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A Deal is Completed.

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Chastity Cage

A Deal is Completed.Part II of ‘A Deal is Struck’. I was woken up by my cock pressing hard into my cage. I was on my front with my Mistress spooning me, her leg over me and pressing down, with her arm around my waist. I pushed my cunt back slowly into her groin, enjoying the warmth of her body. ‘Someone’s horny,’ She said, as her hand crept down to my cage, wiggling it, ‘Your little clit wants to be freed.’ I groaned a yes, my straining clit too much. I pressed my cunt backwards. Her hand snaked around my arse and down to my gouch, rubbing it slowly. ‘Not now Sissy. We need to get ready for later. Go run me a bath.’ ‘Bath’s ready,’ I chimed. ‘Good. Have a look at the clothes I’ve laid out for you. But you will need to shave first.’ She grabbed me by the cage, unlocked it and pulled it off. My clit got hard immediately. She sighed and said, ‘We’ll have to do something about that.’She stood watching me as I shaved all over, making sure I didn’t start playing with myself.’Let me see,’ She said, as she grabbed me and inspected me. ‘Good. Your clit is fine. Bend over. I need to wax your crack.’ I was silky soft back there when she had finished and I was feeling fully charged as she inspected my cunt; running her hands over my cunt and cheeks. ‘Perfect,’ She said, giving me one final slap on the arse, ‘Let’s get dressed.’ She had me lead the way, my little clit bouncing with each step. On the bed she had laid out our outfits for the night. For myself, she had bought some black stockings that were criss-crossed in luminous yellow and a luminous yellow, sheer thong with matching halter top. For herself, she had bought a leopard skin corset with black frilly lace on the bottom and black leather boots that went up to her thighs. As I was concentrating on dressing my clit went down and she quickly caged me back up. ‘Now we need to do our make-up.Sit here sissy.’ I sat where I was told and she rummaged through her make-up. ‘What do you think sissy: A hot pink or this bright red for your lips?’ ‘I don’t know Mistress.’ ‘Well, which would make you look like more of a cocksucker?’I couldn’t believe this was happening. She was taking this too far and I told her: ‘Look, I’m not sucking any cock!’ ‘Oh, you’ve changed your tune haven’t you?’ She grabbed me by the cage and pulled me up. ‘Have you forgot what it feels like having your cunt fucked?’ She rested her hand on my hole, gently cupping it with her fingers. This was too much, I immediately pushed my bottom backwards into her hand, ‘No Mistress.’ ‘And who is in charge?’ She said as she slipped the tip of a dry finger into my hole. ‘You Mistress.’ ‘Good. Now hot pink or bright red?’ ‘Hot pink Mistress.’ After she completed my make-up she had one finishing touch: a blonde wig with light-brown roots. It was straight and reached down to my shoulders. As I looked in the mirror I looked like a real sissy slut, with my cage bulging out of my pants. Mistress came behind me and grabbed my nipples, tweaking them through my tight top. ‘Done.’ She said, as she patted my bottom. ‘Go wait downstairs.’ When my Mistress came down she looked stunning. Her hair was pulled back high and she had dark eye-shadow on that accentuated her eyes. ‘You look beautiful Mistress.’ I said, gazing up in awe at her. ‘Thank you sissy,’ She said, as she sat down on the couch, ‘There on their way. Shouldn’t be long now.’ I wondered who ‘they’ was. Yesterday she had just mentioned a well endowed man. So who is coming? The door entry system went and I heard my Mistress buzz them in. ‘Go wait by the door sissy. You’re on serving duty tonight.’ I got up and walked over to the door in my yellow high heels. ‘Sissy, you need to shake that arse when you walk.’ Came my Mistress in an annoyed tone. ‘Yes Mistress,’ I said, as I tried to walk more feminine. Waiting by the door, I looked down at my hands and they were shaking. I couldn’t believe I had changed so much in so little time – getting dressed up and now walking like a girl. I wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do, but I couldn’t back out now. There was a knock on the door and I saw a big silhoutte behind the privacy glass, so I opened it and peeped around the corner, hoping none of the neighbours were there.A giant of a black man towered in the hallway and behind him stood a petite female, pendik escort head looking at the ground. ‘Here for Vicky.’ He said, brusquely. I stuttered, but managed to reply, ‘She’s in the living room. Follow me please.’ He leaned his face close to mine looking me straight in the eyes. ‘No, I’m not having that. You can call me Daddy or Sir.’ I looked away. ‘This way Sir.’ I closed the door and I remembered what Mistress had said, so I wiggled my butt as I walked towards the living room. ‘I’m liking this Bella,’ Said the black man, as I felt a strong, powerful hand cup my buttock. ‘Very nice.’ ‘Yes Daddy,’ Came a high-pitched voice, ‘She looks really slutty.’ When we entered, my Mistress stood up and her eyes lit up. ‘Daddy!’ She said, as she grabbed his face to plant a passionate kiss on his lips. ‘Hey Viks,’ He said,running his hands across her body; feeling her breasts and arse, ‘You are looking gorgeous.’ She went to his belt and quickly undid it and the fly on his jeans. ‘So are you. Not had you inside me for a long time.’ As she pulled the elastic of his boxers his big cock flopped out, heavy and hanging down. ‘What do you think sissy?’ She said, as she lifted it in her hands. Pretty big huh?’ ‘Yes Mistress,’ I said. I couldn’t take my eyes of it. It was bigger than my cock when it was hard and his was soft. ‘Here,’ She said excitedly, as she came over and took off my cage, ‘Let’s do an experiment.’ She led me by the hand and held out our cocks. Mine was tiny, and didn’t fit in her hand so she held it with finger and thumb. His, she rested on the flat of her hand. Daddy laughed, ‘Look at that little white cock B; it’s smaller than yours!’ Bella came over and cooed, ‘Aw, it’s so cute though! Like a little clitty.’ ‘On your knees sissy,’ My Mistress commanded, as she did the same. She licked the tip, swirling her tongue all around it, moaning as she tasted Daddy’s big black cock. She moaned and gazed up at up at Daddy as he started pressing his cock deeper down her throat. She opened her jaw as wide as she could and started sucking on his flaccid cock. Her cheeks started expanding as it got harder and bigger, and soon she was gagging; her throat making a squelching sound as he pulled out. I sat there felt my cock stir and spring to attention as this black man started taking control of her face. Soon her eyes were watering, producing black tears as the mascara dripped down her face. Eventually she pulled off and a long string of saliva stretched from her mouth to his cock, until it broke and splattered on her drool covered chin. Catching her breath, she said, ‘God I’ve missed that Daddy. It tastes so good.’ She turned and pulled me by the neck towards her. She kissed me, sticking her tongue down my throat and turning her head side-to-side, coating my face in saliva and cock juice. She then pulled off and with both hands held my mouth open and slowly spat her thick, bubbling saliva into my mouth. ‘Damn that’s hot Viks,’ Said Daddy, as he pushed his cock between our lips. I didn’t fight it, as I was so rapped up in the pleasure from my Mistress’ kisses. We both started kissing up and down its length, soaking the black and veiny shaft. My Mistress stood up and went over to Bella leaving me with this giant dick in my face. Daddy lifted it up so I could like his balls whilst he started milking his shaft, pushing all the pre-cum out of the tip. He rubbed it on my lips and I felt my cock twitch. ‘Damn good cock-sucker Viks,’ He said, as he pressed the head down my throat.’Very good sissy,’ Said my Mistress, looking down approvingly. The first thing I knew of Bella, was when her hands went down to my buttocks, pulled my panties aside and spread my cheeks, pressing her tongue against my hole. I moaned in response, causing me to arch my back and sucked harder on the big cock in my mouth as Bella’s tongue pushed into my cunt.’That’s enough cock for now sissy,’ Chided my Mistress, as she led Daddy onto the sofa, ‘Daddy’s here for me – not you.’ I was on my hands and knees, watching Daddy slap my Mistress’ pussy playfully with his cock. He held his cock upwards as she lowered herself down on to his glistening shaft. ‘Oh Yes,’ She moaned, as the head of his cock pushed inside her. It didn’t take her long and soon she was gliding up and down on his cock, her escort pendik face screwed up in a mixture of pleasure and pain. ‘God I’ve missed having a proper cock. Sissy’s is the smallest I’ve ever had.’ He laughed and said, ‘Get over here girls.’ Immediately Bella pulled her tongue out of my cunt, and I crawled over watching his meat spreading my Mistress’ pussy. ‘Lick my balls like a good bitch.’ I licked his big sweaty balls as he held my Mistress up, splaying her legs wide. I licked as much as I could, as he lifted my Mistress up and down on his cock, stretching her pussy wider than I thought possible. Her moaning was getting louder and louder. I felt pressure on my cunt and suddenly I was filled with my first real cock. Bella grabbed my hips and started fucking me hard, causing my face to be pushed deeper between his legs. Daddy lowered Mistress onto the sofa so her arse was in the air. Her pussy was wide and gaping. Bella adjusted herself too, getting off her knees and onto her feet, so that her cock was pointing downwards and stabbing right into my prostate. I dropped onto my chest as it was too much, ‘Oh God!’ I cried, as I tried to keep myself in position.’You like Bella’s cock sissy?’ Said Bella, as she slam-fucked me harder, her balls slapping on my gouch. ‘It’s too much!’ I bellowed, pushing my arse higher into the air, ‘I’m going to cum!’ I was being milked again. My cock wasn’t hard, it was slapping against my tummy. My body tensed and a stream of clear cum fired onto the floor like I was peeing.Bella pushed down on the middle of my back and fucked me harder still in my raw cunt and turned to her Daddy and said, ‘Daddy, can I cum?’ ‘Yeah B, breed that slut.’ With a final thrust, Bella gripped me tight by the hips and pulled me back onto her cock, firing her seed deep into my guts. Tired, she pulled out slowly and had me clean her cock of her and mine juices. ‘Good sissy,’ She said, as she rubbed my face.Bella had me stand then and bend over. ‘Push sissy,’ She said, as her mouth cupped my slushy hole. I pushed backwards, bit-by-bit her cum was squeezed out into her mouth. As I was doing this my Mistress shouted, ‘I’m cumming again!’ As Daddy was slowly pushing his cock deep into her pussy. I’d got so caught up in my deflowering that I hadn’t realised he had cum already. Bella spun me round and started french kissing me, passing her cum into my mouth. We did this for a while, me with my arms around her neck, her with her fingers trying to stretch my hole. ‘Look at them two,’ Said Daddy, collapsing on the sofa. ‘B – clean my dick.’ Bella broke contact immediately and went to sucking her Daddy’s cock like it was a lollypop.’My Mistress turned over slowly, her hand covering her pussy, ‘Get over here sissy and clean my pussy; unless you want me to get pregnant?’ I got down between my Mistress’ legs, whilst she was busy licking her hand clean. Her pussy was gaping wide; the insides all red. It looked like a pink, puffy butterfly. Cum was seeping out and so I started eagerly licking it up, immediately getting lost in his and her scent. She tasted like salty hot butter and I couldn’t get enough of it. I made sure I licked up every drop. ‘That’s a good sissy.’ She said, as she patted my head tiredly. She got up and said, ‘Too much for me Daddy, I need a shower.”Fine Viks. Sissy, come here,’ He said, patting the space next to him. He wrapped his arm around me just like he was holding Bella and we both sucked his cock clean. ‘Enough. Let me watch you two play. Sissy I want you to fuck Bella.’ In need of release I was happy to oblige, although it was hard getting it in as Bella was taller than me. ‘Lie down sissy,’ She said. On my back, Bella crouched and lowered herself onto my cock. ‘It’s so small Daddy! It tickles!’ She giggled as she rode my cock. It would have been quicker, but my cock kept slipping out of her, but soon we got into a rhythm and I suddenly fired my seed inside her. ‘Damn Sissy!’ Said Daddy, as he stroked his hard cock, ‘You don’t last long huh? No wonder Viks turned you.’ ‘I know Daddy,’ I said, tired and spent on the floor. ‘Get your arse up here!’ He said, tapping my leg with his foot, ‘I’m gonna give you a taste of a real cock. B get the poppers.’ I stood on shaky legs as Daddy came behind me. Bella held the poppers pendik escort bayan to my nose and said, ‘Sniff. That’s it. Yeah. Get yourself real slutty and loose.’ I was soon overwhelmed. My heart felt like it was a drum inside my head and my vision was blurry. Bella kept the bottle there whilst Daddy pressed his cock into me. ‘Enough B. Don’t want to kill her. Oh yes! So tight.’ I squealed in response to the head of his cock popping inside me. He grabbed me by the elbows and pulled my arms back, sliding his cock deep inside me. ‘Oh yes Daddy! Fuck me! Breed me Daddy!’ ‘Oh don’t worry,’ He said, as the entire length filled me up, ‘You are gonna be bred like a bitch.’ Bella sat on the sofa and started playing with her cock, enjoying the entertainment. There was nothing I could do. He was slamming his cock into me at this point, making my body spring forward and causing me to squeal like a girl. He pulled out and pulled me with him onto the sofa. Just like my Mistress, he had me sit on his cock and bounce on it. ‘That’s it bitch. Ride it. Ride Daddy’s cock.’ Soon I was jumping up and down on it my legs spread wide and getting filled to the hilt ‘You like Daddy’s cock sissy?’ My little cock was slapping against my tummy, ‘I love it Daddy. I love it,’ I screamed. He lifted my legs and pulled me to my chest. ‘B. Give her some poppers and let’s see if we can DP her cunt.’ Bella smiled wickedly, holding the poppers to my nose. I sniffed for a long time, until my vision was blurry and my head was pounding. ‘Oh yeah,’ I said in a sultry voice as the poppers hit me.’You want my cock as well?’ Said Bella, as she stroked it near my hole. ‘Yeah. Use me like the sissy cunt I am.’ Bella smiled and started pushing her cock against my hole. I heard Mistress’ voice then, ‘So much for not wanting to do it sissy.’ She shook her head and said in a mocking tone, ‘Use me like the sissy cunt I am?’Bella’s cock pushed inside me, stretching me even further. ‘Oh God!’ I sobbed, the stretching too much, ‘Take it out!’ I tried to push away, but Daddy’s grip was firm, holding my legs up. Bella started fucking me and said, ‘You said you wanted to be used bitch.’ ‘Yeah B. Fuck her.’ Said Daddy, as he raised his hips, pushing his cock deeper. Because I was being stretched so much, Bella’s cock was rubbing against my prostate and soon I was groaning louder and louder, until my panties were soaked. I was spent and raw, but they kept fucking me, until Bella said, ‘Daddy, I’m close – do you want me to cum?’ ‘Yeah. Do it on her face though.’ ‘Wait.’ Said my Mistress. She was sat on the chair fingering her pussy, ‘Come over here B and fuck me.’ Bella pulled her cock out and went over to my Mistress. Bella plunged her Dick into Mistress making her moan. ‘Still bigger than sissy’s. Yeah fill me up Bella. Fuck that cunt.’ Daddy flipped me over the armrest and started fucking me hard. Harder than before. I couldn’t take it, but he didn’t care. As he filled me with each thrust I would wail, caught between pleasure and pain, as his cock stretched me. Mistress came over and put her leg on the back of the sofa, dipping her fingers into her cunt, collecting all Bella’s seed on her fingers. ‘Open up sissy,’ She said, as she slowly filled my mouth with her fingers. I sucked on her fingers as Daddy started fucking me harder, his heavy balls banging into my little ones. ‘You want Daddy’s cum?’ ‘Yes Daddy,’ I cheeped, as I lay over the sofa’s armrest, my knees pointing together trying to accommodate his giant black cock.He gripped me and slowed the speed, but with those final five thrusts he impaled me completely, filling me with his cum. He pulled off slowly and Bella went to clean his cock without asking. Mistress went behind me and spread my cheeks for the last time. ‘Good girl,’ She cooed, as she lightly fingered my gape. ‘Push it out.’ I tried my best, but had no power left. ‘Come on sissy,’ She commanded, slapping my butt, ‘Push it out.’ ‘I can’t Mistress.’ I said weakly. ‘Very well. Bella lie down.’ With hungry eyes Bella pulled herself of Daddy’s cock and lay on the floor. ‘Sissy: squat on her face.’ I wobbled over and tired, sore and spent I lowered my pussy onto Bella’s tongue. It was so soothing as she lapped at my hot, ruined hole and I was soon sighing in relief, grinding down onto her outstretched tongue. ‘Enough Sissy,’ Said Mistress, kicking my balls lightly. ‘Feed it to her B.’ Bella got up and started kissing me, pinning me onto my back on the sofa. We lay in each others arms sharing Daddy’s cum.

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