Mar 14

A Dream Cum True by loyalsock

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A Dream Cum True by loyalsockI remember how the seeds were planted for the “cheatingwife” fantasy that my wife Trina and I began sharing. It was acouple of months before our wedding, and up until that time (inour spoken understanding) we agreed that we always wanted to befaithful to each other and that the idea of “swinging” was sortof creepy to us. But we followed a period of time where wedidn’t talk about that anymore, and I had to admit that a certainimage had been creeping into my fantasy life that went againstthe grain of our understanding. Trina has large tits. I should say enormous! They’re titsto die for; gargantuan, pumpkin shaped boobs with orange brownnipples each the size of an oatmeal cookie! Early on, I had toget used to the fact that Trina was a traffic stopper. When Iwould walk down the street with her, guys would constantly tripover themselves and run into lamp posts. And many guys weren’ttoo shy about calling invitations out the windows of their cars– even though they could see she was already with a guy. Whichmade me wonder what it was like when I wasn’t on the street withher. Which is where the fantasy seems to have its roots: One night, a couple of months before our wedding, as I said,we were sitting in a bar we like, listening to the rock bandplaying. Well, even though we were sitting alone at a table,Trina had guys all over her asking her to dance (thetight-fitting, black shirt she was wearing probably didn’thelp). She deflected all these invitations, of course, but aseach guy hungrily eyed my finance’s cleavage, I just couldn’t helpthinking what it would be like to see the two of them in bedtogether, fucking each other goofy. We’ve always had a very “talkative” fucking relationshipand while I had my cock in her that night in bed, I started tolet slip what was on my mind. At first I was scared that she’dbe angry with me for violating our “understanding,” but I had apleasant surprise in store. “Babe, you know all those guys that kept asking you to dancetonight?” I said this to the rhythm of a long, slow fuck-stroke. This was followed by a breathy silence a couple of morefuck-strokes long, then Trina whispered hotly, “Yeah?” “You know that what I kept thinking’ about during this fuck?” I continued the sensual pace all the while our whisperedconversation took place. “What?” “I keep imagining that you went up and danced with some ofthem.” “Oh, yeah?” There was no disguising her obvious interest inmy fantasy. “I also keep wondering what it would be like if we were inthe bar together but pretended we didn’t know each other. Youknow, and I got to watch you flirt and dance all sexy as hellwith a strange guy and then…” But Trina was suddenly pumping her groin furiously againstmine, moaning and coming to beat all. She screamed in a hugeorgasm and nearly tore a swatch of hair out of my head. It wasobvious she really dug the direction of the conversation. It wasa few minutes, however, before I could resume my narrative. I told her how I wanted to watch her boldly come on to astrange man, to see her lick his ear, run her hand sensually down to the lump in his tight slacks. To watch him feel her asshotly, and then run his hand up to her huge knockers while hefrenched kissed her passionately. Then I wanted to leave thebar, all horny as can be from what I saw, in order to beat themhome. Once in our apartment, I would hide under the bed or in thewalk-in dressing room and wait. I would listen (and even peek ifI could) as she talked dirty to him and finally fucked him. Allthe while I would beat-off from my hidden spot. During this story, Trina had at least four more seismicorgasms and it took me nearly an hour to get the whole thing out. When I finished and she was in the throes of her last andbiggest cum, I too came, and we rocked passionately until we fellasleep, exhausted. As I said, that was shortly before our wedding, and by thetime we did say our vows, our sex life was had been completelytransformed from a sanitized-but-horny one to alow-down-dirty-perverted one. And we both wordlessly agreed thatit was by far for the better. Things went on like this for awhile, and it looked as thoughthis “cheating wife thing” would merely be our favorite fantasy. but as the months went on, our hunger to see the fantasy actuallyacted out grew and grew until it seemed as though having Trinascrewing other guys was all either of us would ever talk about. One