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A chance meeting

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A chance meetingI usually drive to work but this morning I had to go on a training course in central London so I decided to take the train. It turned out to be the best decision ever and cant wait to tell you all about it. I’ll start from the very beginning. I aimed to get on the 6-05am train so booked a taxi to the station at quarter to six. I set my alarm for 4-30 as I had already decided I was going to wear lingerie under my clothes just to make a dull day a bit more exciting. After a shower and shave I slipped into a pair of black lace top stockings and black lace suspender belt and a tiny lace thong. I looked at myself in the mirror and my cock swelled at how I looked. I thought to myself it was a shame I had to cover my sexy undies up under normal boring men’s clothes. I delayed putting my suit and shirt on and slipped my stockinged feet into a pair of heels and went downstairs and made myself a coffee. I watched a few porn videos while I waited for my coffee to cool and couldn’t resist running my fingers over my hardening shaft. The head of my cock was now poking up out of the waistband of my tiny thong and I could see wetness oozing out. I was just thinking I will have to masturbate before I leave but I looked at the time and it was 5-30 so didn’t have time. Downing my now lukewarm coffee I went back upstairs, slipped my heels off and put my shirt, tie and suit on and a boring pair of men’s shoes. Looking in the mirror now no one would ever know I was dressed up in slutty undies underneath but I knew which made me feel a bit naughty and excited. The taxi arrived a few minutes early so off I went. The station platform was empty, I just thought it was because it was so early but as I looked up at the screen I see a list of trains cancelled. The next one was going to be 6-45 apparently. Looking at my watch I see it was only five to six. I was a bit pissed off knowing I had to hang around for 50 minutes but I knew I still had plenty of time to get to my destination in time so I sat on a bench and relaxed, thankful it was a nice sunny morning. I looked up and see a young lad dressed in jeans and I tight white t shirt. He looked rugged but was toned and looked very fit. I could see a bulge in his jeans and the outline of his cock, I had a good view because as I was sitting his cock was at my eye level. I thought ‘Jesus! If that’s all him he must be very well hung’. I nodded and said good morning as he walked past , he didn’t reply, just smiled and winked at me. As he reached the men’s toilet door he stopped and looked round at me as he pushed the door open, smiled again but this time instead of winking he kinda moved his head forward as if he was beckoning me to follow him. It wasn’t an obvious beckon so I sat where I was and watched him go into the toilet. I remained seated for a couple of minutes and he hadn’t come back out so I gave into temptation and walked along the platform towards the toilets. My legs were actually trembling, knowing what I was wearing underneath my trousers adding to the excitement. Before I went into the toilet I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I could have mistaken the situation to try to bring myself down to earth. I tried to act as calm and natural as I could as I walked behind him and took my place next to him at the urinal. I kept my eyes straight forward as I unzipped my fly and fished my cock out from my panties. I slyly glanced over and he was just calmly, slowly stroking his huge, fat cock. I was transfixed by it but eventually managed to tear my eyes away from it before he noticed although I couldn’t quite believe how he hadn’t noticed but he didn’t let it show if he did. As I looked down at my cock it looked so tiny, shrivelled and pathetic in comparison to his monster. I stood there trying to pee for a while but it just wasn’t happening. Out of the corner of my eye I could still see him rubbing his hand over his huge, fat shaft. I couldn’t resist turning my head and looking down at it, I stared blatantly at it for more than a few seconds noticing that it didn’t even appear to be fully erect, he was pulling his lovely foreskin back, slightly exposing a nice bulbous head. Eventually I managed to tear my eyes away from the wonderful sight in front of me and looked up towards his face, quite sure that he must have noticed me staring at his cock stroking exhibition. When I looked up he was just staring up at the wall. After a second or two I bravely said, ‘lovely big cock you have there’. He smiled but remained silent. Getting a little braver, I wanted to show him mine even though it was so tiny and shrivelled up, so I turned towards him slightly and said, ‘Look, mines really small’. After he looked down at my cock, he looked up grinned and held up his thumb and forefinger about an inch away from each other indicating how tiny he thought my cock was. I blushed a little but I always get a thrill showing off my cock when it’s at its smallest so was quite pleased. I held both hands up and holding both forefingers up I glanced down at his cock again and moved them til they were about 9” apart. He smiled again and in a foreign accent said, ‘you like?’ I nodded my head in appreciation and said, ‘yes it’s beautiful’. He said thank you and said in broken English, ‘sorry, no speak much English’. I asked him where he was from and he said Poland and said he had only been here one week all in broken English and very difficult for him to say and me to understand but we got there in the end. All the time he spoke he was still stroking his lovely cock slowly and rhythmically. Glancing back down I said ‘are you going to make it cum?’ ‘Hmmm maybe’ he replied. Then returned the question to me. Looking down at myself I realised I had been u*********sly stroking myself too as we chatted. The only difference was his cock was laying in the palm of his hand as he stroked and I was just rubbing mine with my thumb and forefinger, I realised it hadn’t grown at all even with the rubbing. I shrugged my shoulders indicating maybe then looked at my watch. It was only 6-20 but I was getting a bit worried about people walking in which I told him. He move away from the urinal towards a cubicle pendik escort and beckoned me with his head and said ‘come’. Without hesitation I went into the cubicle with him. Lucky it was the disabled toilet so there was plenty of room for both of us. We stood facing each other and he took my hand and placed it on his meaty cock. It felt so lovely and as I gave it a nice squeeze I felt it twitch and harden slightly in my hand. In turn he lowered his hand and fondled my cock with his fingers. I could tell he was struggling a bit as my small cock was barely sticking out the opening of my flys so I undone the button on my trousers and started to pull them down slowly. I done this for 2 reasons, one to give him better access to my cock but secondly I wanted him to see my underwear I was wearing underneath. I took a step back as I slowly pulled my trousers down my legs. I could feel his eyes on me but glanced up just to make sure before my stocking tops came into view. I looked straight at him as I let my trousers fall down around my ankles and lifted my shirt up to reveal my suspender belt and thong. His eyes widened in shock as he saw what I was wearing and when he finally looked up he had a nice grin on his face. I felt relief that he seemed to like so I struck a little pose and asked him what he asked me earlier ‘you like?’. Looking me up and down he replied ‘you beautiful’. I blushed a little, thanked him and said I’m pleased he liked. Looking down at his cock he said ‘I like very much’. When I looked down I saw just how much he liked. His cock was sticking up hard and fully erect and I could now see the blood engorged veins running up the length of the shaft. His cock head was also peeking out of his foreskin. I looked at it with lust, it looked to be at least 10” long now and nice and fat too. With a cheeky grin I said ‘mmm, is that all for me?’. He nodded and said ‘yes, you looking very sexy’. I took a step back towards him and wrapped my hand around his throbbing shaft. He undone his jeans as I gently caressed him, he let his jeans fall to the floor then put his hand down my panties and gently squeezed and caressed my balls. I was so pleased I shaved now as it heightened the pleasure and my little cock started to grow. He was quite an expert putting his hand right underneath my balls and playing with my bum hole. Before long I was fully erect and he slowly stroked and gently teased me with his hands. Looking down at both our cocks I could see mine was still only about half the size of his. He must have known what I was thinking as he looked at me with a grin. I shrugged my shoulders and said, ‘that’s why I’m a sissy’. He must have understood because he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed down. I looked up at him as he said ‘you suck’. I was a little startled and he must have seen it by the look on my face. His tone of voice changed as he said ‘yes, you suck now ok!’ It was more of a demand than a request and his strong hands pushed firmly down on my shoulders. I gave little resistance and I suddenly found myself down on my knees facing this huge cock right in front of my face. He put his hands on the back of my head and pulled my face towards him and I shamelessly open my mouth and took his beautiful big cock between my lips, enveloping his hardness as deep as I could and slurping my tongue on the underside of his shaft. He moaned and groaned as he rocked his hips gently against me fucking my mouth with his huge cock. Even though I was trying my hardest to take as much of his cock as I could I could see I had still only taken barely half. Although he was had his hand on the back of my head he didn’t try to force more in. His breathing became heavier and his tempo quickened and