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A Chance Encounter.

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My name is Paul. I’m a thirty-four-year-old man from Massachusetts. I work for a company that manufactures, installs and tests industrial braking systems, couplings and bearings. My job requires extensive travel around the country, approximately two hundred days a year. I am not, nor have I ever been, married. Because of the fact that I work a lot and travel extensively, my sex life is very boring. I spend quite a bit of time in airports and hotels. I eat dinner alone and spend most nights on the road ordering room service and watching television.In early 2018, I had to travel to Houston, Texas on business. After Hurricane Harvey struck, some of our high-pressure water couplings at an industrial facility failed. We had sent two men down there a month before to find out what the problem was. We deduced that they had neglected to replace gaskets at required intervals, thus some of our couplings failed due to the massive influx of water by the storm. After a few months of back and forth with the blame game, the company that owned the facility and my company decided to upgrade the couplings and share the cost. I was at their corporate headquarters in Houston and traveling back and forth to the facility for approximately ten days. My trip was finally over, and I was flying home the next morning. It was a Friday night and I had Saturday off, so I planned on sleeping in and booked an early afternoon flight.The company’s headquarters was about three miles from the hotel that I was staying at. It had been a long ten days and I was looking forward to a relaxing night in my room, dinner and a good night’s sleep. As I stepped outside to hail a cab, I noticed that there was a woman standing in the same spot. I could tell that she was a businesswoman by the way that she was dressed. istanbul travesti She was older, in her early to mid-forties, I’d say. She was attractive but looked her age. She had shoulder-length dark auburn hair and was wearing a business suit.As the cab approached, we both hailed it. It turned out that she was staying at a hotel two blocks from mine, so we decided to share it. It was rush hour, and the ride to the hotel took almost thirty minutes. During the ride, we struck up a conversation. She told me that her name was Diane and that she was born and raised in Delaware but lived in Illinois. She was divorced and had three children. Two daughters, both of whom were married and had kids of their own, and a son who was serving in US Navy in Florida. She was a commercial real estate broker with a company based out of Chicago and was visiting the same company that I was. They were interested in selling a piece of property that they owned in Louisiana, and she was brokering the deal.Right before we reached our hotels, she took a piece of paper out of her case and wrote on it. We arrived my hotel first and, against her protestations, I paid for the entire cab ride. As I was exiting, she handed me the folded piece of paper that she had written on. I put it in my pocket and proceeded to my room. When I got there, I decided to read her note. She wrote that she didn’t like discussing personal things in a cab and wanted to know if I’d have a drink with her in the lounge in her hotel later and wrote down her room number. She said that she didn’t like giving out her cell number and that If I was interested, to call her at the hotel at eight o’clock.I wasn’t sure if I would call her or not. I was looking forward to a quiet night in my room and my istanbul travesti flight home the next day. At the same time, the last nine nights in my room had been boring, and I was intrigued by her, so I decided to call. When she answered, she said that she was glad that I called her and asked me to me her in the lounge at eight forty-five. She’d be sitting at the table in the far left-hand corner and was looking forward to seeing me. Normally I wouldn’t do things like that and was actually wondering if she’d even be there, but her hotel was only two blocks away and it was a nice night for a walk. When I got there, she was sitting at the table, she waved to me and I went over and sat down next to her. She was wearing a dark medium length skirt with a light blue bouse, with top three buttons open. I noticed the soft inner curve of her relative large breast and the dark lace of a bra.”You paid for the cab so I’m buying the drinks,” she said. “What’ll you have?””I’ll have a beer,” I replied. “I can get my own.”Sternly, she replied, “I’m buying the drinks, Paul, not negotiable.”I noticed that she was drinking the first of many orange drinks that she’d have that night. It was in a fancy looking glass with a cherry and a lemon. When I asked her what it was, she said that it was called a Hurricane. When I asked her what was in it, she said it contained both dark and light rum mixed with fruit juice. My first thought was how ironic it was that she was drinking something with that name in Houston, Texas. She then said that she was ordering food and asked me what I wanted. I was craving chili with tacos, so that’s what I ordered. She has a small pasta dish with a salad.The bar was lightly lit, and there were very few people in it. There were a istanbul travesti few guys sitting at the bar watching a basketball game and a couple at another table on the other side of the lounge. We spent over two hours talking about just about everything from her life growing up, to my company and what we do. She also told me that she had finished her business and that she too was going home in the morning. I don’t look at my watch when I’m with someone because I think that it’s rude, so I took a quick glance at the clock on the wall.It was after eleven o’clock and by now Diane was on her third hurricane and ordered one more. She wasn’t slurring but was clearly getting intoxicated. The drunker she got, the more she talked and the more flirtatious she got, occasionally touching my thigh. I told her that the lounge was closing in about fifteen minutes and that I would escort her to her room. About ten minutes later a hostess came over with the bill and told us that they were closing in five minutes. Diane pulled out her credit card, paid for the drink, wolfed down the rest of her drink and got up. “Walk me to my room?””I said I would,” I replied. “Good,” she said with a smile.The hotel elevator was down a long corridor. Diane by now was clearly drunk and a bit unsteady on her feet. Not falling down drunk but needed a bit of a hand. Her room was the last one at the end of the hallway. As we were walking down the hall, about halfway down, we heard the quiet but distinct sound of a woman moaning in one of the rooms we passed. “Sounds like they’re having a good time,” Diane said.I’m not a player, and when I’m with a woman, I don’t look for or expect sex. However, I enjoy it and if it comes my way, I won’t turn it down. It was obvious that Diane was horny, and that I was going to be the lucky guy. Before we even closed the door to her room, she was unbuttoning her shirt. By the time she got to the bed, her shirt and bra were off. She sat on the bed, took off her shoes and skirt, and lay on the side on the bed, looking at me, wearing only a black laced thong

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