night during all this time we were in the tekirdağ rus escort same bar againlistening to music (with Trina dressed just as slutly as shecould, complete with killer cleavage). Trina had her high heel upunder the table as she was scr****g it up and down into mycrotch, all the while looking me in the eye and running the tipof her tongue slowly along the edge of her full lips. I washonestly only a moment away from creaming my jeans right there infront of everyone. “You know what?” I croaked hoarsely. “What?” she purred wickedly. “If one of these guys asks you to dance tonight, you… you know… you should, kind of…” “You mean you think I should dance with him?” Her eyes werewide and hungry and the dirtiest, nervous chortle escaped herthroat. “Uh, yeah, “I fumbled, “all that stuff… you know, all likewe… we…” “Yeah,” she said, shaking her head and giggling even morewickedly, “I know what you mean.” Suddenly, Trina removed herfoot with a cool but playful wink. “Are you thinking that maybe we should split up for awhile?” I asked in a breathy voice. “Uh, ye-ah,” she said in a strangely coy voice. “Under thecircumstances, I think that would be a nice idea.” I didn’t even hesitate. I got up like a shot and headedfor an empty barstool. In the short time it took for me to sitdown, order my drink, and turn back around, there was already aguy leaning on his hands on Trina’s table, flirting like hellwith her. Trina made the tiniest of furtive glances in mydirection and then completely gave the guy her attention. Assoon as she started speaking to him in an animated way, lickingher lips and batting her eyes, even reaching out and touching hishand lightly to emphasize something she’d said, I thought I woulddie from arousal. I had to cross my legs for the protrudingerection this was giving me. He must have asked her to dance, because she nodded her headin a bright eyed, sexy way and mouthed the word “okay.” Watchingthem dance to the rhythm of the bouncy rock song was nearlyimpossible. I had to fight the urge to grab at the lump in mypants and start massaging it over and over and over. Theyweren’t exactly touching each other, but they were fast dancingon a crowded floor very close to each other and there were many,many excuses for them to bump and rub their bodies together. Trina also has this way of dancing “shing-a-ling” style thatmakes her huge breasts bob violently up and down and makes hercleavage swell in pulses over and over. I tried to see if my wifehad given this guy as huge as mine, but the other dancers kept mefrom getting a clear view of his pants. Then came the slow dance. I went into schock as I saw Trinawrap her arms seductively around this guy as she crushed herboobs around his chest. And my heart absolutely stopped as Iwatched my wife incline her head towards his, and with an openmouth, point her tongue right at his lips. His mouth openedhungrily to accept her tongue and before I could say “cardiacarrest” they were chewing on each other’s necks. All of a sudden. I realized that Trina kept looking over atme in a series of quick glances. When she saw that she had atleast caught my eye, she smiled and made a subtle nod toward thedoor with her head without her boyfriend seeing it. I knew thiswas my cue. And the best was yet to come. I leaped from the stool and left the bar in a hurry. Trinahad come in our car with me, but somehow I had the idea thatshe’d find her way home in a new, creative way. As I drovecrazily down the side streets to our apartment building, Iunzipped and pulled my aching cock out of the constraints of myunderwear. I was harder than ever. I didn’t jack off to orgasm,but I did give it a few delicious tugs that were like water inthe desert. Touching myself had never seemed like such anincredible blessing before! Now, as I pulled up to our building and put myself back intomy pants, I thought of a problem: where in the world was I goingto hide in our apartment in order to view the unfolding spectaclewith full enjoyment? I tossed the idea wildly about on my way upin the elevator and down the hallway. It wasn’t until I sk**dedbreathlessly into our bedroom that any kind of logical thoughtscame into my brain. The first place I tried was under the bed. I wouldn’t beable to see, but at least I’d be able to hear, and the squeakingand thrashing of them screwing right on top of me had a veryexciting appeal. But as soon as I tekirdağ rus escort bayan had crawled down onto thefloor, I realized that this was out — I couldn’t fit under