I could feel my mouth feel with his hot pre cum. Each time my mouth was full I pulled my head off of his cock, looked up at him with my cutest eyes and swallowed his tasty offering. I done this 3 times and each time his breathing and moaning got louder and faster. He suddenly pulled his cock out of my mouth and said he was going to cum if I carried on. He pulled me up by my hand and I felt quite disappointed he wasn’t going to give me his full tasty hot load. I stood in front of him and for a second I thought he had finished with me and this fantastic experience had come to an end but then he started to kick his trainers off and remove his jeans and indicated I should do the same with my shoes, socks and trainers. After doing that I put my thumbs inside the sides of my panties and looked at him with a cute questioning look as if to say do you want my panties off too. He held his hand up suggesting I should leave them on but no sooner had I taken my thumbs away he dropped to his knees and proceeded to pull my panties down my legs and then lifted my feet up to slip them right off. Then putting his hand around my stiff cock shaft he pulled my foreskin right back and then put his lips onto my exposed cock head and gave it several little gentle kisses. My cock jumped and twitched with each kiss and soon their was pre cum oozing from my piss slit which he licked up eagerly. I was getting close to cumming when he suddenly stopped pleasuring me with his lips and tongue and stood up. I groaned in disappointment but then he said, ‘I need fuck now’, in his broken English sexy accent. My eyes widened as I looked at him with shock. Looking straight at me as he squeezed his huge fat cock he said, ‘yes, I need fuck now ok’! This time it sounded more like a demand and I was very worried, glancing down at his hand around his very hard, long, fat cock did nothing to ease my worries either. ‘I er, I don’t…I don’t think I’ll be able to take you in my, er, b…b…bottom’. I stuttered nervously. I hadn’t been fucked by a real cock for almost a year and I’ve only ever actually been fucked by 8 different guys in my life and none were even close to the size of this guys cock. ‘We, er, we don’t have any l…lube’, I muttered nervously. ‘And your cock is so big’, I said, looking down with awe at it. He let out a little laugh, ‘it’s ok’, he said. ‘Here,’ he said and took hold of both my hands in his, turning me around so he was behind me he pulled escort pendik my hands down and put them on the toilet seat so I was now bent over in front of him. I could feel his stiff cock prodding against my bottom and I clenched my bum cheeks tight, it was the only defence I offered. At this point I thought he was going to forcefully fuck me and I was so frightened that I suddenly started sobbing, tears were running down my cheeks and landing on the toilet seat between my hands. ‘It’s ok’ he said but all I could do was close my eyes tight and grimace as I stood there bent over before him expecting him to suddenly thrust his huge cock inside me. But to my surprise I felt his hands prising my bottom cheeks apart, which, accepting my fate I had now relaxed, as much as I could in the circumstances anyway. Then I just felt a gentle probing on my bottom hole and it felt so good. I opened my teary eyes slightly and looking back between my spread legs I see him on his knees behind me and realised he was rimming me, gently licking all around my sissy bottom hole and occasionally delving his tongue inside which made me moan in ecstasy. After doing this for several minutes he then started fingering my hole, very gently, easing into my hole gradually until it was fully inside me. Withdrawing his finger he then tongued me a bit more and before long I had 2, then 3 of his fingers sliding in and out my hole. After a few minutes of finger fucking me he pulled his fingers out and getting to his feet, he said ‘fuck now ok!’ By this time I was so horny and like a wanton slut, I groaned, ‘oh god yes! Please fuck me now!’ Feeling his cock head against my bottom hole I even found myself pushing back slightly against him. I heard him let out a soft laugh, ‘you good little bitch, yes.’ With his accent he pronounced bitch sounding more like ‘beach’ but I knew exactly what he meant. He gave my bottom cheek a playful but none too gentle slap making me jump and then putting his hands on my hips I felt his cock head pop inside me. Gradually he pushed a bit more into me and I winced in pain each time a little bit more went in. My bottom hole was being stretched to the max trying to accommodate his fat shaft. He must have been about half way in when he started rocking his hips back and forth. Omg! I thought to myself. I can’t believe I am in a public toilet cubicle being fucked by a stranger. I have never felt so slutty in my life but I was loving it, so much in fact that I found myself pushing back onto him harder. After a few minutes I felt his balls make contact with mine and I knew his huge cock was bollock deep