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                                                    A Diplomatic Affair


                 The Trials and Tribulations of One who Serves The Crown

                                                A tale by Ivor Sukwell


Chapter the Tenth


Fortune was indeed Smiling upon him, was the Thought of Sir Henry as he Perused a Letter from the King. Not only did it Contain the Information that he was Forgiven for his Part in that Discovered Plot, but also that his Period of Exile from the Court was at an End and that he was Commanded to Present himself at Court in One Month”s Time, and to Take with him there the Son of that Unfortunate Ambassador of Spain who he had, as his Christian Duty, Taken as Ward to Protect him from further Misfortune. That Boy, the King Declared, was to be Presented and made Welcome to the Court and to Society.

Also was there a Postscript, and in the King”s own Hand, that Sir Henry”s Wife was a most Amenable Mistress and that the King had some Expectation that the Boy was proving to be an equally Amenable Ward.

Sir Henry”s Affection for Boys was not Unknown to his Monarch, nor did that Worthy Ruler Entertain Dislike of that, it being to his Royal Mind Evidence Indisputable that Sir Henry was not, in Secret, of any Puritan Inclination, as indeed he most Assuredly was not.

Pleasing as it was to Sir Henry to Learn that his Exile was soon to be Concluded, more Pleasing yet was that he were Instructed to Present the Desirable Carlos at Court as that Instruction may Present him with the Opportunity of Commencing some Assault upon the Boy, as his Faithful Servant, James, made constant Insistence that he should.

Accordingly, Sir Henry Betook himself at Once to his Gardens in Search of the Industrious Boy who was at Work there, and Discovered that the Boy was indeed Industrious, attending to the Menial task before him of Removing Weed from a patch of Ground.

Sir Henry had Declared that if the Refined Carlos had Wish to Learn of Matters Horticultural, then this he must do by Commencing such Education by Manual Labour and not by Mere Observation; that he must Know what it were to turn a Sod of Earth and remove from it Unwanted Growth, and leave that Earth all Flat and Fine.

It could not be said other than that the Determined Carlos Applied himself with Dedication to the Task. Sir Henry, upon his Observation of the Labouring Boy, Paused in his Approach to Watch the Work, though if this were to make satisfaction that the Labour was done with due Attention or to make Observation of the Lithe and Slender Form of the Boy who Performed it, for Carlos had, as all the Other Boys, made Discard of his Shirt and Weeded in but his Breeches, his Upper Body Exposed Entire to View.

This were more of the Flesh of that Desirable Boy that Sir Henry had ever Opportunity to See, and Perhaps it were that the Knight Looked more upon that Flesh than on the Work done. However that may be, it could not be Doubted that when he Approached for Words he made Notice of Each and Every drop of Moisture on the Chest and Back of the Delectable Carlos, the Weather being Warm the Natural Excretions of Moisture from the Skin made that light Copper Glisten as though it had been oiled.

Sir Henry felt no Obligation then to Remove his Eyes from Observation of the Boy, for at labour as he were, Arousing Carlos were not as a Boy of Birth but as a Boy of the Country, and upon such Boys Sir Henry did much Permit himself to Gaze, and Gaze he did and Filled his Eyes ataköy escort with the Sight before him.

It was not to Gaze but to Impart Information that Sir Henry had Sought Delightful Carlos in the Garden, and this he did, Informing the Perspiring Boy, that, his Labour Completed, he should Present himself to Sir Henry even before he took himself to Bathe.

This the Obedient Boy did, though he had some Wonder at the Request, and Presented himself with no Delay, though may be from some Attack of Modesty, he took Care to don again his Shirt before he did so.

“There are Matters of Great Import I must Discuss with you,” Sir Henry said in French, “And those I would do as we are at Dinner. And, for this Occasion, I would have you Dress and not as a Country Boy, but as the Boy you are, One of Birth.

“Do” ee not be liking I as a country boy?” Carlos asked, his eyes twinkling, and this he said most deliberately in Wiltshire and not in French.

“I do Believe you Make a most Admirable Country Boy,” Sir Henry Discovered himself Making Compliment, “But your Nature and Charm is better Displayed when you Dress as for Society, and for the Talk we must Have, I would be much Obliged if you did Present yourself as such for Dinner.”

Could it be, Carlos Wondered to Himself, that at the Last Sir Henry were making some Attempt to Woo? If that were so, then must he be Encouraged in his Efforts, and Scheming Carlos Bathed himself with Utmost Care, made Discovery in his Possessions of a most Delicate Perfume, and Anointed Himself with Such, and after Great Consideration and Deliberation, made Decision that shades of Blue, from the Palest of when the Sky were still a little before the Rising of the Sun to the Blue it were when the Sun were at its Height.