ourbed! Besides, what if they broke the bed? A guy could getcrushed. I entered the walk-in dressing room and considered it foronly a second. It was so crowded with shoes and vacua cleanerparts that I couldn’t see how I could manage to hide in there andnot clunk around with a lot of noise. Then my eyes fell on thevanity. In the corner of the room we had arranged Trina’s vanityset. But instead of putting it against either wall, we made itface out into the room from the corner so that the back of itmade a triangle with the corner. And that meant that there was alittle triangle of wasted space behind it. With great difficultyI dragged the heavy vanity over the carpeting until there was alittle gateway to the triangle of space behind. Then I squeezedin there, and with even greater difficulty, I pulled the vanityback in place. I now had a great little hiding spot. As I stoodupright, I was completely hidden by the top of the mirror. Itwas the perfect vantage point for the bed across the room. Ifthe overhead light were kept off, I’d have a clear shot at a peekaround the side of the mirror. And there was just enough room inthe little triangle of the corner so I could sit down with myknees at my chest and not feel too terribly cramped. I did just this. I tried to get cozy and quiet in my newlittle hiding spot. My heart was thudding, and I wondered howI’d ever be able to breathe silently enough to not be discovered. And my hard-on ached so badly that after a few strugglingmoments, I released it from my tight pants. But I didn’t havelong to wait. First I heard a whispered giggling outside the door, then afumbling for the keys through the contents of a purse. Then Iheard the door unlock and open. They whispered lewdly to eachother, and I could not understand a word. But it was clear thatthey were headed straight for the bedroom. “Christ,” I mouthed silently to myself, “what a whore I’mmarried to!” I didn’t yet know the half of it. Now they were actually in the bedroom with me. “God, I want to see that cock out in the light!” I heardTrina say. Apparently, she’d already had his cock out of hispants in the car. I heard a zipper come and then a giggle. Then I heard asound that I never really believed I would really hear ever untilthat moment. I couldn’t believe my ears at first, in fact. WhatI heard was a fast, sloppy, slurping sound — the sound of mywife sucking another man’s cock! At that moment I experiencedthe most painfully hard erection I’d ever experienced in myentire life! I heard the springs of our bed squeaking in a regularrhythm, SQUEAK… SQUEAK-SQUEAK… SQUEAK… Then I was aware ofa wet, squishy noise, almost like someone smacking their lipsover and over again, only not exactly. I managed to get a good grip on my cock and could stroke ithappily. And now, in an exalted state of dazedness, I realized Iwas hearing something else. It was a tiny, squealing sopranovoice chanting the words, “Oh God, oh God, oh, oh, oh, Go-AW-d,oh God,” to the steady beat of the squeaking and squishing. Itwas Trina getting her brains screwed blue not fifteen feet awayfrom me. I just had to see this. With a great amount of difficultly I first got up to myknees and then into a crouched position (nearly knocking thewhole vanity over because I tripped up on my pants which were nowdown around my ankles!). And then, moving as slowly as a snailon sedatives, I began to stand upright. When I was completely standing I took a few deep breaths tocompose myself. The knob of my dick brushed against a protrudingwood screw on the back of the mirror, and I bit my lip in agony. My hard-on only stiffened its resolve, though, and I stroked itsoothingly. The symphony of squeak-squish-squeal over the bedwas reaching a frenzied rhythm now, and I could put off theinevitable no longer. I slowly, oh so slowly, bent at the hip and peered aroundthe side of the mirror, my eyes assaulted at once with the visionof the hugest trunk tree of a cock I had ever seen pumping in andout of Trina, the entire shaft slippery with her juice andstrecthing her cunt lips out far further than my dick ever had! My wife — MY WIFE! — was spreading out on our bed foranother guy. And this guy was on top of her and having the timeof his life. As I gazed rus escort tekirdağ , drooling and pulling out my cockharder now, the guy wrapped his arms around Trina’s giganticboobs and pressed his face desperately into her cleavage. Hecontinued to fuck her savagely as he painted her lips with hisface and tongue, slurping and choking (practically) on