. “How are you?” She asks sweetly.“I’m doing better, still some pain but feel ok.”“Thankfully you haven’t missed too much course work since you’ve been off.” She moves to sit on the edge of her desk in front of me. It seemed like she was getting nervous as her demeanour changed.“Did you manage to get any, extra coursework whilst you were off?”Never mind the fact that I was in hospital, I chuckled inwardly. “Sorry no” I replied.“Oh” she simply said “that’s ok I didn’t expect anything.” There was definitely a tone of disappointment in her voice.“No other sexual escapades?” She coyly asked.I contemplated giving her my usb. I did have one last video that I hadn’t shown her of my last time with Holly. It just didn’t seem quite right though.“Afraid not” I replied “not on video” I found myself adding.“Oh really?” Her body straightened slightly as she raised an eyebrow.“Eh yeah I don’t know why I said that” I nervously shifted in my seat.“Uh huh. You have a juicy story, I can tell!”I remained silent. I wasn’t sure how to react. If I tell this again could lead somewhere but like she said before if she is caught she looses her job.“I should really go.” She stared at me blankly as she bit the corner of her lip. An internal debate going on in her mind.“Um Laura?” I said as I stood up. It snapped her from her trance as she stood up.“Sorry Robbie. Yes yes you can go” she said as she went behind her desk and began to tidy it up. It was more to make her look busy.“See you later Laura!” I half waved as I left the room. “What took so long?” Stacey asked as I got into the car.“Miss Davidson just wanted to see how I was and talk about course work” I shrugged.“Uh huh” Stacey replied.“What she did?” “Sure” Stacey grinned as we headed home. Thankfully she didn’t press it any further and we just went about talking. That night I caught up on some school work after having dinner with mom and Stacey. Before I went to sleep I watched Stacey illegal bahis doing a public show. She did use this as a way to make money as she loved the idea of knowing that I was watching.Tuesday and Wednesday went pretty much the exact same as Monday. Although this time on Wednesday night Stacey and I had a private webcam show. As much as I loved the shows it was getting really hard to not to break the rule. After watching her all I wanted to do was to fuck her for real and I know she felt the same. Our date Saturday might give us the chance. I hope.Thursday at school was a breeze and in no time I was at work.“Robbbiiieee” Holly beemed as she ran over giving me a big hug as I entered the shop. “Hi Holly” I replied plainly.“I’m so glad to see you again! I heard what happened! I’m so sorry, are you ok?” She asked with a look of genuine concern on her face.“I’m ok, I’ll live” I smiled to her.“Good I’m glad” she grinned, her hands still on my arms. “I was worried about you, I’ve missed you” her tone and look changed at the last comment. “I’ve missed you too” I replied, which wasn’t a lie. I did miss her, the sex was great with Holly but I would have to talk with her later about her situation.Luckily Derek was working as well so I had an out. “I would love to chat with you more but we should really get to work, I can feel Dereks eyes burning.”“Yeah you’re right” she said as she hugged me again, “we will talk later!” There was an emphasis on the word talk as she kissed me on the cheek and almost skipped back behind the counter. It was a slow shift but eventually it was time to cash up and lock up. “Robbie, you got a minute?” Derek asked me into his office.“Yeah sure, what’s up?”“Are you able to work tomorrow?” He simply said. “Eh yeah I think that should be fine!” I replied.“Great” he said “you can get cleaned up!”What a dick he can be sometimes. I went back out to start to clean up and a few minutes later Derek left his office.“See you guys later” Derek said as he waved as he left the shop.“Glad he’s gone” holly grinned as she eyed me up.I didn’t answer as she moved closer to me. I wanted to stop her but as she got closer her scent was intoxicating. Her top was showing ample cleavage and I began to think with my second brain. She closed the gap and with one hand on my chest and the other cupping my cheek her lips pressed forward. I was lost in a moment as her sweet tender lips pressed against mine. Her tongue didn’t immediately look for mine. Our lips locked together in a tender embrace. I was snapped to reality as her tongue seeked entry into my mouth.“Holly wait” I said as I took hold of her upper arms and eased her back.“Robbie what is it?” Her face full of concern.“We need to talk?” I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing. I mean she was hot and was begging for sex and at any time. But I was cheated on and although I re found myself from it. It still destroyed me.She took a small step back “what about?”“I need you to be honest with me, ok?” I asked with a serious note to my tone.“Ok?” She replied.“Promise?” “Robbie what is it?”“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked straight faced.Her face fell, I could tell there was conflicting emotions going on in her head. She remained silent for a few moments as she took a couple of steps back.“It’s not like that” she said quietly.“It’s quite a simple question Holly, do you have a boyfriend?” I said in a non threatening voice.Again she remained silent for a few moments before answering, “yes.”“Is his name Aidan?” “Yes” she said.“How long?”Holly began to sob as she tried to explain. Through tears she told me the story. She had been seeing him for a while but it was nothing serious. She’d always had a crush on me but I was with Kelsey and appeared happy. She started officially going out with Aidan the weekend I broke up with Kelsey. Then when I came back to work and was single she couldn’t help herself. She’s had sex with Aidan a couple of times but it’s not the same. Holly said he is a good guy and a family friend but she didn’t mean to hurt him.“I’m glad you’ve finally been honest with me but we can’t carry on what we were doing, it’s not right!” I know that’s rich coming from me when I’ve shared those private security footage.“I’m so sorry” she sobbed.“It’s cool, I won’t tell him. It will be our secret but you owe him better” I told her.“You’re right” she sniffed “he is a really nice guy, sweet and caring.”“Good I’m glad” I said as I pulled her into a hug.She happily returned the hug and continued to apologise.“It’s cool, you get home and I’ll sort things out here. I’ll see you soon ok?” I told her.After some reassurance she nodded her head, gathered her things and then left. It didn’t take me long to sort everything out and then head home. Thankfully I had the car and was home in no time.I was pretty tired that night so said my good nights to Stacey and mom then went to bed. Friday morning went by in a flash. I was able to leave college early and head to work after lunch. Since the afternoons were used for studying or clubs I was ok with getting away to go to work.Holly wasn’t there and neither was Aidan. It was only myself, Derek and an older woman by the name of Janet. She didn’t work very often but I’m sure she’s related to Derek in some way. Very chatty to the customers but to me not so much. Eventually it was closing time and after everything was cleaned up and shut up I headed home. Unfortunately I didn’t have the car as Stacey was using it tonight to meet a friend. I was a little nervous walking home because the last time I did it, I was attacked.Stacey implored to come pick me up but I ensured her I would be fine. I would have to be by myself at some point and told her to go see her friend.It was a long walk but I eventually got home. As I entered the house I heard voices from the lounge. One I knew was my moms and the other I recognised too but couldn’t instantly place it. I knew it wasn’t Stacey’s.“Hi mom, I’m home!” I said entering the living room.My face fell and my heart sank.“Hi Robbie” the female voice said to me and I should have recognised it.“Kelsey?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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