His fancy that he should Appear as a Boy of the Sky he made Plain by choosing for the Fine Lace of his Neck, one of the Palest of Pinks, that it should Seem as the First touch of Dawn, and for his Breeches, the Tightest he could Find for his Legs, a deeper Blue as of the Sky in the east when the Sun does Set in the West. His Stockings were of a Deeper Blue yet, and on his Feet, Shoes of Black, the Buckles Silver, and Spangled Like as they were Stars.

No Undergarment would he Wear; Carlos had Full Knowledge now that the Part between his Slender Thighs was a Cock and also Full Understanding of the Uses to be Made of that, and why it was that the Eyes of Men Looked to that Place as Often as they did to his Face. Sir Henry, he Knew, Entertained an Uncommon great Liking for the Cocks of Boys, and for that Never had he set Eyes upon the Cock of Carlos, his Desire to do so was Great Indeed.

Sir Henry would not Set Eyes upon it this Night either, but Carlos was of Intent that it should be made as plain as Manners and Propriety Permitted that he Possessed a Cock, and though not the Thing itself, the Shape and Dimension would be most Evident.

The Breeches were indeed Exceeding Tight upon his Body, Created as they had been some Months Previous, and it would have to be Doubted if Indeed, Undergarment would have been Possible to have Beneath them, so Closely did they Cling to his Skin, but when he had, with some small Struggle, Arranged his Cock so it Lay along his Left Thigh, he was most Delighted with the Outcome.

His Coat upon him he Gazed into the Mirror and was most Pleased with what he Viewed. The Weather being Warm he eschewed a Small Coat, a thing not Proper for Formal Dress, but as he was still a Boy such a peccadillo would Draw no Disapproval, such Liberties Permitted merter escort to Boys, and thus the Darker Blue of his Coat Proper sat most Wonderfully above that Pale Dawn Sky of his Shirt, the Points of the Coat Directing the Eye of any who Saw him to the Unmistakable Evidence that he were a Boy.

Attired thus and with the Hope he may raise Desire in Sir Henry Sufficient for him to be Courted, he did Present himself for Dinner.

Desire he did Indeed raise in Sir Henry, and more than Mere Desire also, for at the simple Sight of the Alluring Boy Attired thus, Sir Henry Grew most Hard within the Confines of his Breeches and Made Determination then that he must Woo this Boy and Win him to his Bed.

Sir Henry was not alone in Making Notice that Delightful Carlos was Plainly in Possession of a Cock, the Four Boys who Served Sir Henry in the Manner of Flunkeys and of Footmen and who were now Present to be Waiters and Severs for Dinner also Noticed in an Instant that Carlos was in Display of his most Valuable Part as Plain as it could be without it being Uncovered, and Secret Winks and Grins did Carlos get from those Boys who Knew also the Value of their Cocks and the Use to which they were often Put.

Carlos had no Knowledge of those Four Cocks, having no Opportunity to Engage in Play with the Boys of the House, but now the Features and Form of one amongst them Attracted his Attention most Particularly, his Tousled fair Hair and Sparkling Blue Eyes allied with the Slenderness of his Form and his Age Appearing to be perhaps a year less than that of Carlos, were Sufficient in Themselves to Pique the Interest of a Boy who had Discovered himself to be in Possession of a Cock and also to have some great Interest in the Cocks of other Boys.

Not that Alone, but also did that Serving Boy Grin at Carlos in a Manner as Lewd as any Boy may Grin, that Interested Carlos was in no Doubt but that the Boy had some full Comprehension of the Sport that may be had with another who makes no Pretence that he has no Knowledge of Cock.

On a whim, the Cunning Carlos Played to the Full the Part of a Boy of Birth, and with Appearance of Angelic Innocence, and Noting the Approving and Desirous Look Sir Henry Bestowed upon his Dress, he remarked how Difficult it were to Attire himself thus Unaided by another, and Could it be, should this be the Manner in which Sir Henry did in Future wish him to be Clothed for Dinner, he may have one of these Serving Boys for his Personal Attendant?

Delighted that the Delectable Carlos should Return so Amenably to the Behaviour of a Boy of Birth, Sir Henry Agreed upon the Instant, and when Sir Henry”s Eyes were Engaged upon not his Face but on a Different Place Entire, Carlos Raised his Eyebrow in Question to that Fair-Haired Boy and Received in Return a Grin that was of the Lewdest Dimension yet, and Carlos was most Content that not Again would he be Obliged to Sleep Alone.