inside me. Trying to get a better view of the action I lowered my head right down til it was almost on the toilet seat and looked back between my legs. First thing I noticed was a long string on liquid oozing out of my very stiff cock and swinging around as he fucked me. Then I could see his lovely big balls moving back and forth behind my little ones that had contracted up and my scrotum was all tight and wrinkled. But the main thing was lowering my head had, in turn, pushed my bottom up further in the air and that altered the angle his cock was entering me. I let out a huge gasp and a loud moan as his cock touched a different area inside my hole and three jets of cum shot from my cock straight into my own face. I was in heaven as I licked as much of my own cum as I could. He continued to fuck me like this for 5 minutes or so and his thrusts were getting harder but by this time I didn’t mind at all, in fact I was loving it, and it sounded like he was loving it too by his moaning and groaning and heavy breathing. After a while he slowed down and eventually stopped and then very slowly withdrew his cock from my fuck chamber. I couldn’t see but my hole felt like it was still gaping open. He gave my bottom another firm slap. He said, ‘you nice fuck’. I said ‘thank you, you really fuck nicely too’. ‘You like more fuck yes’, he asked laughing softly. ‘Oh god, yes!’ I replied eagerly, feeling and sounding like a right slut. With his hands on my hips he slowly rotated us both round 180 degrees so I was now facing the toilet door and he had his back to the toilet. With his hands still firmly on my hips he sat himself down on the toilet and then slowly but firmly pulled me down, my bottom hole in line with his throbbing erection. I let out a groan as I felt his fat cock head make contact with my bottom hole. Still feeling nervous about the size of his cock i resisted his efforts to force me down on it and impale me on that huge thing sticking up from between his legs. In a soft reassuring voice he said, ‘it ok now, your pussy open now like beach (bitch) cunt’. I felt his hands on my bum cheeks and lifting me back up slightly he pulled my cheeks apart and, although I couldn’t see I knew he was looking at my hole. ‘Yes, pussy ready for fuck ok.’ Letting go of my bum cheeks he put one hand around in front of me and made an ‘O’ with his thumb and forefinger, imitating what my gaping bum hole looked like. I felt pleased that it actually looked like it felt, a big, gaping, well fucked slut hole. It really excited me that he referred to my bottom hole as my pussy and even a bitch cunt. I know some cross dressers don’t like it but I have always referred to my bum hole as my pussy or cunt and my cock is a clitoris or clitty. I gave no resistance this time as he lowered me back down, when I felt his cock against the opening of my hole I continued sliding slowly down until I was completely sat on it. I remained still for what felt like ages but was probably only a minute, enjoying the feeling of his fat shaft stretching my pussy hole and his huge length deep inside my belly. I leaned forward to take in the view as well noticing cum had oozed from my cock again and I watched as it run all the way down my clitty stick, then on to my balls and then on to his. I couldn’t resist taking his huge cum soaked balls in my hand and gently squeezed and massaged them. I felt them contract as he moaned softly at my touch and I felt his cock twitch deep inside me. I was literally gagging to be fucked now, so moving my top half back towards him in a more pendik escort bayan upright position I slowly lifted myself up and then back down repeatedly on his cock. I started off lifting myself up as far as I could, just so his cock head remained inside me before lowering myself back down so he was bollock deep inside me. As lovely as this felt it was very hard work on my thighs and I couldn’t keep it up for long. Before long I was just able to move myself up and down a couple of inches and then my legs finally gave way and all I could do was squirm and gyrate my bottom against him. While I was gently rocking on top of him, he put his right hand around my waist and very gently teased my stiff, throbbing clitty with his fingertips, expertly running his fingers up and down my shaft, alternating between the top, then the underneath. Whilst touching the underside he ran his fingers down, gently caressing my balls and he would run his fingers up over my, almost fully exposed, sensitive, leaking cock head. After a couple of minutes of driving me wild with his teasing touches, he put his strong arms underneath my bottom and his hands underneath my stockinged thighs and lifted my legs up and apart, pulling my knees back as far as they’d go, he started slowly fucking his cock in and out of me. ‘Oh my god!’ I groaned. I was in ecstasy and wanted to scream really but had to keep the volume down in a public toilet. I was leaning right back and the back of my head was resting on his shoulder. As he pumped in and out of me he whispered in my ear ‘you like fuck yes.’ All I could do was groan, nod my head and say ‘oh fuck yes! I love it! Please fuck my sissy pussy with your big cock!’ I didn’t mean to say please but my naturally submissive side was coming out and it made him giggle a bit. ‘Awwww,’ he said in a very condescending tone. ‘My bitch say please for fuck’, laughing again he said ‘my little slut bitch loves big cock in her pussy cunt!’ Stretching his neck over my shoulder, he looked down and said in the same condescending manner ‘awwww, her little sissy clit leak lot cum.’ All the time he was saying this he was still pumping slowly in and out of me, keeping perfect rhythm. The way he talked to me, like I was a dirty cock hungry slut drove me even wilder, his accent and broken English made it even more sexy. I was so turned on now I was actually bucking my hips backwards, forwards, side to side and bouncing my bottom up and down as much as I could while he held me in this position anyway. ‘Ooooh I think my bitch want fuck hard yes?’ In a desperate, pleading tone I replied ‘oh god yes! Yes please. Please fuck me hard! I want to feel your hot cum shoot inside my belly!’ He lifted my bottom up off of his lap so I was now hovering in his arms and his cock was only about a quarter inside me, then he very slowly pulled his hips away from me, withdrawing his cock til just the tip was still inside me, then very suddenly thrust his full length back up inside me causing me to yelp a little too loud. ‘Shhh’ he said. ‘You don’t want get caught like this, no?’ ‘No’ I mumbled, feeling like I’d been told off. ‘No! Ok then. You want hard fuck but you keep quiet yes!’ He still sounded like he was telling me off and hanging my head in shame I just nodded and mumbled ‘ok, I’m sorry’. ‘Ok’ he replied in a softer tone, ‘you make noise and I go, ok. No fuck ok!’ I suddenly panicked at his suggestion that he’d just walk off at this stage. ‘Oh no, please!I’m so sorry! I’ll be quiet now I promise! Please don’t go! I need you to fuck me hard! I love your big cock so much and I want you to fill me up with your hot spunk!’ I was speaking fast and I was actually shaking a bit. ‘Ok’ he said in a much kinder voice now. He even run his hands gently and soothingly up and down my back, calming me down from my hysterical outburst. ‘Can you reach your panties?’ he asked. I could see them on the floor and told him I could reach them, he told me to pick them up. With his entire length still buried inside me I bent slowly forward, trying not to make any noise and picked up my panties from the floor. He held his hand out and I handed them to him. Pulling me back with his other hand he told me to open my mouth and then stuffed my panties in my mouth and told me that should help keep me quiet. Not able to speak I just nodded and made a ‘mmmppphhh’ kind of noise. Placing his arms back under my thighs and lifting me up again he whispered in my ear he was going to fuck me really good and hard until he cums in my belly. As he pulled out this time I braced myself for the hard, sudden thrust of his cock and when it came I was pleased for the panties in my mouth because I would have definitely yelped again. Pulling out slowly he repeated the thrust back inside me and then after that he pulled out as fast as he went in and there I was, in a train station toilet, wearing just stockings and suspender belt, my little black thong stuffed in my mouth, my legs being held in the air by some foreign stranger while he pounded his amazing, gorgeous, sexy big cock into me. He whispered in my ear as he gave me the best fuck of my life, calling me names, slut, bitch, whore, cunt and even some foreign words which I couldn’t understand but I guessed and hoped they were nasty. I looked down at my little stiff cock bouncing around all over the place and every so often I felt a warm splash land on my belly. His rhythm quickened and his breathing got heavier and he was moaning and groaning softly as he used me like his bitch. His pounding got more ferocious and then with a final thrust deep inside me I felt his cum spray inside my belly. At the same time my own cock spurted all over my belly, just one spurt and then a dribble, I must have been virtually empty by that time as I’d been constantly leaking for almost 40 minutes by now. As his breathing come back to normal he let go of my legs and just put his arms around my waist with his cock still inside me. We stayed like that for a few minutes until he patted me on my bum cheek as if to say I had to get off now. I wish I could have stayed there forever but I reluctantly stood up feeling his cock flop out of me. Looking down I could see a glob of cum ooze from him and I couldn’t resist bending over and licking it up. I thanked him for fucking me and we got dressed and exchanged phone numbers so hopefully we will be getting together again soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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