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A conference trip goes better with a BBC…

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A conference trip goes better with a BBC…My Boss sent me out of town on a conference trip.I was very horny on these days; so I was sure I would take the chance to have a sexy slutty hookup to spice things up in that trip.I drove for about three hours before getting to the place.The whole drive I got horny in anticipation of a sex adventure. Once I arrived, I checked into my room and went straight up, laid on the bed and started chatting on the net with some local guys.I carried on a few dirty conversations for a bit and eventually narrowed it down a few guys. My final choice was a lucky muscular black guy called Cassius. He had a nice body and a huge dark dick, but mostly I liked how sexually aggressive and straight forward he was. We planned to meet the next night, but I had to go through the whole next day horny as fuck, getting messages from that black guy throughout the day, telling me how deep he was going to fuck my tight cunt and sending pictures of his big hard dick. He was saying that he was going to make me his white married slutand I was going to be a slave to his nigger dick…I was really turned on by it, wanting to give myself up to him.By the time the meet up came around, my pussy was already hot and wet. It was hungry for his black dick.When he finally showed up, I jumped off the bed to open the door. As I let him in, I could already notice the huge bulge in his pants.I was wearing a sexy red lace thong and matching bra; with a pair of nice stilettos. He soon slid a hand around my lower back, pulling me on him.He kissed me deep and I went limp in his arms. I thought about my loving husband; but this huge black bahis şirketleri man soon made me forget about Victor…Cassius carried me over to the bed where he kept kissing my body.His tongue and lips made me crazy.He made me lay on my back, with my legs hanging over the edge of the bed. The black stud knelt in front of me, removing my thong and my bra. He then took his pants off.He left his big, black cock hanging inches from my face. Cassius then grabbed the dick by the base and planted it on my lips, commanding me without words to service his hard thing.I did not need the encouragement though, eagerly taking the soft mushroom head into my mouth, tasting his salty pre cum. He moaned deeply as I tried to work as much of his thick shaft into my mouth as I could…I was really getting into it and lost in the lust and dirtiness of it all. I greedily sucked on his big black cock, submitting to him, wanting to be his fuck toy. He kissed me and leaned in, allowing his throbing hard cock to press against my pussy lips. Cassius rocked back and forth a bit, allowing my juices to lubricate his cock as it slid against my clit, parting my pussy lips with his smooth head. He worked this way for a minute, getting me to the edge of insanity with desire and need to have him inside me.Cassius guided his cock lower with each stroke, coming right to the edge of entering me, until finally sinking the head of his dick inside my hungry hole. Just the head alone was stretching me out, but he slowly worked more and more in, filling me to the brim. I laid there in ecstasy, taking this dark cock while on my back in a hotel room. It made me feel dirty and bahis firmaları slutty and I loved it. I had my legs spread wide now, grabbing my heels, trying to give him the best angle to pound every inch into me. I suddenly felt a shattering climax.Cassius smiled and he moved my ankles over his shoulders.He then pressed down into me, pinning me down with his head next to mine. As he gave me long strokes, Cassius began to whisper in my ear. He told me he was going to destroy that white pussy, that now I belonged to him, that I was his slut, his ragged doll toy. I had another brutal orgasm rocking through my body.His next move was to pick me up off the bed and he held me tight to his chest with my legs wrapped around him, holding and fucking me effortlessly before placing me back on the edge of the bed. That amazing cock was back in my face and I sucked my own juices hungrily off of that hard cock. I licked his shaft a bit more, desperate to get it back inside me.After a bit of that he turned me around, having me on all fours on the bed facing away. Cassius gave my buttocks a slap, sending waves of excitement through my whole body.He ordered me to stuck my ass up in the air.I obliged, putting my face into the bed with my ass in the air, ready to get fucked doggy by this big black man and his powerful cock. He smacked his dick on my butt a few times, rubbing it a bit, before sliding into me and driving the breath from my lungs. Cassius started fucking me pretty hard and fast. My cunt was so wet, that I enjoyed a good, hard, rough fuck. He kept slapping my buttocks as he slid in and out of me, telling me I was his slutty married kaçak bahis siteleri white bitch. I liked being that trashy slut.He got me into a prone position, laying on my stomach with the weight of his body pressing me into the bed. I was pinned there at his mercy with his cock resting between my thighs. He owned me and I was happy for it. Cassius pulled up on my hips to give him better access to my dripping hole. He entered me again, while pressing me back down to the bed. I was pinned down as he ground against my ass, fucking me good and deep in the prone position. I could feel another orgasm growing inside me and could sense Cassius was getting close to come too.I began to cum just before him, with my orgasm going through the roof as he shot his burning load deeply inside of my womb.He stayed inside me for another couple minutes before withdrawing his still hard cock from my cum soaked slut cunt. We both laid on the bed for a few minutes.I passed out for a few minutes and when I woke up, Cassius was getting dressed. I told him he could stay if he wanted, but the bastard then told me he would spend the rest of the night with his lovely black wife…I protested, but he then said that he could meet me again on the next evening and he would fuck me in the ass…As he left, I could still feel him inside me and would be the same during the following day. I grinned to myself as I closed my legs tight, holding his seed in me, enjoying being his slut.But, during the next day, my Boss called me that I should go back to the office. I drove home, still feeling worn in from last night fuck. I reported back to my Boss that it had been an uneventful trip and conference, He apologized for giving me boring assignments…I told him I did not mind it, since I always enjoyed getting out of the office for fresh air and exercise…So, I asked him to send me back soon to that town…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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