the hugenipples. I knew Trina wouldn’t last long now. She loved to have hertits sucked and she took many an orgasm solely from her sensitivenips. I could hear her squeals building to a climax and Ipounded my meat ever more roughly. Suddenly, I accidentally shoved my shoulder against thevanity. To my horror, I watched (detached, and as as if it werein slow motion) as the entire vanity, mirror and all, wentcrashing forward onto the floor. And there I stood in thecorner, my pants and underwear around my ankles, my dick in myhand stone hard, with my wife and her boyfriend staring at mewide-eyed like deer caught in headlights. “Uh, hi,” I said quietly. The guy looked shocked for a moment, then he pulled his dickall the way out of Trina and said, “What the hell?” He made aquick move to get off the bed and this made Trina suddenlyfrantic. “Wait a minute!” she hissed, grabbing him by the wrist. “He’s just my husband. Look, look, look! See? You’re not indanger! That’s his cock in his hand, not a gun! He just wantsto watch! See? We were just afraid you’d freak if you knew weliked to do this! So now you know and it’s no big deal! Right?” The guy just stared at Trina. “Right!” she continued. “So just let him have his fun andwe’ll have ours. Now, come on! Finish me off! I’m on the edgegoing out of my mind!” After Trina’s rather impassioned speech, her boyfriend wassilently stunned for a couple more seconds as he nervouslyglanced back and forth between us. His hard-on had onlydiminished slightly. Suddenly, he kind of smiled and shruggedand said to me, “Oh well, okay, knock yourself out.” And beforeI knew it, he was back on top of Trina, plowing away moreheatedly than ever. In no time Trina was yodeling away. It was perhaps herhugest orgasm to date. As for myself, I sat down in a comfortable chair next to thebed and began pounding my stiff meat with great abandon. Ithought for sure that this guy was would pull out soft and limpas soon as Trina calmed down a bit but the guy hadn’t cum at thesame time Trina had, as I thought. He wasn’t done with my wifeby a long shot. He rose into a kneeling position between her legs. Trina atonce rose also on one elbow and reached out to his huge prick. Then, staying on his knees, he moved up and straddled her waist. I knew well what was coming next because I had done the samething many times. You couldn’t look at a woman with Trina’sattributes without the image of “titty-fucking” coming right intomind. Trina seemed completely tuned into his plan, and shegrabbed the tube of K-Y out of our bedside drawer, flipped openthe cap and squirted an enormous load of it her cleavage. Thetube had yet to hit the wall after she flung it, when this guylaid his monster right between her gigantic knockers! It lookedat first as though she were holding a loaf of French bread to herbosom. At once he started rocking his hips in and out, as Trinapressed her mountains of flesh from the sides, covering him. Asthe huge knob of flesh popped out of her cleavage, Trina bit andsucked on at the slippery thing like a hungry tigress whose lifedepended on it. This moment was repeated over and over again ata frantic pace (while I beat my meat) for about one minute — andthen, the biggest, creamiest, whitest load of hot cum sprang fromthis cock monster and scalded my wife’s face and tits and neck. And as she rubbed it into her skin with her left hand, it got allover her wedding ring. And I didn’t miss the implication as shelooked me right in the eye and licked it off the ring. I loved it. So that was the beautiful start. We’ve gotten a little morerefined since those days, of course. Trina always lets aprospective lay know ahead of time, for instance, that herhusband would like to be in the same room and watch. This savesan awful of trouble. Only three times have guys Trina was comingonto gotten too nervous to take her up on this deal. Usually, wehave found to our great delight, the men of this world find theprospect of fucking Trina so irresistible that my presence in theroom is only a technicality they have to get used to (and itdoesn’t take long). So… if you should ever find yourself in a bar with livemusic and you’re looking for a little action, and there beforeyou, tapping her high heeled shoe to the music is the mostbeautiful, sexy, large chest dish you have ever seen — well,take a second look. I might be sitting at the bar right next toyou. And this could be the luckiest night of your life.

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