“It Pleases me Greatly that you do Appear once more as a Boy of Birth,” Sir Henry Smiled upon now Demure Carlos, “I Understand most Fully that you must be as a Country Boy whilst you Labour in the Gardens, and it Delights me that you be so Willing to Learn the Arts of a Garden in Truth indeed from the Ground Upwards, but your Charm and Nature is Best Displayed when you are Attired as now you are. A Most Welcome Addition you will be to any Society.”

“Oh, Sir, you do but Flatter me most Extravagantly,” the Scheming Carlos Contrived a Suitable Blush, “This Poor Attire is some Months Ancient and must be Nothing Like the bahçeşehir escort Present Fashion.”

“I do Declare,” A Slightly Emboldened Sir Henry said, “That Should you but make One Single Appearance in Society Attired so, such Manner of Dress would become that Latest fashion upon the Instant.”

“Sir,” Carlos Contrived a Deeper Blush, “Such Remark is Sure Almost beyond the Bound of Propriety.”

“I Care not that it May be So,” Sir Henry Partook of a Draught of Sack from his Tumbler to Fortify his Determination, “I will make no Denial that you Delight my Eye and all Heads will Turn Toward you in any Society you Grace with your Presence.”

“Lo, Sir,” Carlos Sighed, “I Fear that will Never be, your Association with my Misfortunate Father Banishing you from all Such, and my being now your Ward, Banishing me also.”

“Not So!” a Triumphant Sir Henry Declared, and Brought Forth the Letter he had Received, “This is the Reason for Our Discourse this Night. I Pray you, Discover for yourself its Content.”

“Why, Sir,” Delightful Carlos Exclaimed when he had Perused that Letter, “You are to be Received again at Court, and I also you are Commanded to Present there, but, Sir,” the Cunning Boy continued with Display of Innocence, “I Fear I do Misconceive the Postscript. Does it not Appear to say your King has some Belief that I be to you More of a Mistress than a Ward? How, Sir, may this be so?”

Sir Henry was Obliged to Partake of more Sack before he Ventured a Reply, but Reply he must and so he Did.

“I Fear, Carlos, that I must Discover myself to you, and Declare I Have no Interest in any Mistress, nor Will I ever Have. It is to Boys and Boys Alone that my Interests do most Strongly Incline.”

At this Carlos felt it to be Convenient to Smile in a most Disarming Manner, and so he Did.

“Lo, Sir,” he said, his Eyes twinkling as Bright as the Silver Stars on his Shoes, “This is no Discovery to me. Here you Surround yourself with None but Boys.”

“I do,” Sir Henry Confessed, “And Much Attraction do they all Have for me. But you Have Attraction more than Any.”

“Pish, sir,” Carlos Declared, “That you have Desire for me I am most Aware, and have been so Since that Moment we were Introduced. I See the way you Look upon me, sir, and I Believe I know well Enough what such Looks do Mean.”

“But does this not Displease you Greatly?” a Surprised Sir Henry Questioned; he had not been Aware that his Looks had been so Acutely Observed.

“Were that so, sir, would I have Given my Consent to live under the same Roof as you? Would I have Accepted so Willingly your kind Offer to be my Guardian? I have no Misliking of your Desire, Sir, but I must make Question of you of your Intent to me. Is it, sir, that you Would Follow what may be Almost a Command from your King that you would have me as your Mistress?”

“Not so!” Sir Henry Proclaimed and did most Visibly Shudder in Distaste at such a Thought, “I would have no Mistress, nor any Boy as Such, but only a Boy as a Boy and no Pretence he do be any Other.”

“As some Companion then,” Carlos made Suggestion. “A Boy who may Accompany you when in Society, Share Converse with you at Dinner and Permit you to his Bed on Occasion?”

Sir Henry found that even more Sack did not Permit him to make Words, so instead he gave Nod of his Head.

“Then Permit me to make Consideration of this Request, and on the Morrow, at Dinner will I give you my Reply. But soon, sir, I must Perforce Retire me to my Bed, for Labour in the Garden must I in the Morn. So, Sir, may I Make Request for,” Carlos made Pretence of casting his Eyes over the Four Serving Boys, though both the Required Boy and Carlos both, knew who it were that would be Chosen, “That Fair-Haired Boy to be of Assist to me. He does Possess Fingers deft enough to deal with the Laces of my Attire.”




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