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A Day at the Beach Turns Hot Ch. 02

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The sun was low in the sky when I came out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked into the den, where Sharon was sitting on the couch painting her toes.

She was dressed in white, a wrap that barely covered her ass. She was wearing panties but no bra. She looked sexy as hell, and I stood in the doorway staring at her and thinking back over the previous couple of hours.

Sharon is 42, a gorgeous wife who hasn’t aged much since she was in her early 30s. Blonde, blue eyes, long tanned legs, about 5-7 with perfect natural breasts, still pert 35c with hard dark nipples that were showing through the sheer wrap.

She didn’t look up but concentrated on her toes.

“They’ll be here soon,” she said. “You might want to get the grill going.”

I dried my hair as I walked back into the bedroom, grabbing a pair of clean shorts and a white button down oxford shirt. I didn’t bother buttoning it. I liked showing my tan at the beach, liked the feel of the wind blowing my shirt open and showing my flat stomach.

I shuddered, suddenly realizing I’d run my hands across Phil’s flat stomach earlier in the afternoon while sucking his cock. I could still taste his cum, even after washing my face and washing my mouth out. I feared I would taste it for the rest of my life.

Sharon was on the deck when I came back out, her white wrap billowing in the wind as she faced the sunset, her sunglasses looking like they were on fire as she stared west without realizing Bev was on her deck only a few yards away looking at her.

They’d been in bed together a few hours earlier, Sharon wide open as a woman she barely knows plunged a dildo inside her, fucking her as my wife begged for more. My cock was so hard I wasn’t sure I wanted to walk onto the deck, but I felt a strange sensation that I needed to show Bev that Sharon was mine and not hers.

It was an odd sensation to be thinking that about another woman. And then Phil walked out and put his arm around his wife. They stood there, staring at Sharon without her able to see them.

She was staring at the sunset, oblivious as I walked through the door. She turned toward me and held her arms open wide. I kissed her as we hugged and twirled on the deck without noticing the next-door neighbors waking toward us.

“Get a room!” Bev said as we laughed and greeted our new friends.

Bev and Sharon kissed on the lips, a quick peck, and then she hugged me too, a little longer than a typical greeting of relative strangers.

“She’s so beautiful,” Bev whispered in my ear.

I was about to answer her when Sharon asked Phil if he wanted a drink.

“I’ll get it,” I said pulling away from Bev and winking at her. Phil folllowed me into the house.

I had no idea what to say to him. I took two glasses down from the cupboard.

“What are you drinking?” he asked, breaking the silence.

“Vodka tonic,” I said, reaching for the Stoli above the refrigerator.

I sense he was suddenly behind me, and when I turned around he was only a couple of feet away from me, smiling.

“I’ll have one too,” he said.

Neither of us moved for a few long seconds, staring at each other in the kitchen.

“About today,” I said.

He held up his hand and shook his head.

“Don’t say a word,” Phil said. “Stays between us.”

I exhaled slightly and opened the freezer. As I reached in for the ice, Phil reached around my waist and pulled his cock against my ass.

“I owe you one,” he whispered.

Then he walked back outside.

I was red-faced and flushed as I made the drinks. Then I walked out onto the deck and joined the party.

There was loud music coming from a few houses away, and both the women were swaying with the music. Phil was watching the sky turn deep purple as the sun went down, I stood for a second and took it all in.

Sharon’s wrap flapped in the wind, the panties in full view every few gusts. Bev stood next to her in a yellow sundress, loose fitting over ankara eve gelen escort her tanned body. She was about 5-2, short and athletic with nice calves, big round tits and brown hair. She was dark and the bright yellow made her look almost like an islander. She stood with her legs close together letting the wind blow under her dress, lifting it and letting it fall in the breeze.

She wasn’t wearing panties.

Phil’s shirt blew open like mine, a flowered print shirt with parrots. He was about my height, 6-1 and maybe 200 pounds. He was slim but toned with a slight bit of hair all over him, mostly black with a hint of silver. Phil reminded me of me.

My cock stirred as my mind went back to the events of the afternoon. And I had a strange sensation as I stared at him behind my Ray Bans.

I wanted to suck his cock again.

The girls’ laughter shook me out of my reverie, and I walked onto the deck.

“Anyone need another drink?”

No one seemed to pay me any attention so I walked to the grill, opened the lid and hit the igniter. The small eruption seemed to startle everyone as I laughed and lowered the lid.

“Steaks in 45 minutes! Who needs a drink.”

Sharon suggested I bring the drinks outside. The girls’ wine was in a big tub of ice along with a few beers. I’d put the vodka bottle and tonic water in it too. Phil asked if I needed help, which I didn’t but I said I did. He followed me in.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” he asked as we closed the sliding door behind us.

“I hope they’re talking about raping each other’s husband,” I said.

Phil didn’t laugh, but he walked up beside me and put his hand on my ass.

“Maybe they’re talking about our cocks,” he said.

I didn’t laugh either. I stood there with both hands on the sides of the ice tub and looked at Phil from behind my shades.

“You have a nice cock,” I said.

He reached down and adjusted it.

“You give a better blow job than Bev,” he answered.

Finally, we both laughed. Instinctively, we looked out to the deck and saw that the girls had walked out to the end of it facing the water. I was slightly bent over, arranging bottles when Phil walked behind me. I took a deep breath as he reached around and undid my pants, letting them slide down to the floor. He lifted my shirt up over my waist. I heard him unzip his pants.

“I wonder what it feels like to fuck a man,” he whispered, pressing up against me, his hard cock against my ass crack. I didn’t say a word. He began to move up and down, his cock wedged as I pressed back against it. I reached back and pulled my ass apart.

Phil took his hand and slid the tip of his cock onto my asshole. I felt a stream of spit hit my crack and slowly run down.

“I want to fuck you,” he whispered.

Slowly I felt something slide inside me. Smaller than a cock but bigger than a finger.

Phil had his thumb up my ass, and I let him thumb-fuck me while we looked out at the women.

“Fuck me,” I whispered.

He used his thumb like his cock, thrusting his hips into me and driving his thumb in deeper. I opened up my legs and sighed.

“Fuck me Daddy,” I said. “Fuck my ass.”

He probed me for a minute or so when we saw the girls walking back down the deck. He slid his thumb out and I pulled my pants up as he washed his hands in the sink behind me.

I picked up the tub with a groan, and he wrapped his arms around me, feeling my nipples and massaging me like I was a teenage girl. His breath was hot on my neck when I felt his mouth on my ear. His tongue slid in it, and he tugged on my ear lobe with his teeth.

“I want to suck your cock,” he whispered. “I want the girls to watch.”

I almost dropped the tub as the sliding door opened.

“Where the hell are you guys?” Bev asked. “We need wine.”

She walked past us toward the bathroom then yelled back from the hall.

“Sharon’s a dream boat! Can I take her gaziosmanpaşa escort home?”

I laughed as I carried the tub outside. Sharon was leaning against the railing, her arms folded, her long legs crossed and the wind blowing her wrap all around her. Her white panties flashed for just a second. They had a wet spot.

I poured two glasses of white wine and handed her one as I leaned in and kissed her.

“You look awesome,” I said.

Sharon lifted my Ray Bans and perched them on the top of my head. Then she kissed me and put her hand around my head. She leaned in and whispered in my ear.

“I am so horny right now,” she said.

We stared into each other’s eyes until we heard the sliding door open and Bev’s voice cutting through the wind.

“You too cut that out,” she said. “Or invite me to join you.”

Phil came out behind her with a big smile on his face and a drink his hand. The wind blew his shirt open, revealing his chest.

“Mmmmm,” Sharon said in a mock-sexy voice. “You boys have plans tonight?”

The girls laughed as I slapped her on her ass and walked to the grill.

“Drink up,” I said. “The night is young.”

We all gathered around the wooden table and made small talk, and Phil asked about our mutual friends from Orlando who owned the house we were in.

“Where did meet them?” he asked.

Sharon and I had known them for years. We’d gone to church together and were members of the same club. We’d been coming to the house together for 15 years or more.

“How about you guys? Where did you meet them?” I asked.

Bev and Phil looked at each other and smiled.

“Here,” they said at the same time, laughing.

“Literally right here,” Bev said. “You want to tell the story or me?”

Phil said “Go ahead,” smiling and shaking his head. “You met them first.”

Turns out Bev had walked over to the house one afternoon to meet the neighbors and found our friends naked on the deck, fucking doggie-style.

“I mean, I walked right up on them,” she said. “At first they didn’t see me so I sort of stepped back a little and accidentally kicked a chair and they both screamed, and I started laughing, covering my eyes and apologizing and I finally just blurted out ‘Well, I’m Beverly, your next-door neighbor, and it’s great too see you finally. Or meet you, sorry’.”

We were all laughing so hard we could hardly hear Bev finish the story.

“So I backed all the way off the deck and Trish ran inside like her hair was on fire, and Steve just stood there, naked and frozen in fear until I turned and walked back toward our house. I turned around once more and he was still there, just staring at me. So I finally just said ‘Nice cock, by the way,’ and he said ‘Thanks, Beverly. Come back anytime!’

“Anyway, that’s how we met them. Phil went over later to meet Steve.. Trish wouldn’t come out of the house for days.”

We laughed until our sides hurt, and I stood to get another drink as Bev continued to talk about our mutual friends, and Phil got up to see if I needed help with the steaks. I dropped them on as he walked up and Bev said in a whispered voice “Sharon it was HUGE!” And they laughed as Phil and I looked at each other without saying a word.

We ate and drank and told stories as the night turned dark and stormy again, and we all went inside. I came in last after gathering everything up and covering the beach stuff as the rain started.

Just as I walked into the den and closed the door, there was a crack of lightning and loud thunder and the power went off. I stood there dripping as the girls squealed and Phil laughed and I slowly made my way to the kitchen to find a flashlight.

I had no idea where to look. We only spent 10 days a year there, so I might as well have been looking for a lost child.

Phil said he had some candles at their house, but by now the weather had turned for the worse. The wind was howling, and the rain was sideways and ankara grup escort the lightning was so frequent we could sort of see a little, so we decided to ride it out.

I got everyone a fresh drink and we all sat back and stared at each other in the darkness.

“Honey, you need to get out of those wet clothes,” Sharon finally said.

“Mmmmm, yes honey,” Bev cooed. “Take ’em off right now!”

Everyone laughed as I stood slowly and slipped my shirt off in the darkness just as a flash of lightning illuminated the room and revealed me standing there with no shirt on.

Sharon laughed out loud and said ‘Do it baby.”

She was joking, but then again she wasn’t.

“Yeah baby, do it,” Bev said.

She was definitely not joking.

I finally said, “OK, I will if everyone else does.”

Everyone laughed, and the girls squealed “No!” and then Sharon shocked me.

“Phil said if you will, he will.”

And Bev laughed and said “Yes!”

And for just a brief second, everyone was quiet.

Then another lightning flash caught me with my pants sliding down to my ankles, my cock half hard and everyone’s eyes wide open.

“Awesome,” Bev said quietly.

I was frozen. I was drunk, and I was standing in the den naked when I heard Bev whisper to Sharon “Nice cock,” and both of them giggling like little girls.

We’d forgotten about Phil in the darkness but another flash of lightning showed him taking his pants of too, setting off another round of laughter as I stumbled in the darkness to find my way to the room. Phil followed me, saying he needed to use the rest room.

We stood in the darkness as I fumbled for a doorknob and Phil came up behind me and started rubbing my chest again. In the living room, we heard a muffled moan and I put my finger to Phil’s lips. We crept back toward the den as a flash of lightning showed the girls in an embrace, Bev’s legs wide open and Sharon’s hand under her sundress.

“Let’s go watch,” Phil said. “Let’s join them and see what happens.”

As we crept back in, neither of the girls seemed to notice or care as the lightning now showed them both topless, their dresses down to their waists. Phil sat down behind Sharon and I sat behind Bev and we began to rub their backs.

Another bolt of lightning shocked me as I saw Sharon’s hand around Phil’s hard cock, and then I could sense her sliding off the couch between his legs. Bev slid over and straddled me, rocking slowly against my hard cock as she kissed my face and whispered “Let me have her.”

I grabbed her ass and pulled to toward me, sucking her big tits as she moaned and repeated it. “I want her.”

I felt Phil lean in and kiss her, my wife sucking his cock and his wife riding mine in the darkness.

“Let them play,” Phil whispered. “It will be hot!”

As the lightning flashed, Bev slid off of me and joined my wife sucking Phil’s cock, then they kissed full on the mouth, falling to floor beneath us. Phil’s glistening cock seemed to shine in the dark, and I reached over and began to stroke it. The girls played beneath us, now completely naked, Bev sucking Sharon’s pussy.

A lightning flash caught us looking at each other, Sharon staring at me with a woman between her legs and me staring at her with a man’s cock in my hand.

I heard her shudder. Then I heard her whisper.

“Suck his cock.”

I was stunned as Phil adjusted, lying back onto the arm of the couch, his cock standing at attention as my wife coaxed me from the floor.

“Suck it,” she said.

I went down on Phil as the lightning flashed, sucking his cock as he and Sharon moaned.

We were all drunk and in a small orgy, guys on the couch and the girls on the floor. When the power came back on, Sharon’s tongue was buried into Bev’s ass hole. Bev was on all fours.

I was leaning over the arm of the couch, and Phil was about to slide his cock into my ass. We were all looking at each other for the first time, wide-eyed, drunk and totally

out of control.

No one moved a muscle. No one said a word.

And then Sharon stood up and took Bev by the hand and led her down the hallway. Phil stood up and followed them.

I walked out onto the deck and let the rain pour over my naked body, washing away the day, my hand on my cock, jerking like a mad man.

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